The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Unfortunatly, I do not think that UTK is very diverse in race, religion, and socioeconomic status. I think that most students are middle to upper class white males and females. Most students that I know are from Tennessee or Virginia, although i have met people from all over the U.S.


The kind of student that would feel out of place at UTK is an LGBT student. What students wear to class depends on the time of day in the morning its not un common to see most kids wearing sweats and pajamas however as the day wears on kids clean up and start to wear polos and more preppy attire.


Diversity is a big thing at UT. We're all different, and that's what makes us UT. I think a student who feels out of place is one who has no desire to be social. Most students just wear whatever to class. It's not really a fashion show! It seems most students come from rich backgrounds, and most are politically active, predominantly left. Most students are from around Knoxville.


UTK's Student body is the most diverse group of people i have ever seen, and that is what makes it so great.


People that don't like football would feel out of place. Most students are from Knoxville and memphis.


The dress for class is casual. For the girls, typically a greek t-shirt, or a shirt that shows your status, along with nike running shorts, with either chacos or rainbows. for the winter all you have to do is slip some leggings on under your shorts and add uggs. and all year round you can wear your ray ban sunglasses and croakies. I am able to give such an exact discreption because almost EVERYONE wears this. for the boys: most boys wear a polo, or a t-shirt (greek or patagonia, or I ran 4 marathons in one day) along with jeans or polo pants, typically orange or any other light color and flip flops along with ray ban sunglasses and croakies and a baseball hat.


I think there's a wide gap between races on campus. It's really strange to see it so divided and I'm really unsure of the cause. I'm so happy that you can pretty much wear what you want to class. If you want to dress up: have at it but t-shirt and jeans is cool too.


The student body on the whole is very good.


I think the BCC should be more inviting to white people as well as black people..the people on campus i think come from middle to upper class...most people are very casual when going to class..I think most students are not politically aware..


I love everything I'm involved in and UTK has SO many opportunities that it's almost impossible not be involved in something.


I cannot for the life of me imagine what kind of student would feel out of place at UT. We have everything here! There is an active life on the strip and in the fort for kids who like to party. We have countless religious activities for students so inclined. For the preppier students, there is a thriving Greek community, and for the skater kids there are always large groups congragated around their skate-boards. Goth and emo kids flood HSS and Art and Arcitecture, and there is always some group of hippies trying to raise awareness of an obscure cause. I had a friend in my honors sociology class last year that was homeschooled from K-12th grade! I asked her what life at UT was like and if she felt out of place and she said, "Not at all! I'll admit that having a roommate gets to me sometimes, but I've found a community in the Chancellor's Honors Program and I have more friends now than I ever have before!" At a school this big, you just can't feel like the odd-man-out.


Students here at UTK know what they are doing and why they are here. Yes there may be a little partying going on on the weekends but during the week it is all academics.


There seems to be great diversity. Some students are more involved than others, but there always seems to be some student lead activity every single day I walk to classes. Students are able to get their ideas to others easily and they are able to speak their minds too.


It seems as though all students from all different backgrounds can feel comfortable on campus


The student body is very diverse. You will find students form all over the world, from all SES backgrounds, and ethnicities. Students that are politically actiev on both sides of the spectrum. There are students that interact but a lot of the time I've noticed students interacting predominately with other like themselves.


I considered myself to be very socially liberal. I have many friends that are of different socio-economic statuses, races, and sexual orientations. Though they do face some negativity from the extremely religious and conservative groups, they all feel accepted.


It's been very different from my catholic high school, but race and religious beliefs are very different with everyone, and most people that I know accept everyone


Here at the University of Tennessee Knoxville walking around campus you will see a little of everything. By that, I mean you will see people in all types of clothing. Some people choose to dress up for classes and others choose to wear sweats. It’s really a personal choice and no matter what you choose to wear you won’t feel out of place. We do have a pretty big Greek scene, but we also have people who wear punk clothing, great athletes, and people who like to be individuals. Personally, I don’t think anyone would feel out of place on this campus.


Most students at UT are from Tennessee and know one another. If you're an out-of-state student you'll feel left out every once in a while. UT is not very integrated, people tend to hang out with people that have the same skin color and/or culture as they do.


The student body is fairly diverse, but it is some what segregated. Different races/ethnicities -- as a whole -- choose not to mix with each other (for instance, the black people on campus will rarely mix with the white people on campus).


The student body is pretty friendly. I never hear any racial comments or religious views put down. Everyone seems to like everyone from what I have seen.


We're diverse. Sure the majority is made up of white-middle class-Tennesseans... but there is a little bit of everyone here. I haven't seen any discrimination towards one group or another, but I'm sure it happens. However, I doubt it's that bad because we're from the south, therefore generally kind.


The student body is very diverse. Everyone is generally accepted into their own groups. Clicks and groups seem to fade away during athletic events though, and everyone unites as one under the orange pride we all seem to have. Most people are from in state, but there is also a high percentage of out of state people and international students. I would say the best kind of person to choose UT would be someone who is looking for the whole package. UT is a balanced school with focuses on many areas of life, both serious and fun, and I think a student solely focused on one area of life might feel out of place here.


The student body is a mixture of every race. I have met people from India, and some from California, and even some from China. So everyone is mixed in.


Students are pretty laid back here, with dress and attire. But they show up for class which is more important. I think most students are polotically aware of things these days, and no matter what their view or opinion is, at least they have one.


UTK is very diverse. No student would feel out of place, unless they are just extremely shy.


