Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I think Quinnipiac is a great institution and is truly dedicated to providing the best education for the students. It has some of the nicest facilities and best professors. These professors know what they are talking about, and are very helpful. Dorm life is awesome, and I have made many good friends. Classes are demanding, but once adjusted they are fair. I am only an hour and a half away from school, so I can go home on the weekends sometimes. The shuttle services are also good and transport students into town to buy groceries and get food.


The best thing about being here is the feeling of being comfortable. The size is just right. We're currently expanding the student population about 300 more students per yaer for the next couple years so we'll be over 6000 when the expansion is all over. There's lots of construction which is good in this economy. The worst thing is for sure the tuition. They don't really help you out too much with financial aid. We go to New Haven a lot. The weekends start for some on Wednesdays, but that's only for the hardcore kids. Toads is huge on Saturday nights, Friday nights are more chill campus or off-campus parties.


Most professors know what their talking about. But its not uncommon to get the diverse non-english speaking professors who have no clue whats going on. and when you do get them, switch out asap because it will be the worst class of your life.


Quinnipiac is a University that takes great pride in it's academics. It is well known for its schloarly health science studies, including PA, PT, OT, AT, and nursing programs. The business/communications school also has a great reputation. The best thing about QU would have to be the community itself. It has approximately 8,000 undergrads/graduates and I believe is the perfect size for anyone who is looking for a medium-sized school. Not only is the campus gorgeous and welcoming, but the people make you feel comfortable and do their best to help meet your every need. The orientation program (known as one of the best in the country) does an outstanding job in helping new students feel at home within the QU community. As an former orientation leader, I can proudly say that this program is one of the best support systems the school has has to offer. When I tell people I go to QU, I will either hear "wow, that's a great school. Beautiful Campus. or let me guess, a PT/OT major?" or I will hear the complete opposite and hear "Quinnip-a-what? Where is that, CT? Ohh okay". Due to the high academic demands of my major, I would have to say I spend the majority of the week days in the library and in class. However, on the weekends I spend the majority of my time in my room, in the town of Hamden, or going into New Haven with my friends. In the past year, one of the biggest controversial topics on campus involved racial slurs that were being said throughout one of the freshmen dorms. It is unfortunate that such comments were made and simply shows some of the naive, disrespectful individuals that attend QU. The most frequent student complaints would have to be financial circumstances. I do agree with students when they say everything is overpriced. Not only is tuition ridiculously expensive, which has increased by $5,000 over the past 4 years since I have been attending the University, but the food is also overpriced. Although the school may seem "money hungry" at times, when you look at the bigger picture and know that you will be graduating from such a prestigious University, money is not a factor; because the education you have received over the past 4 or more years truly outstands any price you could put on your experience at QU.


Quinnipiac is the perfect school. People may get the wrong impression of it at first because it seems too good to be true. Everyone is so friendly and the campus is beautiful. Everyone who comes here and later transfers here loves it.


Good: The campus is beautiful and small enough to easily make to each of your classes without a bicycle. The library is now open 24hr/7days/week which is great for studying. Bad: The is very little cultural and racial diversity. I'm from a diverse background and found myself in culture shock when first arrived. Every year there seems to be some sort of racial or sexual abuse event which I think is unusual for a school this small. Worse yet, the administration doesn't seem to care.


The best thing about Quinnipiac is the shuttles to New Haven.


The campus is beautiful around the academic buildings, then they stop caring about the landscaping by the residence halls. The academics are great! My professors all had real world experience. Hamden as a whole hates QU kids (namely because seniors have to live off campus). No one where I was from had ever heard of QU. Administration does not listen to or truly care to take the time to get to know the student body. Our president can say some idiotic things at public events. The sports center is incredible. I had horrible roommates two years straight - part of the problem is the horrible housing system (lottery) that is set up...it breaks friendships apart because people are selfish enough to choose getting into a room over friends.


Quinnipiac is a great school. Great location. Great teachers. The technology is very advanced. Not a lot of people know about Quinnipiac outside of New England. Most people know about it because of the polling. Hamden is a great college town. The most recent controversy has been over the way the schools newspaper has been handling issues involving the Dean. School pride is a big factor, sports (esp. hockey) is huge.


With the increase in acceptance, the capacities that once fit the population of students are becoming crowded. I would suggest holding the number of accepted studentsat its current maximum until facilities are big enough to hold more people.


