Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It seems like a reasonable plan to attend a tech school after high school, because you don't feel like you're ready to jump into college yet, but understand that even this needs to be a careful decision. Not all tech schools have credits that will transfer to universities, and you don't want to end up throwing away thousands of dollars taking the same classes again at a different school.


If I could return to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to work as hard as I was able to recieve the most money for college. I had no idea how much my education would cost. While I was aware of my tuition, I did not realize that books would also make a huge impact on my finances. Also, housing and living expenses are outrageous. I assumed that I would be financially stable throughout my college career, but unfortunately I have proved myself wrong. At the same time, I would tell myself to be as outgoing as possible. You get out of a college experience what you put into it, and I would never want to hold back. College is completely incredible and I would want to get myself as excited as possible for the incredible journey ahead.


Applying for more scholarships is the biggest piece of advice I would give to my past self. At first I thought I would be able to handle the price of college, but I was terribly wrong. Juggling school, work, and a social life is more of a challenge when you have to pay for your own college tuition with no financial aid. Secondly, I would also advise myself not to behind in classes because that is one of the reasons why I do not have any scholarships or financial aid. Not going to class is the number one reason that students get behind in school. Waking up in the morning and going to all of the classes and studying is the basic foundation of doing well in college. For the past two years I have been paying for this mistake. Additionally, I would remind myself to jump out of my comfort zone more often when I came to college. Socializing with people who appear different than what you are normally used to is another great advantage that college. In the long run, it will be helpful to meet as many people as possible. Today networking is essential to success.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would better prepare myself for college. Therefore, I can have a more successful career in the future. I would tell myself to go out and look for as many scholarships as I can, so the tuition money doesn't come out of my parents pocket. Also, I would tell myself to get involved with the community and the campus by joining clubs and other organizations. In addition, I would tell myself to work as hard as I can and focus on my school work, because it is much more difficult compared to high school work. Finally, I would tell myself to stay out of trouble and do not let other distractions get in your way of reaching your career goals. This information is highly impartant and useful because it provides the steps I need to take in order to succeed in life.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would explain how important a college education is as I have learned this the hard way working many years at low paying jobs to raise my family. I would convince myself to go to any length it took to get there while I was young because the transition would be much harder as I got older. Having to work a full time job to keep a roof over your head and food in your mouth and attending class full time is no joy. I would suggest working hard to pay for school and keep a good grade point average so I could apply for many scholorships to help with the cost keeping my dept as low as possible. Work hard now so you don't have to work harder later.


Go into the Reserves or the National guard, let that be your job; and attend school fulltime until you have a master's degree or two. Stay focused, you have plenty of time to fall in love, get married, and start a family. Knowledge is the key to the future, remember that and you'll be okay.


Assuming that I could travel back in time, which would be quite exiting, I would tell myself to not allow the elements of ethnical and cultural limitations hold me back from pursuing my dreams. Growing up as a minority Hispanic male in a segregated community in Chicago, expectations were very low for me. I knew, at the time, that I wanted to pursue a Business Degree, but was never mentored or given the proper advice or guidance to know about financial aid assistance and scholarships. I though, at the time, that getting a job after graduation was more important that attending a four year university. Therefore, I would also explain to myself the importance of college life and the ability to help me advance in a world where a college degree is expected for all professionals. I would also give myself some advice on dedication. I would let myself know that in order to live a successful professional life, I would need to dedicate myself fully to learning. These are lessons that I am glad I learned as I struggled to reach my goals and hopefully can instill them when I have children of my own.


I would tell myself not to get married but to take that scholarship and go onto college. Being an adult in college is very hard. There is so much more work to do just to get caught back up. I would tell myself not to give up the dream and not to put myself on hold for others.


Make sure to keep up with all of your assignments. High school is nothing compared to college. It is much better. You will have so much fun in your classes and the teachers are superb. MTSU is definitely going to be worth everything you put into it and more.


