Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there would be many things I would tell myself from the knowledge I have gained over the past year. One of the main things I would say is that I need to learn how to study for exams and also be able to manage my time better. I would also tell myself that I need to get organized now before I had to do the hard work of college. Another thing I would tell myself would to be to actually do my work and not slack off just because the teachers liked me. All of these things would of greatly helped me if I figured it out before my freshman year of college.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to take better care of my body and health. Being a type one diabetic since the age of two puts a strain on my well-being that only I can manage. As I grew older and started my high school education my parents began to give me more independence with my diabetes. There were times when I did not try my hardest to take care of my blood sugars and take my insulin. The damage that was done during my high school days is irreversible and will stay with me until there, hopefully, is a cure someday. Since being in college I have taken action and keep a very close eye on my diabetes. Although, like every one, I am not a perfect person. There are times when I do make mistakes, and the stress of every day life gets in the way of my goals. However, I do try to the best of my ability to live a healthy lifestyle, and until that cure comes I will continue staying active and optomistic about life.


If I could give myself some advice about college while I was still in high school, I would first tell myself to go to class. It is so tempting to skip class and party on weekdays because of the new sense of freedom that living away from home brings. New freshman no longer have their parents forcing them to go to school, so it is much easier to skip classes. Just by going to class, in my opinion, anybody can get at least a C in the class, and then by being active and doing homework and studying that grade can increase to an A or B. My second part of advice would be that while you're in class, actually pay attention! Not listening during class, surfing the web, looking at pictures on Facebook, or constently texting on your phone is the same as not showing up, so instead of wasting yours, your teacher's, and all your classmates' time, simply put away any distractions and actually listen to what the teacher has to say. If a student can follow these two main suggestions, then they should do well and succeed in college.


I would tell myself to try harder and apply myself more than I did. College is tough and slacking off in high school will not make the transition a smooth one. If you work hard at what you do, you will reap the benefits (better grades, more financial aid opportunities, etc) therefore making my college experience even better than it is right now.


If I could go back in time to give my senior self advice, it would be to listen to myself. When I was a senior there were so many influences pushing me away from my real dream, which is to be an artist. All of my friends were going to UNC, and it was expected of me to go into a 4 year college right after I graduated. I ended up going to UNC to study dietetics, and I hated it. I ended up leaving a couple months into it. I wish I would have taken a year off right away, like I had intended to, but I felt like I didn't really have a choice. I realized that I only get one chance at life, and I had better make it count, and I better love every second of it. Now that I found what I love, I am ready to go back to school and get a degree in graphic design. I will make a difference one day with my art, no matter how big or small, I will make a difference and I will love doing it. Please help me reach my dreams!


If I could go back in time and give my high school self advice about college, I would definitely tell myself to always have a schedule planned out and to NEVER procrastinate. Procrastination is like the Devil when it comes to college work. In college you have so much work due in a lot of other class, that if you even think you can put off work until another day, you can easily get behind. Getting behind in your school works put more stress on you than you know. Trust me I know from hands on experience. Having a schedule written out of your day to day plan, will help you not fall behind and to resist the urge to procrastinate. It will allow you to have more free time and time to relax and take a break from all that work. College and high school are two different worlds. In high school you have your parents there making you do your work. In college, it’s all on you to complete your own work, whenever you fill like completing it. This is where procrastination starts to come in the picture. With great scheduling, procrastination shouldn’t be an issue.


I would take all my notes that i had throughout high school and take them with me. Dont stress stay calm. Dont overwelm my self from studying take perodic breaks. Go work out at the gym to realeve stress. Get eight hours of sleep. Study ahead of time. Make flash cards to study. Pack my clothes and have everything ready for the next day. Plan out my day on my agenda book. Lastly, Turn off cell phone when in class sit at the front of the room to aviod distraction and take notes.


