7 signs you’re ready to go back to school after winter break


Suffering from winter break boredom? We know the feeling all too well. It’s crazy how we can look forward to a much-needed break from class, but then we start to miss it. Weird. Not sure if you’re there yet? Here are seven signs you’re ready to go back to school after being home for winter break.

1. You can’t sleep anymore

You’ve slept in until noon now for a week straight. You kind of want/need something to do.

2. You’re getting way too used to good food

You’ll soon be back on the campus dining plan (or maybe a diet of Taco Bell). If you get used to all this real food now, you won’t be able to eat any of that stuff this semester. Besides, you’ve probably already eaten all the good stuff by now.

3. You’re forgetting things way too easily

Just a few weeks ago you were memorizing a full pack of flash cards and able to recite formulas like it was nothing. But now? Quick! What did you have for lunch yesterday? Yeah, not so easy anymore. You need some learning stimulation to keep you sharp.

4. Everyone in your house is starting to get on your nerves

You love them all, really. In fact, you’d like to continue loving them. But, being cooped up together for so long is starting to drive you all insane. The tiniest quirks have become the biggest annoyances. It’s best for everyone if you just took a break.

5. You’ve been living on a curfew

When living under your parents’ roof, you have to live by your parents’ rules. But, you’re no Cinderella and find it crazy to be home by midnight.

6. When you do go out, you always run into old high school classmates

And, not that you don’t like to catch up or anything, but you probably already know all about their college life from Instagram. This adds even more awkward silence to your chitchat. You’re ready to stop talking about what you’re doing in college now.

7. You really miss all your friends

You can’t wait to see all your friends back on campus — because college can be awesome, and it’s even better to have great friends to share it with.

What do you miss most about college life? Share what you’re looking forward to this spring semester with us on Twitter or in the comment section below.

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