The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I think the student body of UT is pretty diverse. Large amounts of the UT campus are from the Memphis and Nashville area which has its advantages and disadvantages. Since Tennessee (especially Memphis) is a very culturally diverse place, many of the students come to UT which makes our campus more diverse.


I don't believe any student at UT should feel out of place. I see different kinds of people everyday and think nothing of it, although I must say, I think UT is predominantly caucasion students. I believe most of the white students come from more money if not granted scholarships, because they have to get in- and most of the non-white students come from lower-medium income, because I know of different-raced students who just get scholarships to come here based soley on their race, because UT wants diversity. Although UT is a diverse campus, most types/race usually stick together.


This is why I love UTK! There are so many different types of students and people here that it's impossible to not meet new people that you will have so much in common with. People come from everywhere with all different backgrounds and so many students here are actually interested in learning and knowing about what's going on in the world. I don't think I know anyone who would feel out of place at UTK.


Everyone is different here. I wouldn't classify the entire student body in one category. Some students are very academically driven while others love sports. THe greek life here is very appealing as well. CLubs here are not exclusive to just one type of person.


The student body is very diverse. There are lots of rich people, but I don't think they qualify as a majority. I've met people of all backgrounds, with a variety of political and social views.


I think everyone here feels welcome and accepted. There is someone out there for everyone, it just takes time to find them.


Our student body is one which is drastically different as expected on any large campus. There are those who are Greek, there are those who are not Greek but you would suppose they would be, there are those "hippies" whom are the intellects and there are the athletes. Despite the difference though, you rarely see individuals be bluntly mean to others or automactically write people off; i feel like for the most part our school is very accepting and though you would think that, as many schools in the south, there would be linger traces of racism; I feel like for the most part there is none of that and that many students these days are open minded and accepting;


There seem to be a mix of the student body here at UTK. There are many different races, religious groups, and just about every group that you want to get in, you would be able to find something. I see different types of students interact all the time. It is easy to do this in classes when you have to do groups. I find that students from all over the world come to this university. There is a guy from Germany in one of my classes! Financial backgrounds are also very diverse amoung the students. Some receive a lot of scholarships to come here, while others pay in full with no problem. It is expensive coming up here, with housing and everything, but it can be done with help if needed i am sure.


I personally feel like a part of the student body, because I got involved with the greek community and a couple other organizations and campus ministries. I feel like it would be easy to feel "out of the loop" at such a large university.


I really havent seen any problems with racial or religious groups on campus. It just seems you find your group to be friends with and thats who your with most of the time. Most girls wear sweat pants and t-shirts and the guys usually just wear polos and jeans or khakis


their are numerous groups on campus. i think that utk is very diverse so many students could find a group to belong to. most students wear t shits to class anything to be comfortable.


There is a large greek/rich/white/upper class population at UT. But, being a LARGE state university, you have every type of student and every type of clique/crowd: Ghetto, bible beaters, LGBT, conservative, liberal, geeky, and normal!


It is very diverse here. I thought since I am from out of state that it would be hard for me to make friends but I have made friendships that will last forever. Most people at UT are from TN but there are a lot of out of state students. Students here are politically aware and they are predominantly right wing.


Student body is extremely diverse. I dont think anybody could feel out of place at UT. Ive seen everything from emo kids to frat stars.


There are not many races besides white, black, and asian here, so any other race would feel out of place. I interact with different types of students. Most students are from TN and if not they are from the south. Moat people are also on the upper class of society.


