Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I am learning alot at my school espeacially I came back to school after 15 years since I been out,which I regret now. the school helping me to think in postive way after a been total depress and staying home after I became disable in 2007. School make think in different way, special I have seen no hope in my life .I was thinking life is over for me, and all my thought was nothing more than negative about the future. I seen no hope left for me After I became disable. I thought this is the end of the road for me ,just to stay home until I die. I was feeling hopless ,until I came back to school ,I fought to overcome my disablity. I want be as human as any other person. I felt I need to be normal and be part of the working class, I want be able to contribute to the scoitey, All my life I am the bread feeder to my family, and the only way I can go back to my normal life, it was though attending college and earn a degree which It allow me to help my family.


As an ESL student, it was not an easy task for me initialy but now things are moving on the right direction. In fact, the current course i am taking at Columbus State Community College has improved my critical thinking. My instructors have done a great job by explaining and breaking down the essays from the Blair Reader. Their explanations by using daily life examples, other materials from different sources, and his unbiased ideas have also helped me to improve my analytical thinking. Writing a research paper, putting different ideas together, expand and explain them, and connect them to unrelated materials to make sense to audience was not an easy task for people like me at the beginning, but now I can count myself as one of the conquerors over writing a research papers. Writing always helps me to discover ideas, communicate to other people and create something for my readers. I have noticed that without education in my life, i will be useless in my community for the next ten years to come hence i have decided to get a certificate in accounting in the next five years. After my graduation, i will be usefull to my community.


My college experience has taught me what I'm good at doing, what I enjoy doing, and how to find a compromise I can succeed with. It has provided me with internship opportunities, leadership experience, and knowledge in various industries I may not have considered otherwise. I place the highest value on my college experience for encouraging me to be and do whatever I set my mind to. I've learned that everything is a competition and that in order to succeed you must first give it your all.


So far my college experience has given me the confidence to succeed in the real world. I've made contact 's with professors and students. As far as what i've learned I know for a fact that I can use that information in everyday life. I cannot imagine living my life without gaining experience from a University.


I have never attended college, but I am looking forward to it more than anything in the world. Sad thing is I've been trying to go for 4 years and I just can't afford it. There is nothing i would like more than to go to college and finally begin getting my career started. I dream about it every night.


Freshman year is always a year to experience. So far I have learned alot about this college experience and life in general. I learned not to procrastinate, be puntucal, plan ahead of time, be organized, and open-minded. It has been very valuable to attend college, because in the future, you will recieve more knowledge, more job opportunities will become available, better recognition from employers, you will recieve higher pay in the workforce, you can discover what freedom really is, and you can build up your life-long networking that will have a great impact on you in the future when you enter the work force. if you attend college, you will recieve the ultimate student lifestyle. It will open your eyes and ears to so many things, and you will leave envolved into a completely different and more knowledgeable person that when you entered or started off. College is the key to success.


It is hard to say exactly what I have gotten from my college experience because I am in the middle of getting exactly what it is I have come here for. I am certainly on my way to getting to know myself better than I have ever before. I have learned so much about the world that was hidden from me before. College gives students the chance to spread their wings and realize their dreams. In high school, friends were based off of (mainly) similar interests in music, sports, and just hanging out. College has been that and so much more. It is a place where people can find the friends that will last forever. This is because we are going into areas of interest that need to last forever, and what better place to find a long lasting friend than to meet them in a class meant just for that interest(ex. climbing, psychology, science). I suppose, it's not really what one gets from college, but what grows from college.


When i was a freshman in high school, a young girl i babysat was struck by a vehicle and died on the spot. For months and months i was devistated and it inspired me to save lives and prevent injury/death. Going to school for firefighting makes me the happiest person possible. Im glad that im learning all about life safety and i hope to this day no one experiences what i went through.


This is my first year of college and I can truely say it has been a bumpy ride. Starting of college was a challenge everyone has to overcome. People have to get use to the hours and get familiar with campus grounds including: School activites, Classes, and other events. Thats by far the most difficult challenge I had to achieve, but what I value the most from my school is the hospitality. I get along well with my professors and fellow classmates they are understanding and genuine. My classes has been fairly easy and doable; I understand the work and process of completing my courses. The school provides different study sessions and materials needed to help students in getting their work done. It has meet my standard necessity of what a student will expect from a college perspective.


