Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say stick to the same plan we had leaving high school. I came out of undergrad with no debt and fantastic offers for grad school. The undergraduate university you attend is only as good as the effort you put into your eduction. Plan for studying abroad and capitalize on any and every scholarship opportunity you can. Also, a few quality friends are worth more than a lot of acquantinces.


I'd tell my former self to get involved! Those sports you didn't play could have helped financially! Those extracurricult activities you were afraid to try because you were too shy? Those were important for college. The same applies to all the AP and honor classes that you are eligible for but didn't realize actually meant more than extra work. Don't be so consumed with reading books that you forget the world around you and miss out on living and enjoying others. I know that it's not about the work load, I know that you just don't understand the importance of the opportunies surrounding you. This same thing applies for college. There will be lots of opportunies to be involved once you hit college. Don't be afraid to join in. Former self: Just do it! It'll pay off in the end. There's no better time to put forth 100 percent than when you have the chance to start fresh. Since you didn't do it in high school, do it once you get to college. The transition is easy: leave your shell behind. That is what I would say to my


If I could go back in time, and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would have a lot to say. To start, don't slack, pay attention in class, and do not, no matter what, get lazy. When you graduate, don't stop looking for scholarships, keep looking, don't rely on Papa to pay for schooling. Over the summer, get off your butt and get a job, get your license, and save your money! You have to try, you cannot expect everything to fall into your lap. When you get to school, don't be scared, it's going to be ok, I promise. You will not be alone, you'll make friends, you just have to put yourself out there more than you did in high school, and those friends will become your best friends. Don't worry, you'll have fun. Now, as far as class goes, get your butt up and go to class, and don't let female issues be an excuse not to go to class. Keep your GPA up, no matter what it takes, and keep studying. And no matter what, don't let boys take over your life!!


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to go ahead and pursue the psychology degree my heart was leaning toward, even though my mind talked me out of it. I wish I had known then that, to help people in the field of psychology, a petite female like myself needs a master's degree, and additional certications to help specific groups of people. I had time in college to take master's classes, while completing bachelor's classes. I could have completed the same program in Texas that I finished at MTSU, and started building a solid work history earlier than I did. I won't say I wasted time, because all the extra classes added to my knowledge base, but I should have just trusted my heart earlier in my college career than I did. I also would advise myself not to pay too much attention to that high school interest inventory, because the career I pursued for 22 years wasn't even included in that inventory. I'm sure future jobs will be discovered that will fit the interests of those graduating high school now.


I would recommend to my high school self to not get overwhelmed the first year. There are many things you did not learn in high school but you will learn what you need to be successful in college. Go to your teachers with questions often and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Do not work so much while you are in college and enjoy the time you are in school. Network more while you are in school because those connections will help you once you graduate. Do not take yourself so seriously, I understand how important it is that you be the first person in your family to graduate from college and you will be so don’t be so hard on yourself. You also will be the first person in your family to gain a Master’s Degree and pursue a doctorate, you will make it!


The advice I would give myself is to study more often. Never stop trying because it's not that hard if you give it a try. Thing maybe hard now but it's going to pay off at the end. Believe that you can do it and don't let the hard things make you quit. Everyday is one step closer to being the best Multimedia Journalist. Also, go to class everyday and make sure that professors know you. The last thing you want to do is not getting to know the professor.


I would tell my high school self to prepare.


Dear Heather, Regret is a powerful word. Can you hear the pain in the sound, the agony of wasted time and the shadow of bitterness tiptoeing behind it? This is what your future sounds like without the presence of college in it. College is important in these days of time. This old world has changed and things have gotten more complicated. College may seem hard, but this life we are living gets much more difficult without it! You need to focus on your future and dreams, neglect drugs, alcohol and those sorts of things. Money does not grow on trees. College cost money! You must not listen to these thoughts and words. College does cost money, but living cost more. Your college education will pay for itself plus some. A college educated person makes one million dollars more than a non-college educated person makes in a life time. You need the financial security to live comfortably. For God’s sake, do not think just about yourself; remember the lives of your future children and grandchildren as well. College can help you secure not only yourself, but the loved ones around you also. If your future matters, college matters.