Most people still may not know Quinnipiac. The school really needs to get its name outside CT, NY, NJ, MA. Would imagine that, like me, most students find life better off-campus. The school closed the on-campus bar, which I really think is a BIG mistake.


What I love about Quinnipiac is the quality of academics and the location. They have amazing programs that can take students very far into their careers. What I'd like to see change is the control the administration has over the students. Not only does the administration ignore most of the student body's requests and concerns, they try to "sweep under the rug" a lot of important events that occur on campus. Last year, a girl was raped on one of the last weekends of the school year. After she came forward, three more girls came to her and said the same guy had raped them before. The case was eventually dropped due to a "lack of evidence" which was ludicris but what bothers me most is that the guy who was accused was not reprimanded in any way by the school. In fact, this year he lived downstairs from me. It is issues such as this one and the racial slur incidents that cause me to hold negative feelings towards the administration.


The best thing about Quinnipiac is it's location. It's very close to home. Isn't that sad? That's the best thing I can think of. What would I change? I would throw out the entire adminstration because they are crooked and so out of touch with the student body. All they care about is money. Not-for-profit organization my ass. As for size, it's fine they way it is. I'd like it if it was smaller though. People seemed moderately impressed that I go to Quinnipiac. I spend most time on campus in class or for academic meetings. I don't linger there. *shudders* I don't know what you mean by college town. However, Hamden will soon become College Town because Quinnipiac keeps buying property instead of putting it into education. The administration is terrible. The president is never to be found. He only comes out to console people who have been called a racial slur to prevent lawsuits. Recent controversy? That would have to be when some girl was called something racist and the administration made a big deal about it. If they think that's their biggest problem, well then damn, they have their priorities ass backwards. There is a small amount of school pride circulating around sports crap. I don't really understand it myself. What's unusual about Quinnipiac is the tuition. It's so god damn high. Comparable schools can be found for $20,000 cheaper if you're willing to go outside Connecticut. What's unusual is, they take all this money but really don't give students much to show for it. I don't try to remember my experiences, really. I don't think there's anything memorable anyway. Student complaints: high tuition, low-quality food, shittastic professors, and stupid university, way too few parking spots and major course requirements that have nothing to do with the given major.


Not enough grad classes offered in Accounting, big plans, no follow through


Quinnipiac is beautiful, but not being a high maintenance person it is hard to be around people that are high maintenance, and a school that is high maintenance. The campus is perfect for a reason, and I personally don't think the amount of money going into maintaning the grounds is necessary...spend my tuition on a better gym, the current one sucks. It turned out to be too small for me, if you think a school of 5,000 is just the right size for you, you may be wrong. Its smaller than you think... Its not in a "college town", Hamden is a very small town but having New Haven and transportation to New Haven makes it perfect because you've really got everything you'd need at your fingertips. Quinnipiac's administration is more concerned with the public's view of the school than making students happy. If you ever come across an injustice at QU, you won't find peace with it because the administration does not care about it's students as it should. I will say that the faculty of the school of business are incredable people and have their heads on their shoulders...its the people in residential life and student affairs that are best to avoid. Res life has repeatedly proved to be out to get certain students. A friend of mine was student body president...until an employee of res life, not an RA, but a 9-5 assistant director of res life, went to his room and wrote it up for excessive garbage. He wasn't there that day, had no part in creating the trash because he wasn't there that weekend, and was still forced to resign from his position. This is the type of shit res life pulls... first off, she had no reason what-so-ever to be going to a student's room, people in the office of res life have no need to do that and do not do that with this one exception. The only people going to student's rooms are RAs and RHDs. They're dirty people, mean spirited and have little concern for students. Keep that in mind when thinking of spending $40,000 at QU.


Quinnipiac is small yet big at the same time. The classes are very good and professors are always willing to give others the attention that they may need.


Quinnipiac is great for me because it's the perfect size ... it's not a tiny school, but it's not huge either. I like being able to walk to class and across the quad and spot people I know. Class sizes are 20-30 students, so your professors know your name. The campus, of course, is beautiful, which puts everyone in a good mood when the weather is nice. There is always something going on right on campus, and New Haven (only 15 minutes away) has a lot to offer to students as well.


