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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


What have I gotten out of my college experience and why has it been valuable to attend? I being a high school senior this year while being a second year student in college have been a great accomplishment for me. I am thankful my mother and father pushed me to be in the G.I.F.T. program for sports medicine at Eastern Arizona College because I have gained so much experience and I have learned so much from this program while maintaining A’s and B’s in high school and college courses. I feel I have achieved. This program was also free which puts me two years ahead in my degree without paying for this education. It feels awesome to know I am a going to be a high school graduate and transfer student at the same time. I have had limited time on my hands with sports, church, taking care of fair animals, high school classes, along with college courses, but am still able to manage these courses. My college experience has been valuable to attend because I am still a high school student enrolled in college while some of my peers are not.


I learned how to prioritize what I do on a daily basis, so I can identify whats more important.


Leaving the West coast to the South was a drastic change in my life. I had the average problems during my first semester of college but as I continued to build relationships and get more involved I felt a lot better about my decision. I've learned so much by just being in college but I've learned so much more by being at an HBCU. I love to be around people of my ethinicity and I love to celebrate my heritage along with them. The african american pride that is seen at Clark Atlanta I couldn't have gotten in Seattle, WA. The campus activities and organizations that are available for participation are awesome and they really help in gaining experience. I've grown close to friends, teachers, and other staff. As being a chaplain assistant I continue to meet more people and make more bonds. Overall I wouldn't trade my school for another one, I am completely happy in my decision to attend an HBCU. I've grown so much as an individual and I only expect to continue to grow because I attend such a great university that encourages me to grow.


Out of the school I selected I found out that I have recieved alot out of my college experience. Clark Atlanta was my second choice vs Ga state in which I had a full ride academically, However my S.A.T. score reflected my acceptance into Ga State. Therefore I decided to come to Clark Atlanta paying out of pocket. My Junior year came and I decided to transfer to Ga State with my full ride still attached. After little time I relealized that Ga State was not for me. I felt that Clark Atlanta gave me so much and opened so many doors that, I rather pay out of pocket vs having a scholarship. Clark Atlanta opened my eyes to many things that I did not know about my self. I became very active on campus. I am now Mr A-Town (Attending to Others Wants and Needs). I serve as a mentor for Eriving Mentoring Academy. I am a Admissions Ambassador and I am also apart of numerous of other clubs. I can truly say that Clark Atlanta gave me the oppurtunity to become who I want to me, and that is a leader.


So far, my college experience has been kind of rough. It has taught that I have to look after myself because there is no one there to constantly look over my shoulder to tell me what to do and how to do it. Attending college has been valuable to me because I have had the opportunity to learn important life lessons and make my mistakes early on in life.


When I first graduated high school, I was unsure about attending a community college before a four year university. It seemed as if I was missing out on what others were going to experience at their new schools. However, I soon realized that I wasn't missing anything at all. My college experience has been nothing but a positive one. Without the distractions of living on campus, I have been able to focus on my school work and achieve the grades I want. The extra time living at home has allowed me to save money and focus on preparing for transferring to my next school. I have always known that I would attend college, but I was unsure where I would attend and what I would do. My time at Sauk Valley Community College has helped to clarify my goals and allowed for me to find what univeristy is right for me. I know that my time spent at my community college was very valuable and it has set me on the right path. I look forward to my future in academics and I know that my time spent at Sauk will help me throughout my life.


I have gotten a larger drive to learn and to perfect my craft. It has been valuable to me to attend school because you get the opportunity to the learn from the best and you get one on one assistance, so u can b he back u can be.


I have learned so many things from college. I did not know the names of various kitchen utensils and on the first day we were guided throughout the room and the chef named and showed us everything. I have been learning that college is not all fun and games, it's something you have to work on it everyday. It can vary from homework or studying or even tutoring. You may get a day to have fun you might not it all depends on how to manage your time. The instuctors teach everyone big or small to manage their time so that they can get their best out of the day. I am very happy to be in school , yea its hard but what good in life isn't. all of these things and many more i know i will use all of my life.


