Lake Erie College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


In High school I was a very confident young man. The confidence however, wasn’t in my actual ability to succeed, but simply my ability to get by. Most of my early academic career consisted of using social skills instead of hard work; ultimately selling my-self short. This led to my decision of joining the Military instead of directly attending college. The military taught me to trust and use my own abilities to overcome challenges. I used the experience as a benchmark in personal development. After 4 years serving the Navy I was honorably discharged and set on attending college. Although more prepared, I was still nervous to attend college. The fact that I would be the first person in my family to attend college, along with a poor high school performance, and long break in-between academics all weighed heavily in the back of my mind. Fears were quickly erased however, due to Lake Erie’s support, personalized classes, and professors. They have continued to be great as I have improved each semester, now reaching Dean’s list. This has been very valuable to my overall development and strengthening of what I now know as true self confidence.


I'm still a senior in high school and going to Lake Erie College has changed my entire view on college all together. I've learned that in college you are responsible for yourself and slacking off is not acceptable. In college you are on your own time and no one else is looking out for you, but you. This has been valuable to me because I'm saving money for school next year and I know now going to Kent State what college is really like, I won't be as nervous or scared going into it. I am furthering my education with going to college and will help provide for my family after going to become a physician assistant.


I am one of the first in my family to attend college full time. I have already taken summer courses at the community college and plan to transfer next fall to a University. Since my summer classes have started i have learned a lot about being in college it's not easy work, you have to study everything but in that you can also learn at your own pace and take your time. I love being in college you have a lot of freedom and it takes you to a whole different level of responsibility. It's hard right now, i know if i keep with it for four years i will have my degree and get a well paying job. My family always just barley gets by on paying for the house, car, and all the bills. I have always told myself i never want to just get by in life i want to be set for life and never have to worry about supporting my self or my family so attending college is very important to me. I want to be the first one in my family with a masters degree and make them proud of my accomplishments.


My college experience has been amazing so far. This is my second year attending Lake Erie College and I'm glad I'm back on campus. The "family feeling" here is so important to me. As an indiviual, I am not lost among thousands of other students. This is so important when it comes to academics and needing extra help from the professor. The Equine Program has been extremely beneficial to my continuing education on horses and riding. I believe this is one of the best equine programs in the country. The trainers strive for your success and that makes me confident in my abilities as a rider and student.


College. The scariest thing to ever think about. I avoided the thought in highschool and after being there for 3 years it has completely changed my mind. For someone like me, who has been a little bit sheltered and held back from really growing up too fast, college is that final step before you are truly on your own in the world. I have opportunities at my door step, yet I am allowed to check them over and make the correct choice for my future. I don't have Mommy and Daddy sitting right beside me telling me to do my school work, but I do have my own gut telling me that either way, I still have to pay back these student loans. I don't know why I wouldn't take full advantage of everything infront of me. College. It's hard, but yet so rewarding. I love my classes and new people I meet everyday. If I could go to college for my career I would, at least then I wouldn't have to pay back all my loans!


From my experience in college thus far, I have been able to not only learn more about myself, but the world around me as well. The classes that I have taken so far have brought information that I had learned in the past to my attention and helped me put wisdom in to place so I can better organize my thoughts. Critical thinking and logically attacking problems further accelerates my ability to learn. I am learning these skills in the most unlikely of places as well, such as basic math classes. Along with this I am now able to link algebra with sociology and philosophy which helps me dissect the world around me easier. Making the decision to further my education by entering back into college has by far been the smartest and most valuable decision I have ever made and will continue to propel my life in the most positive direction I have ever taken it.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have matured and grew into a new person. I learned a lot through struggle and hard work. I learned things that I can use when I further my education. College has been a big eye opener to the real world. There has been a lot of experiences that I do not regret and that I am proud to have gone through. College prepared me to think for myself and learn a lot of things in different subjects to see what I am really interested in and to see what I want to do with my life and what path I want to take. I learned that life is impossible without education and the whole meaning of life is to live and learn. I learned that the world would not revolve without education and college is very beneficial to life.


