University of Arizona Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not like large crowds of people, constant energy and events surrounding them, and someone who does not like hot weather.


The one piece of advice I would give a person considering coming to this school would be to have an open mind. This kids at this school have no tolerance for bigotry, racism, and hatred. You need to be accepting of other people and what their way of life is no matter how different it is to yours. So as my younger brother moved into his dorm this year as I was leaving mine, I told him to be patient with other people no matter how different they are to you. This is who I believe should attend this school.


I think that if you AT ALL like the ASU Sundevils, dont even think about stepping a foot near Tuscon! This is Wildcat Territory, BEAR DOWN!!


This school is very involved in Greek life, which is good if that is what you're interested in but bad if it is not what you are looking for. If that kind of thing bothers you then you should not attend this school.


A person who struggles to learn in big lecture halls. A lot of the classes are taught in this manner, and it has been a problem for me in the past. More students means less one-on-one time with the professor, less time to ask questions, and more rushing through material.


someone who doesnt want to get a college degree


The University of Arizona is very welcoming to students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. From my experience at this institution, I cannot think of any student that would not feel welcome. As long as a student is willing to both put the time into their studies as well as get involved with other students, anyone has the opportunity to fit in here.


I do not recommend for a person who does not like to get involved to attend the University of Arizona. Everyone at this school is involved one way or another, even if that means just attending athletic events in the ZonaZoo or going to office hours with a teacher. In all honesty, there is a place for everyone at this school. Personally, I am more on the shy side but at Arizona they make you want to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. I do not see a problem with anyone attending the University of Arizona.


A very shy and quiet person with no connections in Tucson shouldn't go to this university.


A person who is a constant procrastinator and lacks motivation should really consider whether they can handle the stress of classes because with these two characteristics they won't survive. Also, a person who's looking to party every night should definitely not attend this schools because getting caught up in the party scene will only interferre with homework and eventually catch up with them. Learning from my own past experience partying will only lead to the destruction of your once good gpa and motivation to exceed.


The UofA is a large school and people who want to be part of a more centralized community should probably attend somewhere else. Some people do not feel comfortable being a part of something big.


The kind of person who wants to do all the time is party and fail their classes. Also not taking full advantage of the scholarships they earned and waste them.


People from all walks of life are encouraged to apply for and attend the University of Arizona. Everyone can benefit from attaining an education here. However, if you are not willing to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you or you do not have any drive, initiative or motivation to make an effort and do your best, you need not apply. As far as your education goes, you will get exactly what you put in.


The University of Arizona is a school that opens opportunities for students, is accepting of all differences, provides safe places, and prides itself on its' spirit. Any student would fit in at the UA, as there are different niches across campus. From a wide variety of clubs offered - a Harry Potter club and ultimate frisbee club included - to on-campus jobs, there is a place for anyone. I would say that if you are a student looking to get through school without being heavily involed on the campus, dont attend the UA.


Introverts should not attend this school or people who do not like crowds. There are a lot of students that attend this school and the classes are fairly big.


Honestly in my opinion, anyone and everyone who can should attend this school. But if I had to say what kind of person shouldn't attend this school I would have to say, someone who isn't ready to have the time of their lifes here in college.


people that just want to go to college to party and not go their for their career goals


I feel that the University of Arizona is a school that has a place for everyone with its many clubs and ways to get involved. The student body is very diverse, quite friendly, open to trying new things and meeting new people, and accepting of every students individuality. This school is very big into school spirit so if you are not excited or ready to be a die-hard wildcat for life, this school may not be the best fit for you.


People who dont set goals for themselves and dont take their academics seriously. This school's social life is very big so it is important that those to attend dont get caught up in the partying life. Arizona pushes for its students to practice academic integrity and if you arent willing to do so then you shouldnt attend.


Those who just want to drink all the time


Someone apathetic - This university is filled with a plethora of opportunities for students of all career paths, so do not let it go to waste.


This college is accepted of all types of people. There is not a single person that would come to this school and be discrimminated or unwelcomed. It is a very warm and welcoming school, with hundreds of possibilities to succeed.


"Students" who should not attent this school include people who excessively party and waste their valuable time. With all of the rigorous required by the University of Arizona, not a lot of time should be spent on partying.


Someone who wants to experience four seasons rather than just 70 degree weather almost yearround.


A person both unwilling to work hard and unwilling to branch out. There are so many great opportunities in both education and social activities at The University of Arizona. If one isn't willing to take advantage of these, then they should attend this school.


People who are not willing to sit down and study for their classes shouldn't go to this school. You need to study for all of your classes if you want to succeed.


I do not believe that there is any reason that anyone should not go to the University of Arizona. There are over 300 types of clubs, over 20 athletic teams, student government, and academic groups. This would allow anyone to be able to fit in and make new friends with similar interests. I came from a different state and I still was able to make lots of friends from my classes and being involved/ school spirited.


A person not willing to work strenuously hard in their academic studies should not attend the University of Arizona.


People who hate high temperatures.