SInce i have started college my experience has been great. I have met plenty of people from many places and its good to see different cultures from many places across the world. College is such a great experience because you learn so much especially when you're from a different city. This experience is valuable because you learn so much and its the best tim eof your life. When students first come to college they feel as though it is so much freedom because students are out on there own. College life gives students so much independence to see if they are ready for the real world. In conclusion college experience has its effect on people sometimes in a god way and sometimes in a bad way but you just have to be prepared for anything in college.


What I have gotten out of my college experience thus far is how to handle college life (including different activities on and off campus, residence life, ect.) while performing well in school. Because it’s my first year in college teachers talk to my classes and try to help us get use to the college workload while still getting to know to the school. What I’ve also gotten out of the college experience is that when it comes to needing help in my classes or someone to talk to there’s always someone there. Before I got to college I was told that teachers really don’t care about their students or their performance in class; but at Clark it’s not like that at all. It’s been valuable to attend because this is my new phase in life that will lead to my future.


I have not yet fully finished my college experience yet I do know why it is valuable to me. When I have finished and graduate with a degree from college I expect to start off as a person that is well prepared and capiable of handing all the professional aspects of my carreer along with doing my job well. I don't just want to have a job for the moment. I want a carrer for a lifetime and I feel that I could get that from Clark Atlanta University.


I have attained a strong work ethic and deep passion for knowledge. Curiosity is my strong point, leading me to try new ways of doing things or to attempt to see things from several different perspectives. I have learned to take pride in my actions and I strive to make good decisions and contributions that I can feel satisfied and confident about. I get involved in school activities and the surrounding community, In doing so, I can have the opportunity to get to know new people, build connections throughout my school, and maybe even find a few new study buddies. I’m prepared to start the new college year with an open mind, willing to make the best of my experience for myself and those around me.


Clark Atlanta has made my transition into college a comfortable and overall wonderful ecperience. I love the way the faculty and students took me into their family and gave me the support I needed to move away from home and step out on my own. I believe CAU has helped me to become even more of a social butterfly as they provided ways for us freshmen to interact with one another. I know that I would not be as comfortable as I am, if i hadn't had ther chance to meet so many new people. Everyday i learn something new, and meet someone who is from some place different from me, and its amazing that we have so much in common. I can honestly say that attending CAU is the greatest blessing that i have recieved and i value every day that i get to spend on this University.


Out of my college experience I've gotten to be around people of the same culture as i am. Im very proud to be here with so many people and acutally trying to make a difference in this world. Its very hard for me to get through my finacial problem but i know in my heart and in gods will that i can and i will make it.


The one thing I have gotten out of my college experience is being independent, it has taught me to be my own person and not to depend on other people. Clark Atlanta University has been valuable to attend because it has shown me how to deal with different people, with different attitudes, and different backgrounds in the real world. It also has been valuable because it shows me everything doesn't come easy and that you have to work for things to get what you want.

With the fluctuating economy and uncertain times, it’s more important than ever for our nation’s children to receive the proper education and training necessary to acquire a good job and produce the revenue needed to live. I have so far been blessed with high quality education that has allowed me to share my opinions and challenge common beliefs in order to grow as an individual. I have enhanced my artistic freedom and further established my creative voice during my education. The artist’s ability to manifest their voice in a visually symbolic piece has always influenced culture in a powerful and provocative way. Through my own creative works I look forward to stimulating the conflict needed to derive change and progress by continuing to push cultural boundaries.


In Atlanta there are plenty of HBCU's and the downtown area of the city is very diverse. This has shown me that I do not have to be a product of my hometown. Seeing so many African American's enrolled in college is inspiring and motivational for any onlooker. This has been and continues to be valuable to me because as a child I did not know a single person who was enrolled in college or had been to college. Therefore moving to a city such as Atlanta and seeing women and men in buisness attire with careers and not just jobs was something that changed my life forever, and raised my standards to much higher levels.