Keep your goals with you in everything you do. If you forget why you are here, you may be tempted to fall off the path you've prepared for yourself, and lose your way. Alcohol and drugs can ruin this experience. It is possible to develop a problem, even at your age. Don't make a fool of yourself. It won't get the kind of attention you want at the end of the day. Make decisions in your own best interest, and in the best interest of your future. As much as you don't want to admit it, your family cares more about you than your new friends. Be honest with them, and keep communication open. They are going to be terrified for you, and they want you to succeed and be happy more than anything. College will be an enlightening, transformational experience for you. Don't throw it away.


If I could go back in time, I wouldn't let the school all my friends chose alter my decision on what I had to do for my future. I should have looked into more options instead of trying to find the college that was closest to home. I would have gotten more involved in the school activities in the beginning of the year, rather than be depressed because I was "alone." Make sure I understood that my choices will create my happiness, surround myself with new beginnings, and get prepared to study. I wish I had realized almost everybody that is new to college needs friends just like I did, don't be afraid to get yourself out there! It's a different world, and a big change with several great experiences to last a life time.


I would tell myself to be more involved within my community, join more clubs, and prepare early. Be cautious of the bad things that can happen and don't let people influence you negatively. Be prepared for harder work. You're not a child anymore, you're an adult. Make decisions for yourself and be responsible. Don't procrastinate. Work hard now and reap the benefits later. Learn to be open-minded about new ideas. Try something new, join many organizations. Explore yourself and all the things you are capable of.


First off, enjoy what little time in high school you have left. If you have an idea of what you want to major in make sure that you research schools that have that major. Don't settle for a school just because all your friends are going to that school. Branch out, go out of state if possible. Its amazing the opportunities that await you if you just give yourself the chance. Going to college for the first time can be a scary thought and if you're like I was, you're probably nervous about making new friends and fitting in. My advice to you is that you chase your dream and go to the university that has the major you want to study. Settling for a school that doesnt meet your expectations will only lead to disappointment.


i would have told myself to study harder or transfer to a tougher school. my school was very lenient about homework so it was really easy to pass. i wish they were tougher so then i could have had a taste of how college was going to be.


I would have told myself to do better in highschool since day one, because if you are serious about your career and your future, college is no joke. You have to stay focused, keep organized the best you can, and keep on top of all your work. College is not like highschool. One bad grade can really hurt your GPA. It is important to try your best and study hard, because if you slack off on your work it will show. Other than slacking a little bit a making a couple bad grades, I pulled through and had a 3.0 when I graduated. So, my advice to myself would have been to study more.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself not to get so worked up. I was way too stressed during my senior year and fought with my best friend until a breaking point. I would tell myself to not settle for MTSU and go to Lambuth like I wanted to instead of having to transfer. I would tell myself to quit getting so distracted and really focus and read all of the things I was supposed to so I wouldn?t slack off in college. I would tell myself to start editing my papers and to stop doing everything at the last minute. If I could go back, I would tell myself to work harder.


If I could go back in time and know what I know now about attending college, I would tell myself to relax more because you will have plenty of time to work hard in college. College is a lot harder than high school in terms of getting good grades. I used to work hard in high school and forgo certain activities because I always wanted to study to get the best grades so I could get into the college of my choice. While it?s true, getting good grades in high school are necessary to help achieve this goal, I should have studied a little less and enjoyed myself a little more because you have to study hard in college and I feel like I missed out on some fun when I should have been enjoying myself. There is plenty of time to grow up but not enough time enjoying the good things in life and those times will never come back to me. I now study more than I have ever studied in high school and regret what I may have missed by being so diligent about my studying. Enjoy life while you can while you?re young.


As a wife, a mother, a career woman, and a college student, I am struggling to find a balance with all the equally important aspect of my life. If I had been able to earn my BSN right out of high school, this struggle and guilt would not be upon me during this time in my life. Instead, I would be able to focus on the most important part of my life: my family. But as a teenager we do not realize how carefree we live our lives. If I could go back and give myself advise when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to speak to a college financial aid counselor and see how much aid was availble to me instead of assuming there would not be enough. I would advise myself to ask for resources for scholarships considering my gpa. But my strongest emphasis would be on completing my degree right out of high school no matter what it took, even if that meant working part time and going to school part time. Education is important and so much easier before you start your family.


