‘Tis the Season to Have Fun!


Winter BreakDo you have plans during the winter break? If you’re a typical college student, you’re probably already thinking about catching up on your sleep for the first few days and maybe stopping by to see some old friends from high school. That’s great for the first week of vacation, but do you really want to spend your entire break sitting on a couch or snuggled in a bed? Your time as a care-free college student is slowing ticking away. Now is the time you should be out there trying new things and making mistakes, before the responsibilities of being a working adult weigh you down. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Grab some friends and make plans to live it up this winter break. If you don’t have a clue where to go, consider these possibilities.


Winter Fun

Winter Wonderland

If you prefer you winter landscapes to be white, why not check out some of the great ski and snowboard resorts available? There are many packages specifically for college students and you can share the experience with your friends. If you head north to Canada, where the legal drinking age is 18, you can enjoy your favorite winter sports by day and party all night. CollegeXBreaks offers a variety of different packages ranging from $399 to $599 per person. If you don’t have a passport, or want to stay closer to home, CollegeSkiPackages.com has several Colorado ski packages all priced around $400 per person. Want to stay on the East Coast? Check out College Snowfest, January 5 through 10, in Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine. There will be daily contests, entertainment and, of course, plenty of skiing. You can stay for one night or play for the entire week.


Sun Worshiper

Sun Worshiper

Maybe you prefer wrapping up in a towel instead of a parka? If so, there are plenty of great ways to soak up the sun this winter break. Florida is always a great destination for college students and offers many choices. Are you a thrill-seeker? Orlando is a great choice. There are tons of theme parks and water parks to give you a rush, as well as some lesser known fun spots that will test your courage. You can even get in a race car and satisfy your need for speed. Looking for a more relaxing day at the beach with great night life? Miami’s South Beach is the ticket! Enjoy great shopping, food and some of the best dance clubs in the country. Oh, and the eye candy’s not too bad, either. If you’re torn between rollercoasters and rolling waves, you might enjoy a quick trip to Tampa. You can spend the day at Busch Gardens, gamble at the Hard Rock Casino, or enjoy a relaxing day soaking in the rays at some of the best beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.


International Passport

International Passport

Traveling abroad is always an adventure, especially if you’re a college student. There are several ways to do it, too. You can book through a typical travel agency or try a student discount site, such as Student Universe. If you want to save some cash, consider ditching your hotel room and staying at a hostel. It may not have all the amenities, but you’ll meet new friends and be able to use your money on other things, like shopping! You can actually stay in Sicily, Italy for as little as $10 a day. Heck, I spend more than that on lunch. Another option is to volunteer your time abroad. It may sound like work, but it’s actually quite rewarding. Most experiences include free days where you can explore the host country or participate in a planned excursion. If you’re considering taking a semester abroad, this is the perfect way to get your feet wet.


Of course, most of these trips require a bit of planning and money, so if you are short on either, you may have to come up with an alternate plan. If you have limited funds, a fun way to spend the holiday is exploring your own backyard; pull up your city’s website and check out the ‘places of interest’ tab. You’re sure to find restaurants, parks, historical sites and other areas that you’ve never visited. From there, create a local bucket list and start exploring. You might actually find a gem or two that you never knew existed. The important thing is that you get off the couch and have some fun.

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