University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Large amount of academic oppertunities and resources


The best thing about UMD is the amalgamation of social life and academic life. Many of the groups combine academics into their social activities. This is great because not only can I have fun with spending time with friends, I can also discuss topics concerning my schoolwork. There are many clubs on campus such as the pre-med society where help is available at all times concerning with my major. UMD is very active and it is difficult not to get involved with a group because there are over a hundred to choose from.


The size, its great to have so many people around and so many opportunities, both extracurricular and academic


Definitely it has to be level of student committment to academia. Compared to when I was enrolled in Kansas State University students here respect others during the focus of study; one does not have to go to a study carrell to avoid loud discussions. Class level participation is fantastic; students are aware of making the most of their money for the experience so it goes hand and hand against other institutions I have attended.


Personally, I feel that the best thing is the sports. There is so many places to go, and so many sports to play and watch, and by going out and trying new things, you meet so many people that you really connect with.


The best part of my schol is the diversity among students. It allows students to experience things, events, and get to know people they would not have the chance to on a regurlar basis. It also allows us to fully express themselves and understand what would make them happy in life socially and professionally, it also allows diversity in course load .


Ranked highly. Good education for the money, if you can stand the shitty location and poor quality of other students.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community among students. Even though it is a large campus with a large student body, most students are friendly toward one another and open to meeting new friends. From my time on campus, it is evident that there is a niche for everyone on campus, both socially and academically.


The diveristy in the student population and all the groups they have on campus to share more information about that diversity. This is racial diversity, social diversity, interests, etc. There is always something you can get involved with, with people who care about it just as much as you do.


I love the sense of community the entire student body has about our sports teams. Even though the university is so big, the football team or basketball team is something we ALL have in common.


The education available if properly persued is outstanding.


Wide range of career oriented resources and people are easy to get to know and get along with.


I think the best thing is the academics, because you learn a lot because you pretty much have to teach yourself what you want to learn.