I know that highschool hasn't been the smoothest ride but believe it or not you will be sucessful! College is nothing like highschool, it's interesting and yes, I would even say it's fun .You have the world in the palm of your hands, you're young and full of drive. It's time to build your future so you can have everything you've ever dreamed of having. Get focused on school and start college earlier! You can get more scholarships that way. I missed out on that because I waited three years. You could be almost graduated by now, but you decided to take some time off and work for a while because you thought school wasn't for you. The years will be wasted and you will never get them back. You are so much smarter than you think, I mean you went from a 2.3 GPA in highschool to a 3.9 GPA in a competetive nursing program at a respected university. You can do it! You just have to get up and do it! It's by no means easy, but I promise you you will be happier than you ever imagined.


The advice i would give myself is maintain a high gpa, because you will not know how your gpa will affect my college education and how much money i will recieve from the governemt. Another thing become involved in colllege, thus it can affect on the types of carrer i recieve ten years from now.


Do not be scared to ask questions. Study notes right after class. Never put off anything for tomorrow what you can get done today. Gain a relationship with your teacher, and people in your class for study groups. Do not be afraid or feel stupid if you need a tutor. Stay focused, determined, motivated, success driven, have faith, stay positive, and find your own peace.


Id tell myself to prepare for long nights and early morning studying. I would also start taking summer courses, that go towards my major. I would also try my to get as many scholarships as I can because, tuition is a big factor in trying to find a good education. I regret not worrying about scholarships during my first two years of college, and because of this, i had burdened my parents with even more payments, and ends to meat. But above all, strive for the best of futures, and NO, the sky is not the limit, we have the rest of the galaxy to discover.


As a young adult embarking upon a new journey, now is the time to focus and explore the possibilities that life has to offer. Your senior year of high school is the prime time to prepare for college. The grades you make, the courses you take, and your national test scores will be a determining factor for acceptance into various colleges. Your efforts during your senior year of high school will be scrutinized. It is imperative to begin preparing for college early. The key is to show colleges how dedicated you are to becoming successful. It is an opportunity to display your talents and accomplishments. In essence, you will be showing colleges how valuable you can be to their institution and the world. College life will provide students the opportunity to socialize, discover their passion, and educate themselves. It will be the students’ responsibility to concentrate and remain on task. Set realistic goals for yourself and do not hesitate to ask for help and advice. Prepare now because your actions will affect your future.


If I could go back and talk to myself I would simply say to push myself; don't be afraid to jump into the unknown. Try something new and don't get discouraged. The biggest mistake was giving up when I didn't think I could make it. I am in my second semester now and I have been striving to do my ultimate best, and due to that I have come a long ways. I wish I could have had the opportunity to speak with my future self back then, because things would have been so different if I would have had that advice going into college. Push, push, push. Do not let others tell you that you can't do it, because anyone can accomplish anything that they set their mind to, including myself. In all reality though, there is no way to prepare for that dramatic change, you just simply have to roll with the tide and do your best to keep your head above the waves. Don't push so hard that you burn out but always give it your all no matter how impossible something may seem at the time.


My advice is talk to your school advisor as much as possible. If you know the area in which you want to go in and major in try to find volunteer work in that area and get hands on experience so that when you get into school you have an idea of what it is like. Talk to as many people who are in that major that can tell you a little about what it's like.


Don't worry about fitting in. College is a big place. The building where you're going to have math class is the size of Siegel - and that building has 3 floors. Yeah, Siegel is the biggest high school in middle tennessee, but trust me. College is bigger. Watch out for the drivers on campus and - when you get your liscense - watch the signs. You're gonna make friends easy. Just sit in back in the classes you don't like and the middle for classes you do. In the back, most students don't understand, so you can all learn together. In the middle are the students who know what they're doing, but just don't feel like speaking up. Also, lecture classes are very informative. So, if you're in one without a desk, listen up! It's a big change from high school. I don't want to tell you everything, though. It's a lot more fun to experience these things head on.