Quinnipiac University is a medium size school with a gorgeous campus setting. The buildings are kept up to date and everything looks new. It is located in hamden, CT right next to Sleeping Giant Mountain. It has it's own beautiful green campus; however, there is also New Haven located near by for "city life". There are other campus's in the area so we are not located out in the middle of nowhere. I have meet my best friends at this school and I absolutely love it.


What's the best thing about QU?- I think the best thing about my school is the school itself. It's beautiful, quiet, charming, safe. I love running around campus and admiring the natural beauty of the school. Name one thing you'd change?- The big thing I would change is that QU accepts a lot of people, and it gets a little tight freshman year living with 3 other girls. The housing sucks cuz there are more students than there are spots, but they are building more dorms. - I think QU is just right (a little on the small side of just right). It is growing and expanding. But I like the small environment, its safe, and its nice to see people you know when you're walking down dorm road (not so fun when you see people you dont want to see). Looking back on my 4 years @ QU- I think the school is just right. How do people react when you tell them you go to QU?- "Quin..... what?'' Where do you spend most of your time on campus?- class or library (im a bio major) College town?- not quite! QU is in Hamden which a residential area, but since Southern CT State is right there too its becoming more of a college town and eventually (like it or not) I think it will be. But QU students spend most of their weekends in New Haven which has all the bars and clubs. Shuttles from QU take student there. So its nice to have a small town next to the school. What's your opinion of QU administration- ummm...... like anything QU is a business, but student opinion matters and SGA works hard to bring about positive change. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus- a girl died last year crossing the road on Whitney Ave. drunk during MayWeekend (the big drinking weekend for QU students) so the school took away May Weekend and replaced it with Spirit Week that happend in the Winter. QU got very strict on underage drinking in the 4 years I was at QU. Is there a lot of school pride?-hmm... only during Men's Ice Hockey Games!! especially vs. Ivys.....We Beat Yale twice! and Harvard! and Princeton Sucks! Besides hockey... no one has school spirit. Is there anything unusual about QU? besides the fact that QU is located across a national park, It is said that Irama (freshman dorm) is haunted! What's one experience you'll always remember?- Greek Life at QU! we're not like all other schools, Greek life is small and we are heavily watched so nothing crazy happens, but we do have a lot of fun doing stuff on campus to raise money... like Kickball and Frisbee fest, and Hall Wars from freshman are soo much fun. What are the most frequent student complaints? - its too crowded in dorms! - Library gets really packed! - Caf. is overpriced


Quinnipiac is the perfect place for a student wanting a college experience without feeling out of their comfort zone. It is a beautiful campus and very easy to get accustomed to living on. There is certainly always something to do, so no one can complain about being bored.


Quinnipiac is one of the greatest Universities in the Northeast. It is a beautiful campus with a great asset across the street, Sleeping Giant Mountain. The university definately needs some more space which is something they are currently working on and will be done in about 2010 or so. The school is a perfect size, it does have a large majority of women though. This school has a great student center and a lot of activities to be involved in, I highly reccomend getting involved with something, I personally chose Greek Life, and Student Government. The administration is very secretive, but mean well with all of their decisions. The town is decent with a lot of necessity shopping, like Stop and Shop, Wal-Mart, and some nice college bars. A nice feature is being only 15 minutes away from New Haven where there is a great club, dining, and shopping life. The school just built a beautiful new sports arena for the hockey and basketball teams. With that they are building all new dorms on their second campus. I will never forget the friendships that I have created here at Quinnipiac. Students often complain about parking and food.


The size of Quinnipiac is just right, it's not too big so you do see familar faces when you're walking to class but you don't know everyone at the school by face or first name. The best thing about Quinnipiac is atmosphere. Most of the time on campus is spent in the Quad, the dorms, the classes, and the lib. Hamden is not really a college town because we're the only college in the town, but many local business are centered around QU. Local places have special offers and deals for QU-students. Q-cash is taken at a variety of local places, and the shuttle can take students to New Haven for shopping, eating, clubs and bars, North Haven for shopping and the movies, and Hamden for shopping and eating. Their are bars in Hamden that students can go to that have Sr. nights, and on these nights you will see a lot of people from school there. At QU everyone is proud to be a Bobcat in some way, a lot of people walk around campus in their QU clothing, and everyone likes to go to the Hockey games.