My education has proven to me that even if no one can motivate you, you can motivate yourself and gain perspective and experience in an ever changing world and economy be overcoming fears, obstacles, and succeeding for ones personal self. It is curious that something as simple as a few classes, a few classmates, and a few grades can redirect your life to opportunities you might have never thought you would have the chance to experience. After enrolling and earning an associates degree from a two-year technical college, I am on my way to Savannah, Georgia to continue on to earning my B.A. in advertising design and hope to represent Savannah College of Art and Design as an active student acedemically and also as a leader to my peers in a way that continues to motivate the next student to succeed. As simple as it has begun for me, I'll continue to recipricate the simplicity of paying it forward so that the next student feel the same sense of accomplishment that I have come to earn and respect in myself.


I learned that I have a lot to learn. I learned that I sometimes know more than my professors, but to keep my mouth shut. I learned that I am important to others. I learned that there is almost no excuse not to do well and that I wasted my younger college years.


I have gained education in courses pertaining to my major that ill help me get into graduate school and be knowledgable in my major. I have also obtained study skills that I will use throughout my life and known the value of hard work in college.


I am currently employed full time in an Accounting role, and have learned first hand the value of a college dgree. Not only have I been able to advance in my current position, but I feel I have become a more well rounded individual. I have also met many interesting people that I would likely not have had the opportunity to meet outside of the college atmosphere. I am also a parent of two young children, soon to be three young children, and believe that I need to set a good example for their futures by completing my higher education goals. College truly is more than just the academics, it is about the entire experience including the socialization, and learning to work well with those that we may not be familiar with, as well as rising to the occasion to meet the particularly difficult challenges that are posed by the professors.


I have learned many things from college. I have learned to manage my time and that academics comes before my sport. It has also taught me to live on my own and make the right choices that are for me.


I believe that there is an unexplicable amount of knowledge I have gained going to university. I have gained both knowledge about the world around me and about how to better try to understand the world around me. I am currently in Australia, studying abroad. It is amazing to learn about an entirely different culture while studying. It's difficult to understand that in this country it is not as desirable to go to university as in the U.S. Time and time again I have been asked by non-university goers, why do I go? When I can just make money right now? Everytime it takes me a minute, but I always explain how much there is to know about the world around us and the people and biodiversity in it, that just working alone, would not fufill my drive and extreme desire to better my knowledge. Overall I would never change my decision to go to college, and if I could I would stay in college for ever to continue to learn.


Attending Lake Erie College has tought me very much. The school has a great faculty and staff that are always there for you whatever it comes to. I learned how to communicate and interact with different people from different places. Also living with a girl who was going to school for something completely different and was completely different from me taught me to be respectful, more patient and more open to things I'm not use to. I was also lucky enough to find a job on campus which showed how helpful the school is to its students. They make sure that everyone who needs a job or needs help paying their tuition gets the help they need in work study and in regular jobs to make money on the side.


I have learned a lot about the techniques of how to become a great teacher. I ahve also learned that it is important to study and to make good grades becuase that will help to get a better career. My professors here are experts in thier fields and take the time to make sure that you understand what they are teaching you. Also, being active and volenteering in the community is vital. They have made it mandatory to learn the history of the education field and I have learned a lot from that. They have also taught me that collaboration and teamwork are important parts of the education process.


Ive learned so much from the classes i have taken, and i have also leanred more about myself. living in the dorms has woken me up to the idea of indipendednt living away from home, so in a sence it is pushing me to by indipendent and twards a job i wish to have in the future, i love it.


One of the most valuable experiences I have gotten out of my college experience has been the ability to work closely with faculty members in my department. Faculty are very engaging with students and their office doors are frequently open for walk-ins if you have a question or concern. It was very easy for me to approach a faculty member and ask about research opportunities. The professor immediately assigned me some work to do for him. I am learning a lot through this experience and gaining knowledge of research and of my field that I could not have otherwise attained. It is the close-knit, "small town" community of this campus that has allowed these things to happen for me. And this, I think, is the top reason Lake Erie College has been valuable for me to attend.


