Miami Dade College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Miami Dade College know before they start?


To go back in time would be a welcome blessing. I was stubborn and disinterested in college when I graduated high school. I threw away a scholorship and failed or dropped out of all my classes two semesters in a row. I wish so desparately I could go back and tell myself to lighten the load a little bit. I was working full-time and going to school full-time. It was too much. I would tell myself to only take two classes a semester. I think I could have handled that load a lot better. I would also tell myself to not move out on my own. That made me even more resistant to going to college. My mother and I had a very poor relationship at the time, and I felt my only option was to leave. A better choice would have been to move in with my grandparents or aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, going back is impossible, and I have learned to forgive myself and make the best of my sitation now, two classes at a time. It may take me a while to finish, but I WILL get there. I will get a college degree!


The advice I would give myself would be: first, be more prepared. Go to the college beforehand get a tour of the school, learn more about the financial aid system at the school you’re going to and learn more about extra circular activities in the school. By doing so you get to enjoy the experience at the school more. Secondly, spend your time and money on things that make your life better, rather than things that make you feel good. It is beneficial to spend money on books rather than on shoes, in the long run that decision will pay off. Lastly, get better at meeting people and developing relationships. In today’s society it is important to network, it is not only about what you know but who you know.


I think that this is the number wish that almost everyone has. Going back in time knowing a little bit about the future and give yourself some advices. If this were possible, I will definetly take advantage of this amazing opportunity to talk myself. I would be very difficult to give just one advice. I think I have made a lot of mistake in life that I wanted to fixed. Knowledge is one of the most important tools in life that every one has in life, and it is free. My advice to my self shoul be. Andres you should prepare for life, I am coming from the future and you will have to fight, but you have to be prepare. So stop wasting your time because you are a place where the time is money. Get prepare because you have to fight real hard, but you going to be a winner. Just be prepare, and trust in God. God get our back. I love you, and I just want the best for you.


I would like to give and advice to help to make you in transition to college easier. First, continue with good study habits. Design your own schedule. That will help you to maintain a high GPA. Start projects as soon as instructions are given, so if you need to make changes to enhance it you will have plenty of time. Second, go to the college or university you plan to attend and speak to an advisor. If you have not decided which path to take, register at least for the pre-requirements that are common for most of the careers. In that way you will not lose time. You need to attend to classes and buy the books either online or at campus. Books are a necessity not a luxury. Maintain a good communication with professosr, keep track of your grades, do all extra credits even though you might think you don't need it. Going to college is very rewarding and the efforts you take to go through are worthy.


Hey Sophiaaaa Congrats girl, I'm you from the future I'm writing to let you know you've made it into college and you beat the odds. I'm also writing because in want to tell you a few things I know now that I wish I knew before and found out regrettably late. Hopefully you'll learn from my mistakes. First and for most find what you love. Keep in mind the decisions you make today can make or break you in the future. Most importantly understand that there isn't enough magic in the world to miraculously make you pass a class. Remember to be consistant and study, study, study as much as possible, but do not stress yourself out. Finally if you forget everything else remeber this do not procrastinate do as much as you can at the moment and not wait until the last minute so you won't have to worry as much later on.


Hey man, listen... Don't be so trusting of those who you'll label 'friends' because as you are well aware, survival is of the highest priority, and at the end of the day we're all still animals. Don't get me wrong, life is a beautiful things and you should enjoy these golden years of youth, but stop being so naive and trusting and really think about the relationships you form. Oh, and make sure you don't squander your talent as not only a student, but as a writer go to waste; take the initiative, hone your skills, and exhibit them about a year in the future - you'll know what I mean. You'll do fairly decent this year, but always strive for better, I know I can. Join Psi-Beta the second you start MDC, and don't allow the regret of the past way you down, you're better than that. That's just about it for now. Actually, one final thing: CUT YOU'RE DAMN HAIR, YOU BUM! Jesus it looks like you got a mop on your head, dude.


I always tell myself that I would do so many things differently if I could go back to high school. I would do better in my classes and care more about my grades, I would have been more involved in school programs and focused more on my future. When I was in high school I never really studied hard or cared about getting good grades in my classes. I would setlle for a "C" and never made personal goals to get all "A"'s in my classes. Knowing what I know now and having the college experience, if I would have studied more and cared about my grades in high school I would be more prepared for college. I would be more involved with school programs that would help my future such as programs that give back to the community. Had I known what I know now, I would be more advanced than everyone at my age. Nowadays it is very important to be goal oriented and career focused. I am very fortunate to have caught on quick and was able to apply these things to my college experience and get the grades I should have gotten in high school.


First thing you should do is talk to a conselor about your major, ask them about what classes are requiered to continue your degree in other school if your interested in making a transfer after you finish your college. Take a combination of classes you consider easy, with other ones that may a little more difficult, so the semester goes smoother for you. Be constant in your homework and proyects, do them on time, so at the end of the semester you don't have accumulated work, and finally don't overly stress, take a calm actitud because your mind gives a better response when you are happy and at peace with yourself.


To me this question is simple. I would tell myself but two things; firstly I would tell myself to be more open to life than I had been previously. Admitedly, I've missed out on a lot of interesting possibilites due to my shyness and being too hesitant. Finally I would tell myself to stop caring so much about what others think. It took me getting to college without a clue of what to do with my life to realize I love math and science. In high shcool, this was not considered "cool" amongst my friends so I repressed my love of the sciences and tried to do what others wanted me to do. This was a bad decision as I could have gotten more done had I realized this earlier. I guess you could boil these two answers down into having had been too self-conscious.


Start saving your money. Get a CD and don't touch it; you'll thank me later. Apply for just one credit card and pay more than the monthly minumum. Don't attend City College. Do not wait the day before or the day of the exam/or test to start studying or reviewing information.