Valentine’s Day Gifts for College Couples


Valentine’s Day Gifts for College Couples

Valentine's Day Couple As a child, Valentine’s Day was fun and easy. We simply sent cards and candy to everyone in our class — except the weird kid who ate paste. As we get older though, it becomes much more complicated. You have to worry about rejection and the ‘meaning’ behind the gift. Or worse, you may be involved with a serial holiday dumper. You know the type: too cheap to buy a gift, so he ‘dumps’ his partner before a holiday to avoid having to get a gift. Shameless!

The other side of the coin is having a partner who clearly does not know you and gives you something you don't like or want. Guys, listen up. Women do not want anything that implies you want them to cook or clean for you, and while we do enjoy shoes, bowling shoes are NEVER a good gift! Girls, you are not off the hook either. Many men do not want clothes — it’s like having your mom pick out your outfit for school. Also, forget anything that requires your guy to read directions (trust me on this one). So, what do you get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Here are a few suggestions that won’t break the bank and will hopefully help you as you get your creative juices flowing.

For Her

Women want romance for Valentine’s Day. This can be done in a variety of ways.

1. Create a Spa Basket: Go to the local discount store and fill a wicker basket with lotion, bubble bath, candles, chocolate and a CD of music that reminds you of her. Wrap it up with a beautiful bow and deliver to her in person. You may even get extra points for offering to give her a foot massage, too!

2. Plan a Romantic Movie Night: Pick out a ‘chick flick’ at the local library (free!), grab some Chinese food (or her favorite take-out food) and show up on her doorstep for a quiet night of snuggling together.

3. Say it With a Frame: Take a picture of the two of you and place it in a frame. If you have the skills, consider sketching or painting the picture. If you are not a photo bug, find a romantic poem to transcribe and include that in the frame instead. For a special touch, consider decorating the frame.

4. Give Her the Key to Your Heart: Most women love jewelry, especially when it holds a special meaning. Find an antique skeleton key and thread a velvet ribbon through it for a one-of-a-kind gift. To add a special touch, you may want to have your names engraved on it as well.

For Him

The key to a man’s heart is usually through his stomach or his favorite sports team!

1. Be the 12th Man: Purchase tickets to his favorite team's upcoming game. To make it extra special, find out if they offer stadium/arena tours and surprise him with a behind-the-scenes peek prior to the game. If tickets are out of your budget, consider finding him a jersey to wear instead, but don’t put it in a box – wear it when you give it to him!

2. Let Him Eat Cake: Remember what I said about his stomach? Here’s the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your cooking talents. Put together a bowl or basket filled with brownies, cookies, snacks and more. You’ll not only make him happy, but may impress his roommates and friends, too!

3. Tokens From the Heart: Why not make him a coupon book or tokens that he can cash in at a later date? Anything from buying him dinner to cleaning his apartment, or allowing him to skip date night for a ‘Boy’s Night Out’ can be included. Your coupon offers can be funny, sexy or a little of both — it’s entirely up to you.

4. Pamper Him: Men love to be spoiled, but most are too embarrassed to admit it. Show up to his place in a sexy outfit and a goody basket filled with spa treatments. Give him a full body massage, manicure and/or pedicure – and don’t forget the grapes to make the fantasy complete!

Valentine’s Day at college doesn’t have to break the bank; consider what you love most about your partner and go from there. Just remember to make it personal and put some thought into your gift.  This truly is a holiday where the gift should come from the heart!