No matter what, do what is best for you. Choose a university that not only meets your needs but surpasses them. Remember to stay focused; the bottom line is that you are there to get a degree. Put academics first, but also have fun. Choose a campus that has plenty of ways to get involved. College will be the best experience of your life if you stick with it and stay positive. Getting a higher education is one of the most beneficial things you will ever do. Getting a degree will take you places you never imagined. Remember that anything is possible when you put your mind and your heart to it!


If I could go back in time to talk to myself in highschool I would say," No matter how hard it gets, no matter how many struggles you will face, DO NOT give up. There will be financial and emotional struggles along the way, far more than you can imagine, but always look forward. Your dreams are bigger than your struggles. You will feel overwhelmed and lonely at times, but remember success also brings obstacles. Work hard and remember the promise you made Uncle David before he passed away that will be the best Nurse you can be."


The transition between high school and college can be one of the most difficult times that a young adult has to endure. If I were to go through this transition again, the advice that I would give to myself (and any others going through the transition) would be to put yourself out there and simply be yourself. One hears that advice so many times through their life, but to have heeded this advice at an earlier age instead of shrugging it off would have saved me a lot of emotional and physical distress and energy that I could have used towards a better cause during my college education. I would also strive to put myself out there when it came to activities such as joining new clubs on campus, attending campus-wide events and making new friends. At that time in my education I was the typical shy guy who would have rather been by himself, but now that I look back on it, it would have been more beneficial to have been the exact opposite. It is important to not shy away from your goals and dreams, but to go at them head-strong, leaving all fears behind you.


I would tell myself to get ready. Unfortunately my high school did not prepare me for college what so ever. I would definitely advise myself to take atleast one college course during the summer to get the feel of college. Also, I would tell myslef to stay focused. There is plenty of time to have fun, but having too much fun will cause a significant effect on my acedimics. I would advise myself to get involved on camous early so that I can not only maintain a social life and meet new people, but also do it at a time where Im not into upper division classes causing more stress.


If I had this life changing oppurtunity I would go back and inform myself about preparing for better study habbits and to learn time management skills. Studying is the key to being successful in college. Time manegement is also imperative for success in college. Procrastination is a huge problem for most college students, and how much free time we have, is all we think about when weighing homework and study time with relaxing or socializing. Those two things would by my focus if i had the oppurtunity to consult myself prior to coming to college. These two things you can never have back in life they are time and choices!


I would tell myself to take advantage of every opportunity I would come across to help myself advance in the subjects I loved. I would also tell myself not to worry because I am not the only one who is afraid of what will happen next. In addition to that I would say to myself that studying is fine but dont forget to have a good time. Having a good time with the ones closest to you is just as important as schoolwork. There is always time for success but dont miss out on making memories. The last thing I would say to myself, especially as a high school senior, would be to speak up. Let your voice be heard and dont just accept what others tell you. Decide on the changes that you want and fight for it.


Take it seriously, but don't let it control your life. Be friendly. There are a ton of people you will meet who could be great friends and helpful in your school experience. Study hard and make friends. You only get to go to college once.


I would have told myself to have an idea of what i want to do in life. I would have worked with myself to figure out what i liked and give myself a list of possible careers that fit my personality. Even though students don't begin to take take major classes until their third year, some of those optional gen ed requirements can either be useful or a waste of class. I would tell myself to make sure i get involved, because their are great opportunities that offered around campus. Furthermore, choose your roomates wisely. If you decide to room with a friend i would suggest doing so in an apartment instead of a door. Do not be afraid to experience the college life, but always remain cautious. Most of all stay focused and remeber what you are in college for.


The biggest thing I would tell myself is that I love my kids, but wait! Having them and attending college has been very stressful and has affected my gpa. I would also tell myself to bucklet down and really think about what I want to do and not bounce back a forth on a major. The last thing I would tell myself would be apply to MTSU first, and do not waste time at the trade school. These are the things I would tell myself if I got the chance to go back in time.


