University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Focus. Don't let the social aspect of college take over what you are really in college for. School should always come first no matter what. Waking up for that 8am class was not as bad as you will think that it is. Have fun but also remember that you are paying for this education and you can't let outside forces mess up your future. Be smart.


My life as a high school senior was different from many students. In the beginning of my senior year, my Mom was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The first two years of my college life were spent living at home and going to a community college. If I could go back and give myself advice, the first thing I would tell myself is to stress less. I value my grades and work hard to get almost all A’s, but sometimes I lose sight of the most important moments. I would tell myself to have a little more fun and to take more pictures! Take your studying time seriously, but don’t miss out on important opportunities. Always keep up with your chapters, so that you don’t get stuck studying for three days straight before a test, which I learned the hard way! If I could go back to my senior year of high school, I would not tell myself that I was going to lose my Mom at 19, but I would tell myself to work hard, be proud of yourself, and don’t forget to breathe.


Hey, Alex! I know high school is coming to a close very shortly. Cherish the moments with your family and friends before you go away to school. It will be very strange being out on your own (no parents for the first time in your life) and it will be a scary transition into the adult world. You will have to study, study, study to keep your grades up, but remember to make lifelong friends along the way. I want you to promise me something. Find your passion. I don't care if you decide you want to study underwater basket weaving at UNCG. Happiness is the most important goal I have found in life. College is the perfect opportunity to find your passion, whatever it may be. Go out and start dreaming! Once you find your passion, the steps to your long-term goals are at the end of the tunnel, my friend. Work hard; stay focused. Remember that your professors are not only your teachers, but your friends. Engage with your teachers and your classmates! Get involved at UNCG! You can do anything with passion in your heart. I am so proud of your accomplishments. I love you.


Don't do anything different. Join the Army Reserve because you'll get to experience a lot more than your average teenager and learn a useful skill. Come back home after a year in training and use your education benefits so you're not in massive debt. Best part is, you only graduate a semester later than the rest of your peers you graduated high school with and you've done way more. You also get to meet great people, many of which are fellow service members, reconnect with your best friends that you haven't been able to see in a long time, and even become VP of your school's student veteran's association. Seriously. No matter what, don't change a single thing.


Hey pretty lady, can I bend your ear for a tick? Remember how you were unsure how to choose a career, because you’re an introvert? Well, knowing yourself is key to making meaningful decisions about your future. It’s the most vital part of seeking long lasting career satisfaction. Explore yourself in entirety. College is not like it looks in the movies. It is NOT all about sorority parties, finding a best friend for life, and overnight study sessions jacked up on Starbucks coffee and Sbarros pizza. It IS, however, all about repetitively: listening to lecture, reading textbooks, internalizing concepts, and regurgitating wisdom from your noggin onto a Microsoft Word document. It is trying, but every day gets you closer to the life of your dreams. Oh yeah, and PLEASE invest in comfortable sneakers, because you WILL be hiking your fifty pound textbook-laden backpack all over the land of scholarly aspirations. And remember, being on time does not consist of pulling into your parking spot two minutes before class starts. Campus officials design the property as a maze to weed out people who lack punctual manners. Be on time for your success. High-five! You can do this!


I would go back and tell myself to not stress so much. I have an anxiety disorder and I let it get the best of me my freshman year. I would go back to highschool and tell myself to make sure I set time aside to take care of myself. I would tell myself to make sure I go to campus events and have fun, because not only is college about gaining education but it is also about making an experience for yourself. I would tell myself to cope myself up in my dorm room studying all the time and to go have fun and relax. College is a learning experience, not from just the academic stand point, but also from a growing standpoint. You learn so much about yourself. I would make sure I would tell myself to make it worthwhile.




I would tell myself to stick to your guns and not compromise on any of your beliefs, no matter how appealing the other ideas sound. I would also tell myself to be careful who you start to fall for because, frankly some of them are idiots, even when they make good grades.


