University of Arizona Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I came to the University of Arizona I wish I would have known my way around the campus. For the first couple months of school it would take me about 30 minutes to walk from my house to my classroom. Come to find out, I was the "long way" and was circling the buildings instead of walking straight to my class. By the time I realized there was an easier route, which only took 15 minutes, there were only two weeks left in the semester. On the bright side, I now have a better understanding of my campus.


Sororty is expensive




How high tuition prices would be also the cost of parking, the cost of food on campus the cost of books and how little you would get back for reselling your books! it has been a real long read and very tough now also very expensive


Probably that there isnt really much to do in the actual city itself.


I wish I would have known more about the campus and what it had to offer prior to transfering.




I wish I had known what I wanted my major to be.


What I would wished to have know before I came to this school is some of the ways you can get more financial aid so you can afford to come to this school.


How important it is to join healthy communities. Your experience at UA will be largely influenced by your association with groups, all of which are clamoring for your attention. You ought to be very careful, and decide in advance what you're looking for. Don't be a hard case- campuses can be more alienating than big cities.


exploring more about the academic programs, community services, and the different sororities.


I wish I had known that although there are a lot of rich spoiled kids (many from Phoenix and California) there are plenty of down to earth students as well. You just have to look a little harder.


At first, I wish I would have known that there is no rush to finish school. And that it is okay if I don't know all the answers right away. I learned that it is important to take my time and figure out what inspires me. Then go after that! I took a few years off and now I am back in school. I am ready to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.


I wish that I had known a little bit more about the financial aide thagt was provided. I also wish that I had known what my strengths were and what I wanted to do with them.


This campus is big. Many classes are held in leacture halls with up to 500 students. This makes it difficult to get the help needed from professors in order to excell in class.


I wish I would have know how important it was to stay in constant contact with an advisor as well as how important internships or independent studies are on a resume.


I wish that I had known more about the diversity of fields of study.


I wish I had known about procrastinating and how badly it could affect your classes and even your grades. I also wish I knew how to study for exams or tests better that way I would be more prepared.


I wish that before I had come to the University of Arizona that I would have researced the city of Tucson better. The school is an amazing and beautiful campus yet going off campus you find yourself in a run-down, old city. Some don't mind this yet living off campus is somewhat an obstacle if living in the wrong area. I would suggest that you live on campus or near campus.


Before I came here I wish I had known how socially exclusive some of the ?cliques? are and how those groups are based of off finances, political and religious views, and moral standards. While I know this is true in many areas of life, I had not expected it at the University of Arizona as much as I have witnessed it here. Also, I wish I would have anticipated how liberal some of my teachers were going to be.


I wish I would have known about the many undergoing changes my school was going to face after the budget cuts came into play in Arizona. They greatly affected our educational systems and opportunities and is now making it more difficult to receive an adequate amount of money in order to progress through our academic year without worrying about financial struggles.


I wish I had known how big the campus was. I wish I had known all the help that is availible for students. I wish I had known that most of the Professors were grad students


What classes I could handle and which ones that I shouldn't have taken. I took a class that I was not prepared for and my GPA suffered as a result.


How much the school emphasizes and values greek life.


I wish i knew how hard it is to pull your grades back up from a slump, its easy to get distracted. Compared to highschool, you actually have to work hard. You really can't procrastinate as much its not so easy to just skate by. If I knew that coming into college, my grades would be much better now.


I wish I had known about dual credit classes. I would have taken some in high school to get further ahead in college.


I wish I would have known how hard it was going to be to meet people since its such a big school and I wish I would have known more about education in Arizona and how so much money is getting cut from the school systems.


I had wished that I had known the type of overall school system that I would have to participate in, inside my college. I did not know that such strict policies would be in place for my major Computer Science.


I wish I had figured out what Major I wanted to do because then I could graduate earlier.


I wish I had known about the brusqueness of the west coast style of life. Also, I wish I had known how difficult it was to change majors and still stay on track for graduation. As well, I wish I knew how much costs there are in addition to tuition.


I wish I would have known that it's okay to go to professors and to ask for help.


I wish I had known about the extent of greek life on campus as well as the areas surrounding the University. Many people get shot, mugged, robbed, burglared, etc. and personally, it is scary. My house has been broken into and we know countless others who have been affected by the homeless population in Tucson and the poverty.


How quickly little things add up, and how much money you really do end up spending.


I wish I had known more about the academic advising available on campus. It would have also been nicer to know more about the on-campus jobs.


I wish I knew how expensive it was all going to cost. I did not realize that the tuition increased every year and in the fall of 2009 it will increase a tremendous amount that is very worrisome. Because I am an out of state student the tuition is like double maybe even triple what in state people pay, it creates a lot of stress on my life because I have two on campus jobs and one off campus week end job. It?s very hard to keep my social life because money creates so much stress in my life.


The one thing I wish I would have known was how different life in the city is. Coming from a small town I had bit of culture shock not relly being exposed to the diversity of people that attend the university. So be prepard for all the different types of people that go to this school and think outside the box. I also wish that because of this there was a way to easily meet people that have the same interest as you, but that would only happen in a perfect world.


That they were going to raise tuition; although no one could predict it. Other than that I knew the basics which is enough. Try to get involved.... thats the best option.


the professors


To save more money and that tuition costs were going to continue to rise


One thing that I wish I had known before coming to school at the University of Arizona is that Tucson is such a spread out city with large amounts of traffic.


I think I was very prepared, and was open and am still open to many new experiences as well as challenges. I have faced and overcome many challenges in my life which have helped me become aware and open to changes.


I wish i would have known how truly academically different and difficult this school is from the get go!


I wish I would have known about all of the extra-curricular activities that I could have joined at the university before I came the the school.


I wish I had gone on a tour of the school so that I wasn't so reluctant to leave home. This school really has so much to offer and I wish I would have known more about it so that I knew that there would always be something to do, to get involved with and people to become friends with. The University of Arizona is an amazing place with something to offer for everyone on the academic spectrum.


I wish I had known more about how the university system works so I would have been able to better plan for my academic career. I'm refering to such things as class registration, credit counts, and university policies, like the consequences of changing your major or getting a low GPA. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the system can improve your experience greatly and help you plan for possible pitfalls and avoid common mistakes. I think there would be a huge benefit from a better peer communication network between first-years and upperclassmen.


I wish I had known more about the city of Tucson and where to live before I enrolled and lived in a seedy part of town far from many students.


When I first came to the University of Arizona, recruiters constantly flouted the achievements of the school. However, they made it sound as if merely getting a degree would guarantee a student a job after graduation. I wish they had discussed the valuable research opportunities available on campus, and how that would effect not only the quality of my education, but also bolster relationships between my professors and I. I got involved with research on campus at the end of my Junior year. I wish I had done so earlier.


I wish I had knowned about the other exciting majors that the school offers. I picked a major out of instinct and I had to change my mind a lot of times to figure out a major I wanted to major in. The school offers a lot of majors that are very interesting. It takes a lot of time to figure out a major that you want to stick with.


Partying is very popular on campus. Most dorms and sororities and fraternities have parties often. If someone does not like a party environment, I would nt suggest University of Arizona for them. Also, it is a very mainstream campus, and so very artsy, or liberal people may want to look for a smaller school.


I really wish I could have taken more classes at a community college or gained college credit through accelarated classes in high school. Many students are extremely ahead in their credits allowing them priority registration and the ability not to take general education courses in college. They have the ability to start the classes in their concentration before others and thus be able to take classes others can not get into.