Miami Dade College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have so much to say. I would stress the importance of attending class and keeping a high GPA because those things are what affected my acceptance to my college of choice. I would redeem all the inside scoop behind the frustrations of attending this particular college. I would make myself aware of how demanding the SAT and ACT tests are and how they can set you ahead in pre-req classes , allowing myself the availability to study hard for them.


My Miami Dade Honors College has been the trigger that released the mental and emotional intelligence needed to benefit from my next level of education. My first year of college has been an unusual type of fever, with very different symptoms. Symptoms included a surge in self-assurance and assertiveness that have provided readiness for challenges ahead. Being a freshmen in an Honors program has been a true test to my abilities. High standards, leadership opportunities, service learning and rigorous academic curriculum have forced me, over and over again, out of my comfort zone and pushed me to reach for my utmost potential. One short year ago, I had no clue of how much I was capable of accomplishing. My success has been a combination of much hard work along with seizing all the opportunities that have come my way.As I enter my sophomore year, I have experienced a relapse, the virus has gotten much stronger with a more persistent strain, College Scratch Fever. I would have never guessed how this would redefine me and the roads which I would travel.


If I had the ability to go back in time and confront my younger self, I would not hesitate to emphasize some valuable insights. First and foremost, I would try to vividly express how important an education is. That was one of the main conclusions I came up with after attending one semester in College. From experiencing one bad semester and several good ones, I finally realized how much I was gaining from grasping all the knowledge that was being given to me. I was entirely consumed and exceptionally willing to learn, a feeling that I didn’t carry with me in High School. The work however, was not easy so I would not fail to warn myself of the sleepless nights that await me, as well as the substantial commitment that I will be signing up for. I would tell myself to flee from any distractions and remain fixated on what’s important as well as to be prepared for any sacrifices or any failures. Besides that though, I would most importantly tell myself to enjoy my last year of high school as much as I could because it is a year that unfortunately, cannot be relived.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself not to focus so much on work and making money, but rather employ the bulk of my time on my studies and on doing the best I could in school.


I would stress the importance of maintaining a high gpa because the competition for good schools is tough. I would advise myself not to lose my focus and concentrate on graduating with a degree at a younger age because the older you get the more life throws your way. Responsibilities begin to pile up and it becomes more difficult to focus on your studies. I would finally say that all work and no play can burn you out but to always know the fine line between taking some time to unwind and relax versus slacking off and procrastinating.


The advice I would to my "high school senior" self is to never to feel discouraged to try new things. These past two years I have had a wonderful experience transforming myself into a more coinfident person who looks forward to the challenges that lie ahead and is not afraid to ask for help along the way. While success is important, I have also learned that failure is just as important because I got to learn more about myself through my mistakes. Finally, I would tell my "high school senior" self to immerse yourself with other people who share your interests because they are the ones who are going to be there for you during your years in college because they know all the feelings you are going through at the moment and are willing to be there for you in times you feel lost. College is wonderful and it is the time in your life that you are going to make important decisions and the time in which you create memorable experiences.


When I was young, highschool was not the very best encounters for me, but I made the best of it. If I had a chance to speak to myself in my senior year, it would start off like this: Listen to your counselors. As a senior in highschool, receiving calls from counselors' was the worst call that a student can receive, because of the agonizing lectures of scholarships, and paperwork that would have to be completed before enrolling into college. It is always in the students best interest to listen to counselors, because they have their best interest. Relax, it's not over yet. It is a scary time for anyone who does not enjoy change and prefers the easy route to life. It is possible to lose friends that have been obtained in highschool, or lose habits gained from it, but once that graduation song kicks in, it doesn't matter anymore. Relax, because it is not over yet. Even if highschool was not the best encounters I have had, it is still a gateway to success. If I was able to speak to myself in my senior year, this advice would have made my process to success easier.


