Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have wanted to know more about work study and more about scholarships and financial aid options that were available to me. I would have also considered being closer to home more as well.


I would advise myself to keep my GPA up . A good GPA will allow me to qualify for more scholarships. I would also advise myself to save more money . School is very expensive !


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to work harder and stay more focused on my work. I would also encourage myself to study more even when I might find the material to be easy at times. The more you study, the more you will learn and it will benefit as you further in your career path. I would be more outgoing and form more study groups so it gives you time to interact with students and learn at the same time instead of having to allow time to socialize when you could be using that time to study. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarhips before entering college so it will be easier to maintain a healthy mind without having to stress whether you get to stay in school or not and having others take out many loans.


If given the chance to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is time management and get tutors. This would be the best adive for me as a senior in high school because the work is different. In college homework, and studying require more time and effort than in high school. When you put in more time for your work in college you are guarenteed to see better results. I failed to do that my freshman year in college. I had nobody tell me the importance of time management, but now I realize how important it is. i would also tell myself as a senior in high school do not be afraid to recieve help. Most college students have tutors to help them reach their academic goal. Getting a tutor does not mean you are not able to do the work. Recieving help from a tutor means that you want to do better than before or those around you. If given the chance I would make sure as a senior in high school I knew this. If I knew what i know now, then I would be fine.


Always put school first make it your number one priority and make sure to develop a relationship with your professors because they can really help you out when its crunch time. Apply for as many scholarships as possible and look for programs and certifications you can take while still enrolled as a student because all these jobs require specialized training. Also become involved in the different clubs around campus. There are so many things to do and it could help you to become a well rounded person. Most importantly spend your money wisely because those days when your broke will hurt your feelings. Overall the HBCU experience you will love my dear and you will see and exprience things that you thought only existed in the movies. You know how to keep the boys at bay and with all the LBTG pride going on you might have to keep a few girls at bay as well. Never throw shade or judgement and keep the good people when you find them.


I wouldn’t speak to my former self about college at all. When I was in High School, college was one of the furthest things from my mind, a fact that I regret more than anything else in my life. That is exactly what I would say to myself , I would tell me just how much I would come to regret what I had done here, all the time I wasted, where I could have been if I had realized that there was so much more to those years than I had ever thought. I doubt this would have gotten through; I would have most likely laughed at my future self and continued doing exactly what I was doing. It bothers me now, as it will probably do so for most of my life. However, I will not have to go back in time for these mistakes to benefit someone, my children will hopefully benefit and something tells me that will be good enough.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing I would say is: Don't worry and go with the flow. I have found that everything usually works out in the end. Things might seem to be going all wrong, but it just makes it that much sweeter when things go right. If you are able to not stress out and take things as they come life will be much more simple. The days will go on all by themselves and worrying isn't going to make things go any differently. That being said, planning is very important. The trick is to not plan too much and not to worry. Be prepared for whatever changes might happen, but don't overthink it. This is definitely harder said than done, but being aware of how you deal with stress is the first step. Once you are aware you can try to change how you react. To summarize: Know you to react to stress in order to change. Make plans. Don't overthink. Don't worry. Sometimes you have to go one day at a time. Good luck, self! You'll do fine!


I would educate myself more on the different types of loans and how the financial aid departments for the particular schools that I applied to. By being more educated on loans and the financial department I would have saved myself from a whole lot of worry and stress my freshman year. I would also advise myself to look for and apply for more scholarships offered by the school and locally. Another thing I would advise myself on is to keep up with university deadlines. I missed the opportunity of being considered for scholarships offered by the school my freshman year that I was well qualified for because I missed the deadline. If I would have met the deadline to be considered for scholarships I would have not struggle financially my freshman year. Other advice that I would give to myself is to be strong. Being away from home and being on your own is very hard.


Don't prcrastinate. Always go to class. Don't Party too much. These are common things that many kids are told during their senior year and preparing for college. Now that I have walked down that path I wish I was able to give myself some advice that would have made my transition from high school to college a whole lot smoother. First, I would tell my self not to procrasinate. Doing last minute work is not as simple as it was in high school. I have spent many late nights and even nights without sleeping doing last minute work. I would tell myself to always attend class. Missing class could get a person very behind. Don't party too much. Its ok to have fun, but always remember school should always be a major priority. The last thing I would say is to form a relationship with your teachers and peers because they could be the same people to help you throughout your matriculation in college.


