Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Middle Tennessee State University know before they start?


If I had this life changing oppurtunity I would go back and inform myself about preparing for better study habbits and to learn time management skills. Studying is the key to being successful in college. Time manegement is also imperative for success in college. Procrastination is a huge problem for most college students, and how much free time we have, is all we think about when weighing homework and study time with relaxing or socializing. Those two things would by my focus if i had the oppurtunity to consult myself prior to coming to college. These two things you can never have back in life they are time and choices!


I would tell myself to take advantage of every opportunity I would come across to help myself advance in the subjects I loved. I would also tell myself not to worry because I am not the only one who is afraid of what will happen next. In addition to that I would say to myself that studying is fine but dont forget to have a good time. Having a good time with the ones closest to you is just as important as schoolwork. There is always time for success but dont miss out on making memories. The last thing I would say to myself, especially as a high school senior, would be to speak up. Let your voice be heard and dont just accept what others tell you. Decide on the changes that you want and fight for it.


Take it seriously, but don't let it control your life. Be friendly. There are a ton of people you will meet who could be great friends and helpful in your school experience. Study hard and make friends. You only get to go to college once.


I would have told myself to have an idea of what i want to do in life. I would have worked with myself to figure out what i liked and give myself a list of possible careers that fit my personality. Even though students don't begin to take take major classes until their third year, some of those optional gen ed requirements can either be useful or a waste of class. I would tell myself to make sure i get involved, because their are great opportunities that offered around campus. Furthermore, choose your roomates wisely. If you decide to room with a friend i would suggest doing so in an apartment instead of a door. Do not be afraid to experience the college life, but always remain cautious. Most of all stay focused and remeber what you are in college for.


The biggest thing I would tell myself is that I love my kids, but wait! Having them and attending college has been very stressful and has affected my gpa. I would also tell myself to bucklet down and really think about what I want to do and not bounce back a forth on a major. The last thing I would tell myself would be apply to MTSU first, and do not waste time at the trade school. These are the things I would tell myself if I got the chance to go back in time.


I would advise myself to get involved. Getting involved and socializing is key to success at MTSU. I would also say to find something to help you relax. The transition from high school to college can trigger depression and anxiety. Keeping relaxed is key to be battling stress. I would tell myself do not be afraid to communicate with your teachers. If you are having a hard time, most teachers will be understanding about your situation.


If I was to go back and talk to myself about my college transition, I would tell myself that everything is going to be okay. I would tell myself that all I need to do is to trust God and love him with everything i am, and everything will be ok. Luckily for me I didnt need myself to go back. I did have Jesus, and everything was ok. I made amazing friends that will always be with me and Its been the greatest couple years of my life.


My high school self was a strong-minded girl. She had all the potential in the world to do anything she wanted to, and what she wanted was a career in art. It didn't matter what kind of art. All she wanted was to be creative and be able to support herself while doing it. She could easily see herself as a successful Creative Director at an advertising agency in Manhattan, or even as a fashion designer in Milan. It didn't matter, really, as long as her creative juices were flowing. Looking back now, I remember the struggles I faced early in my senior year. My mother had serious mental issues and attempted suicide, and both her and my father had serious drug and drinking problems. It became more important to just get a paycheck so I could get away from the negativity. The irony in that desire is that by not going to college, I created my own world of negativity. I developed a drug problem of my own that led me deep down a dark road. If I could tell my high school self anything, it would be to go straight to college.


I would tell myself to prepare for whats to come. Take as many oportunities as possible to be ready for college such as writing help and ow to study more efficiently. i would tell myself to be challenged and get involved in as many things as possible to better build my college resume. I would say to get in more service clubs and do more community service.


STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! Studying is everything. You want to ace that test, right? You are trying to become elgible for the Nursing Program, you need to enhance your study skills. Also, plan ahead. Purchase a planner, so you will be able to keep up with your assignments and important dates. It is very useful. Make sure you get enough sleep at night, it plays a big role in your daily performance. And, never lose faith. The transition will get hectic, and will put you on edge but never give up. Giving up or failure is never an option.