Miami Dade College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Miami Dade College know before they start?


I would certainly tell myself everything I know and to get out of my shell. I went through the first two years of college being very shy and reserved. When I started my Bachelor is when I opened up more, I got more opportunities and chances to show how good I really was but back then I didn't believe it. I didn't see it. Don't worry about time, everyone moves at their own pace, you might face some bumps on the road, but that's all it is....bumps.


if could go back in time and give myself advise back in high school i tell myself that there is no shame in going to miami dae college. also i will tell myself how hard architecture is and to learn ahead of time the basics of architecture. i can honestly say i was lost my first year in college because i never new anything about architecture a head of time and got thrown in to the fire from the begin. from the start i didnt know what to expect from architecture. i knew it was all just square house or square museums just take a look at Frank Gehry work but i didnt know how to create something like that until the after my first year of studying architecture. another thing i would advise myself is to invest in a new computer early and learn the ACAD programs before starting architecture class. it was hard for me learning the computer programs while learning architecture. i understand i cant change the past but to accept it. what i learn in the past can only help me in the future.


If I could go back into time I would tell myself that you are the only one responsible for making your journey through life a success. All throughout high school I did not take my education seriously and I was the only one to blame. When you get out of high school or turn 18, technically you are an adult. Everything that occurs after that point is solely up to you. Employers and and colleges are not going to care what your parents didn't do for you or that you had a tough time. They want to talk to the person who pulled themselves out of the rut and used their life experiences to persevere.That is the advice I would tell myself. Oh! I would also include: do not pay full price for textbooks! Check Craigslist and upperclassmen first.


Life as a high school senior is much different than a college student. In college, be sure to ask questions and take detailed notes. If there is any material you don't understand in class, be sure to let the teacher know, don't worry about being embarassed. There might be another student in the class that don't understand the same thing and you have helped them out, or after you ask a question a student might feel more comfortable asking their question. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. The only "stupid" thing is not making sure you understand everything that is being explained. Remember, now education is money, literally. To much information that is not being understood can result in a failing grade can cause FASFA to not want to pay for the class anymore. College grades help you get into your field of choice and your future can depend on it. Take everything the professor saying seriously, don't try to memorize any material, take notes that you can go back to and reference later. Set aside definite time for studying and find what studying mehod works best for you.


Unfortunately, I did not make it to my senior year of high school. In fact, I was forced to switch schools during my junior year because of too many absences due to my spinal condition called spondylolisthesis. Soon after the move to the new school, my families already shaky financial status got worse, so I was forced into a new job working full time. Soon after that, I enrolled in the GED classes at Miami Dade College because my education was/has always been important to me, but then my family could no longer afford the apartment we lived in so we moved, and school again suffered as a result. Nevertheless, if I could say something to the me then I would say; get it done! Whatever it was that hindered me from accomplishing my educational goals seem so insignificant to me now that I wish I could tell the me then to do whatever you need to do to go to school and finish because the hardships that I have had to endure as a result of not having an education have been far worse than what had happened to me then.


You're not done with school yet. Just because your going to community college doesn't mean its going to be easy. You're still gonna have to work really hard. Keep focused, talk to a counselor about the classes that you need to take, and try hard to succeed.


Nancy, Life is hard, and only you can help yourself succeed in life. Take the risk in letting go and pursue your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you, you’re not capable to exceed your expectation. You are stronger then you think and you can accomplish anything you desire. Life will make you feel like you want to give up, but never do. No matter what happens or how life turns out to be want more for yourself and stay determine to receive that college degree. College would be the educational and life experience needed to concord the world. Once you look back after it all you will be able to say... I did it; I made my dream...REALITY.


The advice that I would give myself would be to stay organized in everything that you do. Nobody is going to hold your hand and make sure that you get all of your assignments done and your studying done. Put school the number one priority and make time for other things after school work is done. Do not make school something that you will work on when you have a spare minute or two, if you do, you won't get anything done. Make sure to study early in the day when you still have enough focus and drive. Make sure you study for every test no matter if you think it will be easy or not. College won't be nearly as difficult if you are willing to make it a priority and study with no distractions. What you do in college affects the rest of your life so this is the time to buckle up and get it done and done right.


As a high school senior, I never imagined how my life would be as a college student. My only concern during high school was to finish on a high academic standing. In hindsight, if I was able to give my senior self advice, I would tell myself to expect the unexpected. College is all about adaptability and being flexible with all aspects of your life. From studying to picking the right courses, college is all about defining yourself and working hard to achieve your new found being. I could have never imagined all the complexities of college during my last year of high school. I was naive to say the least, but academically prepared for college level curriculum. During the past two years, I have worked diligently to maintain my grades and collegial position as ana American Dream Scholar. Although I didn't understand all the facets, I eventually learned by exposure and multiple life learning experiences. If I had the chance to change the past, I wouldn't. I would give myself a tip, one in which embodies all the lessons learned within the past few years. "Embrace life with open arms, for it is worth embracing."


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would in hindsight advise myself to apply myself more. Entering college with a high GPA from high school has benefits, including being admitted into the Honors College; this take dedication and hard work. I would suggest that each examination, final and test be taken seriously because falling just short can drastically impact the options that you might have. Additionally, I would advise myself to apply for financial aid and any grants that are available early, as well as getting a part-time job. Financial aid can supplement and help with expenses, but having a job and budgeting will be beneficial in the long term. Most of all I would advise myself to enjoy it. College years are golden, it is the best time to make friends, learn new skills and develop as an individual. It should be an enjoyable experience.