I would advise myself to get involved. Getting involved and socializing is key to success at MTSU. I would also say to find something to help you relax. The transition from high school to college can trigger depression and anxiety. Keeping relaxed is key to be battling stress. I would tell myself do not be afraid to communicate with your teachers. If you are having a hard time, most teachers will be understanding about your situation.


If I was to go back and talk to myself about my college transition, I would tell myself that everything is going to be okay. I would tell myself that all I need to do is to trust God and love him with everything i am, and everything will be ok. Luckily for me I didnt need myself to go back. I did have Jesus, and everything was ok. I made amazing friends that will always be with me and Its been the greatest couple years of my life.


My high school self was a strong-minded girl. She had all the potential in the world to do anything she wanted to, and what she wanted was a career in art. It didn't matter what kind of art. All she wanted was to be creative and be able to support herself while doing it. She could easily see herself as a successful Creative Director at an advertising agency in Manhattan, or even as a fashion designer in Milan. It didn't matter, really, as long as her creative juices were flowing. Looking back now, I remember the struggles I faced early in my senior year. My mother had serious mental issues and attempted suicide, and both her and my father had serious drug and drinking problems. It became more important to just get a paycheck so I could get away from the negativity. The irony in that desire is that by not going to college, I created my own world of negativity. I developed a drug problem of my own that led me deep down a dark road. If I could tell my high school self anything, it would be to go straight to college.


I would tell myself to prepare for whats to come. Take as many oportunities as possible to be ready for college such as writing help and ow to study more efficiently. i would tell myself to be challenged and get involved in as many things as possible to better build my college resume. I would say to get in more service clubs and do more community service.


STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! Studying is everything. You want to ace that test, right? You are trying to become elgible for the Nursing Program, you need to enhance your study skills. Also, plan ahead. Purchase a planner, so you will be able to keep up with your assignments and important dates. It is very useful. Make sure you get enough sleep at night, it plays a big role in your daily performance. And, never lose faith. The transition will get hectic, and will put you on edge but never give up. Giving up or failure is never an option.


If I could go back in time I would honestly yell at myself. " Do your do best your freshman year of college and stop your procrastination! What are you thinking wasting money on a dorm you will not use! Get the apartment with your friends! You need to find a job when you get up there or you are going to struggle to get by!" " You are a smart individual, all it takes is application of yourself. Study hard and put forth the effort for your grades." I would then go on to slap my past self so I make sure I get my point across. " And do not even think your going to get to MTSU and just sit on your butt all day. Get out and get involved in that campus! There is more than just classes there! It is a new experience that you will enjoy" Right before my future self is about to walk out and be gone from my life, I turn and whisper, " By the way, picking up a good workout routine and healthier diet would not be a bad thought either."


As a sophomore going into my third year of college, I often find myself asking this same question. I was very strong-willed as an adolescent, and also very hard-headed, so I do not know if I would even take the advice I would have to give to myself. I would like to advise high school self to to listen to my parents more; I believe if I had taken their advice more often, I would not be having some of the issues that I am facing now. Now that I am older, I realize what a useful resource their knowledge was, and I am thankful that it is not too late for me to benefit from it. However, it is too late for my unfortunate high school self.


Please don't work full time while in college. And don't lose motivation! It's going to be really hard paying for everything by yourself, but if you just keep at it, you'll get scholarships.


work hard and do not get caught up in the activities of what goes on around you. Learn there are all types of people in this world and you have to learn to live with all of them. Everyone has the right to their on thoughts and so do you, everyone is important and so are you. You are what you make of yourself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself "Life is bigger than you think it is. You are intelligent and you know some things but there are many lessons you will learn. College is a new found freedom and can impact even the strongest people. However, it is your choice in how you will allow it to impact you. Hold on to the things you have learned because they will guide you in the future. In the mist of it all one mistake, one wrong turn, one unexpected path will not lead you to failure. It is not about how many times you fall because falling is apart of life. What matters is how many times you are willing to get up and try again. No one is perfect and you will make mistakes but that also means you can help or encourage someone later who may make the same mistake."


