5 Tips for Fall Official Visits


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The end of summer signals the start of college football, soccer, women’s volleyball, field hockey, men’s water polo and cross-country. And the end of summer signals the return to high school for prospects all around the country. The return to high school is significant for senior athletes because at this time they can now attend an official visit.

An official visit is an important time for you, your future teammates, and your future coaches. Below are five things to do before taking an official visit:

1. Ask the college coach when they would like you to visit early in the summer and discuss the timing with your high school and/or club coach. You need to be fair to your current coaches so they can plan     without you and hopefully you will not miss an important contest.

2. When possible, plan your official visit when your future team is playing a game and when other prospects are on campus. This allows you to meet more future teammates and see the team in action. You will also learn much about the coach at this time.

3. It is important that you have sent your high school transcript and your standardized test scores to the coach. Without these you will not be permitted to take your visit.

4. If you are missing time away from school ask your teachers for the work in advance so you are not coming back to a backlog of work.

5. Most importantly: you are on your visit to make a positive impression. Be prepared with questions, know how you are going to answer questions and be on your best behavior.

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