Utah Valley University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Utah Valley University know before they start?


Find work you can do year round. You need more money than you think, sooner than you think. Save as much of that money as you can. Be a penny pincher, and do work whenever you can. The transition isn't too bad, but it is essential to study for tests, do your homework early, and pay close attention in class. If you do this you'll have more time to relax and have fun without anything looming over your head both in college and in the future


The movies don't have it all correct, big surprise huh?! The view you're always given of huge, impersonal class sizes and a rambunctious Greek housing system probably applies to many colleges country wide but not to many of the schools in Utah. After attending Dixie State, UVU and sitting in on classes at Utah State and the U, I have found that most classes are kept small. Role is taken and your attendence counts towards your grade; many professors are adjunct and have other jobs outside of instruction. Even at a school with a large enrollment, such as UVU, you'll have a lot of the same students from class to class once you get in to your major. Because of these reasons, the cliquiness of high school is pretty much abandoned. It is easier to make friends, professors view you as much more of an equal and you come to realize that everyone in each of your classes has something valuable to offer. Don't be afraid to go out of your way to meet everyone, those contacts will come in handy.


College is nothing to be scared of. Enjoy the time you have to determine what you want to study. In the search for yourself you end up learning so many skills that help you to be a well rounded individual. Your high school relationships will only be a fraction of the great friends you make in college. Most importantly, you will find the love of your life in college, and all of the hard work that you do in college will help you to provide for your family.


To find housing close to campus, such as a dorm with a few other girls. This is a good option because, even though I do not like to have to share housing with other girls I dont' know, it would have helped me quite a bit with financial aid, I would have received more grants rather than having to take out so many loans just because I live with my parents. It would also save a lot of money on gas.


Dear Past Stephen, I understand how much you fear moving on to college, and I just want to put your mind at ease. Do you remember how scared you were to move on from elementry school to middle school, then from middle school to highschool? and both times you found the transition to be no big deal? well, colleges is exactly the same way. Yes, you'll have harder classes, but they're only one level more advanced than High school courses--plus, you get to choose when and how you take them. And yes, you will be responsible for most of your own work, for none of your professors are there to babysit you. But you've been very good about being responsible for your own work so far, and if you keep it up during college you will have no problems making the grade. But most importantly, college will be one of the most liberating times of your life. You will discover more about yourself during the next four years of school then you've ever discovered thus far in highschool. You have a bright future ahead of you. Don't pass it up. Sincerely Future Stephen


I would tell myself not to be so stressed about attending college. I would tell myself you chose the best school for you and it's going to make you extremely happy. I would tell myself that I am about to make some incredible friends and love the freedom that comes with attending school. I will tell myself how much I will enjoy the classes I am taking and know the major I chose is the major for me. I will tell myself to stop losing sleep over moving away to college because sure it's life changing, but it's extremely exciting and it's right where I need to be.


If i have the opportunity for back in time before go to university, I would use the time to improve my new classmate relations and friends, as I considered it in the past a very shy person. I take advantage of my youth would seek greater things to help the community to which I belong having the energy that I had before. Look after my family relationships even in the distance, maintain communication, the end of the day your family is important.


Congratulations! You have accomplished something that seemed impossible at times. The truth is, you will continue to amaze yourself! Be strong and don't fear becoming an adult. You have come from humble beginnings but soon you will be unrecognizable even to yourself. I know right now college doesn't even seem like an option for you. In fact you will spend the next 15 years in odd jobs and following in your fathers footsteps. Construction, iron working and coutless other endless jobs. Lucky for you, you see the light! You begin to create and you hit your stride. You will build great things out of nothing. Created out of only your creativity. Stay focused. Your disabitlies have made school a difficult choice but you are proud when you look in the mirror 20 years from now. Stand up straight, talk big, have hope and faith! You are blessed!


I completed a GED exam at age 16 rather than attend a highschool, and am now at the age one would be as a senior in highschool. Considering that, I will attempt to answer the question for a 16 year old rather than a highschool senior. If I were to go back to the moment after I passed my GED, I would advise myself against wasting valuable free time on unproductive things. There is time for social activity, and there is time for academic progression, but what you do with the rest of your time will be a large part in determining how well you do throughout your educational and proffessional careers. Success in life is all about spending your free time in productive activities; some examples might be anything that will help you progress towards your goals, or helping others acheive their own.


I would advise myself to push myself harder by taking AP and IB college courses in high school. I would have helped me better prepare myself for the work load. Not only would it help with work load but it would have saved me $$$ by taking the free AP and IB courses that if I had taken some I would have had more college course transfered over when I graduated. Students are often afraid to take AP or IB courses and not be able to pull required scores on the exam to have those course count as credits in college/university.