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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When considering colleges I'd suggest taking tours and asking any questions you might have about the university be it about financial aid or student housing. Also weigh the pros and cons of each college. To make the most of the college expericence I'd suggest you join a campus organization that mirrors your interests or ideals because you will meet alot of like minded individuals and make new friends in the process as well as getting involved on campus. Also to study hard if you don't do so you're and your grades are poor your wasting yours or your parents money and potentially hurting your future.


Visit schools which are close to where you live before venturing to colleges farther away. By doing this, you get a feel for what size of college you are looking for, whether it is a huge university or a small community college. Then figure out what you enjoy doing: Do you have good people skills? Or are you constantly doing mathematical calculations? Are you more hands-on or an abstract thinker? Taking personality quizzes is a good idea, you will gain clear information on your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these things about yourself can help you figure out what sort of career you may be good at. It is always good to go into your first year of college as an undecided major. You can explore different fields through General Education Requirements and figure out what subjects you enjoy. Choosing a major is not something which should be rushed, you have your whole first year to decide! So take your time. Overall, if you visit a college and it feels like your second home, go there. Listen to your instincts, because in the end your first impression can make a big difference.


You get out of it what you put into it.


One of the most important things about finding the right college is finding a place where you can plug into the life of the campus, even if you are a commuter student. Find out about the different clubs and organizations that the college or university has to offer. Also, after you are admitted into the college or university, get to know your professors very well. Fight for the seat in the front row, especially in larger lecture classes. It's always good if you can introduce yourself to the professor and ask them what it would take to make an A in their class. Not only will that impress the professor, it will help you know how to do the best in the class. When it comes to choosing a major, take several introductory classes in many different areas so you can get a feel for what you really like studying, because nothing is worse than being in a major and not enjoying the work you are doing.


Look at all the options, apply for as many scholarships as possible, and pray


My advice would be to always stay true yourself. You should never let anyone block the path that you decide to take or stop because of the obstacles that come to pass. Its not hard to take advice, the challenge is how you use it. Its all up for grabs, you just have to get it. What you build on now is the base for your mansions later. Even if you think your not the smarttest or most talented person; never let that discourage you from following your dreams no matter what. In the end you'll have satisfaction in knowing that you made it because you stayed true to yourself. Make sure you can say you've had those college experiences. Be them good or bad, those experiences sometimes make you use the back burner to get it done in time. You unleash a person inside of you that you didnt know exsisted. Thats the strength thats helps you make it through college. Make sure you do a detailed back-ground check and try visit the college of your chioce, because what you hear and read about isn't always what you get. Never give in or give up!


Talk to some students that are attending the school and find out the pros and cons of the school. Then discuss them with their child before making the choice to go to that school.


If I had to give anyone advice about where he/she should go to school or about choosing the right school I would have to say that they should follow their heart but use their head. Get educated about the school, learn it's history and what is to come in thr future, don't be closed minded and enjoy the exsperience of finding the right place to further your education. Going to college is more than just earning a degree, it's about finding yourself, and the person that you want to be, it's about making yourself and better person and loving who you are so that you can better the world. I think when you considering colleges you should always visit them and when you find the right one, you will just know. It's like finding a wedding dress, when you put the right one on, you just know it!


Remember to challenge yourself academically, but give yourself plenty of time for fun as well. Don?t squander your leisure time hanging around doing nothing. Go out and do something active that will blow off steam and increase your energy. I love MTSU and would not want to go to any other university.


Students should definately choose what college they want to attend not the college their parents want them to attend. Students should know that choosing the right college is one of the first big decisions they will make in their life. They should choose wisely because if they don't it will be time and money wasted. People say college is one of the best time of your life and they are right. It is scary at first but it lets you know that you are making a transition into adulthood because there are no parents and all the decisions are suddenly left upto you. Try not to stress to much about school, money, social life, and other thigs because it will get better. College is a major adjustment but you will feel like it was all worth you while when you receive your degree. While choosing a college like any other decision, be realistic about your options and your lifestyle. College makes you more independent and makes you feel better about yourself because you can do things on your own.


Try to find a good balance in your social life and school life. My biggest regret is that I didn't get involved in more extracurricular activities. Sometimes you might feel alone, out on your own for the first time, but if you join clubs and organizations, you'll find a lot of people just like you, learning who they are and how to live. Find a college that suits your personality, and has a good reputation for whatever type of degree you want to seek.


Students: First of all, it is very important to find a school that not only fits your personality, but also makes you happy. You must visit the campus, and should get a tour, as well. It is important to explore the surrounding areas of the school you wish to attend- you will spend more time than you think off-campus! Also, do not sell yourself short on your goals and beliefs- go to the school you want- in the long run, it will be the best decision you ever made. Once you get to college, it is VERY important to go to class! Why go to college if you do not actually attend? Also, break out of your shell- do something you have never done before! Go to parties! Socialize! Talk to your classmates! You never know- that person that sits next to you in your Chemistry class may be your maid of honor at you wedding! One last thing: Who you are in high school does not have to be the same person you are in college. Reinvent yourself! I promise you- COLLEGE years are the best ones of your life!


