Duffy Law Scholarship

Award Amount
Application deadline
Awarded By:

Duffy Law, LLC

Number of Awards & Eligibility: One award offered annually.
In order to qualify, students must meet the following criteria:
  1. Must be enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited undergraduate, graduate, or law program during the upcoming fall semester.
  2. Must enroll full time.
  3. This award is for U.S. students.

In order to qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

Description: The Duffy Law Scholarship is available for students who will be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program during the upcoming fall semester. To apply, applicants must submit an essay of 500 words or more on the topic of student athletes. Click here to learn more and apply!

Application requirements for the Duffy Law Scholarship are:

  • Essay
Additional Information: Submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria: attention to detail and adherence to all guidelines; writing skill and quality; and the thoughtfulness of responses. The winner will be chosen in late July and notified in early August. Applicants who are not selected for a scholarship will not be notified directly.

Award Amount: $1,000 annually, non-renewable. All funds will be paid directly to the student's college or university and may be used to pay for qualified educational expenses such as tuition, housing, and supplies.  The total dollars awarded for this scholarship is $1,000.

Deadline Information:

Deadline for this scholarship is Monday, July 15

Deadline Information:

Deadline for this scholarship is Monday, July 15

Application information for the Duffy Law Scholarship can be found online at the provided links. To be considered for an award, students must write an original essay of at least 500 words in length that responds to the following topic prompt: "The topic of Free Speech Rights on College Campuses is being fiercely debated at countless local student unions and across the internet. What is YOUR take on this? Should there be any limits on what students, faculty, and guest speakers can say? Why or why not? What’s the line between permissible (protected) speech and speech that should be prohibited (if any)? How does the position you take impact our broader society?" Essays must be submitted by email to [email protected], and all emails must include the applicant's full name, phone number, and the name of his or her current or intended college. No additional information should be included in the application email. All submissions must be received no later than the deadline date. Lost and incomplete applications will not be considered.
About Duffy Law, LLC:
Contact Information: -, -
Address: 129 Church Street Suite 310 New Haven, Connecticut 06510

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