The best advice thaat I could give myself is to be prepared for anything. It is quite easy to maintain academics when you are stress free but when you are constantly worried about funding your education, you are less focused on your academic work. I would tell myself to look for jobs on campus as soon as possible and save money instead if buying nice things for the dorm or a few new items for the wardrobe. I can not express the seriousness of having some stored up money enough because life threw my a curveball called tuition and no one but my mother is trying to help me. Most importantly, I would want my high school self to know that it is ok to not be perfect and to allow herself to be helped and loved by others.


If I could go back in time to high school I believe I would have gone sraight into a 4 year university rather than transfering from a community college. Attending a community college first allowed me to save money and finish certain classes but in the long run it only hurt me. This is becuase when I transfered some of my classes that I was told would help me didn't and then I was told I had to take other classes before I could start my major.


Knowing what I know now about college and the large transition that occurs after going there, I would tell myself to listen more to my own needs. Not everyone needs to go to a four-year university right away. I think that I needed a year to truly figure out who I was and what I was looking for in a college education, and I wasted valuable resources during that time. The most important thing is to know yourself, and think about what's really important to you. This will be the most beneficial criteria when selecting a college. However, if you do not pick the "right" college, know that the experience is what you make out of it. You are in control of how much you enjoy your college years. I would have told myself to listen and learn and listen and learn some more. This is what college is all about.


I would tell myself to buckle down and not lose focus on what's ahead of me. I would also tell myself that college will not be easy and that I will have many hard tasks thrown at me. I would keep reminding myself that I will need to focus really hard on time management and how to learn new ways to do so.


I would tell myself to take it all more seriously. When in high school I didn't realize the value of applying for scholarships and other sources of money to pay for college, I do now. My high school self was a lot more go with the flow kind a guy, and let possible opportunities pass by just from being lazy, or not realizing there value. I would also tell my high school self to develop great study habits while you have the chance, all the work happens so quickly, and you need to be prepared. Late but not least, I would tell my high school self is prepare to have fun. Go out and talk to people, because if you don't your time in college, will be less enjoyable. I am now in my second semester of college, and in my first semester I never left my room or socialized, and I was miserable. This semester I have found a good balance of a social life, and my school work it is amazing.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, the most important piece of advice I could give myself would be, "don't wait, you need to get out there and start getting stones turned for your future." Sure the future is terrifying, but the thing about putting it off is that there'll always be a new tomorrow waiting on you; you literally can’t from escape it so the best thing for you to do right now is man up and take charge of your life while you can.


I would tell myself that no matter how much I think UNCG is for me it isn't. Wanting to get out of the house and still be able to see the person Iw as dating without being too far isn't worth it. There is nothing wrong with UNCG, it was just not the right chocie for me. And I am a completly different person then I was when I was a senior in high school. Just be nice to people and keep your head up, because there is going to be things wrong, but there is going to be a lot that is also right.


Hello self, I would just like to start off by making sure you continue to breeze through senior year, enjoy it because I'm not sure you will fall in love with the course load that is in your future. Yes, it is going to be tough, yes you are going to have many dilemmas and yes it is a huge transition, but just remember to take it one day at a time and most importantly always remember that you can do it. I know it is such a simple phrase but you can. There are strugglig single mothers and fathers out there taking on college, sacrificing quality time and staying up hours after a grueling 12 hour shift who are determined to get to the finish line and are succeeding at college. If they can do then why can't you? All you have to worry about is getting that education and being the first in your family to get it. You are a strong willed and bright young woman. Keep your eyes set on the prize. It's your dream, now go chase it and remember; Pain is temporary, but if you quit it will last forever.


Hmm! What would I say to my younger self? I’d start with “You should get rid of those bangs”. On another note I would start with widening my pool of colleges that I applied to. I don’t think I believed in myself the way I should have and played it safe. Looking back I had the GPA along with the extra-curricular activates. I love my home state and wasn’t ready to go but now I wish I had. As time goes on and your professional career takes off your life tends to get away from you. It becomes harder to venture out beyond these NC boarders. I would tell younger me to see the bigger picture and cast a wider net even when it comes to choosing clubs and activities. I usually gravitated towards activities were in line with my personal interest such as philanthropy, newspaper/yearbook and social chair. Thinking back I might have taken up drama club to practice my public speaking skills for my persuasive speech course. Learning is a continuous effort that never stops and you should try new things, fear will do nothing but hold you back so go for it.


