Reasons to give up alcohol in 2015


Are you still feeling a little foggy from partying like it’s 2015? When you’re encouraged to stay up late and toast with champagne, it’s not exactly a shock to hear that January 1 has been dubbed Hangover Day. So, now that your minds are clear, let’s talk about detoxing. And no, we don’t mean juicing all your foods or giving up solids to lose a few extra pounds. Instead, we’re going to dive into the reasons why giving up alcohol could actually make sense this year. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

We could throw all sorts of charts and statistics at you, but you’ve probably already heard them. The high-risk consequences of college drinking include everything from vandalism to depression. You probably also know how important it is to have a designated driver to avoid a DUI, or that drinking can increase your chances of sexual abuse, but it isn’t exactly stopping you. “That won’t happen to me.” And, if you’re a moderate drinker, perhaps you’re right. But, we’re not just talking to the frat boy who is always found passed out on the front lawn after a toga party. So, we’re challenging you to try to give up alcohol for the year — or maybe half the year, a month, two weeks (you do you). Point is, try to see what it’s like. You may be surprised at what you learn. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to detox (even if it’s just for a little while).

1. Not waking up in a frightened panic over a text you may (or may not) have sent

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Drinking can sometimes bring out the best in us — and also the worst. Cutting back on the alcohol means you have less of a chance of embarrassing yourself (but, we can’t guarantee that). You probably won’t drunk-text your ex, though. And in our books, that’s a win.

2. Not eating as much fatty foods

"And, is chow mein there, too?" Courtesy of
“And, is chow mein there, too?” Courtesy of

You’re more likely to eat those loaded nachos or chili-cheese fries after a few drinks. Giving up drinking could also help you realize that food isn’t actually as good as it looks. Yeah, right. Who are we kidding? It will still look delicious, but your sober-self will have an easier time saying no.

3. Hangovers suck

Courtesy of Pinterest
Sunglasses and Advil. Courtesy of Pinterest.

There is a handful of people out there who can claim to have never had a hangover — and you probably hate them. Hangovers are the worst. Have you ever been out late only to awake the next morning feeling refreshed and energized? This scenario is probably much more likely sans alcohol.

4. Avoiding embarrassment

Look silly? Yes, you can do that drunk. Courtesy of
Look silly? Yes, you can do that drunk. Courtesy of

While alcohol has been known to have that certain je ne sais quoi factor, it’s not highly regarded for making us look better. Smeared mascara, messy hair, shirts unevenly buttoned, wine-stained smiles … if you don’t have beer goggles on, you look like a hot mess. Giving up the goose could mean no more embarrassing escapades, midnight mistakes, or walks of shame. Plus, if anything, your skin will thank you for it.

5. Waking up not broke

Saving calories ... and cash. Courtesy of
Saving calories … and cash. Courtesy of

When you’re not paying for drinks, you’re saving money. And, who doesn’t like more money?!

Thinking about detoxing in 2015? Share your story with us on Twitter or in the comment section below.

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