Utah Valley University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Utah Valley University know before they start?


I would tell myself to take as many concurent enrollement classes and AP classes as possible so that I wouldn't have to take them in college. That would save me so much time and money. I would also tell myself to study a career that I enjoy and not just any degree.


Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone is the advice I would give. At this moment I am beginning to realize important factors of life. Important factors of life to me include quality human interaction, opportunities to prove ideas, and prioritizing what really matters. All of these aspects require us to step away from what we are comfortable with. Referring to human interaction, I now know we as humans need to communicate to others our feelings and desires. We can talk to our family, friends, even complete strangers. As we do so our borders of imagination and possibility expand. We truly can become something more as we include those around us. After gaining these interactions we still need to put what we feel is right to the test. Ideas from others can be very useful but nothing will happen unless we try things on our own. After we succeed or fail we have begun to prove to ourselves if something is right or wrong. Then the time comes when we must do what we know to be right. We must prioritize our time, talents, and energy. Thus we must get out of our comfort zone.


I have actually attended two universities so far in my life. Fresh out of highschool I enrolled at Brigham Young University. After a year I decided I didn't like college (specifically BYU) and dropped out, letting myself fail almost all of my classes. I now attend UVU happily after three years of "self-discovery" and work. If I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to wait. I would tell young me exactly what was going to happen, and that he should find some place to work for a few years and then go to any college he wanted. I would tell him that if he continued on his current path he would be unhappy for a long time, and he would waste a lot of time. I would also tell him not to be a pilot, but to read more and take the first step to writing that novel he's always dreamed of but never had the courage to start.


To my former self, this is you twelve years into the future. My advise to you would be to go to college right away after highshool. You will still have a desire to be a teacher and it would be better to get it done now. The reason I say this is because, I took a different path than that. Right out of highschool I met someone, although I thought I was in love, he had just gotten out of prison and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I ended up getting pregnant and during my pregnancy he was in and out of prison and I ended up having to raise a baby by myself. Her dad isnt in the picture and I am now married to a wonderful man and have another child with him. He ended up adopting Madisyn and I am so happy. But, I am in college at the age of thirty now, pretty much starting over with my career from scratch. I have had a hard life these last twelve years and I want a better life for you. College is so wonderful so Just go. You will never regret it.


I would say to my highschool self that finishing highschool strong is so important! I would also say that applying for scholorships is essential! That way you do not have to worry and stress about how you will get through college and most importantly, you will avoid the monsterous debt that follows many college graduates.


Remember that no one but you is going to be you. You can't depend on anyone or anything else staying the same, because you have no control over them. All you can do is change yourself, so make sure you become the best you that you can be. Adapt to the changes around you, and if that demands work or discipline, all the better. Try new things, learn as much as you can as quickly as you can. You are only inhibited by lack of faith in yourself. So press on, continually changing, adapting, learning, and eventually become the you that you always try to be.


I would tell myslef to apply for scholarships to help pay for school and also to find a job and save money to also help pay for school. II would also like to tell myself that I need to study more and harder to get good grades my senior year. I guess the last thing that I would tell my high school self is don't sweat the small stuff. No matter what happens, you'll get though it and be stronger for it.


If I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now I would make sure I told myself how different college is than high school. No matter how many times teachers and parents told me that college would be different I never really listened and college was a kind of wake up call. I had to work harder at school than I ever had before. I would tell myself to work hard now so it won't be as dificult in college.


Don't allow the teachers who told you, "You will fail like your brother." bring you down. You have the will to make it through anything that you apply yourself to. Listen to what Mom tells you, because it's true. Your school is your life, it is your job, and it is your duty to succeed. Oh, and stop skipping classes, you'll realize when you attend your courses you actually learn a thing or two! Dance isn't everything, even though I know you love it the most! Don't forget about your math and science studies even though you hate them, I promise you'll learn to love them soon enough.


To be able to go back in time and give advice to my high school self iw ould tell myself to stop focusing on football. Football is your obsession, and you need to let it go. It is so fun, but your grades aren't as good as they should be. You need to focus on the things that really matter. Start applying for schools, scholarships, and really have a vision for where you want to go. I would also tell myself to meet more people. Network yourself. Build relationships with people who are going to take you places or who may be able to provide you with opportunities later in life. if not opportunites atleast lasting friendships who will always help you get places.