My advice to myself is I would have taken the SAT in high school. I would have also took the time to meet with my guidance counslers in high school to apply for college earlier. I would have applied myself more in my classes , joined clubs & organizations that would have enhanced my resume and transcript. I would have also volunteered by giving back to my community as they have helped me along the way. Then, with my financial aid I received over the years I would have managed my refund checks better by saving it throughout my college career instead of spending it all every semester. That would have reduced my student loans and saved me the stress of having to worry about how I'm going to pay off my student loans after graduation.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior about college I would tell myself to stay calm. The transfer to college is exciting and difficult, but the most important thing is to stay on top of things and stay calm. Professors can be forgetful and financial aid advisors have to take care of your whole student body. So as long as you stay on top of everything you need to take care of, it will get taken care of. In the long run this will help you with time management and make people appreciate you for being aware. Also, being independent is important, but don't think that you have to live far away from those you love, it will only make you lonely.


If I was a high school senior, in regards to college life. I would have taken more AP classes. This would have helped me transition better to college life. It would have also put me in a position to obtain my degree faster. I would have put in more of an effort to make the best grades possible. I would have also done some volunteer work like Habitat for Humanity or the Animal Shelter. The one thing I know that I should have done different was take all the Spanish courses that were available. I would have had the credits necessary for my degree. I feel I could have been able to absorb the language better back then. I also would have worked more and saved more money. I had no idea how much it would cost to get a higher education. Maybe I wouldn't have to borrow so much to go to school. The last thing I would have doen was TAKE THE SATs. I don't think I missed many opportunities or made bad decisions, I would have just changed my methods of how I did school work inside of school as well as outside.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would definitely tell myself to not procrastinate. Getting things done in a timely manner is always better. I would tell myself that getting your work done before anything else is always the most important thing. Waiting till the last minute can not only end in bad grade but can also feel rushed and not be your best work as a student. I would also tell myself that if you do not understand something in school to always get help for it. Tutors are a very good thing and could go from struggling in a class to making it simple and ahead in the class . Further more I learned that you not only have to be studious but also have a social life sometimes taking a breather and relaxing can help while studying hard. Never over stress yourself but also make sure you get your work done. Last piece of advice I would tell myself is don't be to discouraged if you get a bad grade because you can always turn it around at any moment and change it into something positive.


I would tell myself to stay at home and go to a community school for two years and then transfer to a four year institution. I would also tell myself to get a job while in school and save as much money as possible. Lastly I would tell myself to stay focus on what is important and why i chose to attend a higher institution of learning in the first place.


Staying on top of homework is essencial. It is important to manage your time and make sure that you stay on top of your school work. Balancing school, friends, and work is a difficult challenge and so it is important to keep a planner to keep track of everything. On the first day of class introduce yourself to your professors to make that connection with them right off the bat. Make sure that you get involved in school activities early on. It will help you make friends and connect with the school. Also be careful of roommates. If you aren't careful you could end up with someone that is hard to get along with. Also, be wary of relationships. Coming into college I probably wouldn't have been in a relationship. I would have perferred just focusing on the colllege experience instead of a high school sweetheart. And finally, just have fun and enjoy the time you have. Freshman year is such a great experience and it is important that you savor it all, because once freshman year is over it get's a lot harder and things begin to pick up.


I would tell myself to be independant. Don't rely on anyone and focus on youreself and your grades. I would say that college isn't what I'd expect. I'd also tell myself to build up a strong working background in high school because that will help in college and afterwards. Also look up reviews online and be sure you pick the right college for you. I love my major and teachers, but the school now isn't for me. Weigh your options more and don't just day yes to the first school that accepts you.


