Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Outdoor activities, such as hiking or riding a bike on a trail.


There are so many clubs and activities to choose from! If you really try, you will never be bored because there will always be something going on.


Football, Student Government, Pep Rallies, and Festivals




Greek life is pretty popular at CSU, but not overwhelmingly so. There are a lot of major-specific clubs and lots of "fun clubs" too, like Yoga club, Ultimate Frisbee club, rock climbers, book nerds, the list goes on.


Athletics are a common activity on weekends. Football games are a fun way to spend a Saturday. Each year the school does an Undie Run where everyone runs a lap around the oval in their underwear, and it is so much fun! People definitely party here, but there are other options too. CSU is very outdoors oriented. The gym has a great rock wall and tons of fitness classes to offer.


I would say Greek Life is the most popular student activity around campus but there are many different groups for specific interests in each college. For example the College of Ag has block and bridle club or CSU cattlewomens association, and lots more.


One of the most popular clubs on campus is the CSU Snowrider Club. This is the club that travels up to various ski resorts throughout the winter months. Intramural sports are also very popular because they are simply designed to have fun. You do not need to be good at a sport to join an intramural team. It is a group of students who get together on a regular basis and play whatever their sport is. You can meet some awesome people with similar interests in clubs and intramural sports. Your first year you will live in the dorms which is actually really fun. Make sure you stay active in your hall and you get to know everybody on your floor because not only are you living with them, but you can meet some of the best friends you will every have. Weekend life varies depending on the person. There are people who go out to parties each weekend. But there are also other people who will go home each weekend. If you are a person like me who will go out to parties every now and then, there are other activities to do besides party. Old town is a fun place to go on the weekends, going to sporting events, and simply hanging out with friends are all great alternatives to partying each weekend that students like myself enjoy.


There are a plethora of groups on campus to be involved in. The town also loves celebrating football, especially during the rivalry games. In addition, for those who are of drinking age can enjoy the microbreweries around town, and the many festivals that happen throughout the year.


There are a plethora of groups on campus to be involved in. The town also loves celebrating football, especially during the rivalry games. In addition, for those who are of drinking age can enjoy the microbreweries around town, and the many festivals that happen throughout the year.


There are a million groups on campus (Okay, I'm exaggerating). There is something for everyone. I wouldn't say any one group is more popular than another. It just depends on your interests. We have lots of guest speakers and usually one big concert a year, sometimes two. We have comedians come in and small artists. It's quite fun! There are so many activities in general on campus. Last February there was a speed dating thing in the LSC, which was such a blast! It was fun to just meet people even if you weren't planning on going out for a date. Frats and sororities aren't a huge deal, which is super nice. The weekends don't revolve around greek life! If you want to be involved with that, great, go for it. If you don't it's not a big deal. There are house parties, you can go down to old town to go out to eat, or just chill with your friends and watch a movie. I've done it all and it's really whatever you feel like doing. I don't drink and there are plenty of other options besides getting wasted every weekend (But if that is your thing you'll be able to!). I live off campus as well and don't feel "separated" from the school. Last Tuesday I went salsa dancing at the Rio downtown and on Thursdays you can go to Sundance for line dancing. So miuch fun stuff! You're interested in it? We have it!


It is difficult to say what is the most popular organization/club etc... because there are so many of them. I would say that there is no most popular one but they all have a following and a tight knit group of students. No matter what you are interested in, there is a club to match your interests, and if for some reason there isn't, then you can start your own. There are a lot of great volunteering centered organizations as well which offers a lot of opportunities to get involved in the community. It is incredibly important to get involved in the local community wherever you go to college. My social scene was a little different from other CSU students, but my experience was very calm with no partying. I lived in the honors residential learning community, so I met a lot of like minded students who were willing to hang out and play games or watch a movie on a Friday night rather than go party. There are partiers at any college campus, but there are certainly plenty of people to hang out with who do not want to party if that is not what you want to do. Sports events are very popular at CSU. The football team is unfortunately pretty bad, but it is still fun to go and tailgate and enjoy the football atmosphere even when the Rams are getting flattened on the field. Our volleyball team however, is really good, and the volleyball and basketball games are very fun to go watch. My greatest experience with CSU has been residence life, which is why I wanted to be an RA. I met most my closest friends in my residence hall, and I was completely content to hang out in my hall. The residence halls are an awesome atmosphere, and it's an incredible experience to live with dozens and dozens of people who you are friends with.


The most popular events is the games, mainly the football games. There are many bars for when you are 21 and older and many underage concerts and activities. A really popular site is sundance on Tuesday nights for swing dancing. There are also movies on campus every week that are free and concerts and plays to go to put on by the theater program at CSU.


