University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


how difficult it will ne


I'd wish I had know how many of the classes had team projects since it's really hard to get together with a group of people who have different full time work schedules.


This is my second year at this school and thier is nothing, so far that I wish that I have know before hand.


I wish I was better prepared for the amount of work and the complexity of not being in an actual classroom. I also wish I had a better understanding of the high cost for this University.


There is nothing I wished I knew before enrolling, my academic counselor was great and walked me through the whole process, in which I am thankful to him.


That there was no active job placement assistance


I wish I would have known how much easier the process of taking online classes is for me. I would have started college online a lot sooner if I would have known it wasnt going to be as difficult as I assumed.


I wish I would have consentrated more on my assignments.


I wished I had known how user friendly the online classroom is. The online program is great for working parents like myself who want to get an education while still being a parent.


One thing I wish I had known before attending University of Phoenix is that thirty of my credits from my Associates degree would be discarded. This would result in me being five credits short of being able to receive $12,500 per semester and I would instead receive $10,500. Due to a tuition increase in November, this amount will not be enough to cover my tuition for the year and will leave me $120 short in August. I will have to pay this out of pocket as well as the fee for my Praxis exam and my fingerprinting clearance.


Nothing really i live this school and i will be refering people to this school cause they are willing to help the students do what ever needs done or what they need to do and they help you this is the only school that i have found that they actually care


Before attending the University of Phoenix, I wish that I would of known exactly how long it would have taken me to complete my associates degree. The amount of time that I spent obtaining my associates degree, I could of used that time by skipping that process and went for my bachelors degree. The advisors did not tell me this they just let me go on to receive my associates degree, here in my state an associates degree will not even get you in the running for most criminal justice positions.


I wish I could have had more opportunities to learn and enhance my skills in all subjects but most especially, English. In my hometown high school, we weren't given the time of day to discover our potential. Time was limited and our teachers could only extend their hands and hearts so much because of the little resources they had.


When it comes to the University of Phoenix online campus i wish i would have know how much fun it would be.


What I would have wished i had know before starting back at school would be how to to juggle enough time for school/life. Im a father of 2, one is biolgically mine the other is my girlfriends that i help raise. I work full time as a Youth Care Worker. I'm very excited for school, but with a busy lifesytle i got to learn how to mange my time.


I wish I had known the cost. I also wish I had known that the Educations Specialists have to many students to work with and do not communicate very well at all!


I did my investigation of various schools and programs before deciding on University of Phoenix. There weren't any surprises. The advisor I spoke with in the beginning was very good about explaining how everything works.


I wish that i had known that it would take so long for my grants to come in. I also wish i knew when they will be coming in due to the fact that im depending on them for everything. Im going to be using my grant to cover my room and board and well as my classes. Giving my real world options i think i made the best when deciding to go to school when i did. Now it would just be really helpful for me to know when the grants will be disbursed.


I wish I would have know how truly hard it is to be a full time online student while working full time. As a non-traditional student that is also a Mom and full time worker it has been hard to find the right life/school/work balance without feeling like a failure in multiple areas.


The ammount of self motivation and time management that is required to attend any online school.


I wished I knew about all assignments that are due in a weeks time. I think they to many they need only about 4 or 5 lessons and not like the 8 to 10 we get now.


I wish I had listened to my mother and went to school when she was willing to pay for it and continued to live at home rent free! This school is expensive but effective but I started late. Life is real, and it is hard and fast and if you want to get ahead you have to be able to take those hits and keep pushing, no matter how much you want to give up, there is something out there that you can hold on to to get that motivation, us it, and don't ever give up!


The amount of dedication it would need to be successful at this school. I thought an online campus would be a breeze. It is relatively easy but takes a lot of committment to meet deadlines and keep up with the program.


Before attending University of Phoenix-online campus, I wish I had know the cost of their tuition to complete a Bachelor's Degree. Going to school online can be very expensive depending on your major. If I would have know prior to attending, I would have made sure that I applied for various scholarships to help with paying my tuition. I encourage everyone to apply for scholarships so that they are not borrowing so much money in student loans.


I wish I had known that they were not a non profit school. I might have chose a non profit school so the classes would have been cheaper.


Before I started school I wish I had known how easy it was going to be to enroll, get started, and get accustomed to being back in school. All these years I was so afraid of the cost and the bad what if's and let those fears distract me from a goal I should have completed long ago.


The one thing that I wish I knew prior to starting at the UOP, is that the school is a for-profit school. I was not aware of that before I even started my enrollment.


I wish I had known about the 5 week course program. We are allowed to take 1 class every 5 weeks that financial aid will pay for. If you want to take more classes within the 5 weeks it comes out of pocket. With me being so determined and so ready to finish school, I will have to start paying out of pocket for some of my classes if I want to graduate soon. Unfortunately, that is money which I do not have so I will need any scholarship possible to help me pay for school.


