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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Pick the college the best benefits your specific needs. Work hard in all that you do because success does not come easy. There will be a lot of stressful times and times where you find that everything is going wrong. Just remember that everything happens for a reason, storms don't last forever, and you only have one life to live. You're either living or existing. You don't make mistakes in life, you create lessons. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish anything. You're best ammunition is to prove them wrong and succeed. Put school first. Your social life and materialistic things can wait. School should be a priority. No one else in this world is going to look out for yourself the way you are. Eliminate negativity and pursue positivity. When things get tough and there doesn't seem to be a clear path "find a way or make one."


The most important and best advise I can give is to choose the school that will best further your career and altimate goal in life. Money is a factor, but sometimes, you have to believe that things will work themselves out. College will change your life, so come with an open mind and be ready to learn about yourself as well as others.


I would advise parents and students to do your research very carefully and visit the campus with your child to make sure it is compatible with your child.


The advice that I would give to parents and to students for finding the right college would be to go to at least three of your college choices and take a tour and if you can talk with students who attend that college and ask questions to get a more insightful view of the atomsphere and the college life itself. Also I would advise to start lookingat places to apply in the Junior year of High school for students so that the student may make a descision based on their visit to the college their Senior Year of high school. Another Advice would be for finding the right school would be to call the Financial Aid department of the school and talk with them about their process in general. Respectfully Kalani A.


Go where your heart says go


In order to find the right college you must visit. Even though the institution might have your major, where it's located, and what is available to you might not be what your paying for. Also take a tour during the regular school year so you can get a glimpse of what goes on in the classroom. Even to see what the students do for fun.


The advice I would give a student &their parent is prepare. It is going to take a lot of preparation & thought before you are going to be able to choose the best college or university. Also, a good idea is to weigh all of your options, and don?t be afraid to ask questions. Think: which schools will you offer scholarship, what are the entrance requirements, do I want to attend a private or public institution, ect?? Another good idea is to take a tour of the campus, prior to attending. Now that you are attending your "Dream School", the best way to make the most of it, is to have fun, get involved and Network . Its okay to have fun in college, but don?t let that be the only thing you do. Remember the reason your in college is to get your education. Getting involved in extra curricular activities is an excellent way to improve your social standing, meet new people, and depending on the activities help build your resume. Networking is also very important: don?t be afraid to make friends (especially those in your field of study), because later, they may be able to help you.


I would tell students to really think about themselves when they consider colleges. You have to consider what your interested in both academically and socially. Look at the campus course and activities, try to find someone who went to the school and ask them questions. I would tell them that in the beginning it's really good to be as open as possible and consider all schools as potentials and cancel them out as you realize what preferences your really looking for. Then make a list of your top qualifiers, but try not to have more than five, those college applications can get expensive! Try to visit as many of your top schools as possible because the one of the most important things that will help you decide is how you feel on the campus. Trust me when you step on the right campus, you'll know. If you really take the time out to find the right college once you get there, the experience is already great. You might even find something you didn't know you were looking for.


Persistence is key, always remember that. As you go through the process of finding the college or university of your choice, never be discouraged of the qualifications they may ask for. Many may ask for a high GPA but SAT?s and extra curricular activities also plays a huge part . So never down grade your self, because it doesn?t hurt to try, the worst they can say is no. Parents as well have to keep an open mind. This is your childs choice in to becoming a young adult. Money should not hold you back from wanting to travel out of state. Many of my peers in NY who are scared to leave there comfort zone, ask how am I able to pay for my institution coming from a low income household. Although it may sound like a gamble to some, but there are loans and plenty of scholarships lying around up for grabs. A loan for many is a very harsh word but think of it as an investment towards your education. Those long study night s eating pizza with you study group will pay off in the future when you find that great career path.


Do not pick a college just primarily based on its reputation, as that is important, but so is finding a college where you could be your own individual self. Not a college that expects you to fit a specific image. But one who will accept you as yourself, your values and respect you.


Maker sure you know what you kind of school you are looking for. Research your schools history and graduation rates. Learning about how a campus functions is a good thing to know.


I cannot stress enough about campus visits! If it wasn't for me visiting the colleges I was accepted to I would be a very unhappy student. After the campus tour go off and find where your major is housed. Check out the classrooms during sessions. Never go during the summer! You want to see how the college is in full effect! And remember the many financial options you have. The higher the GPA the more scholarship opportunities there are.


Finding the right college or university is the most important decision that a student will make in his/her entire life. Chosing a college should be a pre- planned and well thought out process in which all final decisions should be made by the student. In pre-planning for finding the right college the student should take into consideration the location of the school, their field of study, and how they plan to finance their education. Though in most cases the parent is financially responsible for the student's college expenses the student should make the final decision because attending a college in which they do not want to be will result in a terrible college experience. A terrible college experience will be a strain on both the student and parent. The student should always make the best of their college experience because it is a once in a lifetime experience in which many life lessons will be learned, many friends will be made, and much extraordinary knowledge will be gained. Finding the right college and college experiences will provide the student with some of the best memories in which they will never forget or regret whether good or bad.