To be able to travel through time and talk to myself as I prepared for the wonderful journey in my life that I was about to embark I would reassure myself that college money is limited, the search is difficult and very time consuming it is worth the education that can be attained with outside funding. I would continue to push myself to search for scholarships so my parents don't have to struggle and I can not have to worry about money when I should be worrying about the last few moments of my high school career. Money management and scholarship searching are the important aspects that I would hope I'd be able to learn a little more.


Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life I went to a Community College straight after high school. After going to Motlow for a year, I realized that i had missed band and other social activities. After I got into the Honor Society (Phi Theta Kappa), I realized that I was ready to attend Middle Tennessee State University. One of the happiest days of my life was when I recieved my acceptance letter to Middle Tennessee State University. I was so excited that I had a chance to be apart of the MTSU Band of Blue. I would have told myself not to take the easy way out, and just believe in myself that I can achieve my goals in life.


Life is full of opportunites for you to reach out and grab. No matter what always follow your heart's desires and never let fear take advantage of your dreams. Study hard for this short time and you will have a lifetime full of success and prosperity. This is your life and the decisions you make will determine your future. There will be bumps in the road and things that are out of your control but stay focused on the race you're running so you can finish on top. Education is the one thing no one can take from you. Its yours so claim it. All your destine to achieve you shall accomplish!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool student my advice to myself would be find yourself, find something you are passionate about, and stick with it. I would tell myself that it is really important to have a job that you are proud of and enjoy going to everyday, and it is okay to take as long as you need to discover yourself and find what you are passionate for. But I would also tell myself that it is never too late to go to school, and it is highly important that you do in today's society in order to be able to obtain a job you love. I would also advise myself to take school seriously when you do attend, and put your all into it because it is your future that is at stake.


Just breathe. It may seem overwhelming, but make a list of all the things you need to do in order of importance and go from there. Using contacts is key. Call or email as many people as possible from the university to determine the best possible solution to your problem. In the end, no matter what dilemmas you face, everything will be okay. Take a deep breath and smile.


I would say to not limit myself because of money issues. Taking a loan is not the end of the world, as long as you are happy, go where your heart truly takes you.


Serve in the military prior to college. You will have time to grow up and decide what career field you wish to enter instead of engaging in a completely useless degree


Raven, This year is crunch time. I know senior year is supposed to be the last year before your transition, but don't get so wrapped up in social events that you forget the real reason why you've made it this far. Stay focused , keep your grades up, and remain humble. You've excelled all the way to here because of your work habits so keep up the good work. High school drama will be a vision of the past; therfore let it go and let God. Your not here to make friends. Your here to get an education at all costs. When you get to college high school will be a blurr because there is a much bigger world out there. College is the real deal. It's where your life actually begins. Just remember whatever you do don't let your social life interfer with your work habits. A lot of students go off to college and let their grades slip. Don't be one of them becuase they will take your financial aid away from you with no remorse. Remember this is another stepping stone into adulthood. Remain responsible.


There is only one thing i would say to my high school self, form a study habbit. I never really had to study for tests in high school, but once I started attending college and learning tougher material, it wasn't so easy to pass a test with minimal studying.


I would have taken more college classes as a high school student. i also would have developed better studying habits.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships, as opposed to allowing them to come to me. I would also tell myself to take the ACTs more than once, so that I would have has the opportunity to raise my score. Other than that, I experienced a wonderful transition, with good friends, roommates, and courses. The only additional thing I would tell myself is to really take it in and enjoy it. There is no semester like your first one.