I enjoy college because you learn to seek knowledge independent of the instructor through research. I really like that some instructors provide assignments that give you practical experiences. In addition to learning, you meet many new people that will grow and learn with you. During college it was fun to participate in campus activities and travel. College life gives you the opportunity to witness your peers transform from naive freshman to mature adults. Another reason I liked college was because of the programs offered to minimize expenses. I enjoyed being a Residential Assistant and receiving free room and board along with serving as campus queen which allowed me to receive paid tuition, a stipend, and room and board. These positions were great relationship builders, good for networking, and developing leadership skills. Another thing I enjoyed about college was learning to make adult decisions and discovering the importance of follow-up. During college you make mistakes and learn how to make better decisions when faced with new situations. College life helped me discover myself and determine what I really wanted out of life. I learned what career would be most fulfilling. College is very rewarding because it will change your life.


The college experience has taught me the importance of networking. With the career path that I have chosen it is important for me to establish bonds with people that may have higher authority in order to be as successful as possible. Networking also allows me to develop long lasting friendships with my peers as well as my professors. Attending college has not only taught me the importance of networking but it has also taught me the importance of faith. College can be a stressful process due to the lack of support or financial assistance but I continue to network and my faith allows me to persevere.


There are many things that I have gotten out of my college experience. But the ultimate lesson that I will take away WHEN I graduate is that self improvement is necessary if you wish to impact others. It is my aspiration to improve myself via the completion of my undergraduate degree. I would then be better prepared to help my family and community. My college experience has been valuable because without it, I would not have had the oppurtunity to assess and learn this. I would have been stuck in a minimum wage job, working tirelessly to make ends meet, with no passion for what I was doing. Now it is imperative that I complete my education so that I can apply all this ambition into my profession.


I have learned a few things about myself with my college experience. I learned that the people you are friends with now most likely wont be your friends once you leave the school. You might find one or two. I learned that I am not so great at science and math but that I work better on a deadline and under pressure. I learned that if I put my mind to it I can get what I want no matter what others say. I am my own person and no dream is ever to big or to far away an that I should go after what I want most.


I can pretty much sum up my college experience into one words: Friends. While I was in high school, I did not have many friends but as soon as I went to college I noticed how much I had in common with others and that helped me become a more social and outgoing person. The friends I hav e made will always be there for me and I am greatful for that.


The one thing that I have gotten out of my college experience that I have valued the most is extreme detail that we get to go in to with the topics in all of my courses. In high school the courses were only nine weeks and class periods were shorter leaving us with less time to go over all the things that the state required. However, in college we can spend more time to cover each topic so we are able to understand the depth of each topic. Also, since we are able to take more time in college courses we are able to get more one on one time with our teachers and advisors for extra help that we made need that high school teachers just do not have the time to do.


I had finished all my studies, including my high school in India, hence when i started my program for Psychology in a community college in Phoenix AZ, it was the first time I had been exposed to the educationary system of USA. The two years I have spent at the college had been challenging as well as a valuable learning experience. I experienced class room environments unlike I had ever before in my life. Sharing my classes with people of so many diverse cultural and racial backgrounds has been an enriching experience. And because of this I developed a broader outlook and have also become more independent. In these two years I have also gained valuable knowledge and life longs lessons that will not only aid in devolping a career for myself but to also lead a successful life. Although going to a four-year university is going to be a whole different exprerience, the journey of two years at the community college will always be the most valuable one as this was where it had all began, and hopefully continues and will lead me to fulfilling my goals.


College is a once in a lifetime experience and since Orientation at Clark Atlanta University I have taken a full and head-on advantage of it. At CAU we are a family, we look to each other for assistance and advice before outside sources. Here at Clark Atlanta University I have gotten strength and knowledge. The strength to understand that I am my biggest supporter and I have my own future in my hands, and with acceptance comes knowledge and Clark Atlanta University has thought me that there is nothing I can not accomplish. Our motto is, “Find a way or Make one.” and it is something, we all embody in all aspects. Not only does CAU provide you with the opportunities to reach your goals but we teach you how to strive to excellence when you do get there. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I have received to continue my education at Clark Atlanta University, and I express my gratitude and giving back as an Admission Ambassador. Attending CAU was a lifelong learning opportunity, something I would do again in the blink of an eye. I encourage all to take your future in your own hands.