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was a senior, I would give myself the following advice: First, don't be so self conscious. Don't measure yourself by other's standards- stay true to your own. Second, have more fun. Don't hide away in books all the time, be a high schooler every now and then! College life is so different from High School and you will have plenty of time then to be by yourself, but now is the time to make memories you can think back on when you're older. Lastly, I would tell myself not to consider all my dreams simply as dreams, but as possibilities. Make yourself take the steps to get closer to your dreams, don't just imagine it will happen for you or perhaps one day you'll stumble upon happiness. You've got to make it happen and just remember; everything worth having must be earned.


Looking back from high school until present, I would repeatedly tell them to focus on school. Parties, lack of study and just having a good time at college are not as important as the time/effort poured into academic success. The goal is to have a job, save money, start a college fund, and don’t touch that money. “Do not have or think about having kids until after you are finished with college”, is a wise suggestion. “Do not take all the credit cards that are thrown your way, be responsible and take financial responsibility for yourself!” Personal finances would begin with a community college to save money and would also maximize more personal educational time from the teachers for a fraction amount. “Once beginning school do not stop until reaching all of the educational goals because it is so hard beginning again once you take time off,” I would tell them. I believe in not being afraid to ask for help as often as you need it. The teachers are there to help us succeed not watch us fail. Finding a good group of people that will support and encourage you plus making connections is a top priority.


The advice i would give myself will be to study three times as much in High School so by the time i'm in College I'll be ready for all the work load and ready to study even more. In college studying is the main key to passing your classes. Without studying you will not understand the class or material and you will not pass the class. When i was in high school i did not study much so by the time i got into college i did not have any study habits and made it real tough. So if i could go back in time and tell myself the best advice would be to study so much all the material atleast 1 or 2 hours a day depending on how many classes. Also, to make a schedule of the times where i will be studying, times to do homework, and the time i can have free to myself but limit them. That is the advice i would give myself to be more successful in college.


When I chose to attend Middle Tennessee State University, I was choosing to attend a school 1,200 miles away from my family and home. Coming from a small school with just 40 students in my graduating class, I knew right away that I wanted to go somewhere bigger and better. After a short, two hour tour on MTSU I was longer confused about where I wanted to go. Now, a summer later with one successful year under my belt I have grown up in ways I would have never imagined. With that experience I gained knowledge that I wish I could have told myself a year earlier, and that would be about how to gain time management. It does not matter how busy you were in high school or how many extra-curricular activities you participated in. None of that prepares you for living on your own. It is too easy to sleep through a class because you were out too late the night before, or forget to write a paper because you were busy cramming for a test the next day. This is the one thing that I wish I was told before I left for school.


In college, it is a must to have fun and enjoy college life, but it is even more important to manage your time wisely. As a freshman in college, I was faced with many distractions. Distractions from roommates, friends and campus activities had a dramatic effect on me. I would tell myself to study first and party second. I would also advise myself to use my freshman year to set my grade point average. In high school, I was very smart and ended high school with a 3.6 grade point average, but in college I have made a mistake and started off my gpa wrong. I have never had a gpa this low and I am taking this advice with me for the summer and the fall of next semester. I will raise my gpa this fall if I have to study all day and night long. If I were to go back in time, I would advise myself to use my time wisely and to set my gpa. I would also tell myself that life is not easy and full of mistakes and this mistake is just teaching me a lesson of responsibility.


I would tell myself to perserver because college is important. Don't be afraid and just do the best you can. Make friends and have fun, but don't neglect your work. Schedule classes so that you have time for lunch! If you live off campus, bring your lunch in a small, insulated lunch bag. Get to class early so you can do some last minute studying right before class. Try to keep costs down by renting books.


I wish I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student. After going through my first year of college I have learned several new things. From what different clubs and classes were available to all the things that I should have done in high school. I regret not being well informed on what exactly college was when I was in high school. One advice that I would give myself is to be more involved in high school, be part of more clubs and associations which can greatly help in college and getting scholarships later. I would also tell myself to take more AP courses. At the time, I did not know how much money and time I could save by taking AP courses in high school and then skipping those in college. The most important piece of advice for me would be organization. I would tell myself to work on being organized with my time, with my work, with everything. Organization is essential in college. People have to learn how to successfully divide their time between classes, homework, work, extra activities, clubs and social activities. This advice would have helped me tremendously.