There is always a lot to do here...sporting events, music shows, activities, guest name it and we have it going on. Everything is very accessible in Fort Collins and it is easy to get to if you don't have a car!


All of my closest friends I met in the dorms. It is mandatory for all freshman to live in the dorms...there is a good reason for it, because it helps establish a social network. Fraternities and Sororities have a presence, but not a strong one. If you are interested in joining one you can, but if you don't, it's not like you won't fit in. I spend a lot of time doing stuff for my business fraternity, last weekend we had a progressive dinner and this weekend we have a retreat. Old Town has some great bars and every so often I go to Denver to go dancing.


The most popular sport here is football. Even thouigh we are not very good it is still a lot of fun to go to the game and enjoy ourselves.


I'm not really involved in any activities on campus, which is really due to the fact that I have two part-time jobs outside of class and there just is not enough time to be involved in anything else. However, there is still a lot of stuff to do off-campus. For those over 21, there are a ton of great bars, many of which are located very close to campus. There is also a lot of support from local businesses. Many local businesses always seem to give discounts to students, which is awesome.


Being on an intramural team is big. There are so many seasons and sports that you can participate in. It's really fun to put your own team together and play against other people on campus. I love the fairs they have in the plaza, they make everyone happy with free give-aways and info.




because of issues still going on at home i haven't been too involved with the university. next year i plan to join the lacrosse team. the carnavles and events going on in durelle are usually pretty popular within my group of friends. my hall gets along pretty well and doors are usually left open. if someone is going out for the night, most everyone in the hall is invited to come along.


The social life is fantastic, always people to hang out with and plenty of parties and places to go. Also a safe enviroment with ram-ride and capus safe walk.


There are so many organizations on campus! You could pretty much get involved with anything that you could think of. There are also special events such as speakers, dance recitals, etc. One club that I'm in is Habitat For Humanity. We host benefit concerts for fundraisers, raise the campus' awareness about homelessness in our community, and BUILD HOUSES! The building experience is absolutely fabulous! I'm also in Biomedical Sciences student association, which is great because they bring in speakers that are already established in the field. They give lectures and answer many questions! There are also many community service opportunities. I would say that about half of the students in the dorms leave their doors open. It depends a lot on where you're living though, and how close-knit your hall is. I, for one, keep my door open a lot so that I can talk to all of my friends in the hall, etc. I met almost all of my friends in my dorm, and even in my hall!


In my dorm just about everybody left their doors open and we all hungout together most of the time. The percentage of Greek Life members is apparently pretty small, but you wouldn't know it being on campus. I'm not involved with it and most people I know are in a sorority/fraternity. People party a lot. It may not be in the top ten, but students definitely do a lot of drinking. Those who are underage go to house parties at least 3 days a week, and those of age go to the bars at least a couple times on top of that. There isn't much to do that doesn't involve drinking, but you don't have to drink to be at parties.There're a couple bowling alleys in town and Fort Fun! You can go see movies, there's a drive-in open when it's warm. There are plenty of concert sites in town and plenty of shopping. There're also a bunch of random fun things to do if you're bored!


Some dorm students leave their door open. My closest friends I met at work. People party quite often, but there are other things such as movie theaters, dance clubs, bowling alleys, etc. to enjoy the weekend. Fraternity and sorority members think they're the all mighty members of the universe and are pretty stuck up.


CSU has a great athletic program. While our football team is making a transition to a new head coach, the games are still fun and rowdy. We have many traditions such as the mile high showdown against CU and "The Border War" against the University of Wyoming. Not interested in football? During these events we have activities that all students can particitpate in such as our "grill the buffs" pep rally and our annual blood drive to try to donate more blood than Wyoming. Homecoming is complete with a parade, bonfire, fireworks show, pep rally, parents weekend extravaganza. Oh, and if you've been to Fort Collins, you've probably seen the giant A painted on the side of the mountain. The night before homecoming, we have the lighting of the A, where volunteers hike up and light the A with fireworks and you can see it from the bonfire in the heart of campus. The events of homecoming weekend really make you proud to be a ram. We also have an excellent women's volleyball team. Volleyball games are great and they usually give away awesome prizes. If you venture off campus, there's always something happening in downtown Fort Collins, just North of campus. There are also more clubs and student organizations on campus than you can imagine. They are all welcoming, so if you're interested in something, join a club or start your own!


There are a ton of clubs at CSU to fit anybody's interest. I was disappointed that I didn't have time to join all the ones I was interested in. In addition to the clubs, the rec center offers several non-credit courses (I'm currently taking Shorin Ryu Karate) that I've really enjoyed. There is usually a house party going on every weekend, so if you want to go out, there is opportunity to do so.