College has been a great experience. Without attending i would have never expected to be a part of half the things i am in. I am very happy I was able to be find out about Kappa Sigma, the fraternity i joined, through the school. Attending college has been valuable because I learned about time management. I learned how to juggle between a job, school, fraternity, and my family life. It has been a life changing experience.


I have learned a lot through my college experience in the realm of intelligence, but also in terms of wisdom as well. I feel that I have grown enormously in maturity since leaving high school in Chattanooga, TN. After my first year at MTSU, every last one of the friends that had travelled with me to MTSU had decided to return to Chattanooga for miscellaneous reasons. I enjoyed the university and had made plenty of friends already, so I did not follow them to Chattanooga. However, this made my sophomore year feel like a second freshman year as I made a point to make new friends. However, it was very easy at this school. People seemed to want to meet new people as badly as I did. The majority of the students were extremely friendly. I am a pre-medical student. I believe I have grown in intelligence greatly. I can always notice a difference between my understanding of particular concepts at the beginning and at the end of each semester. Also, the advising staff has really helped me put my best foot forward in terms of medical schools. Hopefully, I will soon be attending one.


Yes, i need knowlege.


I first started college at NOC in the fall of 2008. I had never planned on attending college because I went to Autry Tech for early childhood for two years and thought that would be good enough. Once I had finished Autry Tech and got a job at a local daycare, I decided I wanted to be more than just a teacher; I wanted to be a well educated teacher who could inspire little ones to go for the unreachable. So I started my College career in child development. Through college I so far have learned the domains of children’s learning, areas of development and so much more. By taking college courses I have learned how to teach children to where it is not to challenging but not too easy. College provides opportunities for people to learn and grow with people who have the same passion and will power to help. Children are our future and I believe by becoming educated I can help make Oklahoma a better state.


I have gotten the enjoyment of just bein at college and being a first generation college goer. I just want to get an good education so that I dont hve to struggle in life like my mom did.


From the first day that i started Blue ridge community and technical college, I have felt that I am going there for a purpose, and it makes me feel good deep inside. I graduated high school in 2007, and have been in retail since, and with the economy in a bad time, my job has really cut back and pay and I am currently struggling to be able to pay for college. Please help me with this challenge so that I can become a better person, Become certified in the IT field, and be able to help others in the future . I have found out working since I was 15 that jobs are always going to be jobs, and that if you dont get a degree , whether it be associates or higher, your only just going to have a job. I need and want a career so that I can be more successfull and be able to help others with the skills and traits gained from college. Thanks for your time into reading my application. Sheldon Conrad.


I have learned from my college experience, that I can prevail at tasks that I thought were impossible. I have taken college algebrae online, and although it was a struggle for me, I made a B in the class. For this I am proud of myself. By going back to school, I know that many doors are going to be opening for me, that otherwise may have not been opened for me. It is a challenge going back to school after 20 years, but I feel that the knowledge gained, will only help prepare me for bigger and better challenges in my life. I feel that I am a stronger person for my expereiences, and going back to school has been a big part of that. College is a place of growth, and age does not matter. To stop learning, is to stop growing.


I have so far attended my first semester of college at Del Tech after not being in a physical college since 2002. I have realized just how smart and intelligent I am just from this first semester I so far have managed to maintain an "A" average while obtaining the social aspects of college and especially after just recently getting divorced and out of the active military this is an awesome experience for me and a way for me to transition back to the civilian side. Hopefully the rest of the semesters continue to help me excel towards my goal of get my veterinary technician certification and bachelors in biology so more opportunities open up for me.


From my college experience, I have had matured dramatically. Being on my own for the first time has opened my eyes to all different type of people and experiences. I no long have a closed mind about diversity and actually embrace it. I love being around people from all different backgrounds and learning from them. My college experience thus far has been life altering and changed my perspectives on people. I am looking forward to the new changes I will experience as I continue my college education. College has been valuable to attend not only for the education purpose, but also for the reasonse I listed above. If I had not attened I would still be immature and dependent on others. My mind would never have been opened up to learning to love people from all different backgrounds. I am very privilaged to have the opportunity to attend college , which is something that many people will never experience. Knowing this makes me understand why some people have the views on other people and life that they do have, which allows me to understand the beliefs that some nonprofessional people hold.