College is a lot hard than high school. In high school you have people constantly telling you what to do. There are rule that you have to follow everyday. In college, things are very different. I f i could go back in time, i would warn myself about staying focused. In college there are not people there to wake you up in the morning after you spent a long night partying. There also are not people there to remind you what is due in class after you lose your sllyabus. The teachers in college are not as easy as high school teachers. Late work is not an exception. With all this said, college involves a lot of responsibility of your own actions. You have to make smart choices because the consequences are more risky. Staying focus on your future goals need to be the main priority, all the partying and late night activities can wait. High school was very routined, but college lets you have the freedom to do what you want. Just remember to do the right things that will benefit you in the end.


I would advise myself not to procrastinate as i had done. If i had not waited long before looking up scholarships I would not have had to take out loans for school. I would also adcise myself not too share a dorm room with my best friend from high school, because that would eventually end our friendship. I would then tell myself that it may be hard leaving home but I should not fell down about it because I am only trying to better myself, and when things get hard do not stress out.


In High School, I was diagnosed with chronic pain in my arm. This was my freshman, the scariest year. And know I was gone all the time to doctor appointments, and physical therapy, and therapy for the depression I feel into when I couldn't write or play any of my favorite sports. I had to quit my volleyball team. I couldn't go out for soccer in the fall. But I kept doing my school work, though having a hard time dealing with the pain. This pain is still today, three and a half years later, the doctors haven't got a clue what happened in the surgery. Sophomore year I was so angry about it and missing all that school for empty answers. I got lazy, just watched House the T.V. show looking for answers. I did. I got hooked on hydrocodone, and that summer I gave myself a intervention. It was hard, and painful. I didn't see my friends for three months. The advice I would give myself is "Hannah I am from the future, you must study, and stop waiting for answers to come to you, try harder and someday soon youshallbewhomyou wantto be".


Research and look into possible choices for your major then look into the schools in your area that best support these majors and your needs.


You will encounter times when you feel discouraged and you will think maybe it is not worth the sacrifice now. It will be difficult, but it is not something that you cannot achieve. Be open to help and support from people who are there for you. Push yourself to perform at your best and you will realize that your best is absolutely wonderful. Do not get lazy, neglectful or undisciplined as this is the key to your future. You will measure success in terms of a qualitative life which is full of experiences, adventure, love, accomplishments and follow through. You will not be concerned about materialistic value but the qualitative value of your life and your personal joy, fulfillment and you will value yourself because you worked hard and became educated when it seemed like everything was against you. Education is essential to providing yourself with a future that affords sustainability in achievements whichwill complete your soul. You will struggle and you will triumph, but in the end you will immeasurable value and integrity derived from the knowledge that you overcame a multitude of obstacles and attained a college education.


Keep an open mind about everything. Stay grounded, humble, focused and study before class.


If I could go back and advise myself, I would remind myself that as you grow up, your friends change just as you do. Sometimes that means you'll grow apart, and will no longer have the friendships that you once had. Most importantly however, I would remind myself that going to college doesn't mean I know everything; and, that studying will be vital to success. If I could go back I would remind myself that plans can be changed, but that the ultimate goal is the thing matters most. As long as you work hard and acheive what you want, the amount of time it takes you to get there is not important. Lastly, I would advise myself not to take things too seriously or too lightly because while college is supposed to be a time to expand your knowledge, it's also a time to enjoy being a young adult. You just have to draw a fine line between the two.


I would tell my high school self that, you need to be absolutely sure that college is the way you want to go. College is a big step and it requires commitment and not the party all the time attitude. There are several different types of colleges to attend and you should carefully choose the one that is the best fit for you. You should enjoy college and take in everything and participate in the activites that your chosen college has to offer. I would also tell myself that no matter how hard it seems, there are a ton of resources out there to help you get step-up for college and resources to help you through college from financial aid, to tutoring and living expense's. You should use every resource that you can find and except help from anyone who offers to help you with any part of the college process. Above all, if you have a question about something do not be afraid to ask because chances are their are other students trying to figure their way through the college process and they might have the same question.


