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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Live on campus at least once, get lots of experience outside o the classroom, get to know your classmates, have fun.


A college education is important to you right? Of course it is! You should never rush to pick a college. You should not go to a college just because your friend is going or because someone thinks it is ?cool? or especially if it is a ?party campus?. You should do your research because this is your life and it?s your future and I?m sure you want it to be a bright one. You should visit different college campuses and see which one is best for you and fits your major the best. Once you get to college, you should definitely get involved. Don?t be scared to meet new people and join clubs. Being in college should not just be all about work, but also about meeting new people and networking. College is a wonderful place and you should enjoy every minute of it!


Visit the school. Sit in the Cafe and just listen to people taking. Ask questions to students. Pretend you need help finding a building and see what type of responses you recieve. Attend a class of a recommended professor.


My best advice for those who are seeking the best college for their children or themselves, would be to visit the University before you apply to it. You can love everything about the school that you wish to attend on paper, however, once you step onto the campus, you could hate it. It is all about feeling comfortable and having the feeling of "fitting in" that is really important. You will spend the next four years of your school career and life at this school, and if you are unhappy, you will not be able to focus on your studies. Another thing that I would suggest for those who are seeking the right college is to research all of your resources on that specific campus. It is important to know what resources you have once you attend that school and how to best use them to your advantage. I know from my personal experience I knew about many resources that my friends had no idea about. Many of my friends came to me for help because they knew that I was well aware of everything that our campus had to offer. Overall, make sure that you visit each campus.


?You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.? - Christopher Columbus Finding the right college should be a student's main priority while in high school. Though academics should be your first priority, you must find a college that you will be happy and satisfied attending. If you are at a college getting the best education possible, it is absolutely wonderful but college is also a time in your life where you become independent and create your pathway in which you will take through life. This is why you must choose a well-rounded school that is perfect for you. This includes looking at the school for all of the right reasons, such as academics, extracurricular activities available, diversity, etc. Just remember, as Columbus said, in order to go into your future, you must maintain the courage to lose sight of the past.


When it's time to apply for college, it's best to explore all your options. I applied for colleges that interested me and offered Nursing as a major. It's important for parents and the college-bound student to do research and make plans to visit the potential college. It's also a good idea to attend an event in the community where you'll be going to school, especially if it's sponsored by the school, so you can get a feel for the environment. The best advice, from experience, that I can give students is to make the best choice for you. Don't make your decision based on where your friends or boy/girlfriend is going because you're not putting your best interest first. College life is what you make of it. Don't be a hermit outside of studying for classes because then you can?t possibly enjoy this life-altering experience. It?s important that you study and have some time for a social life. Join clubs, go to peer discussions, athletic events, and theatre performances because being active broadens your horizons and makes you appreciate the college culture.


Parents: Although you want the best for your child, you have to let them choose the college they feel is best for them. Although you can provide insight, don't force your child to one place because that's where you graduated, or that's what you think is the best school. Students: It's ok to try new things. If you want to have a boring first year, then you should definately sit in your dorm room by yourself and not talk to anyone. If you want to have fun, then get out there and meet new people through getting involved on campus. As a Senior, I can't believe that 3.5 years of my life have flown by. I have gotten too caught up in assignments and work to just enjoy being in college at times. Do yourself a favor, and experience life, and appreciate the time you have with friends, they are really worth it.


Visit any college that interests you as much as you possibly can, talk to as many advisors and current/former students as you can, and get a feel for the atmosphere of the surrounding area/city.


Going to a liberal arts school was the best for me. I didnt know what I wanted to major in and UNCG had a variety of choices. I had a lot of friends in highschool that attended schools like NC STATE, where you either major in science or agriculture, and most of them wound up transfering. When you graduate highschool and you claim to already know your major, chances are you are going to wind up switching out of it.


Parents: listen to what is important to your child and while your advice and counsel is paramount, the decision should be the child's. Don't stifle them, but stop by for lunch or send those care packages because they miss you too. Students: don't look at just the environment or just the academics and don't pick a school just because its prestigious or easy to get into. apply a lot of different places evn though its a hassle. Don't be afraid to change your mind in order to best follow your dreams.


Make sure to ascertain the student's preference to size and see which universities fit the bill. Then, look at the average GPA and the rigor of the academic program in which the student is interested. After that, contact the presidents of the clubs in which the student is interested and see how big they are, how they interact, and the level of connection they share. If the student plans on living on-campus, he/she should take a tour of the residence halls available to freshmen so that he/she has some idea of what it would be like for each campus. The campus that appeals to most of the aforementioned criteria should be a great selection for their home away from home.