Freshman,principle honor’s. Hello, don’t be freaked out! In my present you will be sitting at your computer realizing trying to prove how great you are, heart filled passion to dedicate the rest of my life to helping children, just like us or worse off than we. You will have moved back in with, I know you won’t believe it but YES! Your mother! I know times are hard but what will happen is your parents feud gets worse you will be kicked out lose your credits TWICE! And have to start all over. DO NOT GIVE UP! Push hard. Back to the Future see it and all will make sense, no in 2006 all the way to 2013 the world does not end. Listen going to college late sucks, we have no kids, our skin is white and we work our ass off barely able to afford one class without aid. Community college is a mad house hard to get the info that you need. We go online mostly and it works out, but it is slow. Work hard now and miss out on the BS much better. Gotta go OH YEAH! Don’t start smoking!


I would tell myself to not be afraid and worried about the unknown about college. So instead of waiting to go college, I would attend right away after high school. I would tell myself to look for colleges not in my local area, but for a school in-state but at least an hour or more away. This way I could learn more about who I am and who I was meant to be before I turned 30 years old. I would tell myself not to care what others thought of me and realize that high school isn't the end of my life. College will help determine your future, you goals, and yourself. Waiting to go to school several years after your high school counterparts will only make you feel more out of place than high school did. I would also tell myself to have fun while in school instead of having no social life. Maybe this way, you could find a partner in life, get married, and have a child before the age of 30 as well. If you do wait to go to college just remember going to school later is better than never going.


My advice to my high school senior self would be that no matter how much I think I know for a test, I still should have studied. My senior year schedule was by no means easy but for my AP English 4 class and honors anatomy class we often had very basic daily quizzes that I didn’t feel needed to be studied for. These quizzes were fairly easy and I often wouldn’t study because I would still make A’s without that study time. I felt that because I could easily pass these quizzes, it wasn’t necessary. Now that I am in college and have had classes that have daily quizzes that are also easy, I realize it is still important to study. No matter how well versed on the subject I feel, it’s always important to keep the habit up of studying for any test or quiz no matter how easy or insignificant that it may be. 5 minutes of studying could be the difference between an A- and an A+ and those few extra points are vital to making the highest possible grades and getting the most out of your education.


I float over and taste the cotton candy clouds. A voice penetrates the serenity. My wings go limp, and I’m falling. I jolt awake. I’d slept through class…again. “Wake up!” I spin, falling off my chair. My doppelganger stares at me. “Thought I’d find you here.” He says. “I’m future you.” I bolt for the door. He beats me there. “Just squeezed through a quarter-sized wormhole to come here and advise you.” He says. “Listen.” “Okay...” I croak. “In college, you can’t sleep in class. You can’t slack and expect to scrape by tests. maximum effort is needed. Stay focused. Girls can wait. Ask questions, swallow your pride, and seek help when appropriate. Be on you’re A game, Not just athletically, but also academically. You’ve never missed a day of soccer practice. Hold your classroom attendance in similar regard, if not higher. Without knowledge, we have no dreams. Without dreams, life is a hollow shell.” “I don’t understand...” I tell myself, puzzled. “Langston Hughes can clarify.” Future me says. “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” Suddenly, I understood.


I would tell myself that high school is only the foundation of what is to come. You get your feet wet in high school, but you will get soaked in college. You will become responsible for yourself in college and it may feel good at first but the yearnings for home will sometimes come back but it is not to tell you to come home but realize how truly special home is and what you have to look forward to.


Plan ahead. Plan. Ahead. There is no going back and knowing what you know now, no second chance to undo this grade or redo that course. Remember the all-powerful permanent record we all dreaded throughout elementary school? Your high school transcript is the real permanent record. Your entrance exams for college, your extracurriculars, even the courses you take and the AP tests you pass will determine what happens next and no amount of wishful thinking will rewind all the oversights you've made along the way. So plan ahead. Please. For both our sakes.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I will tell myself about retaining information. In high school we were taught to remember what will be on the test or final exam which was not beneficial in the long run. Now that I am in college I’m learning some of the basics and those basics I have forgotten. I have forgot the basics and things I learned just a few months ago in high school already because I did not retain information that I studied for because it was only short term. It kills me when I am in class and we are talking about something that I learned my senior a year and I remember learning it but I can't remember any details that could have helped me in a discussion in class to share my knowledge. It is always great to remember things you have learned because it makes it easier to learn new things. If I would have known this before I came to college it would have been easier for me to transition with all my new classes and the time it took me to study.