I would say Jessica you need to go to college now. Please do not wait it is a mistake and you will have to take refresher courses to bring you back up to speed if you wait to long. You can not use making a bad judgment and having a child while in high school as an excuse! Having a child should be your reason to go on to college now. You need to have a career and/or a great job to provide for your child since you are a single mother and seventeen years of age. You need to strive for victory and go to college now like you want to and not listen to all those telling you it will be impossible. College is no different then high schools work just a little more in depth with a little more freedom. Also you have to be more disciplined in your studies there is no one pushing you here but yourself. Take my advice I am giving you and take yourself to college and do your studies and be successful! I promise you want regret it!


I would say go to your perspective college/university open minded. Go to school thinking in a future perspective. A lot of times as freshmen we get caught up in the present not realizing how valuable that time is. Network with people, but maintain a good grade point average. Being social is cool, but understand you have a goal to graduate and become a distinguished person of excellence. Be a leader. Be an asset.


If I could go back and talk to myself, I would tell myself that although I didn’t get into the college I wanted to, it happens for a reason. I would tell myself that being afraid of what college is like and meeting new people will be the least of my worries. Life after high school isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to be filled with heartache and experiences least expected, but as long as I keep my head held high and believe in myself, I’ll be able to make it through anything. And that the well needed breakdown is acceptable just as long as I get back up on the horse and fight to finish. I would tell myself that everything that’s going to happen is, in the long run, for the better and that maturity, which it brings, will help me succeed in life, but most of all to not be afraid of living. Because living in fear of the next day and the bad that may or may not come is only going to slow me down and prevent my succession in life. And what’s life without lessons learned?


I would tell myself to not get crazy with freedom. in college there is no one checking up on you making sure that you are getting all of your work done. there is no one to wake you up in the morning if you oversleep and miss a test. i would tell my younger self that although freedom may seem like exactly what you want, the amount that you are given at college is massive. you cant party every weekend. there will be other parties and the same thing happens at them all so you wont be missing anything. Mainly i would tell my younger self to keep the faith. and that when times get hard, dont give up, but to keep on pushing.


As I mentor I have talked to numerous high school students and what I tell them I would tell myself. I have told them to take advantage of all the resources given such as, tutoring, mentoring, scholarships, advising, talk to your professors not only when you are in trouble but make them your mentors. College is the next level of life therefore, what you do in college matters. G.P.A is the most important aspect of this part of your life. When you attend college do not let making a C be ok because, what is the next level down, a D and if you blow a C off easily then once you get a D it will blow off as easy. Make sure you put your studies before anything else because, this step determines your future. These four years will fly by fast therefore, think always before you act, grow to be a better person, and yes enjoy life as a college student because, your biggest responsibility is youself. Therefore, do above and beyond for yourself and this will cause you to be great. So be GREAT and make it contagious, also be a mentor to others.


I would not take time management and study skills lightly. I would really be practicing those skills more because you cannot go through college without studying at all. And I would also tell myself that Freshman year is the most important year because it sets your GPA up for the rest of your college career. I would also take advantage of all of the tutoring centers whenever possible, even if I were to just sit in the room as I do my homework so I can ask questions whenever needed. Unless you are a morning person, do not take 8am classes. Really take advantage of the first couple weeks of school to meet people in the welcoming activities to meet friends because the first couple weeks are the weeks that people are more open to talking to strangers because they are trying to make friends too. Just because you know people going into a college do not, not meet new people because the first semester of college really changes a person, and the people you come with won't always be the same group you stay with, so do not think that you don't need to meet new people.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED! Coming to college has opened my eyes and offered me a chance to experience some things that I might have taken for granted before. When I graduated high school, I graduated 7 out of 89 with a gpa of 3.94. Assuming that I didn't have to study because I felt that I already knew everything proved to be my biggest downfall. My first semester here I didn't put forth my greatest effort because I was still stuck in the I don't have to study stage. Therefore, at the end of my first semester of college I failed two classes and my gpa was a 2.12. I took for granted that I didn't have to study and I was saidly mistaken. Therefore, for the 2nd semester I knew that I would not pass by thinking I didn't have to study. Therefore I made a changed myself for the better and studied and ended up with a 2.81. So my advice to myself is NOT TO TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED.