I have gotten allot out of my college experience, the reason that this happens is because of the small classrooms and the number of students that the professors have to teach in a class. It gives the professors the ability to work with a student one on one if they need help on a subject in the classroom. With going to Lake Erie College it has given me the ability to make friends with people who will be park of my life for ever now, and be able to play a D2 college sport. With being at Lake Erie College you get more then what you think you will, with having teachers who care about you or making friends that you never thought you would. The thing that gets my attention is that when the college president walks campus he makes it his goal to come up to you and ask you how you are doing, or if their is anything he can do to help you better secede in the world. They care about you at Lake Erie College; to them you are a person not just a number that gets them a pay check.


Lake Erie College has taught me to be more responsible. I am two hours away from my home and being here has made me into the mature teenager that I am. I have opened myself up to new friends and the softball team has become my second family. I have learned the value of an education and where it can really take me in life. I have learned very quickly that things like partying and procrastinating can ruin the rest of your life. There are so many opportunities out there with a college education and now is my chance to do the best that I know I am capable of. I want the world to know what I can do someday and the lessons I am learning in college are preparing me to be the person that I want to be. Most importantly, Lake Erie College has brought out the real "me," and I am discovering new things about myself everyday. Every class, softball practice/game, club meeting, and school event shapes the person I will be in the future and I'm thankful to be in a college that is successfully helping me shape my future self .


So far my college expirence has been amazing! I am so lucky to be able to attend college and gain this expirence. I believe college have been valuable to attend because you learn how to manage your time so well. I also play on the volleyball team so everyday I have to stick to a certain schedule to be able to get everything accomplished for school and volleyball. I have learned I can't just go through college like I did in high school the classes get harder and you have to study about every night. I also have to study in days advance of a test because I can not just retain information in 2 hours I have to keep going over it and pounding it into my brain. I have also met so many different people and it's just an amazing expirence.


I believe that Lake Erie College is very valuable to attend. The college is beautiful. It has numerous gym/athletic departments, soccer field and pool, computer labs and open fields. The college has excellent professors who are diverse in religion, and their opinions. The professor's are highly motivating and very good in their related fields. The students are very friendly and helpful. There are big study groups and tutoring available for any student whose having trouble in a study-related area. The area around campus is big, well provided and very convenient. There are numerous gas stations and convenient stores along with the mall, movie theater, and etc. The food served at the college is beyond the best! There are many choices for dining. There is a salad and soup bar, desserts area and a huge buffet that is well stocked for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian students. There is a huge area with a pool table, table tennis and other such games for students to play with their friends. Our college has numerous fraternities and currently, two sororities. There are many clubs for students to participate in. Also, students can work for internships both in/out of campus.


As I am retuning to school 20 years after high school I would tell myself to take it seriously, but enjoy the experience. The friends are important, but the education is essential.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about the future I would first tell myself to, "Put my education first." When I think back to 2002 I was enrolled at Lawrence Tech. University as a full-time student. I had no idea what I doing with my life. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to obtain a degree. At the end of the first semester I was defeated in the mind because I had no clue how I was going to pay for the next semester. Well, my father bailed me out that time. Though, I had someone to help me that time something in me changed. I changed my focus and the light of my determination went dim. Now I am a mother and I have even more hardship trying to pay for an education. But something has changed in me. I am DETERMINED to succeed. I am going to finish school and earn a degree. I am going to have a career and be somebody. I am going to help somebody just like I had people help me. And most importantly I am gonna find a way to pay for school.


I would tell myself to try harder in highschool classes because most of the classes is college are review of what you should have learned before and it's much easier to pick up in a class of 10 who are just learning it rather than a class of 10 who consider it too easy. I would tell myself to look for scholarships and grant money sooner so I would'nt have over 10,000 dollars to pay back now. I would tell myself that no matter what people say college is not for partying and slacking off, it's ok to have fun and kick back but to finish your studies first and enjoy the freedom later. That way your not a 21 year old college sophmore. I'd also would say to myself , follow your own heart and not your friends, chances are you won't even speak in a year. Most importantly I'd say enjoy it, it goes by fast and then it's off to the real world.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would first give myself the advice of doing post secondary. It would have been helpful by taking some college courses while still in high school to make that transition to a full time college student. It also would have gave me college credit, but did not cost you anything while in high school, it was all paid for if you were a high school student. I also would have given myself the advice of applying for several more scholarships. With the cost of tuition and board, food, books, and etc. being so high it all adds up and is very costly. As a full time college student and having very little money I would give myself advice about saving and setting up financing and doing everything I could to help with the financial aspects of going to college. Getting an high education is not cheap.


