College Dining Hall Menus and Dorm Recipes

Dorm Recipes

By Jessica Gross

Runny eggs got you down? You’re not alone: students across the country have a lot to say about their campus dining experiences. From the ugly—like oozing meats and puddings that jiggle like the bogeyman—to the tasty surprises, every college student has a story to tell.

At Pitzer College, for example, the students Janet Alexander interviews give the omelet and salad bars two thumbs up—but dinner doesn’t always cut it:

If your dining hall is a foodie’s hell, don’t despair! There are many cheap, easy dishes you can make in the comfort of your dorm room. Below, undergrads demo their favorite dorm recipes—like porch climbers.

Wait, what are porch climbers? McGill University’s Evan deJonghe has “Buck Naked,” a nude chef, show us the ropes:

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