University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I'd have to say they are best known for their groundbreaking online program for working adults.


Online courses


Having flexible time schedual, and top knotch communication with students.


I believe that the University of Phoenix is best known for it's wide veriety of cources, flexible payment options, as well as much needed convience.


The University of Pheonix to me, is best known for their online courses. Students have the abillity to complete their educational degrees through the comfort of their home!


Their academic curriculum is outstanding.


The University of Phoenix-Online Campus is known for being the largest online university in the United States.


My school is really known for just being a really good online school. They are extremely helpful whenever you have a question and you actually have a connection with the people and you don't feel so much of a "customer" as you do a person.


The University of Phoenix is best known as one of the first and biggest online universities in the U.S.


My school is best known for it's staff dedication and student body relationship. My instructors have worked hard to ensure that I recieve a quality education. They call to check on my progress with my courses and they inform me of up coming courses. John Cooper has been extremely helpful to me. He often call me to explain any issues that I may have and he also inform me of any changes that may occur before new courses start. He also ask if I have any questions and he answer them. I know what to expect at my school.


In my opinion, University of phoenix is best known for its varying learning styles. In one class, the main way of learning might be team collaoration. In the next class, the only style of learning may be a pre-recorded lecture.


My school is best know for being one of the top online schools. Not only do their students do their work online but you also have the choice of going to a campus and getting help from an instructor. University of Pheonix does whatever needed so their students can graduate.


My school is best known for giving people a chance to go to school in a traditional and non-traditional way. Being able to go to an actual school or take classes online.


Great diversity, open-mindedness, almost guaranteed jobs after graduation, very, very helpful staff, well rounded instructors who are working in their field or have worked in the field they are teaching, an ever expanding library filled with scholarly articles, peer reviewed books and articles and links to additional libraries that grant access to book that the school may not have, as well as superb support for students, which includes tutoring and psychological assistance, as well as workshops for writing and mathematics.


My school is best known for its multiple locations around the world and online program. My school is everywhere and right where you are. The school is also well known due to the diverse wealth of options for certifications, majors, and licensure programs. Although the U of P is a large university, students benefit from the amount of resources that a larger school has while still getting the experience of an intimate academic setting because of the small classroom sizes.


The school is best known (in my oppinion) for having a good online course schedule.


On-line classes to fit your schedule


The University of Phoenix On-Line Campus is best known for allowing students the luxury of attending classes on their time. This is a wonderful concept since most of the students that I have came in contact with have full time careers and families. This makes the learning experience more enjoyable and less stressful.


My school is known for being academically diversified.


University of Phoenix is known for their greateness in education. The University of Phoenix commitment extends to there higher education innovations as well. University of Phoenix helped pioneer many of the conveniences that students now enjoy evening classes, flexible scheduling, a university-wide academic social network, an immersive online classroom and an online library. Many of the graducates tend to find a job faster then those that attend other colleges. I believe that my school have always strived for greatestness.


University of Phoenix-Online Campus it's know for pioneering the field of distant education, for providing the necessary tools and resources for those seeking to achieve college level academic goals in its ecampus. In this commitment my school has develop the kind of setting that shows the way for other institutions in the search for the kind of education that will be the standard for the near future in the midst of the Technological Age.


My school is best known for achieving dreams that you didn't think possible, while still working full time, supporting a family or both.


I would say my school is best know for providing people like me the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams. The collaborative enviroment helps students engage,learn and retain what we are beign taught. Attending college is usually what 19 and 20 year olds do. I am 43 and I will be earning my Associates Degree on Janurary 18, 2015 with a GPA of 3.84. I would not be able to accomplish this goal in a traditional brick and mortar school, I would not have the time to commit to it. Online I am able to accomplish it.


I believe the school is best known for their classes being five weeks long. I think this is great because you only have to worry about one class at a time. To me, it is a lot less stressful knowing I can concentrate on this one class rather than worrying about three or four classes I am taking at one time. This feature is actually what drew me to this University.