The advice I give out is imperative to keep in mind, because my memeory is not so good, the only way I managed to keep my memory from being forgotten is definatly drink green tea, it helps maintain your memory, also start eating healthier, natural and beneficial foods stimulate the brain and ameliorates your mind. Another important advice is to always, in everyone of your classes to sit as close to the front row as possible, but avoid sitting close to the walls or the room, because that is where the lay backed students sit. Hypathetically speaking, the professor has assigned that everyone must be in a group and stay with that group for the entire semster, because you decided to sit away from the front row and close to the wall, you are stuck with a group of lazy, boring, short-term memory loosing, useless and lost bunch of class inhabiters, maybe that is not a real word but they should not even be called class mates or cohorts because they prove nothing of helping you in your study skils or class work. Instead, these useless humans hinder and impede your abilities to learn, avoid those people and areas.


Hey, I know things may be tough now and I now you would like to see things differently. Don't fret. Things to get better. Our life may not be perfect, but it is good. These struggles you're going through right now are to help you become stronger. To achieve a better you. Which clearly you do. Stay strong. Stay focused. And never stray away from your heart. Also study. Read books. Stop playing so many video games. Shoot I transferred from console gaming to phone gaming because you'll see that you don't have time for that nonsense anymore. And hey, don't be afraid of talking to that "someone" who catches your eye. You won't always get a second chance. Well that's all I have for you. The rest has to be a surprise. Take care buddy. And...keep smiling. It helped me. It'll help you. Later.


I would have told myself back then that I should be more confident about myself and the arduous study and work I put towards being a good scholar. I didn't apply anywhere else than MDC Honors. I had some schools in mind but didn’t researched them enough to expand my opportunity range. The competition as a transfer is much difficult now. Yet, I would have also told myself to not be afraid to ask questions and contact alumnus, faculty, and people in my field of interest. I did was in a disadvantage because I attended a small-private Christian school on scholarship. I did not realize until too late that they were not equipping me with the necessary tools and resources to enhance my marketability, apart from the academics. Early in high school, I should had taken control of the path I wanted to take and do my own analysis. I had just came from a foreign country; language and economic hardships were prevalent and prevent me from taking such action. Regardless, I do not regret the choices that I made so I would told myself: “you are doing well; go all the way to achieve your success.”


During my senior year of high school I was in an emotionally abusive & sometimes even physically abusive relationship. So, if I could go back in time I would say a lot to myself. It would probably go along the lines of, “Madison, you are a strong girl. You are beautiful & interesting. You don’t need someone who makes you feel badly. No one deserves this treatment, and no matter what you can’t change someone. You have greater & better things ahead of you. Bruises shouldn’t be associated with love. Leave the things that don’t strengthen you, and instead focus on the memories you could be making with your friends. Focus on school, apply to more scholarships, don't let your GPA drop, & most importantly have a lot of fun. It isn't a lie that once you leave high school you'll miss it.”


If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self to slow down. I would want my high school self to enjoy the college years and work hard. Choose your classes and your major carefully, what you decide now, creates the path for the rest of your life. You must love what you are doing, but what you are doing must also be financially benificial. Do not depend on anyone or any pretty picture you paint for yourself. Set yourself up to be self sufficent, independent, and successful. Do not worry about where you fit in right now, that will all fall into place later. Try new things, aim high, and go for your big goals, college is the time to make those big jumps, not take easy outs. Once life in the career world starts, it's hard to go back and redo your dreams. Enjoy your time and don't give up.


Work hard and keep that strong work ethic throughout your college life. It's easy to get lost in the coursework and if you're not on top of everything going on in your classes you're eventually going to realize you're completely lost. When it comes to college time lost is time wasted, and when you waste your time it'll take you longer to get your degree. So when you enroll take mandatory classes alongside electives like that it won't take you longer to finish your mandatory classes because of the math and science prerequisites you haven't taken yet.


I would give myself a wise advice like "study more and concrentrate more on your studies, maybe do some duel-enrollment classes to be more ahead of the game. Also to do good in school and keep my grades and GPA higher, investigate more about college and its requirements too so when you out there in the "real world" you ready !" That would be the advice I would give myself as a high school senior.


