University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the overall setup and balance that they create for students as they promote things like academics, athletics and future career opportunities. Programs like study abroad, internships, externships, various varsity level sports and a wide range of classes to choose from. The dorm life is also really good with RA's that are always there when you need assistance, and a constant level of comfort is readily available to you. There are several dining options to choose from, and you can even bring in a recipe to be cooked.


The opportunities. Companies look favorably upon UMD graduates, and it shows. Even in this economic situation, every one seems to be getting jobs.


There's so much to do on campus, and there's so much you can do to get involved. There are hundreds of student oranizations, and you can get involved with pretty much anything, so you'll have many opportunities to meet people. It's a big school, so making new friends involves some effort, but it's entirely possible with the countless number of activities you can get involved with.


Social Life. A lot of parties.


I love the size of my school. Being so big allows for a lot of different opportunities for all sorts of things. No matter what you're interested in, there's something for you. There's a club, or a group of students, and people who also have these interests. You're never alone at the University of Maryland because it's like a big family of Terps. No matter what, you always have good support behind you.


The library because it's open 24/7 and it's a great place to study.


I go to a community college here in Maryland. It is more convinent and a bit less expensive than a regular university. Also, the professors and the students have a better relationship in terms of, asking questions, because of small class sizes. Just getting that one-to-one attention from the professors is something you rarely get as a freshmen or a sophomore in universities and colleges.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. You will definitely fit in no matter what kind of person you are because there are so many different types of people.


The atmosphere.


The best thing is that there is a club or a social group for every interest. This campus has so much diversity. I feel as though everyone here can find a group that will accept them because the students here are very involved.


I love the campus activities outside of school. Also their is always help available for tutoring if needed.


The best thing about this school is that it is very diverse in all aspects. I have met people of different religions, race, sexual orientation and they are all open to learning new things and hanging out with other people. I have learned so much from being around different people. It is good to be open-minded and you learn alot about yourself and others.


There are so many ways for students to get involved and find the right fit for them


The programs for minorities. There are numerous programs that help minorities keep up with thier academics


The best thing about Maryland is all the opprotunities. There are so many chances to learn, grow and explore both academically and socially.


The best things about University of Maryland would be the outstanding faculty and staff, the incredible students, the energetic school spirit, and the strong academic focus and support.


I would consider the variety of extra curricular activities and clubs to be the best thing about Maryland.


The best thing about my school is that it will be a memorable experience. You will recieve both a good education and good life long friends.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is the immense diversity of the students that attend it. There is such great opportunity to meet people of different cultures and backgrouds and interact with them on common grounds such as sports or creative activitites like getting involved with the community. Also, the University offers top of the line facilities and oporunities for cutting-edge research, especially in psychology.


The best thing about my school is that everyone is willing to learn and help each other.


The best thing about Maryland are the connections that they have with various engineering companies. This allows for internships and work experience in different types of engineering and allows the students to determine what area is best for them.


The best thing about my school is the diversity and the amount of extracurricular opportunities on campus. These groups and clubs are so diverse that you will always be able to find something you are interested in, and if not, you can create your own group easily.


The school spirit and the diversity of extracurricular activities. there is something for everyone.


The best thing about my school is its diversity. Pretty much anything you can dream up can be experienced at the University of Maryland, or through the resources/connections they have. Also, if there is a club or group that doesn't exist, it is pretty easy to get one started. This allows students to get involved with virtually any type of group they can imagine.


It was a great social atmosphere. I loved going to games, but by senior year no one went. We all just tailgated and went to the bars.


It offers so many opportunity and really challanges you to work harder towards your goal. They always emphasize the importance of an education and give us the motivation to strive for success


The best thing about the school is the atmosphere. As a student you are excited everyday to be on campus and be on class just because everyone around is proud to be a Terp or to be apart of the school in some way. It is the pride, the spirit, and the enthusiasm that people have for the academics, the sports, and everything in between that make the school the best.


The professors and their research work.


The emphasis in the College of Chemical and Life Sciences on research because that is my interest. As well as the school spirit.


The ethnic, political, religious and socioeconomic diversity makes this campus an interesting place. The school definitely emphasizes multiculturalism which I like.


There are tons of opportunities to intern, study abroad, join clubs, and make friends


the academic classes it provides along with some of the best professors. Also a hearing and speech clinic within the school


The athletic sporting events are always fun. The bars are good even thought there isnt too many.


rigorousness, competitiveness, and the huge potential on your life present in degree programs such as engineering and computer science


the campus is beautiful and school spirit


the diversity and school spirit


Maryland is a big school with a lot to offer, from a beautiful campus, to good academics, to sports programs, as well as proximity to the nation's capital.


It's a very big school with so much to do. The sports are great and with so many social activities going on you will never be bored.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is how near it is to Washington DC. This gives all of the students an opportunity to go and visit the nation's capital. Also, it is not that long of a metro ride and not expensive. This means that students are not limited to just spending time on campus and can visit the museums or just go out for a night on the town.


The diversity because there was a place for any person from any type of background to go and feel comfortable and welcome.


The diverse student body and variety of activities available.


The best thing is going to campus wide events such as the football games and basketball games. Everyone is able to bond together and root for Maryland. Everyone on campus is involved in these events as well as alumni.


The best thing about UMD is the campus. Gorgeous brick buildings and lots of green spaces, less than 10 miles from the history, restaurants, and nightlife of Washington, DC.


It is very large so the school is what you make of it. You can drink all the time OR study all the time with equal ease. You can be an activist on issues that interest you or you can be involved in Greek life. There are tons of groups that suit every interest and all kinds of different people with different interests so you really can build a social and academic life around your own interests.


The best part about my school is the level of academic rigor. The professors go into a lot of detail during lectures so you fully understand the material. Also, they challenge you to do well and help you learn and grow.


The School spirit and variety of classes offered.


The best thing about College Park is the will to succeed. The drive the students, professors, and teaching assistants have to succeed is remarkable and inturn becomes contagious. Everyone is focused and is willing to help others to focus to achieve substantial success.


There are a lot of great things about UMD, but if I had to choose one element it would have to be the campus diversity. Never in my life had I been exposed to so many different groups of people where everyone was able to feel like they belonged. The University went out of their way to not only emerse you in this global diversity but while doing so teaching you about yourself.


The best thing about my school is that there are a lot of recreational services on campus.


Sports and social life.