I am in a sorority and we work a lot with many other groups on campus. Students who are really anti-social may feel out of place here. We are a big community and you're never going to be known if you don't get out and meet people. Most students wear t-shirts and jeans/athletic shorts to class. You're pretty much going to get made fun of if you dress up for class. Most UTK students are from Knoxville, Memphis, or out of state. The most prevalent financial back grounds are rich. I'm not saying that you'll be shunned if you're not wealthy, but you might feel somewhat out of place. Students don't really talk about how much we're going to make one day, we just dream about it when the classes get us down.


everyone is usually friendly everywhere you go


UTK is farely divided. They have campus tours and then special African American tours. Dorms are segregated and campus life is generally segregated. They say anyone can visit the Black Cultural Center, but I dare any caucasian to walk in and be excepted. Fraternities are fairly racist as well. Greek life dominates but I love it. We have a very active SGA I am a part of. UTK also has many career based societies as well as majo based groups. To be Greek you must have some form of money as all greeks on campus dress very "fratty" and cost quite a bit of money. However, not as "fratty" as say Ole Miss or Alabama. Most Greek students lean right, while non-Greeks seem to lean left/libertarian. A student who has no ineterest in Greek life or sports would probably feel out of place unless they were enrolled in the honors program. Most students that go to UTK seem to be from Knoxville, Nashville(and surrounding cities), and Memphis respectively. Although many students dress preppy they do so by wearing croakies and greek life shirts, not necessarily polos and skirts, however it is not uncommon to see Polo button downs and Polos all over campus.


*I feel like the student body is probably pretty diverse, but I seem to be surrounded by a lot of people who are very similar. * I think foreign students would feel inferior here. *Most students are from Tennessee - mainly Nashville & Memphis.


the fan base is awesome. lots of school spirit


OUr school is a very diverse student population. There are many programs for all students no matter what origin or background. We are a very accepting university. Most students wear nice clothes to class...mostly jeans and tees or even polos and khakis.


mostly conservative southerners


I haven't not seen many discrimination acts on campus and i feel that is something that you should be able to take pride in on your campus. UTK is very diverse and that probably helps with the discrimination aspect. I dont think that anyone who came to UT could feel out of place there are so many organizations that they would be able to find a place where they fit in.


Everyone here is so nice, and willing to help you out whenever needed. There tends to be alot of crime on campus though. It seems almost everyone here is from TN, and they have that in common.


I feel that the UTK student body is so diverse that there is definitely a place for everyone. It seems that the various types of students are definitely segregated though.


UTK student body is very broad and unique. There are all sorts of students which is the way it should be.


A student that is close minded and not sociable would have a hard time at UT. The student body is mostly friendly and willing to lend a hand. Since UT does have a larger student body, if you ever wanted to establish yourself with an organization or anything, you would have to make yourself known.


There is a very divers group of students at utk. I have even met many international students. I dont think anyone would feel out of place because there is something for everyone.


All students are welcomed; most of us where t-shirts and jeans--naturally there are cliques though. UTK has students from everywhere...are we politically aware?? Yes.


I think UTK's student body is very diverse. Most students wear jeans and t-shirts to class. No one dresses up really, even though occasionally you will see some girls dress up. Freshman year is when the girls dress up the most I would say for the first couple of weeks of class. Most UTK students are from Tennessee, and I would say the two main cities that UTK students are from are Memphis and Knoxville. I would say that most people are from middle to upper class financial backgrounds.


I really don't interact with other groups of people on campus. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at UT b/c there seems to be a group for everyone. I usually see people in t-shirts and/or the polo/preppy look. I would say most students are from Tennessee, but there's definently alot from other places.


This is a very diverse school in all aspects, religion, race, econimical, etc. There are all kinds of people here. Anyone can find a group of people they like. There are groups and orginizations for every single person. If you come here and don't meet anyone you like, that is because you have not tried. That are people here for everyone. Class here is laid back as far as dress goes. you can dress up if you want, but with the hills you have to climb, you are just worried about your feet being comfortable. Heels are not an option, and if you wear them, eveything thinks your crazy because we know your feet are killing you. If you come to class in your pjs that is ok, or if you wanna look cute, that is fine too.


