The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone seems to understand that we are all in the same shoes. All of my classmates are usually very responsible and helpful.


Most of them are members of sororities or fraternities (I am not).


The classic southern belles and gentlemen that still adhere to the moral code associated with the conservative south.


Just as with any school, the one's who finish first are the one's who try the hardest.


The students at UTK vary greatly. That is something UTK takes pride into, having as much diversity as it does.


I was in a fraternity, so we were pretty much all racially, religiously and socio-economically all on the same level. I never met anyone in the LGBT community in four years at UT, and the black students have the Black Student Center, so I never really got exposed to that group either. UT does have lots of group activities to mix different groups together, but I never really did any of that, so I'm not a reliable source on those topics. Most students are from Tennessee, with the majority being from Memphis or Nashville. The dining halls are terrible, and nobody eats there after freshman year. Most of my classes were 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} white, and most of the people I interacted with were also in the same financial stratum as I am. I met mostly student on the right politically, but that might be because of the groups I was apart of. They do have a lot of groups politically and religiously for any stance you might take.


The UTK campus has a very diverse student body. There are several different student groups but almost all interact with the others in order to make sure no one is left out and all feel included. A student would only feel left out at UTK if they tried really hard to. There is something for everyone to do or a group for everyone to be in. A lot of students just wear basic clothes to class, such as jeans and t-shirt or sweatshirt. There are some who like to dress up or some that wear their pajamas. UTK students are from everywhere including overseas. Having a diverse student body is something that UTK places a lot of emphasis on. It also places a lot of attention on making sure the different student groups are interacting and that there is always something for everyone on campus to do. As one walks across campus there are different student and campus organizations set up to inform students and faculty of different happenings and different groups.


There are many different organizations on campus, at least one that every person would fit into. A lot of the organizations hold campus-wide events that raise awareness about whatever culture, lifestyle, etc. they represent. I think there is a place for any student at UT. Most students are from Tennessee. Mostly from Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Nashville/Brentwood areas. So the financial backgrounds are pretty mid to upper middle class, but there are exceptions on each side of the spectrum.


I am a displaced yankee, and it seems that the race issue is more evident but quiet here in the south. Due to this, most ethnic groups seem to keep to themselves, despite the righteous religious "christians" who do not follow what they preach. If you are not prejudiced and are willing to help others with problems, projects and will show that you are willing to cross the boundries, many others will meet you in doing so and return the favor. If you want to stay within your 'comfort zone' you can join many others in that as well.


There is some tolerance at UT, especially within our generation compared to our parents' generation. However, being at a school in the South, there are more students involved in religious activities as well. Most students who are religious tend to lean more conservative while the traditional rebellious students are more left leaning. The atmosphere overall, though, is fairly long as you are comfortable kind of wear.


Like I've said, UT is very diverse and I don't think any student would feel out of place. Some might believe that UT is too big for them if they attended a small high school. Students wear everything and anything. Some will get dressed to the "T" for class, while others throw on gym shorts and a t-shirt. Everyone wears what they feel the most comfortable in. To each is own.


As far as I can tell there are no race, religious, or any sort of problems with other kinds of people. There are lots of groups that can fit anyones background, there are a lot of churches on campus, there's a black cultural center, and also there's the international house for all kinds of nationalities so you won't feel alone. There are a lot of politically aware people and since this is an election year there were people on campus so that you can sign up for your candidate. It's not really right or left, I'd say there's about an equal amount of political parties, and also its not obvious what people are.


I believe that there are different social groups at UT, but that is normal. I have many friends in different social groups and I am not judged for it. UT is different than the petty social groups in high school. Now it seems that anyone can be friends with whoever they are compatible with. Obviously if two people have conflicting beliefs then they might never get along reguardless of their social group.


I know that UT has a lot of racially diverse programs. I have several friends involved in them. Most students just wear jeans and a t-shirt to class. A lot of students at UTK are from Tennessee, but there are still a lot of out of state students here as well.


UTK is a very segregated campus. But, there unique place for everyone. A majority of students are from Tennessee but have many different upbringings.


Is a lot of fun! There is so much too. If you want to be super involved this is the school for you.


no experience in these types of groups. i dont think any students feel out of place at ut.. i am japanese/american and i don't think this causes people to see me differently. people here are very open minded.


Our student i feel is very diverse... UTK has a wide variety of people which in turn gives you different personalities.


Most students come from all financial backgrounds. You don't have to be wealthy to attend UT. I have student loans which makes it affordable for me. yes I'll have to pay them back one day but it's worth it.


Another thing I love about UT is the diversity. There is a place for just about anyone here. Someone that might feel out of place/lonely here is someone that is introverted or close-minded. Most activities on campus expect students to speak up and participate in things, so if someone is more focused on being shy or anti-social, they might feel uncomfortable on campus, I think. But other than that, I can say there is probably a club for just about everything, and if there isn't - if you started one, people would join. A lot of my friends are either from middle/east Tennessee or are from out of state. I am from west TN and the representation of that part of the state is fairly weak compared to the other regions of TN. Most students wear what is comfortable to class. No one can be held accountable for their appearance at an 8:00 class. But generally the dress is casual and comfortable - def with a comfortable pair of shoes (most important).


There are all types of cultural availabilities. No one feels out of place Most people "bum" to class and dress appropriately for meetings or presentations most students are from tennessee but there is a good amount of out of state students as well


For the most part UTK is made up of white, middle to upper class students. Yet, the diversity is becoming greater each year that I am a student here. I feel that the administration is working towards increasing diversity in terms of race, religion and so on which will be a positive for UTK. Also, UTK is mostly made of students from Tennessee yet more and more I find students from a wide variety of states and also countries which is also great to add to the mix of the student body.