FRESHMAN! Their are a lot and I mean A LOT of distractions on campus that will you busy and entertained, but please listen to that little voice in the back of your head that is telling you what you really came here for, a degree! Don't get too caught up in the college life folks.


Freshman should be aware of how little there is to do in Greensboro for free. I am used to camping, swimming in lakes, and hiking trails on the blue ridge parkway. In Greensboro, there is an arboretum and a bog garden that you can walk through free of charge. That is about it. Otherwise, you're coughing up some money.


Since you know that you are going to college and you know that your parents do not exactly have the money to send you, you need to first look at all of you colleges of interest and see when their scholarship deadlines are. You also need to seriously search and apply for any and every scholarship available; you have no room to be picky. You also need to focus and do not stress yourself out when you see the requirements in order to become a nurse because that is just setting yourself up for failure. I know that I can do anything I put my mind to because I have a desire to succeed and when the desire burns, you always answer it.


If It Had Come Deluded: Okay...ignoring that time travel is impossible... Experienced: Think within the frame of possibility from future time, not the frame of impossibility from this one. Deluded: Psycho…but let’s say I believe you. What do you want?Experienced: Nothing. I’m here to offer you advice, pure and simple. Make friends.Deluded: That’s it?Experienced: You consider yourself a moderately intelligent person and, most of the time, you are. But you think that intelligence is the only thing that is required for success in this world. You’re wrong. I promise you that college is not what you expect. You will have obstacles to overcome and, yes, you will eventually surmount them and become a better person from your experiences. I also promise that I have mountains of advice that I could offer. But to avoid altering those valuable experiences from which you will learn, I offer only one suggestion: make friends. Your college years will help define who you are as an adult. By secluding yourself and only focusing on the educational aspect, you miss out on so much. Let loose and have fun. Loneliness destroys. Make a friend. Be a friend.


Some people might say that college leaves you in debt and only gets you a flimsy pieve of paper. Well, it does, but there is so much more to college than money and a degree. Growing up, college was not an option. My Mom expected me to attend. Luckily, I saw great value in higher education and learned a greal deal from my time at UNCG. I received an excellent education and graduated with a teaching liscense. Now, I am a teacher. Teaching 6th is a passion of mine and after a year of living my dream, I knew I wanted to learn more. I now attend Elon University and am working towards my masters degree in Gifted Education. UNCG gave me a career. It gave me hopes and dreams. It also gave me everlasting friendships. I met some of my best friends in college. I learned how to be a leader in various on-campus groups. I was challenged to be a better person by the staff and my peers. Most importantly, I had fun! I did end up with a large debt, and a flimsy piece of paper, but it was completely worth it!


College has been a wonderful experience to meet new people and strive for a better education. I love how college definitely matured me in time management and continues to mold my life. I never thought going to college was such a big deal until I arrived on campus. I know I made the right choice in going to college to set a better pathway for my life. I now have a thirst for education and I will continue to strive towards my goal in being a nurse. I know I can do it, espcially if its something I am passionate about.


While I have been at UNC-Greensboro my grades have slipped. I have learned in the process that there are alot of options and help out there. I enjoyed all my classes and professors. It has been a value to attend here because I have meet alot of professors willing to help me with my career and help give me sources. I have changed my major to Anthropology because of all the help I have recieved.


One of the most important lessons I have learned during my experience at University of North Carolina Greensboro is to always follow your dreams. Working hard and self-motivation is essential for success both in college and the future. There will be days when it will be difficult and seem almost impossible to achieve goals but those that can triumph during difficult times are those who will get the most out of life. If I were to give advice to an upcoming college student I would tell them to keep their priorities straight, always remember their goals, and to always do their best. I would also tell them to have confidence in themselves and to never stop until they reached their dreams. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the wrong crowds but it is important to remember that college is only four years long, a short time if you stop and think about it, and what a student learns here is the basis for their future. Soak up as much knowledge as possible and reach for the stars because with the two anything is possible!