If I were to go back to my high school self I would tell myself to better prepare for the college courses I will be taking. Also, I would make sure I tell myself to do everything to my full potential and do not hold back on anything. I would make sure to apply to as many schools as I can and also learn more about the different majors there are out there. I would also tell myself to speak to an advisor about different careers and the different opportunites out there for you. Most importantly I would tell myself to never lose focus and do not let anything bring you down keep striving for success no matter how tough college may get at times.


Let go of what you know now and rethink your life, because in college thats all you do now a days. You are still trying to figure out who you are and it is perfectly fine if you don't know where to go or who exactly to speak to college is different, it's better. you have people from all walks of life, people with different goals, in different fields of study, and the multitudes of possibilities is encouraging. Good Luck!!


I would have many ideas and thoughts to share with my younger self. One of the most important pieces of advice would be to make friends with all kinds of people. Whether or not they are smart, wealthy, and attractive is of little importance. Enriching social experiences can come fom the most unexpected places and situations, so it is important to stay open-minded. Something else that I would share is that not every opportunity is meant for us. The article of prime importance is to make a solid plan based on our passion. From there, base our acceptance of opportunity on whether or not it will bring us closer to our goals. Another piece of advice I would stress is that there should be a sense of urgency applied to studies. Deadlines come faster than we would like, hence prioritization is of utmost importance. Finally, I would tell myself that one day I will discover time travel, and there are far more important and interesting times to travel to besides our senior year in high school. Therefore, to save myself from such an inconvenience, it will be important to get it right the first time.


I know you're young and you've messed up before and you havent taken stuff seriously, goofing off and just gliding through, and thats alright for now, but it's time to get serious. From here on out everything that you do is going to affect your financial staus, every F you get or withdrawal you put on your college record is going to be with you for the rest of your college career. Trust me, I've been there and seen the consequences. I know maybe you're not sure what is you want to do yet, and rememeber thats ok . Just jump in Undelcared and explore all the fields that you even have remote interest in. Let yourself be free and most of all, do not compare yourself to other people! You are not in a hurry, even if it might feel like the whole world around you is rushing you to pick a direction for the rest of your life and that you just entered the rat race with every single other kid that just graduated. Thats not true, everyone has their own journey. So take your time and find yours.


Upon being given the chance to speak to myself as a teenage girl in high school I would give myself some well needed words of advice. Growing up had been difficult in my upbringing, I knew no boundaries, knew no respect for myself. Having had the chance to do so, I would have told myself "Even if it gets hard, don't sell yourself short along the way. You're not finished yet." I did not appreciate life because I felt unappreciated. I thought that my parents didn't love me because of my sexual orientation. Having known that everything was going to turn out okay for me, I wouldn't have thought any less of myself because I am worth a lot more than I thought I was. My life is priceless, I will never atempt to take it again.


You should totally join the Coast Guard. Best decision you ever made.


I would certainly tell myself everything I know and to get out of my shell. I went through the first two years of college being very shy and reserved. When I started my Bachelor is when I opened up more, I got more opportunities and chances to show how good I really was but back then I didn't believe it. I didn't see it. Don't worry about time, everyone moves at their own pace, you might face some bumps on the road, but that's all it is....bumps.


if could go back in time and give myself advise back in high school i tell myself that there is no shame in going to miami dae college. also i will tell myself how hard architecture is and to learn ahead of time the basics of architecture. i can honestly say i was lost my first year in college because i never new anything about architecture a head of time and got thrown in to the fire from the begin. from the start i didnt know what to expect from architecture. i knew it was all just square house or square museums just take a look at Frank Gehry work but i didnt know how to create something like that until the after my first year of studying architecture. another thing i would advise myself is to invest in a new computer early and learn the ACAD programs before starting architecture class. it was hard for me learning the computer programs while learning architecture. i understand i cant change the past but to accept it. what i learn in the past can only help me in the future.


