The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I think UT is a very diverse university and there is not really a stereotype about the people that come here. I think everyone just finds the people they want to hang out with and stay close to that. Its very laid back here and its pretty much anything goes.


Like I said, there are so many people here that diversity, to me, seems inevitable. I love it!


I feel like even though the student body is primarily white and Christian, there's still a large mix of students. I think everyone can find their place at UT. It seems like the majority of students at UT are from Tennessee, which isn't surprising, especially since the Hope Scholarship is so helpful. Students are fairly politically aware, with the majority of them in the Republican party.


I havent had any experiences with any of these groups. I dont think any student would feel out of place I mean the majority of the student body is white but I have not seen anybody being racist towards someone different. Most students wear either sweats or jeans and tshirts. Yes I think different types of students interact. One table is a group of greeks one is some athletes, one is a group of artsy guys and girls, and one is just your typical college students.Most I would say are form Tennessee butI have met alot from out of state particular the northeastern united states. I think the most prevelant financial background is middle to upperclass. Most students i know are politcally aware and alot of students are politically active.most are center. some talk about it but not alot.


I don't believe that anyone would feel out of place at UTK because there is so much to do and it is such a diverse campus. The different clubs and social groups create a very welcoming environment where anyone can find something that fits them perfectly! Everyone dresses pretty differently for class. Some people where sweats and a t shirt and some people decide to take two hours to get ready and show up in something much dressier. There is a good chance that if you're greek, you'll probably be wearing something that shows what sorority of fraternity you're in. A lot of people sport Tennessee spirit wear. Jeans and a t shirt are a very popular choice for class wear. Tennessee has students from everywhere. There is a big list of the different states and even countries that all the students come from in our Student Center. Most of the students are from Tennessee of course, but there are plenty of people from out of state.


There are a lot of religious groups on campus- especially Christian groups. I think that anyone who is not white or black would feel out of place. Most students where t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts to class with the occasional kakis and collared shirts from fraternity members. Most students are from Tennessee or the south. There are many different financial background, not sure which is most prevalent. Yes, students are politically active- there are political grous and clubs on campus. Predominantly conservative views.


I do not think anybody would really feel out of place here. This campus is extremely diverse. Students wear from pajamas to jeans and a sweater for the most part. Most UT students are from TN. Everything about these people is diverse, from poor to rich.


I would say that the student body of UTK is very diverse. I personally, do not hang out with a very diverse fact most of the people i hang out with on a daily basis are from my same home town. But I'd say we all come from different backgrounds as far as religion and socio-economic class. I would say that most of the students here do come from Tennessee, but there are still a lot from various other states and countries.


I can't even begin to describe UTK's student body. They are very diverse. No matter who you are, you will fit into UTK. There are students who are involved in everything academic wise, to those who are involved in everything sports wise, to students who just go to classes and work, to students who just go with the flow of the moment. When you go to class, you can find people wearing sweats, jeans, dressed up.. almost anything. You just wear what you want, and no one thinks anything about it. You can also find so many people from so many different racial and financial backgrounds. I would say majority are Whites and African Americans, but that doesn't mean if you are from a different racial background you wouldn't fit in, or even if you have a different financial background. There really isn't any racism here that I have witnessed. Basically if you love a big school and want to be off at college- you will love UTK.


I have come in contact with all sorts of people. Most students wear sweats and a t-shirt. Comforable clothing. I believe all students interact. Most of the UTK students are from TN. I would say financially most students are middle to upper class.


UTK is full of racial diversity, but in my opinion it is fairly segregated. In my hometown we have a lot of diversity, but we all mix and mingle together. At UT racial groups seem to intermingle within themselves, but not as frequently outside the group. However, there are opportunities that bring all of us together on certain occasions or for certain group organizations. Overall, I think everyone at UT will inevitably come into contact with many students who vary from them in gender, race, background, etc. whether it be through an organization, a study group, or another reason. I don't think there is one particular background or type of student that is more prevelant than another. Students vary from financially sound to students who are on full scholarship, from Latinos to Japanese, from outgoing to introverted, etc. That is one of the pros to such a large school, students from all different backgrounds and personalities.


I believe there are groups for just about anybody on campus, regardless of background. However, I think it is necessary to get involved at UT to enjoy it as much as possible. Most students wear casual clothing to class- like sweatshirts and sweatpants. I feel that our environment is laid back for the most part and comfortable. Most UTK students are from Tennessee however I have friends from Maryland, Virginia, California, and other states. To me, UT consists of a variety of financial backgrounds, but mostly middle class. Also, our political views are very diverse, with groups to accomodate each belief. I know my friends and I discuss our future careers/ salaries because we need motivation to study!