I would tell myself to find a college that was affordable, that offered scholarships and one that had a really good program for my intended major. I'd basically tell myself to research every school that I was interested in attending and to pick a school that would really benefit me. Not a school that's well known because of the hype it gets for it's paties or simply because of the city it's located in. I would also tell myself to fill and apply to as many grants and scholarships there were because it would definitely help in the long run. Not only for me, but for my parents as well.


I wouldactually go visit the campus before i actually make my decision. I would have looked up their major programs to see if it matched my future career goals. I would make my choice based off what's best for my major and not because of the name. I would also prepare myself for a big transition as far as living, work, and education.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would first inform her about time management. It is important to know how to set time for partying and how to set time for studying. Most people fail to realize that academics come first. Although many colleges host various of parties and social gatherings, you must have your priorties in order. The second thing I would tell myself is to be yourself. Do not get caught up on trying to become a part of an organization that will dim the light on your individuality and creativity. The last and final thing I would talk to my high school self about is how to maintain a good stress level. College can get a bit stressful with the work loads, new relationships, and keeping good financial stability. It is good to be aware of a few stress relievers that may help decrease some of the stress obtained from college. Things such as, excercising, listening to music, or finding some alone time to think are a few that I engage in now as a college student. Overall, I would let myself know to have fun.


With all the knowlede i have gained growing up, i woulda have taken many different steps to prepare for college. I would have first of all tried harder and applied for as many scholarships as i could have. I would have also went straight to college instead of taking time off as i would have graduated by now. Now that i know the ropes i try to inform my younger siblings to stay on track and do good in school so they can get a better opportunity than i did.


You're now in the final stage of your high school career as a senior. You're now at the top of the food chain but don't let that distract you from the bigger picture. I am days away from completing my first school term at an university. I'm in the position to give you advice on college life and making the essential transition as you take your next step in achieving your goals. College life is great and it’s everything you see in movies plus more. The campus life is grand with events and activities available to you but let that not distract you from your studies; “school first.” To build your resume, get involved on campus as much as possible but that’s where time management comes in; balance your time wisely . Do not take on more than you can handle. With making the transition from high school to college, speak with upperclassmen; they have experience. Take your time in choosing whom to associate with. Choose people that will motivate and inspire you. From everything you do from now on, have faith, determination and dream big. No dream is unattainable. Good luck and God bless.


I spent my high school life in all the "smart" classes, and when you take those classes, there is a lot of talk about college. It's generally assumed that right after graduation, college is what that smart kids are "supposed to do." I got accepted to CSU Fresno with a very big scholarship. The thing was, I was burned out on being "smart." I said no to Fresno State and felt I had disappointed everyone, that I was a loser. The self loathing lasted for years. If I could go back to that time, I would buy myself an ice cream cone and say that I was going to be alright. The truth is, I hadn't disappointed my family. After high school, I had a thriving massage career that they were proud of, which was no less an accomplishment than a college degree. I would tell myself that I should relish my time of learning lessons outside of a classroom, that college would come soon enough. I would tell myself that its perfectly okay go to college when I'm ready-- and that when I finally enrolled, it would be better than I ever imagined.


Dear Ciara, Now that you are a senior in high school I feel that it is the best time to talk to you about everything that you are going to face in college.Although high school was very hard college life isn’t going to be any better but if you commit yourself to your goal you set it will be well worth it.There will be times that you may want to go to certain events during school time but,you must remember that school is your top priority.You should stay away from people who will try and persuade you to do something negative because it will only result in your down fall.You are a strong young lady and believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and you will excel in college because you know you can.College will challenge you mentally,emotionally and physically whether test or the people you meet along the way but, always remember that you are doing this to make something out of your life and you will succeed.I know that you will make a positive figure for others that will travel down your path to come.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is the advice that would help me better prepare myself for this college journey. I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships atleast 6 months prior to coming to my institution. I would also tell myself to ask those that are in college how their first experience was and what did they expect to happen in college that did not occur. I would tell myself to really prepare myself not only mentally and physically but financially because the cost of tuition and college expenses is at an all time high. I would tell myself to also make sure I have support and help from family members because although college is an experience you undergo on your own, you still need a support system to help you financially because the cost of living is not easy for a student that is not used to living on their own without a parent or guardian. I would lastly tell myself to work hard and network because the more staff members and people you know, the better chance you have a different opportunities such as jobs, scholarships, grants, and internships.


