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There is only one person who is in control of your college recruitment process. You.

Although many of your peers may defer to their parents and/or coaches to begin the recruitment process it is you, the prospective student-athlete, who is best for recruiting them self to a college or university. And, college coaches much prefer to correspond with prospects than they do with high school and club coaches, or parents.

Your coaches are unlikely to know what options are truly available for you and will likely have a limited recruitment network in which to help. Your coach will be familiar with three types of institutions: 1. Their own alma mater; 2. Local college programs and: 3. College programs where they have had former athletes attend and compete. Although this network may be very good, and offer you some insight into programs you have yet to discover or consider, your coach may help lead you in certain directions, but it is your job to discover all options available to you academically, athletically and socially.  

Your coaches should only come into your recruitment process when you have created a solid recruitment foundation of your own. Below are steps on how to begin the recruitment process. Utilize your coaches at Step Four:
1.    Utilizing the research tools on PrimeScout you can thoroughly research the institutions that fit your academic and athletic needs – and find others that you may not have considered or even heard of.
2.    Make contact with colleges via email (contact information is available to you on PrimeScout) with a link to your PrimeScout Profile page with your academic and athletic statistics, your schedule of athletic events, videos and photographs, and much more.  
3.    Follow up with a phone call to the college coaches and, if you still believe it is a good fit for you, arrange an unofficial visit to campus to meet with the coaching staff and student-athletes.
4.    Ask your high school and/or club coach to call the college coach and offer a reference on your behalf.

Following these simple steps allow college coaches to learn about you, from you, first and then more about you from a fellow professional that works with you on a daily basis. At the point of your coaches offering a reference the college coach will have many questions about you that may not pertain to your technical, tactical or physical ability as an athlete. They will be more interested in your habits as an athlete and your leadership abilities, which your coaches will be able to answer specifically.

A college coach may, however, involve your high school or club coach much earlier in the recruitment process. Before a college coach is permitted by NCAA regulations to contact you with their interest in recruiting you they can contact your coach and express their interest in an effort for them to pass on a message and have you contact them.

Remember: you are in charge of your recruitment process and your coaches should only get involved when you have created a solid foundation on which they can build. For more information on the recruitment process and to build your recruitment profile go to www.primescout.com.

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