University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school's astronomy department is incredible. The professors are brilliant and distinguished in their fields, but still manage to be very accessible to students and committed to teaching. They are more than happy to answer any questions I have and are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with me. My experience with the University of Maryland astronomy department has solidified my conviction that I want to be a professor of astronomy some day, and I aspire to be a professor of similar caliber to those I have now.


One unique part of campus everyone knows about is "The Mall." It is a large, grassy area in the center of campus. On days with nice weather, there will be tons of students sitting around outside reading or doing work or maybe having a catch or tossing around a frisbee. At the top of the Mall, is McKeldin Library, our main campus library. It has seven floors and is the back-up for the Library of Congress.


The best thing about my school is the diffculty of the classes. The hard math and science classes make me study even harder so I can acheive my goal of one day becoming an engineer. Each and everyday is a greater strive towards my goal. Whether it be Calculus or Physics that keep me awake and active, it will all be worth it at the end.


There are so many attributes that I love about the University of Maryland that makes this question rather difficult to answer but if I have to come down to one thing it would definitely be the diversity. Any school or instituition have their own level of challenging courses that all students must strive hard in to achieve good grades. I love the challenging courses that University of Maryland provides but the diversity is a reminder to myself that there are many others out there that are trying their best to make a place for themselves in the world,


Looking at the flip-side, the University of Maryland definitely caters to professors and students alike who have research and STEM-based interests given that this is one of it's shining areas of academic interests and recognition. Also, the business school, properly known as the Robert H. Smith School of Business is both very aesthetically pleasing and generously funded, cause for much boastfulness within that particular college network of individuals on the university campus. Overall, students are given several opportunities, both in and out of the classroom who belong to both above-mentioned areas of academic interests.


One factor that the University of Maryland has that captured me was its diversity. This is important to have when trying to be successful because it gives a person new perspectives and create different ideas. Also they can gain experience and knowledge of other culture.


Exceptional students and professors. Amazing campus.


The campus is really large and beautiful. You don't see the surrounding neighborhood until you leave the campus grounds. When you arrive on campus, you know you are in college because it is separate from the outside neighborhood. Also, even though the university is really large, it isn't too large to the point where you cannot walk to you classes and arrive on time.


I feel the best thing about the university is how close it is to DC and Baltimore which provides students with the location to find many internships that could set them up for a very profitable career in their future.


The best thing about our school would definitely be the diversity. UMD boasts that it carries a very diverse student body, and when you enter the campus, that is exactly what you see. I feel that being comfortable in such an environment, and embracing it during college, is vital to succeeding in today's world. With globalization at its peak, persons need to be aware that they will come into contact with others all over the world. Having a school that embraces ethnic differences and diversity surely helps prepare students for such a world.


It's great for student who work full-time, have families and that unable to takes classes face to face. Also, it's get for our services men and women who protect the United States.


Loved the size and diversity of the school. I was in classes with people from so many diffrent backgrounds, allowed for a diverse learning experiance, and as a sports fan the campus atmosphere on game days comes in a close second to the size and diversity of the school for its best attrubutes


The school's focus towards academic, research and career.


UMD has all the advantages a large state college provides, such as abundant academic resources and a wide variety of classes. However, it also possesses the spirit of community and togetherness found in smaller schools, and I was able to bond just as easily with fellow students. Class sizes are relatively small and professors are always available for help. It's truly the best of both worlds!


The feel of the community


the services and extra curricular are superb! if you can think of an activity- it exists. if for some reason you realise you amazing idea does not exist in a for of a club- you are more than welcome to create it. Simply FREEDOM!


I feel that the best thing about this school is the availability of opportunities. There are so many different clubs and organizations that it is impossible to find one that doesn't fit your interests. Also, these organizations have allowed me to make more friends and meet some amazing people.


Job opportunitites and the career center.


It's really diversed.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit, especially in sports that don't get a lot of attention, such as field hockey and soccer. Our field hockey and soccer teams have both won national championships in the past 4 years, so the stands are now packed for sports other than just football and basketball. Another great thing about our school is it's close location to Washington DC, so having the ability to spend a day down on the National Mall is a great advantage compared to other schools.


I loved the big campus. There is so much to do for any type of person. I was in a sorority and that helped make the college smaller as well as get me more involved in other actitvities. Also the class sizes really were not that bad. The lectures were larger class sizes but the labs and discussions were smaller groups.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is the campus. It is a suburban location with an urban feel.


The first thought that came to my mind when I arrived at UMD was, "WOW this place is huge". I thought walking from a far parking lot was going to be torture, and sitting in classes with so many other students useless. But I was wrong. I raelized that the beauty of it all is that so many people from all around the country, or should I say all around the world, have come here together and all strive for the same thing, success. It gives me energy and hope to see so many people striving for the same purpose.


I love the diversity and the size of the campus. For some people it could be too big but I love it. There is always something going on on campus, whether its a party, a guest speaker, a theater performance, a football game (go Terps!); it is a very active campus. There are hundreds of groups and clubs on campus also so no matter what you're interested in there is probably a club for you. It's a great way to meet people.


There are alot of opportunities available to help get into graduate school and further your career aspirations.


The campus is beautiful. Sometimes, I wonder if I made the right choice about coming to the University of Maryland. But, everytime I look up at the sky, I know that this is where I belong. I have the pictures on my cell phone to prove it.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is the incredible people that work there. From the Dean's secretary to the campus diner cashier, everyone is genuinely interested in helping you get exactly where you need to go with the right tools to do so. I don't believe I would have been able to navigate my education as well as I have without the assistance of the encouraging UM staff and faculty.


We are taught by experts in their field.