In this first semester, already I have learned so much about my subject in depth and have developed a deep craving to learn more. I didn't have this when I entered college. Also, I've made so many wonderful friends! There are some people that I know will continue to stay in touch even after college is over and done. But by far the most valuable thing is the pressure of having a good work ethic. I'm working harder than I ever have before and yet I only grow to love it more each day. The delight of accomplishment is something that we all strive for: to know we've done something worthwhile. College has certainy been worth my while in that I've matured and grown, being thrown into many different situations with conflicting beliefs and ideas. It has helped me to learn to know just what it is that I believe in and who I am as a person. Slowly, I know that college will help define me in every area. So far, I'm still just the same old me, but I can guarantee that that is soon to change.


I have been very successful in my field, and I attribute this to my first Bachelor of Science degree, which I obtained from MTSU. I have another BS in Education, and have almost completed my MEd. I will be working towards my PhD next! School and education has been so rewarding for me, not just financially, but in every other avenue of my life. I have met and maintained lifelong friends and contacts that have made my college experiences so rewarding. College is expensive, but it is a definite investment, as if putting money into stocks, or a money market account. College is not for everyone, but it can be rewarding for the ones who want to put forth the effort and continue to learn. Any further education in any field is so rewarding, financially and socially. I am, and will always be a proponent of post-secondary education. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. Priscilla Omofoma


I have gotten confidence. I have learned that I have the ability to succeed no matter what. I know that when I graduate and go out into the real world to find a job, I have the skills I need to be a asset to any company. It has been extremely beneficial for me to attend MTSU for the knowledge it has given me. I do not only get just the need to know book information but students get the real life lessons that the professors give us to make us the best we can be.


Learning that life isn't like high school...you arnt guided through step by step. You are helped but its up to you to take the initiative to study and be proactive. It teaches alot about doing stuff on you rown and preparing for life!


I have been greatly benefited by my educational experience. Education is an investment I am making in myself to be of greater assistance to my community and to the future generations. I have seen how as my knowledge increases, my ability to do more increases also. When I first began attending the community college in my area I, I learned about a wide range of material that has helped me in my life even to this piont. I took a Spanish class and learned some basics that helped me when I was called to serve a mission to Uruguay for a year and a half. Although Spanish was one of my harder classes, it gave me a basis upon which I could learn this foreign language, which I did learn. Education is very important to me and I would like to continue to learn so that I can me an asset to the world in which I live.


When you make the decision to go to college it is life changing. All new people around you, you feel lonely and don't know anyone. It's a scary thought, but you go any way, not knowing how to meet new people. College is the best decision I have made in my eightteen years. My experiences has been amazing. I was scared at first but then I joined some clubs and made many new and amazing friends. I love college and all the wonderful people I've met here.


What i have gotten out of my college is more wisdom and knowledge. I have faced many difficulties in my first year in college because people put an image in my head that college makes people fail because of the difficulty. It has been a value to attend because the challege of classes is an addiction and it keeps me going and it keeps me intersted and focused. And it give me confidence that I am going to reach my career in the field of engineering. The image that people put in my head about college has motivated me to show them i can make it and anyone can.


My college experience has led me to be a better woman spiritually and professionally. I value attending this university because i get something here that many students dont. Here at mtsu i get the opportunity to grow spiritually with others who are also pursuing there passion in life. Along side growing spiritually, i have grown professionally because of an advanced studednt body and a higher academic standard. Even greater than all of that is the opportunity to learn with students from all walks of life. Whether they are disabled or from a different race or culture, this opportunity has extremely effected my life through personal relativity. Going to college at mtsu will be an experience i will never forget.


Within my first year of college I have gained so much knowledge on different subjects from psychology to history. By attending college it is helping me become a more well-rounded person in all aspects life. I have also been able to realize the importance college has on shaping your future and deciding what you want to do achieve in your future. By going to college, working part-time, and volunteering I have had time to prioritize my life and figure out what I want to major in. Although college maybe expensive I think that it is worth it to attend because what you gain from four plus year is knowledge that you can use for a lifetime. Even though I have only been attending college for a year, going on my second, and already feel like I have gained so much knowledge and interest in subjects that I never thought I would be interested, I can only imagine what three more years will do to my life and future goals. College is one of the best experiences a person can go through, not just for the social aspect, but because the way it can change your life so drastically.