If I could go back into time I would tell myself that you are the only one responsible for making your journey through life a success. All throughout high school I did not take my education seriously and I was the only one to blame. When you get out of high school or turn 18, technically you are an adult. Everything that occurs after that point is solely up to you. Employers and and colleges are not going to care what your parents didn't do for you or that you had a tough time. They want to talk to the person who pulled themselves out of the rut and used their life experiences to persevere.That is the advice I would tell myself. Oh! I would also include: do not pay full price for textbooks! Check Craigslist and upperclassmen first.


Life as a high school senior is much different than a college student. In college, be sure to ask questions and take detailed notes. If there is any material you don't understand in class, be sure to let the teacher know, don't worry about being embarassed. There might be another student in the class that don't understand the same thing and you have helped them out, or after you ask a question a student might feel more comfortable asking their question. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. The only "stupid" thing is not making sure you understand everything that is being explained. Remember, now education is money, literally. To much information that is not being understood can result in a failing grade can cause FASFA to not want to pay for the class anymore. College grades help you get into your field of choice and your future can depend on it. Take everything the professor saying seriously, don't try to memorize any material, take notes that you can go back to and reference later. Set aside definite time for studying and find what studying mehod works best for you.


Unfortunately, I did not make it to my senior year of high school. In fact, I was forced to switch schools during my junior year because of too many absences due to my spinal condition called spondylolisthesis. Soon after the move to the new school, my families already shaky financial status got worse, so I was forced into a new job working full time. Soon after that, I enrolled in the GED classes at Miami Dade College because my education was/has always been important to me, but then my family could no longer afford the apartment we lived in so we moved, and school again suffered as a result. Nevertheless, if I could say something to the me then I would say; get it done! Whatever it was that hindered me from accomplishing my educational goals seem so insignificant to me now that I wish I could tell the me then to do whatever you need to do to go to school and finish because the hardships that I have had to endure as a result of not having an education have been far worse than what had happened to me then.


You're not done with school yet. Just because your going to community college doesn't mean its going to be easy. You're still gonna have to work really hard. Keep focused, talk to a counselor about the classes that you need to take, and try hard to succeed.


Nancy, Life is hard, and only you can help yourself succeed in life. Take the risk in letting go and pursue your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you, you’re not capable to exceed your expectation. You are stronger then you think and you can accomplish anything you desire. Life will make you feel like you want to give up, but never do. No matter what happens or how life turns out to be want more for yourself and stay determine to receive that college degree. College would be the educational and life experience needed to concord the world. Once you look back after it all you will be able to say... I did it; I made my dream...REALITY.


The advice that I would give myself would be to stay organized in everything that you do. Nobody is going to hold your hand and make sure that you get all of your assignments done and your studying done. Put school the number one priority and make time for other things after school work is done. Do not make school something that you will work on when you have a spare minute or two, if you do, you won't get anything done. Make sure to study early in the day when you still have enough focus and drive. Make sure you study for every test no matter if you think it will be easy or not. College won't be nearly as difficult if you are willing to make it a priority and study with no distractions. What you do in college affects the rest of your life so this is the time to buckle up and get it done and done right.


As a high school senior, I never imagined how my life would be as a college student. My only concern during high school was to finish on a high academic standing. In hindsight, if I was able to give my senior self advice, I would tell myself to expect the unexpected. College is all about adaptability and being flexible with all aspects of your life. From studying to picking the right courses, college is all about defining yourself and working hard to achieve your new found being. I could have never imagined all the complexities of college during my last year of high school. I was naive to say the least, but academically prepared for college level curriculum. During the past two years, I have worked diligently to maintain my grades and collegial position as ana American Dream Scholar. Although I didn't understand all the facets, I eventually learned by exposure and multiple life learning experiences. If I had the chance to change the past, I wouldn't. I would give myself a tip, one in which embodies all the lessons learned within the past few years. "Embrace life with open arms, for it is worth embracing."