I would tell myself that as a senior in high school I should have been more focused on preparing myself for college. I should learn study skills while I'm a senior in high school because in college I'm pretty sure that you would do a lot of studying. I would also say don't be too involved during your senior year because you want to focus on applying to schools and applying for different scholarship. Don't take high school as a joke because once you get to college in a way you are on your own. Study first and play later. If you need help with applying to different colleges ask your teachers or counselors at school, they are there to help you. Choose the college that fits for you. Make smart choices during your last year in high school because they can come back later while your're in college. Get use to change because a lot of things change once you enter college.


Fight harder for your grade.


If i could tell my high school self one thing about college life it would be to stay in school. While in highschool i could not wait to get into the real world and start working. What i found out was that i needed to get an education first because being a C.N.A for the rest of my life was not appealing to me. I would tell myself to apply to universitys and enjoy college life while your young and wait to start a family until after you graduate.


Ray, being successful in college is not easy it takes dedication and determination. High School was a walk through the park for you. You are investing your time and effort in the wrong places. Please, do me a favor and terminate your relationship with your girlfriend. Ray, I wasted my senior year of high school because I thought I was in love. I was terribly wrong. You have the oppurtunity to make things right. It is tough living on your own and being able to focus on school when you have someones negativity bringing you down. Get involved in the community and volunteer. The feeling of making a small difference in your community is rewarding. Pay close attention in class and take great notes that you could bring with you to college. Ray , keep in touch with teachers that have watched you grow over the past 4 years they can be a big help. Most importantly, do not leave your family like i did. You will need mom and dads support. I regret making mom cry because of my terrible choices, but you can prevent that from happening. Hug your mother and tell her you love her.


I would advise myself to be prepared. High school does not prepare you for the different experience that is college. Get ready to actually have to study, so develop some good habits now. Make as many connections that you possibly can. In my experience, the more people you know, the farther you can get. I would also say to not worry about private schools. The education that you receive here is a great one, and it is also at a very affordable price. Keep dreaming always. Never think that you cannot accomplish something. Keep the drive inside of you that makes you want to be the best.


I would demand I move next to campus. My initial problems when coming out of high school were related to commuting an hour to campus, then another hour back home 3 days a week. It hurt my self-esteem, it put me in a financial hole and didn't allow me to utilize the vast amounts of financial support which I'd earned access to. My laziness is not adequate reasoning for doing poorly, however, it was a poor decision on my part to commence with my poorly-organized plan. Had I decided not to move to campus, I would insist going to a community college to finish my basic courses -- meanwhile saving myself large amounts of money, too. Lastly, as a third option, I would've told myself to wait. If all else fell through, I would have advised myself to find a full-time job and utilize the grace period of "no bills" while living with my parents. After a year's worth of work and financial-stability, I would have moved to campus while still capable of utilizing financial aid I'd accrued through the years. In essence, be smarter and wiser with my time and money.


I would have attended class everyday and not miss school because I was doing well in that class and tell myself that it does matter to go to class. I would have stayed on top of all my classwork and studied more for all my tests. I would definitely make myself investigate more scholarships because I am now aware of how expensive college is for my parents.


If I could give myself any advice before attending college, it would be to never procrastinate. With classes being only two or three days a week, it is very easy to get side tracked by other things. I remember freshman year was the biggest wake up call for me. Studying is really needed. Yes, it was easy in high school to cram for a test and then pass it with a B, but college is a whole different story. It is an obligation to study for at least 45 minutes a day. That way you stay ahead and you won't have to worry about pulling all nighters before a huge exam, you'll already have the information embedded in your brain. The transition from high school wasn't easy for me, but I adjusted and promised myself that I will stay on top on my studies. The saying, "Work now, play later", really does come into affect once you hit college.