Students come in all possible forms, cultures, races, and economic backgrounds. No matter what your interest, there is probably a club or activity to fit you and many others who have the same interests. The only students that would feel out of place are those that have no interest in making new friends or accepting other people as individuals. Most students, when going to class, wear sweats, slouchy clothes, etc. There are the select few girls who you can tell are freshman in their first semester who dress up and wear make up and such to class. After that though, it's roll out of bed and into class. Many different types of students interact, such as Panhellenic Council. It's made up of 13 sororities and each is different, yet all work together at philanthropy events and other greek sponsored events. Most students I've found are from Tennessee...alot from Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga, but alot of out-of-staters too. Most people DO have a strong financial background, just because UT is a more expensive school and extremely high grades/ ACT scores are required to obtain full academic scholarships.


I have not had much experience with racial or religious groups on campus but they are definitely a big part of many students experience. I dont think any student would feel out of place. Most students are from TN but there are many that I come across that are from random places. I think there is a large range of financial background, but it is more on the lower side of the scale.


I don't think any student would feel out of place at UTK. I think students are politically aware, there are clubs called UT Democrats and UT Republicans. Students usually wear very comfortable clothes to class. I'm usually found in a t-shirt and jeans. I usually do not even wear makeup to class. All type of financial backgrounds are found at UT because so many people are able to go to college now because of the Hope Scholarship. Some people don't have cars on campus, while others are driving their Mercedes or BMW.


Most student wear causal clothes such as shorts and tshirts to class. Most UTK students are from Knoxville or Memphis


The student body is very diverse. You can find any type of person. Most UTK students are from Nashville, Cookville, and Knoxville areas. Most are middle class and not very wealthy. Most students are active with their religious affiliations and active in politics, and most have full time jobs.


Most students wear a T-Shirt and jeans. the students are mainly from the east coast, but all over the eastern region. Someone who is extremely liberal might have a few issues with the overall student body. however, they still probably would be able to find a place to fit in since the college is large. Someone who doesn't like to get involved and is quiet may also have a difficult time.


Well, students who are liberal in the way that they think would feel left out. We all tend to wear the same exact thing. The majority of students seem to be very wealthy.


Most students wear confortable clothes to class. Usually just a t-shirt, pants, and comfotable shoes. I dont think different types of students interact very much which is a problem and creates segregation.


Everyone looks like everyone else. Students usually fall into the two stereotypical categories of hippies or preps... very sad.


very involved, but i have noticed that the same people run almost every organization.


From what I've seen most of our students have a sense of unity within one another, but are also very active in everything going on campus.


im not really involved with religion at school but there are a lot of opportunities if i were. the greek community is great. my only complaint would be that panhellnic and white fraternities are not at all involved with the black sororities and fraternities and that should change. students and professors need to communicate more. i realize its difficult in large classes but i would like it if students were told earlier in the semester if they are not doing well in the class that way they dont stress at the very end and find that they still fail. dress varies alot, esp depending on the time of the class. overall, most people wear t shirts and jeans to class and dress up when they go out at night to parties. students arent very judgemental though when it comes to clothes.


The student body and UT is very diverse.


great student organizations, students wear casual clothing to class, most utk students are from memphis and nashville and rural TN, most out of state students come from virginia


Most students I would say wear their p.j.s to class. Nothing wrong with that but when there are a million hills to walk up who is going to put on their finest.


The student body is not as diverse as one would think but students are friendly and make the college experience great.


In my opinion, the student body environment is a very relaxed and accepting one. While a few students dress up to go to class, the mass majority of students go in shorts, jeans, and tshirts. This makes for a warm, relaxed environment that does not seem so straight-laced.


I feel that anyone who came to UT would be able to find a place where they fit in. There really isnt anyone that would feel out of place as long as they are open-minded and willing to find a place where they fit in. I feel that our campus is very diverse. Most students wear t-shirts and jeans to class. If you walk in to an 8:00 am lecture you will even see sweat pants, flip flops, etc. It's very casual.