Someone who knows exactly what path they want to go in. I mean is 100% sure. This is a big school and one can get easily lost or swallowed up in the decision making process while attending. The sooner you know the better and faster it is to obtain your degree in a timely manner. An organized individual is also important as it is solely up to you to keep up with the required course work and your degree check.


I don't believe that attending my University should be limited to a certain group of people. I believe that people are meant to work hard for what they want and if someone really wanted to attend this University, they would work hard enough to get here. At the start of high school, my parents informed me that if I wanted to attend college, I would have to find a way to pay for it. Through hard work and dedication I applied for every scholarship I could possibly find and ended up at a 4- year University.


The kinds of people who shouldn't attend this school are those that simply don't like Tucson or the Arizona environment; the university has something for all kinds of students, from social events, to studing abroad and research opportunities, to excellent programs and education in all fields of study.


If you don't like the heat, don't come to the University of Arizona. That being said, the campus provides sprinklers to walk through on your way to class in the morning, but by the time you get to your seat in the classroom, your clothes and hair are bone dry.


The kind of person that should not attend this school if any would probably be someone who is antisocial and not motivated in school. There are some people that come to college just for the social aspect, and others that come for the academics, but if you have no desire for either of those, this school is porbably not for you.


Students who are driven and ready to work hard should attend this school. If a student thinks they can get through college with little work does not fully understand what a unversity lifestyle is like. There is much reading and outside work required to do well in class. It will not all be spoon fed to the student through lectures.


Anyone should attend the U of A, this is such a great school that meets the needs of it's diverse student population


The type of person that should not attend the University of Arizona is someone who is not willing to work at their education. College is the time to explore new things and break out of your shell, yes, but it is also very serious work and should not be taken for granted. Therefore, if you can't take your education seriously, then you should not attend this school.


The University of Arizona is a great place for everyone! In my time here I have learned that school is what you make it. One simply needs to find their "niche" (which is not difficult here, as there are tons of opportunities) and try new things. It is so comforting to know that in a larger school one can be a part of a smaller group of similar students. I strongly believe that any type of student could be successful and enjoy college life at the U of A.


Any person can attend the University of Arizona. There are many different kinds of people here; artsy, sporty, the ones that study a lot, and many more. There are many different ethnicities, and religions here as well. So any type of person could fit in very easily here with almost any group of people, or multiple groups.


If the thought of a small college town centered around a very large university with extremely strong school spirit incites any emotions other than excitement and curiosity, then this probably is not the best college to attend for an individual. Tucson is one of the oldest small towns in the west and proves that with the old architecture, roads and historical sites. If a person could not see themself happy in this kind of environment, is best to look elswhere. In addition to the small town, the University is also 39,000 students strong and classes are typically 100+ large.


The kind of person who should not attend the University of Arizona is a person who isn't self-motivated. In college, professors often don't even know who you are, and are most definately not gonna be telling you to turn in your work. Compared to high school, you must be able to keep track of all your work and due dates. If one is not self motivated and responsible, they should definately not attend the University of Arizona.


At the University of Arizona there should be no students who are not willing to give their college experience everything they have because here at the university all studnets should make the best of every thing available to them.


I believe anyone can attend this school. There is a wide variety of people and if you search hard enough you can find your niche. This school is slightly more populated by ex-football players and cheerleaders, but there are still artsy, nerdy, students here that don't fit the stereotypical sorority/fraternity mold.


Anyone not looking for a good time, solid education, and a path for success in their future.


Unlke any university, everyone has a place at the University of Arizona. Diversity is a beautiful thing that is embraced and any person can find a club, laboratory, honor's scoeity or even soroity/ fraternity. Not only is financial aid made easily available, and friendly service to boot, anyone should not be alowed to miss a grand opprotunity to experience academia at one of the most highly rated and well equiped universities in the nation.


A person who is not interested in greek life. A person who prefers a small school setting. A person who prefers a college town. A person who prefers to walk around the town. A person who likes the ocean and water.


A person without ambition or goals should not attend the University of Arizona. In order to succeed within this school, you need to work for what you want because only you can hold yourself back from your dreams.


The University of Arizona will force students to learn what they need to know for their mayor. Given that for a student to learn what they need to know effort is required, the Univeristy of Arizona is not easy. Then, if the person attending this school is expecting an easy way to success, then this University shouldn´t be an option for her/him. In other words, someone who believes that one can get things for free without really earning them is more likely to fail in this school.


A person who is self driven, as well as dedicated. The University of Arizona provides every student with a multitude of tools to succeed. There is the Think Tank, which is where you go to get extra help on work. Tutors are available and all professors hold office hours. It is up to the student to decide their success. A student who is willing to put in the work and effort to suceed is one who will strive at this school. Study groups are commonly made, a student who is not afraid to meet new people.


A person who is looking for constant rigor and prestige shoudl not attend this school. A person that cannot stand heat, 100 degree weather and dry climate should not attend this school. A person that doesnt like to walk far distances between classes should not attend this school. If you disklike small towns dont attend this school. If you are not a drinker, dont attend this school.