It is "24 Hour Access" week, the 7 days before finals are due. I have taken the week off from work as I know the course load that lies ahead of me. My boyfriend understands that I will no be home for the next 160 hours with the exception of an occassional shower and promises to bring me dinner every night. I grab my iPod, and hop onto the 69 bus with a duffle bag filled with random toiletries, and my last pay check's worth of vellum and basswood. I spend the next minutes, hours, days on my is without a doubt the most tired, frustrated, and emotional I have ever been in my life. It is the morning of, and I have 2 hours before reviews. I set up my display area, rush home, take a shower, grab a granola bar and hop back onto the bus...I walk back into the room where my projects are layed out, waiting to be graded and I realize that despite the lack of sleep, despite the extreme things I have been through, despite the tears...I have accomplished something far more wonderful than I ever thought possible.


My first year at Clark Atlanta University gave me a taste of independance and the chance to meet people that were so much like me but so different at the same time. I met students and professors from a variety of backgrounds and places. My professors were always encouraging and some even became my mentors. By my parents being four hours away, I also learned a new sense of accountabilty. I had to be self reliant a lot of the time and it forced me to look at the world in a new light. Of course, my freshman year had it's ups and downs but I wouldn't trade the experience for the world and I can't wait to return in the fall.


I will be entering my senior year of high school, along with my fourth semester at Shawnee Community College. I will have 30 college credit hours by the end of the Summer 2010 Semester. College has been a great help in my high school classes. College English classes have helped me to write papers in my high school classes, and i have learned a lot that I could apply to my life outside of school. At scholar bowl, some of the facts that I've learned in college helped me to answer questions concerning math, art, and music history that I normally could not have answered. College has helped my a great deal in life and i hope to get some scholarships, like this one, so that i can further my college career. Thank you.


College has been a wonderful experience for me. What I have gotten out of college is ambitious for reach for my goals. College has had a serious value to me because it teaches you that everything is possible. With hard work and perseverance every and anything is possble through college. College offers a lot to its students and when a student takes full advantage of these offers, the sky is the limit for that student


The college experience I have received has been the most valuable attribute I have received since my years as a young adult. Attending college grows you up mentally, emotionally, and educationally as a person. I have excelled educationally as well as become smarter when it comes to interacting with people. The atmosphere allows for you to meet so many different people coming from all types of backgrounds. You also have to learn to understand and make sacrifices when dealing with people that aren’t accustomed to the same things you once were at home. This allows you yourself to broaden your horizons and try new things, which ultimately helps you to find yourself as a person. You also deal with relationship issues which is totally different from what you are used to in high school. I have gained all this from my college experience and recommend anyone who has the chance to attend school. It is extremely valuable to have this experience because it is like a process in between being a young adult and becoming an adult.


It has been valuable to attend Clark Atlanta University because it teaches you about yourself. I have learned endurance, perseverance, and self-determination in the course of my matriculation for the past two school years. You learn numerous skills needed in order to excel in the real and corporate world. I have learned how to implement skills through gained experiences in all aspects of life. Clark Atlanta University has enhanced my character and has ultimately made me a better person. One who is no longer afraid of commitment and welcomes competition. The students and faculty as a whole treat me and each other with the utmost respect and my peers are like family to me. The professors except nothing but the best and pushes all of their students out of their comfort zone. We all strive for success and Clark Atlanta University has instilled in us the drive and motivation to excel for the rest of our lives.


I've gotten maturity out of my college experience! I've matured in ways I would have never imagined! I also became more focused on my future, due to surrounding myself with positive and driven people! I know that failure is not an option and that to get to the top takes hard work. Nothing is ever given to you, if you really want it you should know that it takes hard work and dedicationg and you should be willing to devote that to yourself.


College has taught me discipline and to be more responsible. Even though i attended a 2year community college first, nobody was there to wake me up for school or make me do my homework. I have yet to experience the University life of being in a dorm and having no parental supervision. My goal is to be a Teacher, hopefully in my hometown and a college education is definetly required for that career choice. Both of my parents only have associate degree and since I am the eldest child i would love to make my parents proud and achieve my bachelor's degree and eventually my Master's. I want my parents to feel as if them paying for part of community college experience was not a waste and that I can be the child that they were successful in raising.