My college experince is one i will never forget in my entire life. I have learned many lessons, made friends, and been well educated in the process. Here at Middle Tennessee State University I have gotten selfconfident in my time here. During highschool i was not the most out going person. But here at MTSU peers, friends, and professors taught me to believe in myself and keep my head up high. By believing in myself and my actions I can be very sucessful during my career.


The most important thing I have gained from my college experience is my future aspirations. I began college with an idea for my future, but the encouragement from a poor grade and a advisor I found my passion. Attending college has opened my eyes to the world around me. I have adapted and integrated with the diversity that is MTSU. Through my college experience thus far, I have discovered my future and rediscovered my present self.


Self reliance, responsibility and time management are a few things that I have gained from my college experience. No one could have prepared me for college. As much as parents try to prepare us they cant. My self reliance came from me having to wake up for my classes without the assistance of my parents. Getting to class on time and doing the work required gave me the sense of responsibility. Taking course full time gave me the experience of time management. Without learning those three experiences my college experience would have been horrible. I got the sense of being someboby as a college student, knowing I hold my future in my hand due to my education caused me to take my college experience seriously. Had it not been for the those things I learned in college I would not be returning back to school like I am coming this fall. Getting your education so you can contribute back to you community is one of the valuable reasons for me attending college long time ago and for me returning back to school to start a new career in healthcare.


I really enjoyed attending MTSU. I feel that God led me there for a specific purpose. I have met so many great people and had experiences that have shaped me as a person. I only looked at two other schools but MTSU was my top choice. Academically, I had a great experience and completed a thesis with the Honors College as an undergraduate. I was very proud of that accomplishment. I have grown socially by my participation in extracurricular activities such as Student Government, Band of Blue, MTSU Gospel Choir, and my sorority. As an adult, I learned to be completely independent as a student living on-campus. I can say that I actually enjoyed living in the dorms. It made me feel as if I was a part of the campus and student body. It was also an adjustment moving to Murfreesboro as I was not used to living in a city that size. I learned to adapt and actually feel that Murfreesboro is a great place to live. I can truly say that I had a great experience at MTSU. I would recommend it to anyone that is motivated and focused on their academic goal. Thank you.


The main thing I've gotten out of my college experience is the appreciation of time and how we use it. People simply do not have enough time in the day to get all the things they need or want to get done. This has been extremely valueable to me because I've learned how to manage myself and plan for the future more effectively.


My friends had a vital factor in choice that I made to continue my courses. As I told them of struggles they encouraged me to continue to push forward no matter the challenges, although some friends doubted me this to serve as a spark necessary to ignite my perseverance. More specifically in one particular event, I received an F in an exam. My professor pulled me aside and informed me that I should consider the option of dropping the course! This news fell on me like an elephant stomping on a mouse; my academic dedication was at an all time low. As I recounted my horrific experience my best friend, Jose let me realize the responsibility that accompany the privilege of taking college course at a high school level. He pushed me to continue and to prove my rank as a top student and I took on the challenge accordingly.


Actually I have not attended college yet I will be attending college for my first time this August at Middle Tennessee State University and will hopefully successfully graduate in the spring of 2014!


I have not only been receiving a wonderful education, but I have also made new friends that will last a lifetime. I meet some amazing teachers who are here for you as a student and a person. They honestly want to see you succeed and achieve you goals. The environment is exceptional and the campus is beautiful. I will cherish the memories I have thus far made, and I have no doubt that my remaining time at the university will be anything less than phenomonal.


I have learned from my little college experience, that being an adult takes alot of responsibilty. When going into college one has mature very quickly. One also has to learn how multiask and balance a social and educational lifestyle. College is nothing like high school. And I realized that some of the things I did in high school branded me when I got into college. But I can easily start over with a clean slate. College is valuable in establishing one's survival. We no longer live in a world where you'll be ok without job or an education. So college is very important in today's world. College will be of value to me in the long run, in that I know I will always have a roof over my head and food on my table.