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would in hindsight advise myself to apply myself more. Entering college with a high GPA from high school has benefits, including being admitted into the Honors College; this take dedication and hard work. I would suggest that each examination, final and test be taken seriously because falling just short can drastically impact the options that you might have. Additionally, I would advise myself to apply for financial aid and any grants that are available early, as well as getting a part-time job. Financial aid can supplement and help with expenses, but having a job and budgeting will be beneficial in the long term. Most of all I would advise myself to enjoy it. College years are golden, it is the best time to make friends, learn new skills and develop as an individual. It should be an enjoyable experience.


Although sometimes you might like to believe it to be true, you are never the most intelligent person in the room. There is always someone who knows the material like the back of their hand from the first time they hear it or knows the answer to that problem that has been in the back of your head all day. This being said, always ask questions. If you are not annoying your professor to the point where he is practically running out of the door to dodge your questions at the end of class, then you are missing out on information. Staying on top of your work is the key to good grades, but you also need to get active. The more extracurricular activities you participate in, the more friends you make; you will be amazed at how valuable a couple friends are when your printer breaks down at one in the morning or when you are not sure how to start a physics problem. Keeping your grades up and make lots of friends will prepare you for the future, but never be afraid to try new things; you never know what experience will change your life, do it all!


if given a chance to go back in time to myself as a highschool senior i would have to give advice to an selfsish egocentric boy who only cared about getting things done the easy way. Maybe at first it would be hard for this kid to understand who he was talking to since this person evolved as a human. Physically that long shaggy hair is now cut into a very neat look and those skinny bones are not as vivid as they once were. When coming to words with his past self at first he would beg him to treat his mother with more respect since she is one of the people you love the most. Secondly he would tell him to study more because he is a very smart boy and he needs to share his ideas and not keep them locked up. He would tell him that his first semester he should not take 8:00 am lectures because he can't concetrate in math if he cant keep his eyes open. He will tell him to never assume anything and to never procrastinate because that is the downfall of many humans.


I would tell any young adult the truth, that education is the only thing that will make a difference in our lives; that it is the only force that will create a move to a better world. Only by educating ourselves we can understand better other people, improve our relationships, increase values and the quality of life. We can protect our planet by understanding the consequences of our actions, we can provide better lives to our family, we can become whoever we want to become; we can be successful to the degree of what successful means to each of us. I know that we cannot no longer afford to have uneducated new generations, we need to able to empower people, to motive them, to make them want to know more, to know it all. We need to empower all people, the young but also the adults, it is never too late to obtain a college degree a master and even a Ph.D. Empowerment starts with examples, not only words.


If I ever had to go back in time and talk to myself I would say “Leanne”, stay in school and whatever you do don’t drop out. You don’t want to be fortysomething years old going back to school to get a degree.


I would tell myself to research what careers will have appropriate opportunities and to have some fun. I worked so hard my first time around in undergraduate school only to end up owing over $50,000 and have a degree that I can't use for anything. I'd say to have fun and enjoy experiences while you can because sometimes life comes very quickly; you get married, have a child, and end up right back where you started, but in worse shape because when you're an adult, no one offers to pay for your college books or classes. My biggest regret is not taking advantage of the experiences offered to me at the time because I thought they'd always be there or out of fear. Now that I'm returning to school, I know that the field that I am entering will have jobs, and hopefully, I will be able to provide for my family.


Dear Me, Don't get overly stressed out about college and don't be intimidated when you begin. It seems like such a big step to go to college and in a lot of ways it is, but not enough that you stress out and lose time with the friends you might not ever see again. College is going to be very different from high school and here's why, you get to make all the choices. You decide what you want to take, when you want to take it, and who you want to take. You are in control, so relax, stay calm and don't waste what little of valuable time you have left of being a teenager. When it's time, you take control of your future and make good choices but don't let the future of college take over your life right now. Sincerely, Me


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself to really start to develop time management skills. This has probably been the hardest adaptation that i have had to make coming in as a freashman in college. Being a full-time student balancing 7 classes a sememster plus finding the time to practice my instrument (I am a Jazz Trombone player and a Music Education Major) can be almost impossible at times. I would tell my high school self to genuinly consider investing in a planner or agenda to keep important due dates handy. It will also help organize my time to get the most out of my day and be as efficient as possible. College has really tought me the value of time management and organization and I would greatly emphasize the importance and meaning of this not only to myself as a high school senior, but to all high school seniors.