There are a few things that I would impart upon my past self. I would tell him how important it is to maintain a good credit rating and not to apply for every credit card thrown at home. I would tell him that it is hard to set up a good life for him and his family withouta decent credit score. Also, I would tell him that it is important to focus on his studies in school. There will be plenty of time to have fun after he graduates. What he does in these 4 years will dictate the direction of the rest of his life. I would tell him to find a good balance though. He will burn himself out if all he does is study. He needs to develop some healthy stress relief techniques. Coming from a small town that is predominantly Native American, I would tell him not to get overwhelmed by the lack of people from his same ethnic background. He has to be open to meeting new people and learning about their culture.


Kynesha you must take your school work seriously because the higher your GPA is the more scholarship opportunities are out there for you. Also you must get out of the habit of procrastination, procrastination will effect you not only through college but through life period. Time management and procrastination runs hand and hand it is a must that you have great time management this will help you through college and through your career. It is important that you don't wait till the last minute to complete things. Being an athlete tests you with procrastination and your time management skils. When you enter college you should be one step ahead of everything. Just remember why you are in college, education first social life last. Do not let any temptation stop you from accomplishing your goals.


Don't try to grow up too fast even when you feel like everyone else needs you to. Have more confidence in yourself because we both know you can achieve anything if you truly wanted to and not because of the expectations that have been already set. Make your own set and stick to it, don't falter in your decisions, and believe there are ways of getting there. Especially don't worry about the money stituation because it'll only bring you down along the way, trust me on that one. We both know you love mom and dad but be selfish and go for it without concern for their approval because at the end of the day they'll still love you and back you up on your decision as much as they possibly can. Also remember to cry every once in a while. It's okay and I'm here to remind you that it doesn't make you any less strong for it because holding it in hurts just as much. College is an endless pool of questions and it's up to us to find the answers; but you're never alone, just remember that.


It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself. It was one thing to be placed in a foster home just far enough away that no one knew you and the family you came from; but now you’re back and you wonder how many of them know? Your father ran off leaving your mother with 6 kids to feed. Your mother wasn’t strong enough to pull her life back together; few could. The state placed you in foster homes, which presented challenges children should not have to face. At least you had clothes that fit; shoes on your feet and food on the table. Yes, you moved many times in those 10 years. But remember that one family you spent a few of those years with? That was only a glimpse of another way of life. You can choose to wallow in self-pity. You can tell yourself that you are helpless and alone. You can let fear hold you back. Or just maybe you can say “I can do this!” “My life can, and will, be different!” All you need to do is walk through those doors. College: A new beginning that will put YOU in control. Choose!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have inquired about scholarships. I would have seeked guidance in obtaining monetary help so that my mom would not have to pay so much out of pocket for my education.


Knowing what I know now about college life and given the opportunity to go back to talk to my high school self I would warn myself to prepare financially for the heart break and headache. I always knew I would be the first in my family to attend college, I just never knew college was so expensive, especially in my case of choosing a private institution to attend. Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships as soon as possible and although it is important to me to attend my first choice, unfortunately it just may not be the best choice financially. Funding my education has been a constant struggle the past three school years and I believe if I had the correct guidance in high school I could have saved myself from many trials and tribulations.


Growing up parents always warn of the dangers of the fallings into the wrong crowd. This peice of parentful advice always seems to get brushed off until you find yourself in a whole you dug too deep to get out of. It was finally my senior year. Like always my class list was filled with honors and advanced placement classes. I loved school, had a passion for learning. However a few months into my senior year this all changed. Ignoring the advice my parents me all my life of not falling into the wrong crowd I did just that. I love the sence of rebellion. Soon I found myself in a world filled with too much partying, drugs, promisuiety. By the end of my senior year i was in danger in of not graduating. If I could go back in time and give this naive girl that replaced my once ambitious self advice for college, I would tell her popularity is not everything. Focus on school. Success is not measured in prom queen nominations, rather hard work and focus will help you on the journey through college.