The best thing about Quinnipiac is the student body. There is a friendly atmosphere about the campus and it's easy to make friends, especially freshman year when everyone is in the same situation. I would eliminate the core classes; by the time one gets to college I think most people are well-rounded and should focus on classes pertaining to their major. Quinnipiac is just the right size- not too big to feel lost in the crowd, but big enough to make friends and get the college experience. When I tell people I go to Quinnipiac they usually haven't heard of it and ask where it is. Others recognize it and are impressed that I go there. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm. The biggest recent controversy on campus is racial issues and diversity. There is a good amount of school pride at Quinnipiac; alot of students get into sports, mainly basketball and hockey.


The schools has about 5500 undergrads, and an additional 2000 graduates, so the school is actually a good size. you can meet lots of people and see familiar faces without always seeing the same faces and having everyone know everyone's business. Hamden is up there in uninteresting. The only reason to go is for shopping or maybe to a middle class restaurant like Applebees and Chilis. However, the school is near New Haven. and the school provides bus service to the downtown, where there are nightclubs, museums, nice restaurants and some very good pizzerias, art galleries and theaters (for those of you who are into those things), and of course Yale University, where they provide other forms of entertainment. While Hamden is the opposite of a college town (in fact, many residents have a bad opinion of the school), New Haven is a great place to go if you're bored. The school has been expanding its health science and Journalism departments, but the administration recently got into trouble for trying to silence the student media. After the president was criticized by the newspaper editor, there was a whole case where the editor almost lost his position and students rallied around him and for the free speech that the newspaper is supposed to stand for. In fact, the story made the New York Times and other local media outlets. The members of the student newspaper voted in fact to create a newspaper independent of the school after the president's administration tried to seize total control of the student paper.


The best thing about QU is the size. Everyone on the campus is close and you almost always see a familiar face. There are tons of activities to do too.


I would say that the biggest thing my peers would say about Quinnipiac is that it is a very pretty campus. I know thats a major reason to come here for a lot of people. It is pretty small, and I see people that are in my classes very often just walking around campus. The biggest controversy that I have heard of on the campus have been racial slurs that have apparently happened before, happening in some of the freshmen dorms. I'm really not sure what happened with those, but I know that it was a very big deal to the administration and a lot of the student population, as it should have been. I think most of the complaints from Quinnipiac students is the prices at the cafeteria being too expensive, as well as the school itself being pretty high in price range as well. I know personally, I would love to see more recycling facilities in the dorms and cafeterias.


quinnipiac is located in hamden right next to new haven where there are clubs and restaurants to go to. there is a mountain across the street so you can experience the city life and the nature life.


i spend most of my time either in the organization offices in the studnet center or in the lbirary. I do all of my studying and homework in one of these two spots.


The school is academically amazing and the campus is beautiful, if you choose a small major the people you connect with are awesome but everyone goes home, its typical college town everything is 21 and over and there is no diversity


The best thing about Quinnipiac is the energy that the campus possesses on a sunny day. On a 75 degree day, you'll find yourself on the Quad with 500 other students. The girls tan while the guys play football or ultimate frisby. The Sleeping Giant mountain across the street is awesome to hike with your friends and once you reach the top, you can overlook the entire campus and see as far as New Haven. Every Saturday night is a blast at Quinnipiac. The school provides shuttles that brings the students to Toads, the greatest nightclub in Connecticut. The club is large enough to fit the 600 students, and the specials are great. For those who aren't 21, New Haven has bars to compensate. Most bars, such as Gotham or Hammerjacks, are 18 to enter.


too expensive, too many students for the facilities, poor food in cafeteria. beautiful campus. whats up with all the irish famine art? cant we spend our money on something that has a broader appeal and of more importance!!! what reason can be given for the tuitoon to be over 40,000$??


I think the best thing about Quinnipiac is that not many people can say they've had a bad time there. While there might be a lot you don't like about the administration, or the problems on campus, most people leave having had a positive experience. While Quinnipiac is not very progressive socially, it is actually nice to be an activist on campus. It's not like you're at a school thats already completly progressive, you actually feel like your making your campus a better place. I think that Quinnipiac does have a long way to go in dealing with racial issues, classism, and homophobia. However, as a gay student, I've never been personally attacked. There have been times where homophobic things have been said in my presence without regaurd for my feelings, but for the most part I have felt safe there. I think one of the biggest controversies our school has dealt with have been the racist and homophobic attacks written on school property. These are qualified as hate crimes, I think most students feel as though they are not appropriate but there was not much protest against them. I would feel more comfortable if there was a bigger outrage against these acts, but I also recognize that I am surrounded by a lot of people who are simply apathetic to it.