The school spirit and energy of sports fans is exciting and fun.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of programs. Being a large school, University of Maryland has many programs that complement and broaden the student's education. In my case, I am a dance major with a large interest in anatomy and kinesiology. UMD is the only school in the area that offers a kinesiology program.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is that the liberal arts education truly allows for a student to find their niche within the school. By requiring that the students be well-rounded and versed in areas of study outside of their particular focus, it makes for students with stronger skill sets to bring into the job market and real world. This diversity allows for strong foundations for future studies, but it also pushes students to be better and more experienced individuals who can weigh their options with little hesitation about the education on which their decisions are based.


The campus is extremely large, but do not get intimidated because that is the best part. Being apart of a large community allows you to have many opportunities for help as you complete your college degree. I am also apart of the Scholars program, which allows me to feel the benefits of a small college within a large community. The school spirit is indescribable, and the campus is absolutely beautiful. I love everything about the campus.


The school environment because everyone is so school-spirited and proud of what they are a part of.


The best thing about my school has got to be the size. With the immense diversity and plethora of personalities, it's hard to not find someone who shares similar interests. I have met people from all over the country and even some from other countries which has truly opened my eyes up to different beliefs and values. I feel like I have tried new things and let myself step out of my comfort zone more than I ever imagined I would. There's just so many interesting people out there to meet.


Fall 2010 will be my first semester attending University of Maryland and I am very excited! I think one of the best things this school has to offer is the diversity of the campus. It is so fun to walk around and speak to all the people, who come from different walks of life, and even different counties. This diversity expands into the class and even curriculum. I feel that the students and teachers together can create a positive learning environment and this experiance will encourage me to recognize different views and teaching styles.


My school is a very diverse community and a great way to achieve an exceptional education in many ways. At the University of Maryland, one can meet people from different backgrounds and learn a lot about different cultures and lifestyles. These experiences will stick with a person and be beneficial for the rest of their life. The education that this university provides is a great opportunity for anyone to pursue a career. There aren't many schools such as UMD that have such a fantastic balance of social life, athletics and other extracurricular activities, as well as education.


The best part about the University of Maryland is not so much that it is diverse, but the way diversity is embraced. So many cultures come from all over the country and the world to attend the University of Maryland, and from what I have seen everyone is treated with and enormous amount of respect. I feel comfortable here, especially as an out of state student, because of how welcoming the University of Maryland is and how comfortable it makes me feel.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is all the different people you have the opportunity of meeting. Everyone at this school is from a different background and the university is extremely diverse. I came from a high school where everyone was middle to upper class and caucasian. Coming to Maryland has been such a great experience for me to branch out and experience new things through all the diversity the university offers.


College Park is a huge school, so there is always something to do. Making friends is the least of your worries; after all, you have hundreds of clubs to choose from. Our location is great too: we are close to the D.C. area, and you can take advantage of that by taking the College Park metro stop. Whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student, the fact that College Park is an inexpensive school just puts the cherry on top of an already wickedly cool sundae.


The best thing about my school would be the faculty. I feel as though all of my teachers desired for me to learn the information, not to just be able to reguritiate the information on tests and quizzes. My teachers were very detailed and explanatory of their subjects and made themselves readily available to any student. I can honestly say that I learned something from each class I took this semester, even if the class was not related to my major.


I think the students and faculty members are the best thing about my school. I'm a "people person" so I love interacting with classmates and professors. Everyone I have met here at the University of Maryland has been kind and respectful. I think the professors do a great job of teaching and involving students in their lectures.


It's a priority for the school to constantly change itself to the current social, political, etc. environment and stay current to changing habits. I haven't gone a semester in which courses and their requirements are being adjusted to help students.


What is best about the Uiversity of Maryland is its diversity. With over 25,000 students, the several different backgrounds in which people come from amazes me. Diversity is something that I truely appreciate and love. The United States is a melting pot where everyone is an immigrant or is a descendant of immigrants and that is what makes us so unique and different. Yet, when we all come together, we find we are all the same and can learn to work together and respect each other as well as our interesting differences.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is their understanding of what is necessary to learn in order to excell in the job market. It makes the course work more rigorous, however, the students know that what they are learning will give them an edge once they graduate.


I think the best thing about my school is that there is so much diversity. You get to meet people from different backgrounds. An individual can get a better understanding of the different cultures and lifestyles. This is important because as society grows there is going to be plenty of different backgrounds in this world and people should learn how to tolerate them. The real world is compiled of diversity so going to a school full of diversity gets a student ready for the real world when they graduate.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community and welcome. This is the best because the school is so open to accepting all types of people and without a doubt, there is a spot and comfort zone for every student to find on campus. The oppurtunities are endless.


The diversity at UMD enables me to have a greater perspective and richer learning experience. Since many of us come from different backgrounds, we all have something to offer and learn from one another, and lets me see the world in a different light.


The social atmosphere. Theres so much going on that its impossible to keep up with every single event on any given day.


Unquestionably, the best thing about this school is its school spirit. The fact that this university is so large may deter some potential students from attending, but they simply need to sit in the student section during a basketball game. From the long line forming in front of the arena hours before the start till the very end, watching Gary Williams talking to the reporters, students at the University of Maryland are united in support for the Terrapins. No matter how many students there are, there is an innate connection between all of us: pride in our school.


The diverse population and the high quality education compete for the top spot on my list of positive attributes of Maryland. The wide range of types of people who attend University of Maryland contribute immensely to the atmosphere of the campus. The diversity also results in a vast array of student programs, appealing to every conceivable interest one would have. The benefit of the high quality education is obvious. Maryland offers varied and engaging classes. I can get voice lessons for college credit, for example. I can pursue my interests and learn from experts in those fields.