As a college student I realized that college is not all the fun and games it is made out to be. There is massive amount of time and dedication required to keep the g.p.a that I had in high school. To be successful in college you need to have an inner drive to want to work for eveything that you want in life. The success that you achieve will reflect the amount of work that you have put into yourself.


Going back, i would have liked to advise myself about time management. One of the most important things in the college life is to be able to use your time wisely and make the most of the time being used. Often times, we like to just procrastinate to the last minute, which doesn't always result in the best outcome. For example, i had a five-page report that i was given plenty of days in advance to complete, but instead tried to finish it in the last few days prior to it being due. This resulted in a poor outcome. If i would have used my time more wisely by working on the report a little bit each week, this paper could have been much more successful. Time management is one of, if not, the most important thing ive learned in the college life. Even though it didn't cross my mind as a senior in high school, time management will definitely be something I try to use in the best way possible, not only as a college student, but also in my future endeavors.


I would tell myself not to stress out about college coursework. That it is harder, but you can do it! I would also tell myself to be more confident in myself, and not to worry because you will grow as a person so much your freshman year of college. Also, be open to new things and not to be so uptight! Have fun when you go to college, be yourself, study hard, and find out who you are. You're beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise. Soccer will be fun and all the girls on the team are really nice! Those are the things I would tell myself if I could talk to myself as a high school senior. Although, would i really want to do that? Would I learn, and know what i know now?


Seniors are told that upon graduation they are responsible for thier futures. That is good lesson, but it instills fear. I attended a Theater Conservatory and despite talent scholorships I needed to take out a number of loans. Fearful of a future full of dept ; I quit. Life Expreinces and work are not regrets for me, I learned a lot. The world is my classroom. However, I should not have quit because of money issues. I felt guilty using so much money for an education I was unsure if I would use. Instead I jumped and faced resposiblitity sooner, and now I know I am a strong independent woman. Since I know Film Production is not just a passing interest ,I am ready to be a student again. If I could go back in time , my advice would be to do the same thing but not out of fear. College is a walk in the park compared to real life. My advice is to face the unknown bravely, and use past lessons as tools to face tomorrow. We all make our own paths in life. We all have to take resposibility for futures; we can do that without fear.


I would tell myself that you need to help get yourself prepare more, don't depend on others to do all the work for you. Once you get to campus get involved don't wait for someone to approach you. Other that not much changed for me.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself as a high school senior that most of the relationships I formed do not matter and were not worth worrying so much about. In high school, I experienced a lot of drama because of who my boyfriend was and looking back I realize that dealing with that drama was not worth our relationship. Now, I also know that the friends I had in high school were not my true friends and within a year after graduation, I probably only talked to five if them. People always talk about how great their high school experience was, but to me nothing gets better than college. I wish I would have known how much fun college would bring and would have not worried about what people thought of me in high school.


I would tell myself to stay in school and get a college degree. You don't want to have to do it later in life when you should be concentrating on family and working. Love being alone. A man does not define you. You are the only one you can truely depend on and trust. Raise your child to be the best that he /she can be, that is all that you can ask for. Nobody is perfect.


Be open to people with different ideas and different upbringings, even if you strongly disagree with the other person or party. Plan to be active in the campus and surrounding community, ask questions and challenge professors, to a reasonable point. Living with other people is difficult, again, be open and considerate. Have fun and try new things, you never know what could surprise you and take your fancy.


Really work on your study habits. Get into the habit of not missing class, and taking detailed notes. Time management is the key to success in college. Learn early where the library is, and where and when peer tutoring is available. Never be ashamed to ask questions, because in the end you are only hurting yourself by not doing so.