Make sure the college fits the students image, as well as affordable for the family.


Look into what your child wants in a school. Look at every aspect of the school that you are interested in. Go on campus visits and try to stay for a few nights to see what life is like in the area on and around campus. Do not base everything on the tutition, there are plenty of scholarships, grants, loans, etc. out there to help you go to the school of your choice.


The advice that I would give future students about attending college is to m,ake sure you feel like home at your school of choice. Don't make a decision on where to go to school based on someone elses view because ultimatly you are the one that has to survive there. You have to fit the school, so don't try to make the school fit you. Also make sure you get involved in campus activites and introduce yourselves to lots of people that you meet on a daily basis. Doing this will help new students break out of being so overwhelmed with everything that they are being placed into. It will also help build your list of associates because in college it is good to have multiple people to be able to go to for help, advice, or just to have someone to hang out with on a saturday afternoon. Lastly, stay focused on why you are in school in the first place. Set goals for yourself and make a list of them so you can check them off, and by the time you are finished it will be time for graduation. Good luck and enjoy the experience.


The most crucial piece of advice I would give any student on making the decision of which college to attend is to go on as many college tours as you can and not to make a decision based solely off the school's brochures.


Make sure you visit the college campus and speak with current students about everything about the school. Most importantly if financial aid is a big factor find out from current students and what your financial aid will be there. Also, make sure there college is close to local stores and local transportation so if they needed anything they can have a way to the store and there is a store close by. Always keep in touch with your child while in college but dont be too overbearing. college is stressful and most students need space but dont want to be forgotten about so keep in touch and help out when necessary.


You want to find a college that fits your personality as well as in a good area. You dont want to be 60 miles from the nearest mall or grocery store which is the case with some of my friends. The most important thing about college is time mangement you have alot of free time on your hands and if all you do is lay around you wont pass your classes.


I strongly advise parents and students to visit the college. Do not choose a school because of the "great" things you've heard. Locate someone that attends the school and get the inside scoop, both positive and negaitve. Parents, if your child wants to go away, let them, just be aware of the living situation and areas surrounding the school. When you enter school do not be shy, make friends. Attend functions and events and be active on campus. Have fun going out and exploring the surrounding areas and what it has to offer but do not get caught up in the hype of what everyones doing and lose your focus on school. Your first objective is school, once you have that everything will fall into place. New things comes with new experiences. If you mess up, brush yourself off, learn from it and keep it moving. Always be attentive of whats going on around you and never be scared to voice your opinion. Use all the availablities and resources your school has for you. College years are the years that make history; new life, friends, and people so make the best of it and enjoy it to the fullest.


Discovering the right Institution begins with realizing your potential as a scholar. The student must be aware of the fact that progression comes with discipline. The earlier you begin to research the most suitable career choices for yourself and taking this seriously, the sooner the student can escalade in reaching your platuea. Upon the student's career choice the student should research institutions that best suits their career choice. Not only should the student consider the best school, but also enviroment, tuition, number of graduates, career oppurtunities upon graduations, activities, organizations and the general social life of the student body. The student must know beforehand that they will be very comfartable and content with the institution. Always remember, this is your dream and not your Parents. Parents must support their children financially and morally. They must prepare themselves for the financial constraints of sending their children to an institution. The student's primary focus should be receiving their education successfully with their parents' support . Finance is one of the many worries the student shouldn't have to worry about while trying to reach their ultimate goals. NEVER let finance constrain you from reaching your ultimate goals!


Find a college that fits your personality, and has a great program for your major


The best advice I would give is to choose a college that caters to the subject you choose to major in, a college with a comforting and supporting staff, with opportunities for growth, opportunities for networking, with areas around campus for healthy living.


choose our college wisely because this experience will change your life.


To find the right college make sure you look into every aspect of the college and definetly interact with the students who are currently attending that college. look at the surroundings see if you would be able to find a good job, what is the atmosphere like around the college. Will you have enough support because if you're going to be away from home you'll need the support. Check out the activities that the school has to offer, including the fraternities and sororities. Remeber college is all about your experiences as well and meeting people. Then look at the schools success rate, how many graduates land good jobs after graduation and also what percentage of students actually complete the school and graduate.


Advice that I would give is to do plenty of research on the school and if given the chance visit the school to see the campus and the surroundings. Apply to more than one school and request information booklet from the school. As far as making the most of college experience I suggest getting involved in on campus activities and use the resourse like career placement center, library, etc. You are paying your money so use it to the fullest.


If I could tell a student looking for the right school anything it would be to not let others infuelnce your decision. Go to a school where you would like to live because many tend to forget that despite the education the school can offer, you have to live there. Also, don't follow your best friend or boyfriend to school. Don't let your parents hold you back because they "don't want you to leave them."Also, don't be afraid to take out loans for school. They sound bad but I promise that in the long run it will all be worth it if its a school you love. The most important thing is to make sure that the school you go to is a school that YOU want to go to because you like the school and the people in it. There is nothing like being stuck somewhere that you don't want to be so make sure the school you chose is YOUR choice. Overall, your future is YOUR choice so don't let others affect it.