Miami Dade College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Miami Dade College know before they start?


If i could go back in time and let my former-self know anything, it would be to have buckled down harder in high school. There is so much opportunity that I have missed out on because of slacking off in high school. However, that doesn't mean I haven't changed and the future looks bright.


Make sure you're aware of what field you REALLY want to study for the rest of your life and major in. College is similar to Highschool except the majority of the teachers in college are eager for you to learn and they're very consistent with group works and class interaction. There's nothing to be scared about because campus life is nice. Everyone fits in, since its such a diverse community, we're all a family. Apply for scholarships and focus towards your future, not the present time.


First thing I would tell myself is to take my time in figuring out what degree to go into. Dont just rush into something without really finding out what it is, because you can end up spending alot of money on a major that in the end doesnt interest you. Second thing i would say is work hard at school. No matter how hard it may seem at the moment it will all be worth it in the end. There is in fact a light at then end of the tunnel. Strive towards it and grab tight to education. Have fun with it and prove to yourself that you can go far in life with the right attitude and education. I would also tell myself to use the hard painful periods in your life as a learning tool. Your past experiences will in fact make you smarter, stronger, and the resilience to succeed.


If I could time travel and talk to myself as a high school senior, I'd give myself a wealth of advice. First off, I'd tell myself that even though it's a noble cause to work two full time jobs and tutor on the side in order to support my physically disabled mother, my temporarily disabled father, and my retired grandmother, it's more pertinent to my future to attend college. I'd stress the importance of getting a degree over ensuring I've earned enough money to pay my bills. I'd encourage myself to attend college sooner rather than later, because burning out from working too many jobs to make ends meet isn't going to take me anywhere in life. I'd tell myself that studying and working hard to finish my bachelor's would better prepare me for the career path that I choose. If my biggest concern at the time is earning moeny, then I would emphasize how much more I will earn in the long run once I have earned a degree. I'd tell myself it's not as complicated as I think, and to just go and get it done!


During my High School Senior year, I participated in the Dual Enrolled program, meaning I would attend both high school and college in advance. I had a taste of the college experience before formally graduating and it was shocking, it's a giant step that requires one to discipline their priorities, focus, and put forth their full effort. I handled the situation fairly well, since I've always put my education first, but if I had to provide myself, or any high school senior who is considering to attend college/university, with one piece of advice it would be to not stress. My main problem when leaving high school and entering college was the pressure. Upon leaving high school we are still children, we may not be entirely sure as to what we want to pursue as a career and I would tell myself that it's ok. To search for ways to take classes that peak my interest and fall under requirements, to not be afraid to be persistent and ask questions and to socialize with my peers. This will make the transition infinitely better, and taking that pressure off will allow me to actually enjoy my education.


Focus more on your goals in life and what you can do. Don't just give up because it getting hard, discipline yourself because you are so much smarter and capable than you think you are. You are as smart as those people you envy, you just have to believe that you are and apply yourself. Actually study and put in the work it takes to succeed don't just look over it, become overwhelmed and decide you can't do it. Stop selling yourself short and take steps towards reaching your full potential. You really can do it!


Well since I didnt go to straight to college after graduating high school, I would tell myself to just go for it enjoy college and have fun but what I really learned from the time between high school and college is that to get ready for college because its no joke, your life is in your own hands, having fun at college is great but its not going to get you anywhere this is the time where you put all your effort into school and really do well that way you can earn your degree and pursue a career that your interested in.


The first thing I would have told myself is to do my homework,(research of the school) in depth. Find out everything that the school has to offer and ask all the questions you feel need to be answered. Brace yourself for something very different, and no not like your teachers tell you in highschool. Brace yourself for the difficult things ahead of you and that there is very little room for error. Also that if an error does occur, don't freak out, there is always a way out just look for the answers. You are now an adult and will be treated as such, so learn to stand up for yourself and be confident. Believe in your future because this is not a game. Be confident about what you want to do and go into it full hearted, don't let anyone stop you.


Assuming I could have the opportunity to go back in time as a high school senior; I would have made a slight change to my long term goals. Personally, I would have taken AP courses during 9th grade and advance my college credits as much as possible. Additionally, I still would have considered early graduation, meaning to complete both 11th and 12th grade together. I am positively sure that if I thought about this at first, I would of obtained my bachelor's degree in Public Safety Management-Law Enforcement at the age of 19. Moreover, participating in extracurricular activities would have been a great idea as well. My mentality would not have changed; I have always thought about advancing in my studies and gaining experience in every step I make in life and receiving recognition from any company I represent.


I would advice myself about how impotant is my future in my life. How important is school, and how important is the role that it plays in all aspects. I would take more seriously the subjects in high school. I would not let myself to be unsuccessful. I would try hard everyday. I would focus more in what I really want for myself in the future and who do I really want to become.