If I could go back and give my high school senior self advice on college, I would say to be fearless. Do not be afraid to take risks in every area of this new journey. Risks and stepping out of your comfort zone are steps to taking control of your life and making every single goal attainable. Take every situation as a life lesson and learn and apply those lessons to the future. Do NOT let anyone tell you that a goal is set to high or you are striving for too much. Know that there are going to be rough patches and times where you feel as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Always know that the people that surround you are there for you through every hard time and want to see you be successful. Never be afraid to ask for help or admit you are struggling. Allow others to give you their advice, because more often then not, they no so much more than you. Allow yourself to be open to new things and ideas everyday, because that diversity will allow you to do anything.


Do not stress the decision of where you will go too much, in addition to whether you will get in and ultimately be employable. There are wonderful people and amazing places everywhere. Also, an unexpected turn, seemingly of failure, can prove the key to an alternate happiness. Mostly, however, realize that all education is for most nobody's but your benefit, henceforth cherish and enjoy it.


The first thing I would tell myself is to go to the school that you want to and not the school your parents choose and push you toward. Although, leaving my friends and becoming blocked off from many people and social avenues alloqwed me to focus on making good grades it also affected me socially and kind of stunted my growth I feel. I wish I would have chosen to go to the school I really wanted to and had the guts to move on campus and experience college life the way that it's meant be enjoyed. The ups and downs of passing or failing classes, ups and downs socially, and ups and downs in extra-curricular activites were something that I feel like I missed out on and should have participated in. I also would tell myself to not be shy and to go and search for a place to play baseball, the sport I love, instead of asking one person and giving up. I realize now how much I loved playing the game and how bad I wish I was playing it now. I would also tell myself to not work so hard and to have fun.


I would tell myself not to stress so much. Life is full of uncertainty and things that you won't understand at first. I would tell my younger self that everything will work out and that as time goes on I will adapt and learn to handle adult things. I'd say to my 18 year old self that opportunities that I thought would be impossible actually happened to me. And I would tell my younger self to prepare for some tragedies as well as joys. Actually, you know what? I wouldn't tell my past self a thing. Ignorance is what got me here in the first place. So I would just tell my past self to go on doing what I was doing. There is a reason for knowing what I know now and why I didn't know it then.


Know what you want to do, have a plan, and save more money.


I would develope better study habits.


Figure out a general field you are interested in. Set goals and have plans on achieving them. Keep your grades up and and build good study habits before entering college because there is no one there to force you to do your work. It will be your responsibility. Also, look for scholarships before getting into college. There are a lot a scholarships offered to incoming freshmans that you should certainly take advantage of. College is quite expensive and financial status shouldn't hender you from getting your education. Thinking ahead will eliminate that problem. Apply for as many as possible. You never know until you try.


If i could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell me not to room with a friend. Before coming to college I had an amazing friendship with this girl in my high school. We both found out we were going to be attending MTSU and living in dorms so we decided to room together. Making this decision was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Our friendship quickly went down hill. To say the least we are no longer friends, and probably never will be again. If I could go back in time I would stop myself from living with her so I could save our friendship. I would tell myself that living with a friend is not a good idea. Most college students that live with their high school friends end up not being friends anymore, which is exactly what happened to us. Now when we see each other on campus we don't speak or even look at each other. If I could I would go back in time and stop myself from ever signing the papers to live with her, then maybe we would still be friends.


If I could go back in time to my senior year in 2008 and give myself advice about college I would slap myself to wake up from personal problems and realize that slowing down because of family problems, deaths, heartaches, break-ups, and fear of failure is only going to make things more difficult for myself in college. I would tell myself that every day, every test, and every book counts. Senior year is about making personal growth changes, preparing for the upcoming years of college. Also becoming self disciplined is the most important. And on a lighter note, I would tell myself exactly what classes and teachers to take in college and how to make sure I get a perfect GPA. I would definitely let myself know that early morning classes are not for me, but if I wanted to meet a lot of people or a cute guy, most people take classes in the morning and afternoon at my school. Most importantly, I would tell myself to relax and make sure that I laugh more often, see more things, take more chances, and no one can make me feel inferior without my consent.