So it is true what they say about most UT student being white and middle class. They have recently tried to diversify but I am not sure how that is going to work. I wouldn't say that most students really even care much about politics here but they are slightly more conservative when they do speak out.


UTK is probably one of the most diverse universities around. No student would ever feel left out of place here at UT. There is a club or a program for everyone to get involved. Most people that go to UTK are from the Nashville and Memphis areas. I would say the people that stand out among others are the Greeks on campus, but that could be because I am one. But I also have many non-Greek friends and they are involved in many other clubs that they enjoy as well.


I think UTK's student body is really diverse! It is neat to look around yourself everyday and see people that are alike and different from yourself!


i really don't think any student would feel out of place here. there is such a diverse environment here with a place anyone to find a home at.


most of the students here at UTK are from tennessee but you are bound to run into someone from out of state if you ask.


Most UT students are from Memphis, Nashville, and Chattanooga. Everyone at UT interacts, everyone is pretty friendly. Race is not usually a barrier or issue. People were everything from pj's to jeans and a t-shirt or polo to dresses to class. People are from all sorts of financial backgrounds but you would never know who came from which, everyone seems equal at UT.


Utk is very diverse in my opinion. There are many groups that minorities can join to make them feel more accepted. Also, there are many churches on UT's campus which makes many denominations feel welcome. students wear a variety of outfits to class. Anything from shorts and t-shirt to sundresses to khakis and a button down. different students do interact. most utk students are from knoxville, memphis, and nashville.


There are definitely a lot of different races at UTK. I've met quite a few students from other countries around the world. Some students interact, but you mainly see the Greek members together or students of a different race together.


I feel that UTK is a fairly diverse campus. The students seem open to new thoughts and ideas. Most student are from Tennessee and the states surrounding, but their is much diversity financially. Income classes vary greatly, and never seem to affect friendships or groups.


Different groups around campus are pretty well known for being around the Pedestrian Walkway- especially religious ones. They are mostly on the dramatic end of the spectrum and therefore not well received by the student body. The LGBT participated in homecoming and that is all I have ever heard from them. I would say most of the student body is middle class. And they are from Tennessee. I would say that 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are political and know why.


I feel like the school is not as big as it seems. You always see someone you know walking to class and I love that.


I feel like UTK has a very wide range of students as far as religion, ethnicity, political views, and interests are concerned.


I tend to spend time within my own demographics. Students wear t-shirts and jeans/sweats to class. anything comfortable lots of students from instate most greek organizations are predominantly conservative


I think any type of student could feel at home at UTK. There are SO many different organizations that could be beneficial to anyone that chose to come here. Most students wear casual clothes to class, appropriate for the weather. Different types of students interact, mostly within class time. Most UTK students are from Tennessee or the surrounding states. Many students here seem to be conservative, but I'd say it's equal both ways.


no students should ever feel out of place anywhere. utk and all schools should never be judgemental. no one ever really says anything mean, or nothing i have ever heard of.


Most students wear jeans and a tee shirt or sweats. After the first day of class there is no reason to dress up anymore. Most UTK students are from all over Tennessee with a concentration on Knoxville and Nashville.


I think the student body needs improvement most because most do not care about voting or the effects that take place because of SGA.


I think things should be more unified. Different kinds of students interact. It seems most students are from Tennessee especially the Nashville area. The students who care about politics and are interested in them participate in politics. Students do talk about how much they will earn someday.


UT has organizations for everyone on campus!! There is always somewhere you can fit in, I can guarantee that no student will ever feel out of place! Students wear all different types of clothing to class. You see everything from sweatpants to dresses. UT students are from everywhere! There is not one paticular location that the bulk of students are from.


I have little experience with other racial, religious,etc groups on campus. Most students wear jeans and tshirts to class or work out clothing. Most students are probably from Tennessee because of the lottery scholarships.


THe best thing out the Student Body is that you can wear whatever you want to class. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt or gym shorts. No one really cares what you look like, and the professors do not mind either. It is great!


I don't care for most of UT's student body. Most of them are from Tennessee. I feel like most of them are supposedly Christian and conservative, but in actuallity are wild at parties and like getting drunk.


It is hard to walk around campus or sit in class without noticing how diverse UTK is. However, it seems to me as if the Greek life stands out more to people. I myself am Greek so maybe that is why I notice this group, but the Greeks tend to stick out on campus. I really am not a judgmental person so I don't really take notice of people's background, but our campus is definitely one of the most cultural campuses I have been to.


religion is a very strong topic here at this university. many of the students attend church. there is also speakers who stand out on the walk way and preach about there religion. I this a student that is gay would feel out of place at this university because the religious speakers speak down about them. Many different types of student interact. many students go to class in running shorts and t-shirts or jeans and t shirts it is very casual. no one really dresses to impress here unless they have to if they are presenting in a class.


I don't think anyone is out of place at UT. There are many interest groups on campus, and a lot of them interact with one another. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are tensions between some groups of people that wear different clothes or whatever. You can't exactly escape those kinds of stereotypes. A lot of people know each other (kids from big cities/ schools in Memphis/Nashville/Knoxville) and a lot of them are from similar socio-economic backgrounds. Most I think are middle-to-upper-middle class. I think students generally get along, however, despite background, orientation, race, etc.


-i think we are diverse. there is something for everyone -however, its important to be open to new experiences and ready to participate -students wear anything. i always wear shorts and a tshirt or dressing up for me...waste of time -there are more than four tables at the dining hall actually...but i honestly dont pay attention to other people when im eating! -TENNESSEE! virginia, ohio, north carolina -middle working class families -yes...GO CONNECT! haha -im not sure, i think we have a mix of both political views -nope


there are a lot of us but i like that


I feel as though the student body is very diverse and it is really great having a class with a diverse group of people and really getting to know them. Most UTK students are from Tennessee.