The 5 best FREE SAT prep apps


Getting the best SAT scores doesn’t have to stress you out or cost a fortune. Stress less and score more with these five free SAT prep apps.

1. Daily Practice for the New SAT

Created by the College Board, the authors of the SAT test, Daily Practice for the New SAT offers a question of the day, SAT practice tests, and the ability to instantly get your SAT scores just by taking a picture. Price: free Devices: Android, iOS

2. Ready4 SAT

With Ready4 SAT, you can track your SAT prep progress, practice question-of-the-day problems, and follow lessons that walk you through test concepts step by step. This app also offers average SAT scores for many colleges and universities. Price: free Devices: Android, iOS

3. Khan Academy SAT

Through a college readiness partnership between the College Board and Khan Academy SAT, you have access to personalized practice for free. By importing your PSAT/NMSQT results, the app identifies your strengths and weaknesses and provides instant feedback on your progress. Price: free Devices: Android, iOS

4. Math Brain Booster

SAT prep doesn’t have to be practice test after practice test! Use Math Brain Booster to sharpen your mental math skills and increase your speed on the math section of the SAT test. This app offers math tables, drills, and mind teasers — guaranteed to keep you on your toes during testing. Price: free Devices: iOS

5. Vocab Genius

Vocab Genius is a fun way to prepare yourself for the critical reading section of the SAT. The app gives you the definition of a word, you spell out the answer, and win coins for correct definitions. All words you learn come from SAT and GRE tests. Price: free Devices: Android, iOS The more SAT prep you do and the sooner you start, the more confident you’ll be on test day. Click here for SAT registration and SAT test dates. Good luck! With great SAT scores in your future, use our College Match to find your dream schools.

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