Go to a college that offers the major and resources that you need. Dont go because of your friends. Take the time to think about your career path and your future. Learn about your school before applying. If you think it through carefully you wont regret your decision.


Don't choose a school for it's majors. Think about the setting you feel most comfortable in and go for that. Also, when visiting, talk to more than just your tour guide and keep an eye out for how many students you see outside and what type of activities theyre doing.


Research all the colleges you're interested in and visit them!


College is a very exciting time for many young people. It's important to put alot of thought into what school you would like to attend. My advice to students would be to choose a school you have thoroughly examined. Visit websites and take campus tours just to get a feel for the school. It's also important to ask questions if you need some information specified. Also, consider the academic requirements. Parents should assist their kids when it comes to understanding financial aid because that can have a major influence on your college experience. Sports events are huge in college, so another thing you can do is attend a football or basketball game. This will give you a chance to socialize with current students and get their opinions. Plus sports events are always alot of fun. It's solely the students choice when it comes to choosing a school. Parents are a great resource, but they should also respect their child's decision and support them. The first year of college can be pretty rough. I would strongly encourage students to keep in contact with loved ones. They can help bring you back to reality when you need it.


I'd say that you must go visit all the colleges that you are interested in attending and go with the one that you feel the best at. I decided to go to UNCG because I love the campus, I have friends here, it's close enough and far enough away from home, and I like the town as well. The most important thing as a freshman in college is to make a big effort to meet people and make friends. Freshman year is the easiest time to meet large amounts of people because everyone else is just as new as you and looking for friends. These are the people that you usually end up sharing your college experience with, so make it count!


Check all campus interested in and choose the best one for your major.


Selecting a college is a very personal process- for many people, location and prestige are probably the first factors to weigh. If you are interested in going to a college based on prestige (reputation of programs, faculty, etc.) remember to consider that you may end up changing majors. For example, if you intend to go to MIT but decide you'd rather study French, you may regret going to such a scientifically-minded school. If you have diverse interests like these, you may want to steer yourself toward a more well-rounded school with many liberal arts options. If you are looking at schools based on location, remember to also consider that you will be attending for scholarly reasons- do be sure to look at the majors and classes offered. Essentially, you will need to look at the whole picture. Once you are at school, remember to enjoy your time there- be social and try new things. Also remember that "Student" is listed as an occupation for a reason- school should be your first priority. With hard work, you are sure to succeed. With a carefully chosen school and cultivated social life, you are sure to enjoy it!


Don't live with your friends from high school! Branch out, get to know people, and take chances! Also, choose a major that has a professional school, not just a liberal arts major, because you'll get a lot more guidance and support.


Look around and definitely visit all the colleges you are interested in. If you don't you may end up somewhere you dont want to be. Once you get to school go out and meet people, join some clubs, if you are taking a class you know will be challenging don't be afraid to talk to professors, get a tutor, work out a study group, etc. Spend your time wisely. There are always people to help you make this experience one of the best of your life. Use them to your advantage that's what they are there for.


Really do your homework when it comes to looking for schools. Pick one based on what you want to major in, not because it's where your friends are going. When visiting a school, go when a tour is scheduled, but then go back with a parent or by yourself so that you can see the campus without a group and a guide telling you where to go. Your first week there is going to be scary. It's a big adjustment and a culture shock for a lot of people. But remember that there are people on campus feeling the exact same way you are. When you go to classes that first week, the teacher will more than likely tell you to find someone to buddy up with to get notes from if you miss a day. This is the easiest and fastest way to make friends. Just because it's college doesn't mean that everyone is looking down on you for being a freshman. It's not like high school where you can look at someone and automatically pick a freshman out. No one knows what year you are until you tell them. And just have fun.


The best advice that I can give to parents is to allow your future college student to pick his or her own school to attend. It is not your choice, it is your child's choice because if your child goes to a school just because they know that 's the school that you wanted them to attend, there is strong possibility that your child will not be happy at that particular school. As for the students, I believe that the best thing for you to do is visit all of the schools that you have applied to in order to get a feel of how that school is. During the tour of the school, make sure you ask a lot of questions pertaining to the sizes of the classes, social life, and financial aid, all of these questions are important for you to pick the right school for you. You also want to ask how many students actually attends that school because the size of the school will make a difference in your academic success.