College has showed me that life can be so amazing and wonderful. There is much more to life that what I knew coming from a small town. I have learned that diveristy is an amazing thing. I have also blossomed as a person. I am much more prepared to become a productive memeber of society and I really think my college experience is the reason.


My college experience has helped me grow as an individual. I have grown to love learning. This love of learning has made me more capable of hearing the wisdom of those around me. I have learned to better appreciate the gifts that each individual processes. This has assisted me in claiming my own gifts, strengths, and abilities. College has taught me how to be a stronger more confident individual as well as a more conscious and effective team player. In addition, to the personal growth, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in my career and in my life.


The education I am receiving at UNCG is extremely valuable to me because I know that I am receivinga high quality education and will easily be able to obtain a career in my line of study. I feel that the grades I receive effectively reflect the quality of the work that I have put into each class. UNCG has inspired me to become a more organized, hard-working person and I am proud to say that I am a student here.


By passing through a community college before attending a four-year institution I have given myself valuable time to observe the different possible scenarios and choose the right plan for me. I haven’t had to rush into any one major or university only to switch later on and find I have wasted time, money, effort, and enthusiasm. What's more, I’ve been able to do so with relative tranquility and less pressure thanks to the lower costs of attendance. By the time you transfer, you have already accumulated 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your major’s credits at about 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the price of the in-state tuition of a four-year school. Fortunately, this does not also mean 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the quality of the classes, for the most part. In fact, I’ve had some great classes here which have helped me to further confirm my interest in my major. I’ve even been able to engage in research with a professor and, of course, still have access to other opportunities such as internships. Meanwhile, I have built up a great GPA and, more importantly, my confidence in college-level work, ensuring a successful experience at my next school.


My college experience was a very valuble learning lesson. I was unsure of what I wanted to do so I picked something that sounded interesting and stuck with it. I graduated with a BS in Dietetics and have really enjoyed working in the field, but have since learned that I want to take a different path and return for a second degree in Education and Spanish. I am a firm believer that education is always an investment and while I may not have picked the right degree the first time it did give me the opportunity to discover what I am really passionate about, teaching! It also opened my eyes to the need for ESL teachers. So it may have taken me a little longer to discover what I want to do, but I would not trade anything that I have learned or experienced along the way. Now I am older, wiser, and know exactly what I want to do!


My college experience taught me a great deal about responsibility and time management. It was valuable for me to attend because many of my employers have noted that a four year degree is preferred. In addition, by earning my degree, it showed the potential employer my ability to complete a task and the desire to succeed. As a result of my previous college education, I have decided to return as an adult student to gain the skills within the healthcare industry. I will now have the opportunity to pursue a career in nursing that I have always had a desire to do so.


From college I found out that it is basically the real world. Nobody is there to make sure you're doing your work because it's your own responsibility. What you do falls on your head and nobody elses so you have nobody to blame but yourself. It's valuable to attend because it makes me realize the type of person I am and helped me discover what I want to do with life.


After leaving my job and having no where to get hired back I choose to back to school. It is the most valuable thing I have ever done. Not only do my accounting classes help me in my life as I learn, but also school has shapped me into a well rounded person.


Out of this first semester of college I have gained friends, knowledge, and experience. It has been valuable in so many ways to help me in pursuing my nursing career. College is very different from high school and I feel that everyone should be able to experience going to a university.


The friends I've made here are amazing. They've helped me grow and so has the whole college experience. I've grown up so much as a person being here. I've been challenged, supported, and excited about where my life is headed.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have learned what it means to balance a social life, school and a job. My classes have all been really good and have taught me what I need to know for my career path. I would not have wanted to go anywhere but UNCG. I love where I am at and who I am surrounded by.