Why skeptics don’t win scholarships

Ever notice how some people have a knack for finding the negative in every situation? It could be the most beautiful day ever, but those Debbie Downers will complain about the sun shining too brightly or some other idiotic problem. These very same people will also be the first to point out that no matter how much time and effort they expend, nothing ever goes their way. They question everything, but rarely ever offer any solutions. Unfortunately, we meet a lot of these naysayers at college fairs, financial aid nights, and online. So, in the spirit of International Skeptics Day (yes, it really does exist), we thought today might be a good opportunity to explain why skeptics typically don’t win scholarships.

Debbie Downer1. Bad Mojo

Have you ever heard of the power of positive thinking? It’s a real thing, and it can help you get through some serious life issues, such as illness and adversity. Well, this is something skeptics seem to lack. Instead, they thrive on bad mojo. Their negative thoughts and pessimistic attitudes seep into their scholarship applications and essays, which doesn’t help them to win awards. In fact, it usually turns off scholarship committees. Trust us. We’ve seen our fair share of angry essays, and they’re not fun to read.

2. Lack of ‘Real’ Effort

Skeptics will tell you time and time again how much energy they have exhausted when it comes to applying for scholarships, but rarely do they put forth any ‘real’ effort. Since most already assume they will fail, they often wait until the last minute to submit applications. This can lead to poorly written essays, missing documentation, and other crucial mistakes. There are also those who will submit a handful of applications and never apply again, and yet they wonder why they never win scholarships. Hmmm, go figure.

Scholarship Fail3. Failure to Follow Directions

On more than one occasion, we have come across skeptical students who believe that all scholarship winners are chosen at random, even when there is an essay or other application materials involved. This false sense of inside knowledge has resulted in many incomplete applications and incoherent essays. Typing 250 asterisks across a page does not explain why your personality is like butter pecan ice cream or how you plan to survive a zombie apocalypse. What it does tell us is that you don’t expect to win. Don’t get us wrong. We completely sympathize with students who have completed 50, 60, or more scholarship applications and haven’t seen any results. Nobody wants to face rejection that often, but those who are skeptical from the start should not expect to win. Students who possess a positive attitude and a can-do spirit are more likely to be successful not only with scholarships, but also every other aspect of their lives.

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