It is a beautiful campus with a view of the mountain across the street. Well kept. Everything is always new or being re-done to look like new. You can see where your money goes. Food is decent. They just redid the cafe. Hamden has all the necessities, certain areas of New Haven are great for nightlife, shopping, food. Shuttles run to and from these places. They expanded the parking lot because the students were complaining...so they do listen to student issues. They are now building a senior campus down the street in order to provide senior housing for the incoming freshmen.


Quinnipiac is a great school in many ways, although there are some flaws. One major flaw that incoming freshman should know about is the QU Seminar classes that the administration speaks so highly about, but you would be hard pressed to find many students who agree. These three classes are required for all majors, and they take up valuable (not to mention expensive) credits that you could be using on classes of your choosing. Quinnipiac is very worried about the image they portray to outsiders, so much so that the school printed newspaper is being discontinued by the administration, to be available only online. Quinnipiac's recognition around the country is growing, and it is considered by many review magazines to be a young Ivy. I'm looking forward to getting more respect than i deserve in 15 years for a Quinnipiac degree. Quinnipiac is a pristine campus, and it is kept looking incredible at all times. There's a joke among students that Quinnipiac controls the weather, because on big tour weeks the weather is always perfect and the campus looks like paradise. Just a couple weeks ago there were about 200 people hanging out on the gorgeous quad for all hours of the day playing frisbee, doing work, or just hanging out.


The best thing about Quinnipiac is the academic excellence and growing reputation. I just transferred this semester from a school that also has a great reputation, but I've found that I've learned more at Quinnipiac in one semester than I did in three semesters at my last school. Administrators and professors are extremely helpful, which is a nice change as well. It seems like a very organized school and there is always someone to help you in any problematic situation. The only thing I can honestly say I would change is the amount of parking. I know Quinnipiac prides itself on its beautiful landscaping and aesthetic value, but they really need to building a huge parking deck. The size is perfect, you're always meeting new people but it's not so big that you're overwhelmed and never see a familiar face. Another great aspect of the school, is the high involvement in activities on campus and sports events. My last school didn't seem to have any school spirit whatsoever. It basically turned into a glorified commuter school where everyone went home on the weekends, but there is always something going on and there are always tons of people around.


Quinnipiac was not what I expected college to be. It was clique-y, boring, and unfriendly. I was not happy there but I stayed because every year they gave me scholarship money. I did like the academic aspect of it; the professors, for the most part, were great. I didn't feel like there was a ton of school pride when I went there, mainly apathy but that was a few years ago. The dorms were small and not very nice and the food was pretty bad. I thought that the school needed more diversity, both racially/socio-economically/and just in general.


"quinni-wha?" is the usual response but its really a great little school, the classes are great, the campus is unbeatable, and i appreciate my fellow students. hockey rocks, we're usually top 15 in the nation


I'm just gonna go off the list provided to make things simple: The best thing: AMAZING campus, location could be better though. Size: just right. not to big, not to small, individual attention from every professor. reactions from people: I get mixed reactions. there are a lot of my friends who know this is a good school, and didn't get in. there are others who actually yelled at me to leave, screaming about how awful a school it was. time on campus: on campus, anywhere. there's a lot of cool little places when it's warm out. college town?: haha! not really. i mean there's uconn and Yale. thats about it. Admin: they're very overbearing, but if you don't bug them, they don't bug you. controversy: racial slurs written on a girl's dorm room. pride: a SICKENING amount of school spirit. so much so, I almost detest it. unusual?: yes and no. it's a very basic college, but it seems like a summer camp. experience: hmm...I honestly can't say. There are many opportunities to do great things here, personally, i'm really involved with the film society, so I suppose that would suffice. complaints: room sizes, housing situations, parking situations, RA's, Res Life, noise complaints, ignorant masses.


A beautiful campus to walk around and call home. somehow the way the school is run seems to lose the importance of the student. It seems to be run more like a business to make money, and less liek an institution of higher learning where students are treated like responsible individuals who are attending school to learn and develop careers. the Residential life and security staff frequently overstep their boundries and leave little room for students to voice their opinions.