Do not worry about choosing a major before you enter college. Feel free to experiment with different areas while taking your general education courses. Make sure that you work hard throughout your entire college experience for the best results. Take part in any extra curricular program that you are interested. Have Fun!


I think that when you look for a college you should look for one that suits you. Picking a school because of a sports teams or something not concerning academics isn't a good choice. I picked MTSU because it was close enough to home that if I got home sick I could go home to stay, but far enough away that I don't turn around and have my parents there.


My advice would be...not to rush into choosing your school and check in on the school career department to see if they actually help you after you graduate.


The best advice I could give anyone about finding the right school for you is, take your time. Look at as many options as you can to be sure that the instituition you choose is without a doubt the best campus for you. You have to be sure to look at the surrounding area, the extra-curricular activities, and the student life to be sure that you will get the most out of the 4+ years you will be spending at that university.


I would tell people that no matter how hard it gets, just keep pushing through. School can be hard but life without a college degree is way harder. Enjoy your time as a student and keep up a social life as well because friends are a pivital part of keeping the stress levels down. Choose your friends wisely. Don't hang out with people that will pull you down with them. Surround yourself with people that make you a better person. Always be yourself and do whatever it is you love to do! And good luck, even though luck has nothing to do with it. It's all about dedication and hard work, and it really will pay off in the end.


Find a college that will support your social and academic needs


The first step students would need to take before even thinking about what college they plan on attending is determining his or her field of interest. Your interest in the subject area you have chosen needs to be reflected on how it will benefit society, the likelihood of you being able to graduate in the field you chose, and finally finding a job that has your best interest at heart. Other factors students, as well as parents need to find out is information and how much money the colleges demand for tuition. Before a student decides to make a commitment, he/she should ask themselves questions such as: am I really ready for college? Can i or my parents assist me in attending this university? Am I really ready to be so far away from home? No matter what the outcome is to your young college days, you can achieve anything you set your mind to throught determination, will power, and heart.


I would advise that students seriously consider what they want to do in life. Do not attend college just because it seems like the "next step." I think it is perfectly appropriate to take time off of school to determine this. Once you are sure what you want to major in, find the best university that offers that program. Additionally, consider: Do you want an academic school? Do you want a large or small school? How important are extracurricular activities and does this school have them? Will the school faculty assist in finding internships or jobs before or after graduating? Once at school, join clubs both social and academic. Network, because the point of school is to gain a career, not just make friends or party. Be sure to belong to clubs and organizations that will assist you in your professional endeavors. Do your homework and enjoy the experience.


Do alot of research. Look into clubs, groups, and organizations you might be interested in and JOIN them! Don't just sit in your dorm and study all semester. Learn how to manage your time. Set a study and play schedule. Meet people you normally would not see in your home town. Give everything a chance. I strongly recommend going greek to get the most out of your college experience. Not only did it help my GPA but College is SO much fun because I went Greek!


Find a school that not only accomodates to your academic needs and wants, but your social and environmental needs, as well. It is so easy to do well in school when that's all you have. Unfortunately, that is not the real world that students will enter into once they graduate. I believe that becomes a rough transition for the student, therefore holding the student back in the span of their career. Also, the student must be willing to be open-minded. You cannot always expect people to come up to you, or help you first. There is a level of friendliness expected, if you want to make the most out of your experience. Take some chances, and meet great people, because they will be the ones helping you throughout college.


Be comfortable with what your child is happy with. They need to believe in themselves, and know that they made the right choice! Be behind them no matter what and a friend when they are nervous.


The best way to find the right school for you is trial and error. First I would decide if you want to go out of state, like I did, or stay local. Decide what class size you need and what kind of attention you need from staff. Once you know the size and location of the school, the school itself falls into place.


Always take it serious but have fun while you're there. Its only last so long so enjoy it while you're ther. Make the most out of everything in life!


Find a school that suits you and they way you like to be. Also, make sure that you find a degree program (area of study) that you are going to enjoy and love learning about and doing the rest of your life.


Let them decide what they think is right.


A college is somewhere that you will more than likely be spending mopst of your time so examing all the facts is a must. Make sure your college has enough learning choices for you in case your situation changes. If you need online because you work during the day, or if you work at night and need to take a test via internet or correspondance, make sure your options are wide open. Check and see how many people your advisor counsels and what the availability of your major classes is. University policies are also very important and the financial aid available. If your into clubs and organizations, go to a few meetings if your local but always make sure they are easy to get in touch with. Call campus planning and check on any construction that might limit your dorm space. Also, making sure they have the "other" major you were thinking about will come in handy if you change your mind. But most of all, make sure your quality of life is what you want it to be in the community as well as campus. Never let the campus make you fit, always make the campus fit to you!


If you know what you want to study, go to the best school for it. If you don't know what to study, go to a big state school. Don't be afraid to transfer once you know what you want to do if there's a better program out there. The friends you made are great, no doubt, but you'll make more! And as far as making the most of the college experience: do your homework, go to class and other than that, don't think about books. Go have fun! Go join a club, group or fraternity/sorority.


Visit the college and take note of the environment its in and what environment the student is use to. Going from a city to a rural college usually isn't much fun but depends on the students school environment.