-- There are definite divisions between religious and other groups on campus.. it's really sad how divided the campus is --A really religious student might feel out of place; but the school is so diverse and large that pretty much anyone can find people to hang out with --most students wear tshirts and jeans to class --different types of students dont really interact all that much --most utk students are from tennessee obviously, and then majority are from nashville and memphis, and then some from chattanooga and knoxville. --all financial backgrounds, but you dont find many REALLY rich students here --pretty politically aware; left right and center --students never talk about how much they will earn; most are focused on partying now than where they will be after they graduate


Girls wear pearls and Wallabe shoes everywhere here, which is the complete opposite of Maryland (and the north in general) where girls are most commonly in messy-bun hair styles and sweats. Most UTK students are from in or around Nashville, from my experience.


Our student body is very diverse and open to anyone. We have over 200 organizations and activities that anyone could find multiple things suited just for them. Some of the best experiences I have had here at UT have been meeting random students around campus. I met people through Greek life, intramurals, class, going out on the weekends and mainly through routine things I do everyday. Different types of students interact all the time at UT. Even though a majority of our students are from Tennessee, we still have a large amount of out-of-state students and students from outside the U.S. I have heard foreign students say that they tend to end up all hanging out together. Students from other countries live with other students from outside the U.S., so to some extent, they are forced into a group of their own.


UTK has a lot of diversity, but the predominant group you mostly see are upper-middle class "preppy" types that tend to also be the ones that are obsessed with football and dedicate their entire weekend to pregaming, going to games, and celebrating them afterwards.


There is a great mix of people on campus. I think a student who is not interested in sports would feel out of place. Most students wear jeans and tee shirts or sweats. Yes they interact all the time. Soroity girls are all wearing letters and have their make up done. There is a table of athletes in sweats just from practice. the other two tables are both just a mix of girls and guys all having fun and eating. Most are talking and doing homework for the next class. Most utk students are from somewhere in tennessee. The most prevalent ses is middle class women. Yes most students are politically active. Predominatly left. Yes $ is a big deal in pickin a major for most people.


i am a white straight male so i cant really say. most student wear t shirts and jeans very casual. most student i would say are middle to upper-middle class. i am politically aware and active but most arent. mostly conservative. yes


i've been tryin to go to FCA on a religious standpoint but other than that i just go to class/ none/ casual clothes/ yeah alot/ there's really alot of different tables/ tennessee probably/ middle class/ yes/ right/ not really


Knoxville is located in the heart of the Bible-belt. Unfortunately, some UT students and community members have radical views and racism is still a big issue. However, UT offers several programs and groups about diversity, cultural integration and international experience. Several of the schools at UT have international outreach programs. These programs result in a large number of international students from around the world that choose to study abroad at UT. Therefore, it is hard to feel like a minority due to one's race or religion. Most students come to class in casual clothes, jean and t-shirts. However, the 8 a.m. classes usually see sweat pants and messy hair, but that is not frowned upon at all.


Most people I deal with are not in the minority. UTK lacks diversity, and doesn't do a great job of encouraging interaction with the minority student body. Most students wear school colors around campus, however the greek community has a good image as far as dress code goes, but then again, keep in mind the liberal/artsy crowd that dress in an eccentric manner.


- I attract quirky people. Therefore, I feel I've had a lot more interaction with individuals who are more diverse than I am. I originally joined a sorority when I came to UTK. I disaffiliated because I felt like everyone was a cookie cutter image of the person next to them. So, I began to participate in organizations like Team Vols where the person next to you is a different race, religion, ethnicity, etc. Diversity is here, but it's somewhat shadowed. - I would feel out of place at UT if I wasn't involved in anything. - Lots of studnets wear sweatpants and shirts. I personally dress up a bit more because I have a lot of clubs and events I attend during the day. - Different types of students interact outside of the Greek setting. I feel there is a lack of diversity among individuals who are in greek fraternities or sororities. Classes are diverse as well as other clubs and organizations on campus. - I dont really like the dining hall question. I personally eat lunch with different people all the time. Younger, older, different color, or race. I also eat by myself, you see a lot of that too. - Most UT students are from TN especially Knoxville, Nashville, or Memphis. - Middle class backgrounds are most prevalant. - Students are definately political. Groups are constantly set-up on the pedestrian walkway to increase awareness about environmental issues, government issues, labor issues, etc. - In the Greek system I'd say predominantly conservative, but I feel our campus is making a move towards a more liberal environment. - I think earnings is constantly on our minds, if not why would we come to college. But, I dont feel it is a major topic of debate at all.


I honestly don't think many students would feel out of place at UT. Every student can find his/her niche. Students who have never been around excessive drinking may be slightly uncomfortable, but even that side of UT can be avoided if so desired. Most female students wear sweats or jeans with Ugg boots to class. Dress is very casual, and you will get dirty looks from other girls if you wear heels to class! Male students just wear t-shirts and jeans or polos and jeans. Most UT students are from Knoxville or surrounding areas. There are a lot of students from Nashville. The majority of UT students seem to be from middle to upper class backgrounds.