As a high school senior, I remember how exciting it was to be so close to graduating and starting a whole new chapter of life in college. The thought of such a big change was exciting, but mostly scary. If I could go back in time and give myself some advice based on what I know now, I think I definitely would have felt a much larger sense of relief, and much less anxiety upon graduating. I would allow myself to enjoy my senior year and not stress about being "ready" for college. I remember worrying about feeling alone in college, missing my high school life, but college didn't come with any of those sad feelings. It brought me joy and excitement. I would advise my senior self to relax and be ready, becuase the change I am about to experience is an incredible one. College means being a true adult, it means freedom, and the transition is easy. The classes you take are ones you are interested in and fascinated by. The people you meet are ones that make you excited about your future, not scared of it. College, in short, is the best time of your life.


If I would go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would first advise myself to save all the money I earn and to apply for as many scholarships I can because life only gets harder as you get older. Also, I would say to take advantage of the free time I had to study and concentrate more in school and have an idea as to what I see myself doing in the coming years. Finally, I would tell myself to not be afraid to take the path that seems too far to reach. Don't rush your education, all in time and dedication you will get to the point where you need to be.


In high school I was not given specific and proper information about what I would need to prepare for college. Although my grades were more than good, I was simply given the wrong guidance as to what I needed to do after high school. If I could go back in time and speak to myself, I would definitely tell myself to apply to more scholarships, and I would show myslef how to do it. I knew scholarships were important, but I did not understand or have a good concept of how expensive college was going to be. I would have also told myself to apply to more colleges, becasue at the end of high school I was pretty much limited with my choices. The last piece of advice I would give myself is to apply to merit scholarships, and to try and find a job early. I had the grades but didnt do much with it. Also in todays society, finding work with just grades isnt the easiest thing to do. I would definitely help myself in any way I could to make the transition to college a lot smoother, less scary, and painstakingly easy.


To go back in time would be a welcome blessing. I was stubborn and disinterested in college when I graduated high school. I threw away a scholorship and failed or dropped out of all my classes two semesters in a row. I wish so desparately I could go back and tell myself to lighten the load a little bit. I was working full-time and going to school full-time. It was too much. I would tell myself to only take two classes a semester. I think I could have handled that load a lot better. I would also tell myself to not move out on my own. That made me even more resistant to going to college. My mother and I had a very poor relationship at the time, and I felt my only option was to leave. A better choice would have been to move in with my grandparents or aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, going back is impossible, and I have learned to forgive myself and make the best of my sitation now, two classes at a time. It may take me a while to finish, but I WILL get there. I will get a college degree!


The advice I would give myself would be: first, be more prepared. Go to the college beforehand get a tour of the school, learn more about the financial aid system at the school you’re going to and learn more about extra circular activities in the school. By doing so you get to enjoy the experience at the school more. Secondly, spend your time and money on things that make your life better, rather than things that make you feel good. It is beneficial to spend money on books rather than on shoes, in the long run that decision will pay off. Lastly, get better at meeting people and developing relationships. In today’s society it is important to network, it is not only about what you know but who you know.


I think that this is the number wish that almost everyone has. Going back in time knowing a little bit about the future and give yourself some advices. If this were possible, I will definetly take advantage of this amazing opportunity to talk myself. I would be very difficult to give just one advice. I think I have made a lot of mistake in life that I wanted to fixed. Knowledge is one of the most important tools in life that every one has in life, and it is free. My advice to my self shoul be. Andres you should prepare for life, I am coming from the future and you will have to fight, but you have to be prepare. So stop wasting your time because you are a place where the time is money. Get prepare because you have to fight real hard, but you going to be a winner. Just be prepare, and trust in God. God get our back. I love you, and I just want the best for you.