During my college experience I have made alot of new friends and alot of networking from people about my careers. I have got to know alot of interesting talented individuals. Coming here was not my first choice college, but I am happy to be here, coming here has taught my alot about black people and have also expanded the way iI think and feel about things. I can't wait to start school again. Plus CAU is a very known school, it makes me feel good to be apart of this college.


What Favorite part is the excitement of being somewhere new and least favorite is having to be responsible for everything getting done. I got out of college experience is I work really very in school. I had so much fun, but at the same time I worked so hard. went away , lived in the dorms and ate the college food. I met wonderful friends who I am still in-touch with till today. Freshman year I had a great time meeting new people, going to my classes, and having a good time.


i have grown so much during my matriculation through clark atlanta university. the lessons learned and the friendships made have exceeded the classroom. being able to leav e my home state and learn about the different cultures and the experience of having different roommates and dealing with different personalities. knowing how balance your time and working while goin to school . knowing and learning what it means to be an adult. i am very grateful for Clark Atlanta for growning me into a man. the lessons i have learned there still amaze me, From the classroom and corporate case study's to political rallies and petitions.


Attending college has offered me a range of new experiences and lessons that I believe are unique to the college experience. My professors and peers have taught me much more than simply the structured programs that were intended to be taught. Beyond the academics my college experience has taught me the importance of time management and organization through juggling class schedules, homework, lab time, and work. It has also given me the opportunity to meet and befriend people from different backgrounds and cultures that I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. This experience has offered me the chance to experience financial and personal independence, while still attending school, and working toward my degrees. I believe that it has been one of the most important milestones in my life, and that I have gained a lot of wisdom from the people I?ve met and the situations I?ve faced. I continue to look forward to the experience and know that I will continue to learn from it.


So far out of my college experience, I've learned how to come out of my shell and become more social. I found this helpful because my major is business and I feel I do need networking skills. Networking skills are very important becuase you need people's help and they may be able to assist you in more ways then you think. You will meet so many people that have your similiarities and interests that its hard not to join clubs that give you benifits. Having such skills is very valuable for me becuase it teaches me how to interact and form relationships with people. It's also valuable to attend this school becuase you get an experience like no other. Clark Atlanta University gives you friends that you build life long friendships with, professors who care about your education, extracurricular activities where you gain leadership skills and an education that will prepare you for the future that lies ahead. Attending this university was a great dicision and I hope to continue having great experiences as I matriculate through my school years.


Throughout highschool I went through a lot of hard times, one of which I gave birth to my son my sophmore yr. After that I worked hard to get the grades I did and to be my very best. When I got to college, it made me see that adulthood was really here, and I had big dreams. During my 1st yr of college, I learned a lot about myself. I've learned that life has no pause button, and no matter what goes in one's personal life, life still goes on. There were planty of times where I wanted to press "pause" but couldn't. College made me a more stronger and more motivated woman, better yet, a more stronger young mom. College teaches life lessons that builds character and perseverance. Its the stepping stone for a more prosperous and happy life. Its so valuable cause its giving me the chance to give my son the world.




College has allowed me to come into my own person and discover what I want to do in my life. I always had a vision of myself doing great things, but it wasn't until I went to college, and studied abroad that I learned what my real passion is- serving the masses. College is what you make it, and my time here has been transformational! I've set personal goals and accomplished them, experienced dropping out for a semester, been homeless, lost and restored relationships and have gained so much independence that I feel over 6 feet tall. College is an investment in yourself, one in which your return is far more greater than any stock or bond can ever have. You don't need a degree to succeed in life, but to have something that no one can ever take from you is a sure pathway to it.