Staying in contact


The school is best known for the freedom to learn and obtain your degree in the confort of your own environment. I love the fact that I can drink a cup of coffee and sit in my pajamas while doing a paper. I like having the ease to go online and do school at my convience. I feel they know school is a huge responsibilty which takes discpline and dedication but don't lose sight that the people attending do have jobs, families, and other reposibilities in life. I love the University of Phoenix and would reccommend it to anybody.


University of Phoenix is known for the challenging courses. These courses help to prepare students and alumni for success in the field of choice. The university is also known for leading in online education.


This school advertises a lot on television via commercials. It is best known for students that are not of the typical college age and has a record of providing schedules that fit those students that tend to have full time employment in addition to attending school.


My school us best known for the help they provide their students. They help them in whatever they need to so that they may achieve their goals. They also have an online campus which is well known, and is helpful to people who are parents, and who work. They are able to continue their education while continuing with their daily responsibilties.


Providing an education to working adults.


This school is best known for providing Business Degree's


University of Phoenix is widely known as an on-line university, though there are physical campuses nationwide as well. They specialize in business and educational oriented degrees and certificate programs.


My school is best known for the flexibility for working parents like myself. Being able to obtain my degree online allows me to tend to my children and go to work.


My school is best known for its accredible resources and their high rate of graduate students who have gone on to have good careers. As well as their very supportive faculty.


This school is best known for its ability to assist individuals who are in the workforce or at home mothers further their education through learning via the internet. They are known for equipping their students with the knowledge to go and obtain gainful employment and long lasting careers, this school is known for being there for those who felt they couldn't go back to school....they give hope.


My school is best known for its online courses. The Univeristy of Phoenix has shorter than the average classroom time of just 6-7 weeks versus other schools who have a 4 month course time. The website is designed for every learning style. The website provides you with videos, games and reading material so that you are sure to learn your topic. The University has put together programs to fit the many different lifestyles, which is helpful for people who have busy schedules and families to attend to.


I think that this University is best known for the ability to take many courses online and the ability to obtain your degree while also working full time from home. This has been a great advantage for me as I have three children and a granddaughter and work full time.


Providing excellent student support service such as online recources making things convient for you to go to college


I am not sure what they are really best known for, but for me it is the helpfulness of each person that I talk to when finding out information about my classes or anything else I need.


My school is best known for call on a daily base to make sure that ever thing is going will with your classes, they tell you to let them know if you are having problems especially being that I do school on line, It is not easy doing school on line and working a full time job. So the support they give their students on line help them to achieve the goals they want for the future and make a different in their career for success, So doing online classes at this school is the way to go, for education.


The University of Phoenix is best know for their commitment to their students to provide a great education and career services along the students journey.


Flexibility by giving those who need a flexible class schedule the opportunity to take classes whenever, wherever.


There on-line college and the train that will you get .


The ability to allow new students to try classes before enrolling officially


I think my school is best known for its accellerated online program with group projects. Busy people like this school because they can attend school while working full time or taking care of a house full of kids.


I believe the University of Phoenix is known for being one of the top online schools in our nation. The reason I picked the University of Phoenix is because as an Active Duty Military Member, I was really overwhelmed with the burden of having to transfer Universities to complete my Bachelor's Degree on campus.


Being an online community.


The University of Phoenix is the first online University. It is also one of the first Universities acknowledging that adults needed flexible class schedules so that they can better themselves while getting their degree.


University of phoenix online is know for their flexiblity.


I believe that my school is best known for aiming at getting a decent education and staying focused. There is a set date for each student at University of Phoenix to start their classes. Each class also has specific books that students can read in order to succeed in the subjects that they are studying. It is very important for students at University of Phoenix to keep a good gpa. Students have to work on individual assignments, work in groups at times, and also participate in class discussions at times. It is also very important for students to be organized.