The advice I would give myself is to visit and apply to many more colleges than I actually did. Visiting college campuses is free doesn't cost anything, you need to look at several options before making such an important decision. I would also tell myself to have done post secondary in high school through one of the local colleges that provides that opportunity to high school students. It would have been a great opportunity to get the college experience while still in high school but would have received credit for both college and high school. It also would have jumpstarted me on being able to graduate college possibly sooner and was at no cost to me as a high school student. It would help with The financial aspect of college and not having to pay for it when I was high school, so my debt would be smaller when I graduate college.


When I graduated high school I was only 18 years old. I did not want to go far from home where I would not know anyone. Looking back, I wish I would not have been so scared because now that I am about to graduate college, I realize that I will most likely have to move for my career as a television reporter. If I would have made a big move at a younger age, it might not be as hard for me to do it now. I do not want to be stuck in one town for the rest of my life and I think it happens to a lot of people. I am happy with the college that I chose but I feel like I could have learned a lot more about myself if I would have moved further away from home.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself 18-year-old self, I would definitely have some words of wisdom to share. When I was 18, college really wasn't that big of a priority. The most important things to me back then was partying and having fun, not necessarily getting an education. I would have to sit my young self down, and explain to him how the world is. I would explain to him that there is much, much more to this life and a college education is extremely important. At 25 years of age, I've spent most of my life trying different professions based on what would make myself happy. Recently I've learned that life is not about me. The world is not centered around me. As I embark on a journey to dedicate myself to God's service, I'll end this essay with a quoted that sums up my life to this point. "Only one life will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last. And when I'm dying how happy I'll be, if the lamp of my life is burned out for Thee."


The next! You have been waiting for the past four year to finally end, and as you look back they have sadly flown by in a blink of an eye. As you turn the page to the next chapter in your life, be prepared to meet new people(who will become your bestfriends!), experience new things(that you will never forget) but most of all work as hard as you possibly can. This is your chance to get ahead and do well, after all it is your future that you are holding in your hand. Make sure to always try your hardest, and know that anything is possible, you might even end up on a billboard! I know the transition will be quite easy for you but make sure you stay your true self. You will make many new and amazing friends but keep your old friends colse and your family closer. Be prepared to work hard but still have the time of your life, good luck and remember you can do anything you put your mind to.


College is a tremedous investment in your future. Not only do you learn to work in your chosen field, but you get the opportunity to live and grow as an individual. If I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now, I'd tell myself to get involved. It is important to live every moment and learn as much as you can. My advice would be to get involved and make a difference. I would impress upon myself how important it is to make my voice heard.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior i would try to prepare myself for the changes that occur once you enter college. I would try to convince myself to pick a major as soon as possible, that way i could start working on that right away to choose the correct classes to take. I would tell myself that once I get into college i need to learn how to better use my time so that i can get my assignments done well with the time i have. When i was in high school, i did not spend a lot of time outside of school working on homework because i got most of it done quickly and i also rarely read the text books provided in the class. i would tell myself to start getting in the habit of reading and understanding what the text book says. Most of all i would tell myself to do as well as i can and to try not to stress when i have many things to do in a small amount of time.


The advice I would have given myself as a high school student is to not be afraid of going to college. High school made it seem like only incredibly intelligent people get into college. I don't rate myself as highly as that, but I still was accepted. I would have told myself that all I have to do is try. I'm not sure if I would have listened to myself at the time, but I'm sure I would have been less panicked about it. I have friend who made herself believe that she couldn't afford to go. High school also made it seem like taking out loans was a pathetic idea, so I think she truly believed that and she is working at a fast food place to try and earn enough to go somewhere. I have a friend who is currently a senior in high school. I keep telling her that she will get accepted somewhere amazing, because she tries her hardest at everything she does. She is worrying that she won't get accepted anywhere. I'm telling her now what I should have believed myself when I was applying.