Don't underestimate the amount of work you need to put into school. High school was a breeze. You didn't really need to study, pay attention, nor attend class to at least graduate. College is completely different. You need to take the time to study and really pay attention in class not to mention attend the class because the knowledge you gain is in class and by actively participating in discussions. You not only learn from hearing what others say, you also learn from what you say. So don't be afraid to speak up and actively engage in conversations held in class. Active learning is the key to gaining the most out of your education rather than just listening, passing exams and earning your degree that way. You won't learn as much unless you actively engage in classroom discussions.


DO NOT let the new experiences scare you. And be positive that you know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Sometimes it can seem like it isn't meant for you. But just don't give up. Follow what YOU want to do, and not what others expect you to do.


Work incredibly hard at school. Research your career choice thoroughly before commiting to a degree course. Travel outside the US as much as possible to get real world experience. Learn at least one foreign language prior to entering college and then spend the 4 years of college mastering that language and perhaps learning another.


If I could go in to time and tell myself how to prepare for college. I would advise myself to learn how to manage my time correctly. College is totally different from High School, the teachers arent going to hold your hand, the teachers in college will help you by making you think out side of the box. I would also advise myself not to get discouraged about your grades, because there is so much on campus tutoring avaiable that there is always a helping hand some where, and just talk to your teachers as well, if you go to them for help, they will never turn you around, thats what they are there for so dont be afraid. I would also tell myself that being active on campus is great but take it slow your first semester or first year, because it a very big transition and your going to need time to adjust. And last but not least I would tell myself not to stress! Never crame anything just take your time and remember in the long run it will pay off.


I would have told myself I should have gotten involved in student government in high school and should get involved in it at college because I've developed a liking for politics because of the economy we're in and the president we have now (Obama FYI). He has actually made me want to be president so I could attempt to return this country to its moral foundings and away from its liberal, politically correct ways that is seriously eroding this nation.


I would study more and devote more time to developing as a person. Knowing what I want in life was a great boost.


I would save up more money as well as study a little bit more. Cooking would have been more frequent, because I find myself needing cooking skills that I just don't know.


I would tell myself to have more self esteem. Everyone else is looking for friends as well. Get the most experience out of college life as possible. This is the time to make lifetime friends. Also, the "Freshman 15" theory is more than just that. Don't get carried away with the meal plans. Choose your meals wisely. Gaining 20 pounds is no joke. Take advantage of all the activities and facilities that are available. That is the best place to make the right kind of friends. And find a church home as well. That's the best kind of extended family to have while you are so far away from yours.


I would tell myself to value my high school years. I would tell myself to study hard and push for that 'A' instead of just a 'B', because those 0.5 added to your GPA can make a difference in whether or not you get a scholarship. I tell myself to apply for more colleges to keep the opitions open. I encourage myself to have an open mind when i am finally in college and to try new things. I would also tell myself to live on campus atleast the first year to get the true college experience.


If I could give myself one piece of advice it would be to save more money. I did not save a lot of money in high school specifically for college. Now I am having to work harder and longer hours because I wasn't prepared for college finanically. If had the chance to do my senior year of high school over I would have worked more and spent less.


If I had the chance to go back in time and think about things that I know now the number one thing I would tell myself is to get motivated to study, to make lots of new friends, and to get involved. Yes, school work is very important but without a social life one can very easily get bummed out on school and evenually drop out. And as for studying goes, it is no exaggeration on how important it is. I would tell myself to learn to love to study.


College is a time of transition into adulthood. Take advantage of the opportunity, and pick a school where you can blossom and grow into the young woman you want to be. Don't be afraid to be social and adventerous. Keep God, family, and grades first, but allow yourself room to do something different, grow, learn, and have fun. Don't let any of the stress that comes with change discourage you. Instead, let the idea of change fuel you because it is only drawing you closer to reaching your ultimate goals in life.


I actually have had the opportunity to do this with my little brother, he is a senior in high school. All last summer he was telling me how easy is senior schedule is. so i told him that he needed to bust his butt to in school while he has the chance. take harder classes to prepare himself for college. college is a different kind of school. all classes are hard. for those students that are like me and took the easy way out of high school and did not have to study will make extrememly hard on themselves, becuase youwill have to study in college. you can bet on it. If you want to be as prepared as you can for college. then you should take harder classes.


