Quick Tips to Staying Fit


Quick Tips to Staying Fit

Just because you moved away from home does not mean you have to give up your daily work-out routine. In fact, colleges today offer a variety of options for those looking to get in a little exercise from time to time. Depending upon the size of your campus, you may have access to many of the following student perks. And better yet, many fitness activities on campuses around the country are FREE for students!

Golf – Do you miss hitting the links at home? Well, good news. The golf courses at many college campuses can be just as nice as any public courses, and they might even be less expensive. In fact, while a typical round of golf on a public course may cost more than $30, your student I.D. might get you on the school course for around $10.  Be sure to skip the cart fee and walk the course for added physical benefits!

Swimming – Most schools have an aquatic center for students. Check with the facilities center or activities desk and find out the student hours. During this time period, students typically can use the pool at no cost. An hour and a half of swimming burns the same amount of calories as an hour run, so during those hot months, there’s no need to skip your exercise routine.

Running – College campuses often offer a variety of options for runners. Students can use the track (when not in use by the team), nature trails or general areas around the campus for a run. Be safe when running at night or during early morning hours; always run with a partner.

Tennis – Many campuses have tennis courts available for student use, and tennis is a great way to burn calories and work off stress. Grab a friend and enjoy a set or two together. Upset about a recent grade or frustrated with your dorm partner? Whack a few tennis balls around for an hour or so, and you're bound to feel much better.

Weights – The majority of schools today have fantastic exercise rooms available to students. Some may charge a small fee to students to access all the features, but it’s typically well worth the cost. Most of what you find at local health clubs or gyms is also available on campus, such as free weights, cycling, treadmills, and more.

If an individual workout routine doesn’t suit you, or you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise while at college, another healthy option for fitness is joining one of the numerous intramural sports on campus. By making a commitment to a team, you are more likely to workout regularly. Intramural sports are also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Whatever you decide, be sure to incorporate some form of exercise into your new college life. Your body…and your mind…will thank you for it.