College is a difficult transition. There is so much excitement and fun, yet there is that much stress and worry that comes along with it. Finding your place can be difficult, but try anything and everything! You will be so surprised at the incredible people that you may meet in the most unlikely of places. Also, don't be afraid to explore new classes. College isn't just about fine tuning what you know. It's about going into a classroom knowing absolutely nothing about the subject, and coming out with a wider knowledge on that subject that you would ever imagine you would have. You may think that you can't do it at times, but you absolutely can! Your job in college is to educate yourself and grow up. It would be an injustice to yourself to not give your all to everything that you do in college. This is a time for finding out who you are, and living your life to the absolute fullest! And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln


College is essential for those wanting to grow in all aspects of life, not just educationally. The attendance provides personal, educational, and professional experiences that are not easily accessible outside institutions therefore causing those experiences to be highly valued and sought after. The college experience has taught me to challenge myself and think critical which has allowed for tremendous mental growth. The results of such growth have aided me in achieving outstanding academic performances, being accepted to honor organizations, and qualifying for graduate universities. The experience has also helped me develop individually by introducing new concepts and beliefs and exposing diverse cultures which has left me open-minded and excepting of foreign ideas. Overall, I feel like I have learned to become a well-rounded person that is meant to help better society through my knowledge and hard work.


Not only have I found great life long friends, but I also have been recieving a great education that I think will help me in the future with applying to medical school. I feel I have recieved my money's worth. I am the first in my family to attend college, so, my mother's excitement to have her "baby" doing something with her life is also a perk. I'm extremely lucky to have the life I have and will take advantage of my education, every resource available to me, as well as the Starbucks on campus.


I am in my second week of attending Middle Tennessee State University. So far I am impressed with the knowledge of the teachers and their willingness to work with me and help me to succeed. Class sizes are comfortable and the campus has everything I need.


I have aquired new learning skills. I have pushed myself more than I thought was ever possible. I have learned to balance all aspects of my life. I have had to work fulltime and also be a full time student. It has been tough but I believe it has better prepared me for the real world.


I believe that college has really given me a sense of responsability and individuality. This is the first time in my life where I have felt like my own person. Back in high school I often felt like a ghost because my life seemed to be a series of actions woven into a daily routine by an anonymous authority, and my whole life was to go about this pattern day in and day out. When I first started attending college I was paralyzed with fear, my social anxiety was only outmatched by my chronic indecision, but I buckled down and faced this strange growing-up gauntlet of choices and uncertainty. I have never been happier than I am now . For once in my life I am optimistic and excited about my future and education, and even proud of myself and how much I have grown in the last year and a half. I hope to maintain this momentum throught my college career and my life, but I doubt any transformation will match the sheer joy I have found in my metamorphasis from a child to an adult.


I have learned the value of strong studying. High school was relatively easy but college has given me experience and the lesson that I have to stay on top of my studies. I have a strong desire to do well and have seen many people fail because they decide to take it easy. I have found that i have to study hard and do extra work to succeed in my major. I had little art experince in high school but enjoyed the subject and have had to work hard to hone my skills. College has been valuable to me because it has taught me to go beyond and above what it expected of me. It has taught me not to do just the bare minimum and i believe that is a principle that will help me throughout the rest of my life.


I have attended college both as a graduate - directly out of high school as well as a nontraditional, adult student (housewife and mother) with a previous career history. College has always been an invaluable experience - not only to gain the knowledge, skills and credentials for a career, but also to improve oneself as an individual and to stay plugged-into an ever-changing world and society. I think it is critical for students to work and learn with peers (in terms of their age) as well as work with and learn with their elders. It has been an awesome experience for me to learn to appreciate the "ages and seasons" of life as I schooled with people twice my age - years ago, and now, I am that "senior citizen" with much to offer in ways I was unable to do so before. College education is not an age or generational activity... but rather, it is a lifetime privilege and opportunity to "always keep-on learning and growing!" And all genreations have much to learn from one another! That has been one of my greatest discoveries and gifts - given and received in both seasons of my college career!


Going to college is the first step towards you career goal. Completing classes and getting a good education is a confidence booster and a realization that you are making your dreams come true. The staff is so friendly and genuine they truly care about your well being and that you have a good educational experience.