I was always worried about college and the academics. Even though I had success in high school with my academics, I still thought that college would be so much harder than high school and there is no way I would survive. The work is hard but no as hard as I thought. I found out if you set aside time to do the work, you will be successful. So, I would tell myself not to stress so much over college. I would also tell myself to have more fun in high school. I had a lot of fun, but I think I could of be more "laid back" and not worry so much about school. I was always stressing over college and the work that it meant.


I would tell myself to make sure to focus on doing things in college that I'd love to do even if it wasn't for a class. To remember that the classes are supposed to serve my long term goals and the poorest experience from the class is the academic credit. To be certain that every little effort will count towards the final result. I would also tell myself to know that diplomas will not really get me anywhere worth being and what I actually make in college is what will take me places afterwards. I would also advice me to be patient and not expect short term results and maybe tell myself to be worried if I ever stop feeling confused, for intellectual inestability is a sign of growth. I would also remind myself that the most important thing to hold on to when it comes to learning is curiosity.


Always be prepared foor the unexpected. Never put your homework/projects off until the week before its due. It puts you under a huge amount of stress.


If I were to go back in time, the best advice college advice I could give myself would be to accept diversity, find effective ways to manage time, and to put grades before anything else. Throughout my college career I have learned that not everyone I meet in life is going to agree with my thoughts and ideas. We all come from different places, and have different upbringings. The act of compromise is a valuable tool that living with fellow classmates has taught me. Time management is another quality that is essential to success in college and in any career. Effective time management is an aid to success in that one must often sacrafice fun for responsibility in order to accomplish the most important tasks first. Finally, I would tell myself to put my grades above any other college activity. Future employers will not care how a student spent their friday nights. In the end, one's grades will determine if they land a job over another educated college student. All in all, to prepare myself for college life, acceptance, time management, and dedication to my grades are the three pieces of advice I would give myself.


Knowing what I know about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself would be to live life as it comes, trust others and enjoy it. I say that because I was worried about getting into schools that I wanted to go to. A lot of the schools I chose were a little bit smaller in size but had a good academic history. I was so stressed out about college while still in High School. I went to a great High School but was still worried because my GPA and ACT scores were not as high as any of my friends. There were too many days where I worried about weather or not we could afford College, and too much research trying to find a cheaper school after taking a visit and falling in love with Lake Erie College. I trusted my coach to help me out, he has. Times are tough and he is fighting to help me again. However, I need help and am trying to do my part right now. The last part, enjoy life is just as is it. Enjoy life by trusting others and living one day at a time.


Take more AP classes to raise your GPA even higher, take the AP exams, and don't slack off.


The advice I would give myself if I was to go back in time would have to be to tell myself to focus more. High school is nothing like college, it's harder. You have to want to learn and pay attention because college teachers/professors are not going to babysit anyone who doesn't want to learn. I would tell myself to be prepared to for the unthinkable. Anything can happen in college and you have to be prepared to deal with it. You have to learn how to keep your stress level to a minimum and just focus on the main prize which is being able to walk the stage and receive that college diploma.


Honestly, I don't think there's anything I could or would have said that would've made any difference. Everything I would say had been said by my high school teachers, my parents, family, and friends. I had heard it all, from my brother and sister who had both been in college before me, from friends of the family, even from acquaintences. I don't think I could say anything to my high school self that would make a difference. I know how I was during high school, and once I had my mind made up or had my preconceived notions (right or wrong), nothing would change them. Going away to school is something that I really had to experience and then look back and say, "Wow, they were right." I wouldn't have changed a thing- everything I chose not to listen to and then experienced was a better learning experience than anything anyone, including myself, could've said. I needed to go through those things with those preconceived notions and see how wrong (or right, in some cases) about things. It made me so much stronger than any words I could say could have.


If I could go back to give myself some advice, I'd tell myself to visit more colleges! I love my current school, but the first school I went to turned out to be not a great fit. It was the only school I went to visit so I went there. Bad mistake! I'd also tell myself to start better study habits. Some classes grades are based only on tests, so if you do not study, you probably will not do as well as you hoped. Finally, I would tell myself to enjoy it. College is some of the best times I've ever had and after finding a school that fit, I would not change a thing! I've met great people, had fantastic professors and learned a lot. Life doesn't get any better!