I would tell myself to relax. College is not as stressful or hectic as it is played out to be on television. I would tell myselft to get involved in high school to prepare myself for the social college lifestyle. I would also teach myself good study habits so I wouldn't have to relearn them upon entering college.


I would say: 'The longer you procrastinate, the harder and more expensive school will become. Get real with yourself and do something with your life. It's no more difficult than what you make it and you're capable of doing this! Trust me, i'm you, only 50 lbs heavier and still working a dead-end job. By the way your pregnant and this baby needs a future!'


I have heard similar questions as this proposed through out my life, but it is only now that I am having difficulty managing my words. The conversation would probably begin with a lot of encouragement and congratulations. Never have I panicked at the thought of being alone in a dark world. I chose a good, safe school with wonderful opportunities abounding within. There is one subject that is repeatedly coming to mind though, and the advice that I would stress is the importance of scholarships. I slacked my senior year, and neglected all applications. Life came along and harshly knocked me out of my dream cloud. Loans can be really hurtful in the long run, and my family does not hoard copious amounts of money in the mattress. I used to consider any scholarship under 1000 dollars beneath me. I was wrong. Every dollar helps, and I would make sure to remind my past self of that. The essays and applications are well worth the amount of time spent filling them out. My much-humbled future self will never forget significance of a scholarship.


Parents- Support your children and their decisions even when they don't correspond with your own; this is ultimately their decision and it is going to set the foundation for the rest of their lives. Let them dream, don't make them live through yours. Offer your strength and encouragement; ensure them that no task is too large and that they can do anything they set their minds to. And lastly, don't be afraid. Let your children go; more than likely they'll come back anyway. And to students, do your research. Tour a variety of campuses and ask as many questions as you can. Participate in campus related activities and talk to current students. Figure out what YOU like and what YOU want, not what your friends do. Ask yourself where you want to be in five maybe 10 years from now; will the college you're looking at support that outcome? When you choose a college, don't over-do your course/work load; take your time, you have plenty of it. Also, GET INVOLVED! Make new friends and don't be afraid to try new things. That's what college is all about anyway, right?


When searching for a college that best suits you it would be better to not do the following things. Don't rely only on what you hear about the school. Everyone is different and just because it doesn't satisfy your best friend doesn't mean it won't satisfy you. It is not wise to enroll in a school without having a major or minor. You want to attend a school who's graduation rates are high in your field. Do not follow your friends!! College is totally different from high school and has many different requirements. Sometimes it's best to be in a different environment so you can try new things. I advise you to study ahead of time, prioritize, and stick to a master schedule. If u fail to plan, then you planned to fail! -Aliah Billingsley


When deciding on a college consider the size of the campus and its population. A High population school may mean a much larger campus size and class room size. Try and decide whether or not you would want to have to walk longer distances between classes and also consider how much teacher/classroom interaction is best for you. Most high population schools accomodate to the size by building classrooms the size of an auditorium which in turn means less interaction with the teacher. One other thing to consider is how far you are from home. At first you may think you will never come home but after a month or so away you begin to miss those people you call your family.


A big thing i would have to say is to check out the size of the campus, whether a campus is too big or too small for a student can really make an impact on how comfortable they are, which in return makes an impact on their grades. You should also check into what types of programs they offer and see how well people who have been in those particular programs enjoyed them. The opinions of other people who have previously attended that school could always be a big help. The biggest thing is to just try new things and enjoy yourself in college. Be serious about your education, but don't let it get to the point to where you have no free time, you will need some time to get away from the schooling and just have some fun.


Selecting a college is a decision that takes a lot of thought, consideration and the ability to look into the future. Each prospective student should be drawing from themselves, considering both their passions and talents. Their personal big picture will reveal an organic selection.