If I were to give advice to a seventeen-year-old version of myself, I would tell myself to be more confident, and feel comfortable asking for help when I need it. I lacked confidence in myself as a high-school student and did not perform as well on exams. I had convinced myself that I would not do well, and so I did not. Also, if I did not understand something, I would not ask the teacher for help, and simply attempt to figure it out on my own. This also lead to poorer grades on exams during my high school career. I am now attending a community college, and have a 3.9 GPA. I am graduating this semester, and am attending a university in the fall. During my time at community college, I have gained confidence in myself by doing well in college courses, and I now understand that by asking for help when I need it, I have a greater chance of being successful.


I would have made sure that I stayed focus. There were some days that I slacked off when I could have put my all into my work. There were days I should have pushed myself to make it to school instead of staying home. I wish I would have gotten a better head start on the college application process. I had the time it was just the simple fact that I misused my time. So time management is one of the biggest qualities I wish I had then like I have started to develop now.


As a high school senior, I would tell myself that you are beautiful and incredibly intelligent, and not to let the irrelevant opinions of others dictate it. She needs to recognize who her friends truly are, and dismiss the rest; after that year, everyone else will be completely obsolete. I would tell her that she needs to begin now to establish the stepping stones in her career, because creating a business in college isn't easy. I would tell myself to take summer classes before freshman year because if you transfer back to Texas, there are some courses that you inevitably have to make up. She needs to buckle down and throw away her insecurities which only formed through insignificant relationships; she won’t need them where she’s headed. But most importantly I would tell myself to trust in you and begin now to truly make yourself completely self-reliant and responsible. You’re future requires independence, and although you do possess independent traits, independence does not truly define you unless you can trust yourself 100%. Never stop committing 100%, keep your head held high, and keep your dreams alive and I’m sure you’ll be just fine.


Dear high school Hall I know that work is serving as an consumer of your life, and momma always said that, "money makes the world go around" but for me I want you to stop and smell the roses. Remember freshman year when you wanted to join the pep squad. Do it. Remember in sophmore year when you wanted to run for secretary. Do it. How about the time when you were asked to join the African American Club. You should of DID IT. and one last thing, you took Spanish for three years only to take Spanish agin in college for another two. Embrace Spanish, learn it, and become fluent. All these things that I have advised will soon come in handy for in sophmore year of college, you will run for junior class secretary. And who knows, if you had experience in pep squad you may have landed a spot on the Morehouse cheer squad that you will want so bad. Oh, and about your academics, do what you are doing now because in college you will be (for lack of better words) a BEAST academically. Until we meet at the threshold of Clark Atlanta University..... Signed Yourself


Dear high school self, I know you think you know it all, but the truth is, you know absolutely nothing. Your life is just beginning. You've done well thus far, but your best is yet to come. Always remember that to whom much is given, much is required. You may think you're working diligently now, but you're going to have to push even harder once you get to college; however, you should never consider quitting. Quitting is never an option unless you plan to be mediocre. You've never accepted mediocrity and you should sustain that mindset. You've been given the opportunity to experience an entirely different world while surrounded by entirely different people: take advantage of that opportunity. Start building your career now. Always remember that you cannot take a step up until you have built the staircase. Don't expect others to shape who you are. You're the master of your fate. Sincerely, Your college graduate self


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself advice on preparation. I would say, “When entering college you need to prepare yourself financially and have a plan because, some students don’t know what they are getting themselves in to. Most high school students want to go to a four year college after they graduate because they think it’s the ideal thing to do. Don’t get me wrong it’s a wonderful choice to be able to attend a four year after high school but, if you do not have the funds a two year would be more affordable until you get financially organized. This is why I say be prepared financially. If you prepare yourself financially ahead of time then attending a four year after school would not be a problem.” I would give myself that advice because I was not fully aware of my college tuition until I was in debt and had to take a semester off. I want to be able to go back to college and finish what I’ve started and I am preparing myself now by filling out scholarships.


I would have told myself to stay more focused in high school so I could have had better grades and applied for more scholarships.