I began school at a community college. I experienced a lot of social growth and development. I was on the track team, Student Union, and Black Student Association. I learned leadership skills that would help me to develop my own non-profit organization and do a lot of work in management. After the encouragement of a professor I continued my education at a HBCU. In my junior year I learned that I was pregnant and that I had dysplasia and HIV, I was alone without my daughter's father support. But my professors rally around me and supported me even more and my grades went up in a time of extreme adversity as a result. I gained strength and wisdom from them and they pushed me to always strive for my very best. In life this has helped me to live positively as health as a person can be with HIV, cancer free and I have had a trail of successes in work as a founder and executive director of my own non-profit organization, management, community liaison, advocate and speaker and now I would like to continue to improve upon my past with a Masters degree in Social Work.


I have learned many life lessons through my experiences here at Clark Atlanta. First off, studying ahead of time really does pay off. Secondly, knowing how to talk to people really can get you a long way when you?re lacking experience. Most importantly, getting what you really want isn?t always easy but if you work hard enough at it, it will eventually come. I believe that coming to Clark has been one of my best choices in life. I have learned so much through my many experiences here, and I?m proud to be able to call myself a CAU Panther. Clark Atlanta University is, in my opinion, the best school a young, black, intelligent individual can attend. This school is full of academic and social challenges, but if you?re able to see it through to the end, there will be great rewards.


I have gotten alot out of my college experience thus far, one of the important things that I have realize is that one has to want to achieve greatness in order to stay in college. While although their were many destractions such social events and things of that nature, I continue to push and strive towards my ultimate goal. I have made numerous of friends and learned alot about myself and grown to mature into a responisble adult who can mangage her money as well as her time. I know now that there is always time to play just as long as you complete what you came to college to do first. This is something that some of my peers failed to realize and because of that they are now force to leave school or not return next semester. I learned that if you want to do better surround yourself with those who have the same mind set as you. As I continue to mention all of these different lessons that I have learned during my college experience, I know that it was a valuable move to attend Clark Atlanta University because I may not have learned this anywhere else.


So far i have experienced the student life and acdemic life togther,the as a whole has help me to have fun and stay focus all at once.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself don't let others influence you to do wrong and be yourself. I would also say do a lot of scholarships cause they will help and so many ways.


I would tell my self to look into more options as far as schlorships and to be n volveed into more school activites, ans sports. I would aslo tell my self to hit the books just a little bit more harder. Other than that k I prepared my self well for college.


Wow. Well i would tell myself two very important things. Make sure that you are ready, and by ready i mean your mind and body are really focused and dedicated to the college life style. You have to be very strong minded beacuse the weak minded dont survive here. Come in to college with a open mind and open heart and try to experience as many possive activities as you can. be involved around campus, that way you build a positive name for yourself. I would also tell myself to make sure i am finacial stable or be willing to give up on everyday luxuries. Make a buget plan so you know where your money is going and how much your spending. All of these simply but life changing things would have helped me alot.


The advice that I would give myself if it was possible, I would let myself know [as a senior] to make sure that each and every single aspect is covered. From financial aid to saving money for miscellaneous expenses, be prepared to pay several visits to the office of financial aid and student accounts in order to maintain knowledge of financial status, and remain consistent when it comes to applying for scholarships and grants, because they will be of good use if awarded. Always ask around to see what opportunities are available, because it would take a large amount of pressure off your mother, who is a single parent struggling to make ends meet. Be prepared to work, and work hard, for college is not a time to kick back and cruise, it will pay off in the long run. It makes a difference to utilize the connection of the people you meet in the next four years, they may be able to help you get where you want to be; you never know who is watching you.


Transitioning from high school to college is a big step for most students. For some students the transition can be a walk in the park. But for most other students the transition can be very difficult. Having been through the process, I am happy to give a few steps to help make your transition smooth. The first step to help you will be to set a study schedule for your classes. Make sure you have an alarm clock, a planner, and a group of friends who will support you during your matriculation into the institution. Begin to establish proper eating habits, and enjoy your first year of college but do not get too involved in partying. There are those students in high school who probably don?t have to study or even a crack a book in order to pass to their classes. Maybe that?s not you. However, if your experience is like mind, you never had to study in high school and managed to do well in your classes. You are in for a rude awakening. You have to study for class. Just follow my advise and you will be successful. Iam successful I did well ! Good luck!