I am currently a student at San Jacinto College-Central campus and have had a great experience. The counselors put me on the right track in 2008 and when I leave in May I will have an Associates degree in Health Sciences. Each teacher I have taken has been really supportive in helping me learn the materials necessary. I am receiving the same education that I would have received at a four year university for less money and my classroom is more personal because the classrooms are alot smaller so you receive a lot more one on one with the teachers. To me, this school has given me an experience of college without the overwhelming idea of being completely on my own. I am currently living at home and with San Jac, they didnt "baby" me like in high school, but the were reasonable and willing to work with me. If I needed help there was always reasorces available. My freshman year there was a student day where all the organizations would come and share the ideas of that organization and you could receive information about getting plugged in. Overall I am satisfied with the education I have received.


I have gotten to be a more responsible and independant person by living on my own in a dorm and doing what I have to do instead of being forced before going to college. I have also gotten tons of friends from a loving club that enjoy anime the same way that I do and meeting one of my bestest friends I've ever had by being randomly assigned as roommates living and spending a lot of time together in a dorm. All of this and more has made it very valuable for me to attend because I have met and made friends with so many people that have made me much more outgoing person and learning so much that I wouldn't have learned in high school or anywhere else I could ever imagine which gives me more opportunity to do things like hopefully studying abroad in Japan this summer so I can meet evern more amazing people.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that life is not easy and that things in life are earned not given. Attending college has helped me to grow into a much more mature person. It has been so valuable to attend because I have the privilege to be apart of a higher education. And that is the most precious gift of them all. This is something that no one can take from me. Attending college has given me the chance to pursue my career choice as a nurse practitioner.


I have gotten alot more knowledge and socially meeting new people. It is valuable because a mind is a terrible thing to waste. It's valuable to attend classed everday because you are taught a lot in just one day. By attending college , it helps you lay down a foundation for your future and also helps you get a great job in the future.


My college experience has allowed me to meet so many new people and learn so many things about myself. I honestly feel like i found myself in college. I am totally grateful that I am able to attend college because no one else in my family has had this opportunity. It is important to me that I succeed in college so I can set a new example and standard for the people in my family and community.


I have received a grade A education from my prestigous university, and I would not chose any other school. My school may not be the best in the style, or on the top of the rankings, but we are there and mostly importantly "I am one", which is our schools moto. And above all it's been valuable from the extended amount of resources available for me and the friends and knowledge that I have gained.


Having attended both a State University and a Two-Year County College, I have come to understand the importance of college experience. College is a young person's first taste of the real world. It is a time when those dependent on parents and guardians can be slowly introduced to what life is like independently. My college experience has given me a greater definition of the term responsibility. It has taught me how to carefully manage my time and the importance of hard work. A college experience is very valuable because you are also rewarded a multitude of intangible benefits from lifetime friendships to future networking.


My college experience has opened me up to many different cultures. I have come in contact with many people that i would not have had to chance to be acquainted with in my small high school. I've learned about the importance of diversity and have loved every minute of it. college has been a valuable experience not only because i will be awarded a worthwhile career, but because i have made new friends along the way that will sat with me for therest of my life.


Choosing to attend college at MTSU was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Every step I have taken academically has helped me better understand what I want out of life. Going to MTSU provides me with a very positive atmosphere to learn in. Everything on campus is very accessible. The library is a great place. By going to MTSU, I have learned that I would not have rather attended any other college. I could not be more pleased with my experience. I feel like I am very well equipped to go into the world of work. I am very excited for my next few and final years.


My college experience has given me "light." Light at the end of the tunnel. Light to see forward and continue on. Light that illuminates my life with a profession. Light for my children who will hopefully see what I did and choose a similar path and go to college. Light for others to see that anything is do-able if you put your mind to it and it doesn't matter your age or ethnicity. College is so valuable because it helps raise your level of thinking. It helps put you on a level with others who are also seeking a better life. College gives you a way to contribute and give back because you're so grateful to have made it through and finally experience a better life. It is the most valuable gift you can give yourself and your family.