ROTC is a great organization. I have learned so many leadership techniques which will help me in my future military career and also in my civilian job.


There are over a hundred student organizations at CSU so there is a niche for anyone whether you want to do a triathlon or part of an ethnicity group. If the week days are for studying, then the weekends are for partying. There is always a house party you can go to on the weekends and the bars in old town are outstanding. And if drinking isn't for you, then you can always find a movie/dance/play/concert to go to.


The most well known student organization is the Pike fraternity. Lots of dorms leave their rooms open.


MSA is the best orgnization because they give good information about themselvies


The most popular organization is MSA.


"If you're awake at 2 in the morning on a Tuesday, what are you doing?" --Probably getting shit-tossed.


I love the social life here. I feel that frat life is not a large part of CSU and I like that. Drinking is obviously quite popular like any college campus, but CSU stresses that we drink in moderation and use safe methods like DD's and RamRide.


The sports teams suck. There is no excitment about any games played what so ever. No one ever gets dressed up except for the first couple football games, but after our team loses the first couple games.. no one even goes anymore.


people party alot. It is a nice sunday and i am the only one in this computer lab even though there are only 3 weeks of school im such a loser! :-) I work in a bar/resturant and every night we have alotof students in there.


justr great!


One of the best clubs on campus is the Chinese Club. They perform dragon and lion dances, as well as musical performances for the general public and the student body. Performances are given during the holidays and in promotion of various issues that need attention. The exposure the club recieves shows other people to the chinese culture.


Many students are involved in greek life, which is of course sorrorities and fraternities. right now I am not involved in any groups merely because I alreay don't have a life with classes and work and friends and a boyfriend, but hopefully next year. Most of my close friends I met in elementary school, but the dating scene is a little sketchy. There are alot of "players" and frat guys. And equally so, there are alot of blond bettys and sorority girls, but everyone has an easy time finding their niche. Last night I watched a movie with my boyfriend and his friends, not too exciting, but hey it was a wednesday night. On the weekend there is always bowling, movies, drive-ins, camping, and hanging out in legendary downtown, which is crafted to feel a little old, but classic. there are many restaurants and shops with beautiful lights always glowing at night. And you can always find a late-night hang out down town.


Most students in dorms leave their doors open. I lived in one dorm where my hall didn't and then the next semester was complete opposite in a different dorm. If im awake at 2am on a tuesday i am probably studying for a test.


There is everything you could possible want. There are always activities going on and Ft. Collins is a really great town with lots of things to do.


I am on the Golden Poms and we dance at football and all basketball games. I do live in the dorms. Football was very popular for people to go to but basketball wasn't because we are not good.


I have no idea what the most popular groups are. I'm not involved with any groups yet. I didn't live in the dorms. the athletic events seem to be quite popular, not so much theatre and guest speakers. The dating scene seems pretty easy. I met my closest friends through other friends. if im awake at 2 am on tuesday, im either studying or partying. each year theres, a carnival and a free concert, maybe other stuff but I dont know about them. You can probably find a party every night. GREEK life doesn't seem that important at all. last weekend I worked and studied and partied. saturday nights a person can... party without drinking? off campus I do what I want.


A great way to get out and see some people is to attend the football games and tailgate party's. Unfortunetely, our team kind of sucks, so that takes the wind out of those sails. One great thing about the dorms here is the openness of people to get to know eachother. The doors in the dorms are always open, at least on my hall. This lets everybody come and go and talk and hang out. This is how I met my closest friends here on campus. That combined with Navigators, the on campus ministry.


There is always something to do at CSU and everyone is so outdoorsy that you will have someone to do it with always! Having Horsetooth resevior helps because when it gets warmer many people head up there to have a good time! there are always people playing bball or soccer or frisbee or volleyball etc. on campus.


diverse Fraternities/sororities


There are so many things to get involved in such as organizations, groups, clubs, and if we don't have it, you can make it.


There are always fun events to go to on campus. As you walk by the student center there is always something going on. I like the dorms because all the students are very friendly and most people have their door open which makes a great community.


There are alot of social activities in Fort Collins. Alot of house parties and drinking is involved. But I think that there is alot of outdoor focused activities as well.


2am on tuesday means that im finishing up a project, studying for the test the next morning and finishing up homework due. What a life huh?


Social life at CSU can get pretty boring but I guess because i have lived in Fort Collins my entire life I have pretty much done all that you can do. Old Town and the mountains are very hot spots. The weekend nightlife is nothing to rave about but i like that we have a very low key and small community feel.