I would want to tell myself to go with my gut and that I can achieve everything I put my mind to. Just because I had learning disabilities does not mean that I couldn't move forward to someday getting my masters in psychology. I would also tell myself that it is important to not let other peoples opinions effect what you want to do with your life.


I only wish that I had known about this school sooner, and had realized that even though online coursework is time consuming, it is a better alternative for somebody like me, with a busy schedule.


I wish I knew how great of resources that University of Phoenix provided to help with the cold feet of doing this earlier. I must say I am taken away on how great the curiculum is as well how each of my instructors' are there for me to help me achieve my goals.


I wish I had known what I wanted to major in. This school is very expensive so it would have been helpful to determine a major to stick with instead of changing majors.


I wish that I had known that this university offers so many resources to its students. The fear that I had of going to college is that I was not smart enough and that I would fail. Little did I know that this university offers workshops for that classes, as well as live 24/7 tutoring. The instructors are very caring and willing to assist at any time. I encourage anyone that is looking to begin college to research this university and call and speak with someone to help with further questions, I gurantee you won't be disappointed.


Cost of tuition. It has only risen since I started, and it's getting harder and harder to afford. I wish I had been more aware of scholorship options before I started so that I could take advantage of them. It would have helped huge. Now being in college loan debt is stressing me out a lot and it makes it difficult to focus on things that my family needs because all of my funds go to student loans.


I wish I had known how much time is involved in full-time online coursework. Online coursework is completely different than taking classes on campus. There is no hands-on experience, which makes it more difficult to completely understand the concepts being taught at times. However, this is challenging and very rewarding.


When I started the University of Phoenix I was an on-ground student, and later moved to the online program. I wish I would have known the amount of teamwork that is required. This University has really encouraged the interaction between students and taught us to relie on one another, and on the importance of teamwork. I also would have liked to known how fast pace the courses are, and that we only have a short amount of time to obtain as much information as possible.


I had wished i had known more about financial aid and grants .And the interworking of each of them.


I wish I would have known that such schools exsisted that I could do all my schooling online. I have always dreamed of being a teacher, but finding the time to go to school was difficult. The closest University to where I live is 90 miles away, so it would be too expensive to drive to that school.


How demanding it was


What i wish i had known is that I could really do this. When I began my BS initially i became so distraught and discouraged, I gave up on myself. If i had the confidence then that I have now I probably would have already finished and be well into my Master's.


I thought the only things I would be doing while attending the University of Phoenix is participating with my class, homework, reading, studying and completing tests. I did not know that I needed to put in extra time and effort into my assignments in order to get an astounding grade. I should have been prepared for that, but instead, I let all the work overwhelm me and it stressed me out. I wish I would have known how to manage my time wisely before forgetting to double check my work or being impulsive by turning in my work early.


One thing I wish I had known before going to this school is that students were required to write at least 8 discussion messages over a certain number of days. I don't want to sound like I am complaining but I just wish that I had known so I could have been more prepared. I'm use to having to write discussions as a part of my participation grade, but never so many over just a few days. Thankfully, I'm getting use to this so it's not a problem.


I wish i had known that this school has such a great support and resource system. I would have had less trial and error by making this school my first choice.


The one thing that I wish that I knew about before attending UOP was the work-life credits that I could have gotten. I could have saved myself a lot of grant/loan money by testing out of certain classes. Being that I am an older student, I have experiences that would allow me to continue through to the next level, without the time and money associated with taking the lower core classes.


The one thing that I wished I had known prior to attending the online campus is the requirement for posting six substantative posts on three different days. This requirement can become a little challenging when there are posts with misspelled words, incorrect grammer and punctuation. I understand that this is a requirement but can become quite challenging at times, but it is the one way the University is able to ensure that online students are attending the class.


That this school does not value the students financial aid in a timely matter like other schools and this school is more of a business than a school.


I wish I would have know that the University of Phoenix would other ways to interact with each other. I just wish that the school would offer a place on their site for students to interact, such as facetime especially when you work in groups. I wish they would have told me that there were some classes where it was manditory that I work in groups.


I wish I had a better understanding of how student loans work. One thing that kept me contemplating school was money. It wasn't until I started school that I have actually been able to understand how student loans work. This knowledge helped me feel more comfortable on how to approach the financial aspect of continuing my education.


What I wish I would hav known before attending school is to manage time more properly and to stay focused and to be prepapred to say good bye to social life to remain focused.


I wish I had known that any and all changes must be completed through the academic/financial advisors. Many campuses allow students to chose their own course schedule online based on what classes are required or elective.