Quinnipiac is pretty small, with about 8000 undergrads, and coming from a small town it's a perfect sized campus for me. Quinnipiac is becoming a more popular college choice for high school students in my town so when I tell people I go here, they usually have a lot of questions. Most of my time on campus is spent in my room or in the library, but when it's nice out, I sit outside with my friends to do work outside my room or on the quad. When it's nice out, the quad is usually filled with students on blankets doing work or just hanging out. The only thing bad I have to say about Quinnipiac is that the library is not big enough to fit everybody, and on weeks such as finals week, there is no room there to study and do work. The law library is usually full also. One amazing aspect of Quinnipiac which I have yet to experience before I leave is Sleeping Giant Mountain. There are trails, which range in difficulty, which lead to the top which looks over our campus and is a gorgeous view.


Overall a really good school. Not to far from New Haven if you want to go into the city. And there is a train station in New Haven if you want to go down to New York or Up to Boston easily, and there's a shuttle that goes from the school to New Haven and back every hour or so every day. There is also a shuttle into downtown Hamden where there is a WalMart, Blockbuster, Old Navy, Stop and Shop, etc.


One thing I would change is the way the administration treats the current students. They do not seem to care about the effects of their actions on the current student population but only worry about making money and getting more students here. The biggest recent controversy was when the administration tried to censor the student newspaper and then threatened to fire the editor because he did not agree with the administration, which caused a lot of students to get angry and let their opinions to be known to the administration. Another big controversy was when the administration took away our Spring Weekend. Students were extremely upset after this.


Parking sucks becasue the shuttle system is screwed up. You spend most of your time in your dorm or a friends room until it gets warm and then everyone comes out of the woodwork.


Quinnipiac University is a beautiful campus located by a state park. The Sleeping Giant State Park is a mountain people hike to get to the top to see the whole campus and the Long Island sound. The school itself is quite small, 6000 or so undergrad. When I was a freshman, people never heard of Quinnipiac. Now that I am graduating in 2 weeks, people have heard of this school and Quinnipiac has grown in general. When on campus, I was active in lots of clubs. To be involved is the number one successful thing.


While many people see Quinnipiac as the face value of a gorgeous campus, this does not make up for the shameful Greek system and deteriorating college atmosphere. Security is SO tight and extracurriculars are so slim that students cannot feel free to grow and explore in this great time of our lives.


The school is awesome. There's a huge quad and on nice days everyone lays out on blankets all day and just chills altogether. I've never been somewhere where people are so friendly. Everyone puts themself out there the first couple months to get to know people. After that it gets kind of hard because people kind of stick to their own cliques. When everyone's drunk you'll make a lot of friends though. New Haven is the perfect college town. QU is a big clubbing school and people head out 3 nights a week into the city. It is VERY easy to get a 21+ wristband at the 18+ clubs and if you have any fake ID, it is not going to be very hard into the 21+ clubs. Mine said I was 5'2" and it wasn't a picture or me. I'm 5'10"! But it's a good time. The shuttle service is pretty efficient and very useful on the weekends to charter students back and forth to the city.


I absolutely love this school. The campus is gorgeous. The classes are small despite how big the school is. Most people in Maine have never heard of Quinnipiac, but those that have have a very high opinion of it. The biggest recent issue is that of the amount of freedom of speech in the campus newspaper. You can not get an interview with anyone employed by the university without getting your questions approved by administration because one person was misquoted. The most frequent complaints are about the hours of the food service operating, but it has been getting better as more people complain.


They are trying to make Quinnipiac a big time school very quickly and are coming up short with alot of thing necessary to make them a big time school. Administration is adequate. Security is reasonable. Housing is fair, but has alot of problems as you become an upperclassmen. Can party with the best of them. Drinking and pot use are a staple during weekends. Short bus ride to clubs and bars. Not really in a college town but located in a town with alot of stuff. Very overpriced for what you get..


I love it here. Small classes, nice teachers. Administration and full time faculty work hard and really care, the adjunct faculty is horrible. I wish the school was a little bigger with a football team and club sports.


Medium size school. Nice town. Nightlife a little slow at times, need to commute into the city. Students come off as snobby, rich, like to tan, but definitely some good kids in the mix.