In the time I have spent pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse I have had the opportunity to fulfill many other aspirations, some I didn?t even know I had. I have had the pleasure of being in the company of an eclectic group of people who have allowed me to redefine my values. I am now able to value my education. My personal journey has allowed me to perform and understand algebraic equations, accept many different personality traits, and appreciate the knowledge that has been bestowed to me by an exceptional educational staff. I believe that my education has given me a chance at creating a world in which I will be proud to live. I have spent countless hours completing homework, reading chapters and studying lecture notes in pursuit of a dream that is about to become a reality. It has recently occurred to me that I have also discovered something that may possibly be more valuable than my education: myself. I have discovered that I am a very dedicated, compassionate and loving person and I believe this discovery is what drives my ambitions.


During my senior year of high school, I dually enrolled into a nearby community college and attended a semester of college classes. I thought I would have to attend the community college after my high school graduation because it was cheaper and closer to home. However, I got the opportunity to attend MTSU and fell in love with it. I feel like I have jumped head first into the full college experience. I pay my entire rent to live in an off-campus apartment, pay and attend as many of my sorority's activites as my schedule will allow, work a part-time job, and am active in other on-campus organizations. Even though I have hardly any free time, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being immersed in every aspect of my life. I feel that it will help me prepare for my future life after college. College is just a stepping stone to the rest of my life, and I intend on taking full advantage of any and every opportunity that comes charging my way. I am extremely excited to see how influential my college experiences will be in my future lifestyle after graduation.


Growing up is not easy. Being in college has opened my eyes to new experiences that I would have never been exposed to anywhere else. I have gained life experience and wisdom from classes, instructors, mentors, and friends. Living on campus and being on my own has given me a chance to recognize the skills that I have, improve the skills that I need to work on, and learn new skills. I have met new people and made life long friends. When it comes time for me to network my way through the world, I will be able to say that I know good people. College is not about what you have when you get here, but about what you have gained by the time you leave. I want to be able to graduate and say that made it through college despite the obstacles and the nay sayers. My main goal is to strive for the best so I can be able to mentor and guide young men and women who want to be the best in everything they do.


From college I have grown as a person in all ways possible. I feel as if my friends are a lot more diverse and accepting, and I have adopted a lot of new good habbits and dropped the bad ones. There is a great vegan and vegetarian scene on campus which helped me express myself alot more. I moved far away from my home which made me respect my parents more and taught me to be completly independent. Also, with being in college I learned time managment and money managment which are both very important skill to learn throughout life. I feel as if I have gotten a great education so far and I've only completed two years. I cannot wait to see what Middle Tennessee State University has in store for me for the rest of my college career.


For the entirety of my life, I have had 2 passions: sports and music. I arrived at MTSU with the idea that music would be the dominant passion and the one that I took into my professional life. Upon arriving on campus and starting to work in sports talk radio, I discovered that the other passion, sports, was the one that I would make my living doing. College is what a student makes of it, no matter where the student goes. Each and every college has its own unique opportunities, and I believe that I have done well to find these opportunities and make the most of them. From the continuance of radio, to television, to writing for the newspaper, I have immersed myself into student media at MTSU and become in just two years the leading sports voice on campus. I have also learned that I work best when surrounded by other highly competitive, brilliant minds. This is why I have chosen to transfer to Syracuse in Fall of 2010. I could stay at MTSU and be the "media king" for 2 more years, but I refuse to be complacent, and want to keep working to be the best.


After a really tough period in my life where I got divorced, lost my grandmother and lost a job, I found myself looking toward forty and needing a new direction. After so much financial and emotional turmoil, I needed not only a new career, but a new life. I had always wanted to go back to school to finish my degree and eventually go into medicine, but years of being a working mom had made that all but impossible. One of the hardest things about starting over is fear of the unknown. I decided that if I was going to spend a few years rebuilding my life, I may as well go after my dream. At the time, I didn't know if I still had what it takes to go back to school, much less in a challenging pre-med program. But, I have been very blessed to have made friends of some wonderful professors and fellow students who have helped me find my bearings and believe my dream is possible. After feeling so down and out a few years ago it is truly amazing to me now to look back and see how far I've come.


