Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Middle Tennessee State University know before they start?


There are many things I would tell the high school senior of myself. One word of advise I would pass on to myself is to try get into some extracuriculars because they make a huge difference! A second word of advice would be to learn how to study! I never had to study in high school to get good grades but it was a huge shock when I got into college and found out that is not the case.


If I were to go back to my high school self and tell myself about my college transition, I would tell myself to study harder, sleep when I have free time and love every second of my college freshmen year. I would tell myself that instead of going to one of Middle Tennessee State Univeristy Football games to study for that Calculus test and do not write that paper the night before it is do. To visit my professors during their office hours and ask for help and advice. Stay up late and study for a test or an exam and sleep after my classes. Instead of sleeping for ten hours a day to do all homework and study for each class then sleep. But most importantly to enjoy my youth and get to met new people and experience the joy of college. Because to be honest this first year flew by me...I had fun but not as much fun as I would have wanted. Giving my self this advice would make a huge impact on my college freshmen year and make it more productive, enjoyable and would set a better future for myself.


Don't take that year off! It will turn into nine. Before you know it you'll have three kids, and finding time to do your homework will be extremely difficult. Study when you can , but don't forget to have fun...you are just a kid. Life is hard, but it's even harder without an education. School is easy.. if you're going for a purpose. You CAN do this! Your dream life is just a degree away!


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to make all decisions for myself, and to put me first. If I did this I would be able to partake in many great opportunites. I would tell myself to take more chances and be more outgoing. Life is completely different than it is in high school. There is not time to procrastinate or to just be able to study the night before and make an A on a test. Most importantly I would tell myself not to get too in over my head or too stressed out. I would say that everything would be fine all I need to do is trust in God.


I would ask myself if I really wanted to go to college and decided exactly what I wanted to do. I would tell myslef to focus on school only, choose a college that you can see yourself at all four years, and to make sure you have a balance with school and finanically. Moving out and living on your own is a challenge, choosing what to eat is a challenge. I would also tell myself to put GOD first in everything that I do and the rest will follow.


My advice to myself would be to have used my military benefits sooner. It would have been easier to get a good job if I had. I probably would have told myself to go for the military anyway, but I would have said not to get a job right out of it. There are a lot more opportunities if you have a college diploma, and I think I have missed some by not having one. I would have told myself not to wait.


If I could go back and talk to my former self while still in high school, I would advise him to forget about the petty problems that had him stressed out. He has no idea how little that will matter when he's 33 years old and can't figure out how to pay for college. I would tell him to focus on mathematics, and to learn more of the principles of physics while he had the chance in high school. In our conversation, I would certainly have him invest in some premium 1997 stocks like Microsoft or Apple, or just to generally invest his money because the inflation would be coming soon. The most important thing I would tell him is to not enroll in college just because he thought he was "supposed to". "Young Steven," I'd say, "dedicate yourself to your music and your dream, and do not dilute your attention by studying things you don't really care about. You'll have plenty of time for that in a decade or so." Then after doing that, he might finally do as I have, and find out that he really loves Philosophy. He'd have never guessed.


Do not take your classes, your teachers, or the resources given to you for granted. Being in college makes you appreciate the things you have now in high school. Listen to your parents and teachers because they will not steer you in the wrong direction. College is a major step. So do your best now and the reward is great throughout your college experience as long as you maintain the hard work. Think about it this way, college is just like high school but on a higher scale. You are still learning,, meeting people, have social events, you have freedom although it is limited it is more freedom. But college along with high school has rules still. The key to making it work now and later is prioritizing your plans and focal points while in high school and when you reach college you will do the same. Another is time management, studying or working hard, and using alll your resources given to you. Not forgetting your goals is the main thing. If you never forget those, you will always work towards them and once reached make more because your success is limited as you make it.


After going through what college is offering, I have discovered many techniques and learning tools necessary for me to graduate on time, many of which I wish I knew before I started. If I was able to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to expect to be working constantly on schoolwork and volunteer work. For a theatre major, there are many aspects that one uses to create a spectacular show, and it is not so easy. Schedules will be busy beyond belief, but keep your head up high. Professors and other facilities will notice your hard work and acknowledge you. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help. Professors are here to help you, for they want you to succeed. And most importantly, you must always have faith. Have faith in your work that it will be correct, have faith in your professors, and have faith in yourself. Believing and trusting yourself will make you a stronger person, and it will fill you with confidence. Do not let the cost of college worry you. Do your best, apply for scholarships, and believe that you can make a difference by being who you are.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely have a few pointers to give. I would start by advising myself not to declare a major for the first year or two, 18 is too young to have to pick your path in life. I think students should mature a little before making such a big choice, and investing their money into it. I would also tell myself to remember my priorities and not to get so caught up in the festivities going on around you. People will always be around to distract you and make you lose focus of the main goal, so figure out a schedule and try as hard as you can to stick to it. Lastly, I would emphasis the importance of a college degree. So many people think that you don’t need a college degree to succeed, but realistically, most of us do. If you want to achieve your dreams and live the life you have always wanted then you need a good education to jump start your life.