I feel as though the vast majority of female students are in a sorority, while less boys are. Most students seem very enthusiastic UT football fans. Some students seem like they are only concerned with procuring their degree


The student body is mostly white and Tennessee or southern based. There are other types of people but not as much as many other colleges in bigger cities or more diverse areas.


I don't feel out of place but I am also the majority


I don't believe that the students at UT have a huge problem with any major differences among themselves. The majority of students here are from Tennessee, and many of them receive the Hope Scholarship, which is seen as unfair by some out-of-state students.


Seems like the student body love to complain but they do not do anything or don't have the power to do anything.


I would say that UTK has a very diverse student body.


There is a good combination I feel of diversity on campus, and most ethnic/ religious groups in my eyes are all well represented and accepted. Not many different types of students interact, unless they are in the same class and have an assignment. There is a rift between the greeks and gdi's. Most of the students are from in state. Most students i am around are socially conservative.


Most students that go to UTK are from Tennessee.


Very diverse student body with many different ethnicities and social groups.


The student body is great. There's a group or club for everything you could possibly think of. All things Greek have something to run it that you could apply for. We have a large intramural complex and 2 recreactional complexes. Students of all types and races play sports and enjoy clubs together


Most students wear jeans to class. Some will wear a collard shirt and others just wear a t-shirt.


A lot of diverse attitudes and personalities. Many different kinds of people attend this university and allow people to open up to multiple cultures.


I don't think any kind of student would feel out of place at UT. We are all here for a common goal, to better ourselves in education and social aspects of life. All students have their own groups they stick with whether it be Greek organizations, Student Government, Athletic Teams, ROTC programs, religious organizations, or other clubs. However, it is difficult to find people who only associate with their group only. It is so easy to co-mingle with the different groups, and I feel there is little animosity between them. Politically, I believe the student body a the University of Tennessee is extremely diverse.


Most of the groups on campus are pretty cool and not bothersome. However, there are some that are bound and determined to sway you to their thinking and will stand on the Pedestrian Sidewalk with pictures trying to make you feel bad. I'm not a supporter of those groups. There are such a wide variety of people here that I think it would be hard not to find someone you can connect with. You can find students dressed anywhere from pajamas to jeans and t-shirts to very dressed up. It just depends on what you want to wear.


There is not a very diverse student body at UTK. I think any student of a different race other than American may feel a little out of place, just because there are very few of them. However, all students here at UTK interact with all other students despite their race or ethnicity or religion. We have a lot of political supporters here at UTK and a lot of ways to find out information on current politics.


UT is so diverse. You see different people each day. Students wear everything to class, but you can definitely point out who they associate by what they wear. I do not think different types of students interact which is upsetting. I feel that UT is comprised mainly of students from Nashville and Memphis (and those towns surrounding areas). Many students come from very wealthy financial backgrounds. Students are politically aware/active if they choose to be.


I have done an ACE event with another race. No students feel out of place i dont think, there is to much to be involoved with.Students wear everything to class from a tshirt and shorts to dresses.Yes they do interact. The four tables would be filled with everyone. They are usually from TN. All financial backgrounds are here i feel.


UT is very diverse, but there has been a large influx of students are from Tennessee with the HOPE scholarship.


I don't really have any interaction with those social groups. Anyone who feels out of place here should just go home, because there are TOO many things offered here for them to feel out of place. Some wear their PJs if they have morning classes, but its usually casual unless you have a presentation or something. Yes, I think I interact with different types of students in class that I don't know if I would outside of class. I don't really know about the 4 tables... maybe: Frat boys, sorority girls, the GDIs, and then the computer geniuses?? I think that some people can fool you about their financial backgrounds. UT students are from ALL over. I think for the most part the older students who have already gotten to vote are more politically aware. I would say we are in the south so we're still conservative, but we're leaning a little towards the center. Some kids speak of money outside of school, but I don't talk to them.


My only real experience with a group on campus has been my sorority. I personally do not know what kind of person would feel out of place. I think if you come to UT not knowing a lot of people it is important to get into an organization as soon as possible to help networking, etc. I do see different types of students interacting and I think a lot of that comes from classes and living in the dorms your freshman year. Class is a very casual atmosphere for most people and it is never very dressy. I think most UTK students are from TN which can be intimidating to an out of stater like me!


I haven't had any issues regarding this. There are all kinds of students at UTK, so I don't think any kind of student would feel out of place. Most students wear jeans and a t-shirt to class. Different types of students interact, but a lot of similar types of people hang out together. The tables don't really fit any distinct groups. Most UTK students are from Tennessee. Most students are middle-class. I think that most students are politically aware, but not active. I think they are mainly center. I haven't heard many students discuss future salaries, just future jobs.


I feel UTK is very diverse with many different people. MAjority of people wear comfortable clothes to class.


I've been in religious groups on campus. It was nothing forced or strict. I really think UT is big enough that everyone can find their place and not feel out of place. Most students wear jeans or casual pants and a t-shirt. Hardly anyone really dresses up or tries to look nice for class. A lot of people wear tennishoes too I guess because of all the walking. Different students do interact I think. Probably starts in the class with group projects or an interest in the material. Most UT students are from Tennessee middle class probably. Many students are very politically active. Both parties are well represented I wouldnt say a huge majority is politically active. The only time I hear people talk about how much they'll earn one day is really in a joking way, even the the amount may be true.


I feel like UTK is a very diverse campus, and you can find your niche somewhere. All of the students are very open to different kinds of people or people of different cultures or races.