Top 10 Things Students Should Know About URI Sports


By Katie Hansen Unigo Campus Rep at URI URI Cheerleaders

Here are some top facts about URI sports that you know about:

1. Games against big rivals such as UMASS are almost impossible to get into. Lines for tickets really do start the night before so get your sleeping bags ready.

2. At freshman orientation, you’re taught a few cheers and are told that you have to know them word for word if you ever want to go to a game in college. Well, that may not exactly be true, but if you are going to a game, get ready to yell and cheer throughout the whole thing.

3. Basketball season is the most popular of them all. Games are always packed and they tend to be the most exciting. If you go to only one game, go to a basketball game.

4. Everyone is wearing something that says URI at the games. The most popular is the “rhody nation” t-shirts, so I suggest you show up in your URI apparel.

5. Especially at the basketball games, you’ll see one of the fanatical fans do something he does at every game. He is painted completely blue and runs around the entire stadium about 3 teams and makes everyone do the wave. It is something expected at every game.

6. If you’re really a huge URI sports fan, you should join the fanatical fans, or as they like to call themselves, “the mob.” But get ready because they are at every single game, faces painted and cheering more loudly than anyone in the stadium.

7. Stay during halftime because we surprisingly have interesting halftime shows every once in a while. Usually it’s just the cheerleaders or the rametts, but sometimes they get acts like gymnasts and acrobats to put on a show.

8. Don’t get discouraged that there aren’t a lot of pre-game activities. Going to the games are still a lot of fun and very exciting.

9. Our mascot, Rhody the Ram, loves to get the crowd going. Be sure to keep an eye on him because he is usually dancing or running around the stadium for the entire game.

10. URI may be a small school but when everyone goes to a game, it is a lot of fun and they can be really exciting so don’t be lazy on those Saturday mornings. Go to games, they are definitely worth it.

The above mentioned top facts about URI sports might help if you wish to participate! You may also check these fun and unusual college sports that you might wanna try. 

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