There are numerous amounts of things I have learned here in college that could have taught me a very good lesson if I were still to be a senior in high school. The most valuable lesson I have learned here would have to be the extraordinary scholarship opportunities that are available for not only incoming college students, but students who actually attend college. I say this because when filling out applications for scholarship money and grants, I only payed close attention to the awards handed out at my school versus the many other awarded opportunities I may have been possible to receive. If were still to be a senior in high school, I would greatly give advice to myself in explaining to look beyond my boundaries of trying to achieve my goals.


If I had the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to work harder. As a college freshman, you get caught up in the excitement of a new environment and you forget that your main priority is an education. It's okay to have fun, but you have to know the difference between the times when you can play and times when you have to be serious. Although I have an extra two years on me because I changed my major, I wouldn't warn myself about this decision. Even though giving myself a heads up about this change would save me a lot of time and money, I still learned a lot from my time majoring in what I did before. I wish I just would have known how important my education really is. Now, I'm struggling to raise my GPA and getting into a good nursing program, so that I can do what I really want with my life. I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything, I just wish I worked harder my first couple of years in college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior to prepare myself for college, I would definitely tell myself to be fully aware of all the resources at hand. There are numerous resources from advisement to the career center and countless more to assist you in succeeding in college. Just about any question or problem a student has can be solved through on campus resources. It is up to me to take advantage of those resources in the pursuit of my success and there is no excuse to not succeed with my ability and drive combined with the assistance that college offers.


"Tuition is no joke!" are the first words that would come out of my mouth if I could go back in time to my high school self. My advice to myself would be to take searching for scholarships seriously. The thought of taking out a $30,000 loan for two semesters is bad, but what's even worse is knowing that as soon and I graduate i will have to pay it back. If i could do it all over I would make sure that i applied for schoolarships.


go to the school that makes you happy and u will be happy at .


If i could go back in time and talk to my high school self i would tell myself to try honors classes. And start working on a resume, as well as plan out my first two years of colleege which would include what classes i would take and when.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise that it is never too early to prepare for success. With this information, I would expound on the strenuous process of financial aid and applying for scholarships on the pre-journey to college. Although these hurdles can be difficult to jump, I would reassure my senior self that the finish line is near and the grand prize is graduation (Summa Cum Laude) and a great career in my field! Furthermore, I would encourage on-campus housing, work study, and the CAU Honors Program. Each of these avenues will help thrust me towards networking success among both students and faculty. I would tell myself that extra-curricular activities, such as pageants, SGA, and class council are positive ventures that will make for great memories and recommendable resume boosters. If my memory serves me correctly, my senior self would have comprehended these tips and acted immediately by relaying the information to my parents, close friends and peers. However, since I was not aware of this information at the time, I am everso grateful to have learned these lessons at all.


If I were back in time as an high school senior, I would tell myself that everything I do in my classes will reflect what i will do in the future. meaning that my grades is something that i need to be focused on and not procastinating to turn in my assignments. Also "you live and you learn", don't allow one person to stop you from living and doing what you do on a regular basis. There were many of times that I allow people to define my destiny and now that I am in college I know now that I should not allow others to tell me where I will end up in life and keep pushing towards what I want to do.


Going back to talk to myself would really change the outcome of my life today. I wouls tell myself to remain focused, and work harder instead of just getting by. I would encourage the old me to better apply myself and look for scholarships and funding for school. I would prepare myself to not be so dependent on teachers to make sure that I turned in assignments and homework. I would encourage myself to wake up on time and make it to class five minutes early, at the least.


Holly, First off listen to your parents, this will be beneficial in your educational future. They really do know what they are talking about. Mature, this is very important. Something you must realize soon is that college is not what you see in movies. You need good grades and perseverence in college or it will be hard to get anywhere. Holly, you are smart, you just need to really focus on your studies, you can make it through highschool and in time you will know what you want to do with your life. When that time comes, you will really need those grades. Do not just think of highschool as your core classes and a time to hang out with friends. You must take it seriously, you must leave highschool with all the knowledge you can get. Take advantage of it, love what you do and do what you love. Highschool is not just something parents make you do, it is your foundation. You build everything on it. Take it seriously. Good luck with your future, and really make it count. You were born to do something great, now go show the world what you are capable of. -Holly


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about the things I know now I would probably first off tell myself to HAVE MY PRIORITES STRAIGHT because college can become stressful and being stressed in college only hurts your performance. I would go into detail about finances because paying for college isn't easy. You may have the money in the beginning , but unexpected things occur and it's always smart to have a backup plan always! Having a backup plan should always be in the back of your mind when planning for college, and last but not least I would have told myself to be open to everything. While my matriculation here in college I have met people from all backgrounds and all walks of life, so I would emphasize having a open mind and an open heart!