Make sure to do your research. Not only that but actully go visit the school. It also helps to have a major in mind but if you dont know its ok because I keep changing mine. Think about location and if you feel you can handle being a long way from home or close to home. Also, get involved with activities or clubs at school it will help you make friends and connections.


My advise would be to make sure the student likes the atmosphere the campus presents not where their friends are going or the parties the college student presents but that you have a place to look forward to when he/she comes from home. The awareness that all the educational programs that you want to be apart of are offered at the college and any extracurricular activities you would like to committ yourself to are available. To have the best college experience would be to know that time means so much more when you get here and take all opportunities to know about everything because its the only place in the world that you can learn values and various cultural identities without having to go some place else. Make sure the student knows themselves when they get because finding that there is so much more out there and coming to college without the self awareness will leave you lost. This is not a place to find yourself, your experience should be to come here and build on your character it's all about YOU and YOUR life. This is an experience to learn life and make something of it.


Don't let anyone or anything tell you you can't do something. Money shouldn't be an issue because there are so many scholarships, grants and loans out there. Find the college that feels like home in your heart and embrace it. Find one that offers courses that will help you get where you want to go. Look on the websites, brochures and take campus tours to not only see the facilities, but also look for the campus activities, the student life outside classes. Choose a college that will be comfortable to you but also challenge you at the same time. Choose one that encourages a social life as well as academic success. Make the most of it by not being afraid. Take chances. Make new friends. Go to the library at least once. Do things that you've never done before. Join a club sport or be a group exercise instructor. Don't feel confined in the norms of college life. While it is expected to graduate in 4 years, don't rush yourself. Of course, you should always do your best to succeed, but don't overwhelm yourself. Stress does not look good on young college students.


Good luck


good research, not only academically but also for the town, extra curricular activities and the college sports.


Tour lots of schools and evaluate the pros and cons of each. Don't base your decision on one or two factors. Students, get involved early on and make a good effort to meet lots of different people.


The best advice I will give parents and student about finding the right college is make sure that you find everything about the school you like to attend. Try to go to the school that has to do with what you want to become in life. Don't go to a school just because your friend wants to go. Reseach the school very well.


My advice to parents when guiding their children towards college is to let your teenager make this decision for him/herself. Give them advice, set boundaries if neccessary (ex: price), but this is the time in their lives to hand over the reigns. Your child, as scary as it sounds, is now expected to be a fully functioning adult by the university - the truth of that assumption may be disputable, nevertheless, it should be a decision that feels right for him/her. To the future university students I would advise them to never rule out one of your top choices before visiting the campus, the name isn't everything, and to take the path less traveled. It is impossible to get the feeling of a campus froma website. If you get in, it is at least worth taking a peek at. Also, the name of your school isn't as important as you may think. Sure - basketball trophies, bowl titles, and famous graduates are factors in what makes up a university - but just because a school isn't as well known doesn't mean that it should be ignored. Finally, don't pick a school because your friends did.


Students finf the right school for you not because your parents want you to go there or because its a party school but because it can enhance your career path. Parents let the student choose with just a little of your supervision. Students know that you are the one paying for their college but let the student feel like they have some say so in what they want.


College is the first taste of independence for many students. The most important thing parents can do is to allow their children to grow up and understand that involves making mistakes and learning from them. College is about learning to make decisions on your own. The first decision is choosing which college to attend. Visit the campuses. Meet faculty members in the discipline that most interests you. If it is possible, stay overnight on campus and travel with someone to classes similar to the field you wish to enter. This is a decision for the student and student alone. What a campus looks like on paper offers no real indication that it is right for the student. Parents need to be the ones a student can turn to for help reasoning through this decision. It is difficult for parents to take the back seat and let the student make the deal, but this experience is as new to you as the college application process is for the students. A parent's job up to this point has been to prepare their child to make decisions and be a grown up. Let the student be the grown up.


I would tell both parents and students to take their time in deciding which college they want to attend. If necessary visit the college more than once to make sure it is the right one, don't just pick the one that looks the best or that you feel is right from the internet, actually visit the school and get to know the area and the school and decide whether you will be ok attending that school and make sure you can make that school feel like it is home to you. Your first choice is not the absolute best one for you, it is ok if you feel that you need to change schools.


Pick a school that you feel most comfortable at- even if it is not where your parents or you originally wanted to go.