College really is the best years of your life. You have ups. You have downs, but you are learning and becoming a better person and that's what matters most.


I definitely learned more about myself on how to not be so cocky and right all the times. I honestly thought I was better than the school, but really the school has taught me that I'm not that great but I'm working on it. I don't always appear to act this way all the time, but internally I do feel it. I didn't even considered going to school because I thought I was better than that, but it wasn't that bad, I actually really like it. It taught me to realize just because it's a state school doesn't mean everything is going to be easy for me or everyone else, it's not always going to be simple. It also made me realize how much a 40 minute drive can be a pain, especially for all those people who work almost everyday in another city. I would hear people drive an hour or so just to get to work, and now I see the trouble of doing that. I would definitely not understand these things now if I were to go to a closer private school.


My name is Nakayla, i am recently inrolled in everest university in tampa. what i have receved from my college so far is, leadership, confidence, good test takeing skills, better note takeing skills, better listening skills, and to socialize with others. i was never a realy confident person in things that i do. when i didnt understand something on a test i would go crazy get stressed out and say o well i know i faiked i dont care any more, but now from gogin to this school i have learned that by studyong asking questions, takeing better notes, and for the most part confidence. i learned that have good confidence will actually improve my test scores , and even more for when i dont understand the question i dont get stressed out and want to quiet.


Everyone always says that high school is the best time of your life; however, I hated high school. I just knew that I was going to hate college as well. After graduation, I did not want to attend MTSU at all. I just thought it was a lower education college. However, I am in love with MTSU. I would not change my choice of university for the world. I have met some very amazing people through attending college that I know I will never forget because they have made such an impact on my life. I have learned how to become a more independent person. I am involved with many organizations on and off campus that keep me very busy; however, that's how I like it. I want to make the most out of my college experience and not regret anything after I graduate. I wish I would have been more involved in high school, but I think that God is showing me something better because of my high school expierence. He wants me to be happy in college, and I'm taking that for all it's worth. College will be the best days of my life.


I cannot begin to descibe everything I have gotten out of my college expirience so far. I spent my first year after high school at Elim Bible Institute, learning about the God I love, and studying cross-cultural ministry. At Genesee Community College, I have learned so much about who I am as a person, where I am going, and just how much I am truly capable of. I know that if I am willing to do my best and perservere, I can accomplish anything I choose to do. Working full time in a counseling position, volunteering as an English tutor to adults from other countries, and maintaining a 4.0 seemed impossibly overwhelming to me a few years ago; now I know I can do it. As each day passes, I become more excited and passionate about the life of serving people and growing as a person that lies ahead of me. Any scholarship I recieve will be deeply appreciated, and I will work very hard to make the benavolent party proud that they made and investment in my future.


I have attended many different schools in my educational career, but the most important, challenging, and fun years of my life thus far were the four years I spent pursuing my Bachelor?s degree. I learned a lot in college - I learned in order to achieve what I want in life I have to work hard to get it; I discovered I can excel at almost anything I put my mind to. Most importantly, however, I learned how to be dependent upon no one but myself, and that has allowed me to grow immensely as a person. Although attending MTSU has been both rewarding and educational, the paramount experience I received was spending a semester abroad while living and attending school in Milan, Italy. In Italy I learned how to live and flourish in a culture different from my own. I perfected navigating through an unfamiliar country, allowing my Italian to progress from rudimentary to almost fluent. When I returned to the U. S. I found myself a person changed for the better. Although college educated me scholastically, it also taught me to be a self-dependent individual, and allowed me to learn how to thrive in almost any environment.


In my first years at school, I was not sure what I wanted to do. With all of the options available, I knew I could find something that interested me. I discovered outside of school that I loved horses. I began riding and working with them almost every day and soon found out that the equine program at this campus is amazing. I have been in this program for about a year now and have learned more than I have in the other three years combined because I love these animals. I have gotten to work personally with veterinarians and other professionals in their field to get to know more about horse health, behavior, and control under saddle. I have grown to love the people in this industry and hope to become an equine veterinarian someday myself. Since I have been in this program I have felt like I have gotten every pennys' worth that I have spent. My only regret is that I didn't find out sooner, I would have been graduating this year. It was well worth the wait though to find my passion.


I am looking to further my abilities to get a job when I graduate