I would say must apply for scholarships weekly! Scholarships are so vital when it comes to paying to further your education. College is a great experience to go through but paying back those loans with intrest can and will hurt you eventually. Apply for the silly ones the hard ones, they long ones whatever it takes to get free money. I would tell the younger me to talk to my advisor about what school is the best for me and to not just jump into a school without fully doing research. I should have taken advantage of my AP and IB courses because the better you do on those test the less money you will end up taking to take the class when you get into college. Those are the things I would tell the younger me because if I followed those things...chances are I could have been way more successful.


The best adive I would give myself is to tsay in the books and keep my GPA up. I would also live up my life as a high schooler because college is what you make of it and I havent made anything of it like I thought I would.


If I could be a high school senior again, the best advice I would give myself is to be resourceful and to think "outside of the box". When I left my parents' house for college, I wished I would have asked questions about scholarships and fellowships. I would have looked for opportunities to engage in experiences that were new to me. I have always been a very safe, easy-going type of person. Now that I am 34, I wished I would have studied or taught abroad and learned a second language. I should have networked more with my college classmates so I could visit them during the summer breaks. During my summer breaks, I attended summer school so I could lessen the amount of hours I needed to take during the fall and spring semesters. I do not regret the decisions I have made. I just wished I would have taken advantage of every opportunity available. I wished I was not always so traditional in my thinking and my approach to living. Life is too short to always play it safe. Live each day with purpose and enthusiasm.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about advice for college I tell myself that I should set goals, maintain and meet the specific goals in which I want to endure. Goals are very important pertaining to your life, present and future. Goals are the only way that I'm making it through college, if it weren't for me having goals; there would be no reason to pursue a degree. Another word of advice I would give myself is to network. I'm usually a very bashful individual but now with networking and meeting individuals I have become more confident and happier with myself. Networking is vital when you’re in college, networking with colleagues, friends, and professors. Networking helps you build relationships which could lead to a possible job or career in the future as well. I would also tell myself that college is a place of freedom, in a way. I need to learn to be more responsible and careful on what decisions I make.


If I was able to turn back the hours and days of time and visit my teenage self in high school, I will be astounded by his presence. The advice I would offer him is to strive harder throughout the beginning of his freshman year in high school till his conslusion as a senior. I would also bring to his attention that high school only originates once in your lifetime and that he should join many oragnizations and to get involved before his time expires within the years. Informing him that bad association can spoil his habits will be considered my first (seeking companions) advice. Taking life so serious throughout each day during my high school years, I would also inform him that he should enjoy life at it currently is because humans can be a child once.


As a college sophomore I would tell the high school senior me to NETWORK, NETWORK ...NETWORK! I would tell the 17 year old me to meet new people , try new things and break out of your shell because it will pay off. At my institution it's not about what you know ... it's about who you know. My university offers various career opportunities, internships and scholarships but students have to network in order to obtain them because there are so many ambitious, competitive and success hungry students. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarships. The tuition at Clark Atlanta University is almost $34,000 and even though I received nine scholarships when I graduated from high school, more money would not hurt. In addition, I would advise the high school senior me to thoroughly think through every situation before I made a final decision. Sometimes I made decisions leading up to my first year in college that were rushed due to procastination. My freshman year in college may have been more fulfilling if I would have properly prepared as a senior in high school. Lastly, I would tell myself ... to BE myself at all times!


This is my first year of college. So far I've learned more than I thought and had to do a little more growing. I have my own freedom basically. Going to this college, taught me how to mainage my time. it has been vauable being here because I've learned how to take on more responsiblities and become a better student.


Besides information I have obtained in the classroom, my overall college experience has helped me mature as a person and learn life lessons through experiences. Being aware from my parents has made me more responsible because it now is up to me to grow up and get everything done for myself. Also college exposes you to many to reality nobody's there with you tring telling you what you can and can't do, or what to do period. It has been valuable for me to attend because I have took it upon myself to join organizations and have internships which taught me life lessons and how a real work environment would be.