Don't do it for the social experience while that is always fun you have to put academics first. UNCG is a great school, I love it and I am honored to be here studying.


Make sure that you follow what is best for you or your child. It's not about following a legacy or fulfilling tradition, but it's about finding the right school for you and what makes you or your child happy. Select the school that offers the right atmosphere and has a friendly environment. Be sure to follow your career plans and the steps that are conducive to those career plans, which also includes selecting the right school for YOU.


Students are in finacial needs, it is best to start off small by attending to an IN- state collge. Bigger schools are not always the best schools because imagine being in a class of 30+ students, do you think your professor is going to be able to recognize everyone in the class? Not really because of so many students attending at one time, so it is best to try to avoid attending big classes. It is important to choose a major that pleases you because it is based on what you love to do. With the major you choose, be sure you chose the college that involves your major. Also, be sure to consider building a relationship with your professors. All honesty, the smaller the classes & the more your professor knows you, the better. If the professors see that you are trying, they will most definitely help you. Living on college campus can be fun yet boring so it is best to find a college you can fit yourself. There are certain colleges that have students that have immature partying and havoc probably over 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time. So choose the best residential place either on or off-campus.


For students, they should take a campus tour of all the colleges that they're interested in to get a feel for the campuses, and make their decision based on that. Students should choose a school that they would feel comfortable at. And parents should be supportive of their childs' college choice and I don't think that they should try to influence or pressure them to pick a certain college. That decision should be totally left up to the student. At college, you should get involved, do your work, and have fun!


Going to college doesn't just have to be for getting into a certain work field. The information that you receive here will open your mind to many different things, so its best to come here for more than just a sufficient job. I am a computer science major, but I have a dream to create an entertainment company. So far, I've been able to get information for all aspects of the company I am trying to create, such as writing tips when creating cartoons and fictional stories, leadership abilities and speech preparations. If you have a dream, then the best place to start on it is in college.


Don't ever completely rule out a college without first visiting. In the same way, never decide on a college without visiting. The quality of the people who go to the college can either make or break your college experience. Also, don't get caught up with a college's perceived prestige. Just because one college has a more impressive past doesn't necessarily make it the right college for you. There are so many colleges that you can pretty much guarantee that you will find your perfect match. Don't settle for one that seems like it might be a good school. You'll be the one spending the money to go there, you should feel attached to the campus.


UNCG is the best!


The student should not worry about what the parent's views are too much, but look more into what their own thoughts are. If an institution has a strong appeal and attraction to the student, then look forward to attending that university, because that is more than likely the best-suited place.


Look at all aspects of a school before choosing and make sure you visit to see first hand if it is the right choice for you.


Visit the campus of each school you are interested in and try to talk to current students. Even if you have decided on a major, pick several other options you might like and try to find a school that offers a strong program in each, because you never know when you will change your mind about a major! Be flexible and look at schools you wouldn't usually consider. Get a feel for the area around each college as well (for examble, is there a grocery store or mall nearby?). Overall, just go where you feel the most comfortable!


Parents and thier possible students should visit colleges before deciding. You need to go on a regular weekday, not a "parents day," just show up. I think that parents and students will get a better feel of the campus and day to day life on-campus. Students need to decide for themselves, parents need to let their child make the big decision in the end. This is very important. Young students need to be incharge of this decision that will shape their entire adult future.


Ensure that the university has a well rounded large quantity of programs to offer. You ARE going to change your major...try to stay in something that is close to what start as, otherwise, you might become a 5th year senior.


I would say to definitely consider whether or not you want to attend a small or large college. I never realized how big of a decision this was until I actually attended UNCG my first year.


Being someone who has already had to make the decision of what college to attend, I would have to say that visiting the campus is the absolute most important step to finding the right college. When you have found the right school, you will feel great, and welcomed as you walk around the campus. Search for schools that offer your intended major, and visit them. When you feel inside that you have found the right school, go with your gut instinct. You have to feel good walking around campus, knowing that you will be walking up and down that campus for the next few years. Also be sure to tour the residence halls, knowing that most school require that you live on campus as a freshman. Hope this helps!


You should find a college that is fits you. Size is very important. Large schools are impersonal and seem cold. Small campuses are more personal and have a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere. I prefer the middle sized campuses so you can get an individual learning experinence, but also have diversity on campus and meet a variety of people.


Its not about the money, its about the people you meet, the experience you have and the memories you make.