I would like to give and advice to help to make you in transition to college easier. First, continue with good study habits. Design your own schedule. That will help you to maintain a high GPA. Start projects as soon as instructions are given, so if you need to make changes to enhance it you will have plenty of time. Second, go to the college or university you plan to attend and speak to an advisor. If you have not decided which path to take, register at least for the pre-requirements that are common for most of the careers. In that way you will not lose time. You need to attend to classes and buy the books either online or at campus. Books are a necessity not a luxury. Maintain a good communication with professosr, keep track of your grades, do all extra credits even though you might think you don't need it. Going to college is very rewarding and the efforts you take to go through are worthy.


Hey Sophiaaaa Congrats girl, I'm you from the future I'm writing to let you know you've made it into college and you beat the odds. I'm also writing because in want to tell you a few things I know now that I wish I knew before and found out regrettably late. Hopefully you'll learn from my mistakes. First and for most find what you love. Keep in mind the decisions you make today can make or break you in the future. Most importantly understand that there isn't enough magic in the world to miraculously make you pass a class. Remember to be consistant and study, study, study as much as possible, but do not stress yourself out. Finally if you forget everything else remeber this do not procrastinate do as much as you can at the moment and not wait until the last minute so you won't have to worry as much later on.


Hey man, listen... Don't be so trusting of those who you'll label 'friends' because as you are well aware, survival is of the highest priority, and at the end of the day we're all still animals. Don't get me wrong, life is a beautiful things and you should enjoy these golden years of youth, but stop being so naive and trusting and really think about the relationships you form. Oh, and make sure you don't squander your talent as not only a student, but as a writer go to waste; take the initiative, hone your skills, and exhibit them about a year in the future - you'll know what I mean. You'll do fairly decent this year, but always strive for better, I know I can. Join Psi-Beta the second you start MDC, and don't allow the regret of the past way you down, you're better than that. That's just about it for now. Actually, one final thing: CUT YOU'RE DAMN HAIR, YOU BUM! Jesus it looks like you got a mop on your head, dude.


I always tell myself that I would do so many things differently if I could go back to high school. I would do better in my classes and care more about my grades, I would have been more involved in school programs and focused more on my future. When I was in high school I never really studied hard or cared about getting good grades in my classes. I would setlle for a "C" and never made personal goals to get all "A"'s in my classes. Knowing what I know now and having the college experience, if I would have studied more and cared about my grades in high school I would be more prepared for college. I would be more involved with school programs that would help my future such as programs that give back to the community. Had I known what I know now, I would be more advanced than everyone at my age. Nowadays it is very important to be goal oriented and career focused. I am very fortunate to have caught on quick and was able to apply these things to my college experience and get the grades I should have gotten in high school.


First thing you should do is talk to a conselor about your major, ask them about what classes are requiered to continue your degree in other school if your interested in making a transfer after you finish your college. Take a combination of classes you consider easy, with other ones that may a little more difficult, so the semester goes smoother for you. Be constant in your homework and proyects, do them on time, so at the end of the semester you don't have accumulated work, and finally don't overly stress, take a calm actitud because your mind gives a better response when you are happy and at peace with yourself.


To me this question is simple. I would tell myself but two things; firstly I would tell myself to be more open to life than I had been previously. Admitedly, I've missed out on a lot of interesting possibilites due to my shyness and being too hesitant. Finally I would tell myself to stop caring so much about what others think. It took me getting to college without a clue of what to do with my life to realize I love math and science. In high shcool, this was not considered "cool" amongst my friends so I repressed my love of the sciences and tried to do what others wanted me to do. This was a bad decision as I could have gotten more done had I realized this earlier. I guess you could boil these two answers down into having had been too self-conscious.


Start saving your money. Get a CD and don't touch it; you'll thank me later. Apply for just one credit card and pay more than the monthly minumum. Don't attend City College. Do not wait the day before or the day of the exam/or test to start studying or reviewing information.