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It's far from home, has a diverse student community, and you really get to know your advisors and teachers.


The thing that I found that the University of Arizona could offer me compared to the other schools I considered was the variety of students. The school sports over 30,000 students enrolled, and while there are many California and Arizona residents, the school also has a huge variety of international and students from across country. I felt this would provide new opportunities and growth for myself seeing how things are outside my previous sheltered, private-school life.


For being a large university, the UA has a strong sense of community amongst all of the students. Immediately following my move in day I felt like I was at home. I get to walk outside of my room every day with a smile on my face, sunshine in the sky, and feel like I have a giant family surrounding me, ready to help out at any time if I need anything or provide some fun and laughter.


The engineering department seemed more serious than other colleges. It had a better reputation than other schools I considered. I like the campus as well, it is spread out and pleasant to walk through.


The University of Arizona is deeply rooted within its community. I felt as if the majority of the population in Tucson feels they are tied to the University one way or another.


There are a lot of things i can say is unique about my school. I think the weather is definitely great for walking around campus all day. There is a definite sense of school pride, everyone wears school gear and we have the largest student section in athletics in the country. The buildings and plants are also specifically designed and our school has lots of great history. Not to mention our excellence in athletics and location in a great city, not too big nor too small.


The U of A has a great community feel. Although it is quite a large campus and has a lot of students, there is a sense of belonging and community on campus. There are a lot of ways to get involved on campus and many activities you can participate in in order to spend time with your peers.


What's unique about UofA is that it is located in the desert so we have a gorgeous view of the mountains, we have so many different majors here you can choose from almost everything. We have a great racial diversity here so you can meet people from all over the world. It is an incredible school.


I didn't know the Greek life was so huge at U of A. It was kind of obnoxious/shallow/overwhelming to me. The U of A was honestly a LOT of fun and the people there were friendly and down-to-earth for the most part. I was going to go to CU Boulder, but I'm so happy I chose the U of A. I would recommend the U of A to anyone who would like to go to a big school in beautiful weather. :)


I'm majoring in Astronomy, so all the other UC schools did not have Astronomy, specifically, as a major. The University of Arizona has a beautiful Astronomy program and the nice warm weather all year around got me hooked onto the school.


I just loved the campus right away. The other schools I visited were nice and I liked them, but when you find the right school, you just know. It was the only school that gave me that feeling. It's big, but has a small, personal feel. It has lots of resources for students, and it's just really the best place to be.


Compared to other schools that I considered, the University of Arizona was the biggest school by far. A big school offers a better social experience and that was one reason why I chose the University of Arizona. I made new friends and also hung out with old friends that attend that school.


It's really close to home and the people really care.


I've wanted to go to this school since I was little. It's been a dream of mine to graduate with a Master's from here. Graduating from here with a degree is thought of very highly, because its a very good respected school. It's also my hometown school, so I'm close to my family and friends, which is important to me.


The location and weather around Tucson is really nice and there are so many places to go on and just around the outside of the campus. Also, the school has been part of lots of different major research projects. The University of Arizona also gives out many scholarships to incoming students.


The unique thing about my school is that department of my major is one of the best school from all over the nation which is Linguistics.


My school provides unique research opportunities for those that attend. The professors immerse the students in the subject matter with hands-on experience that allows for the learner to reach knew heights in their understanding. This experience lets graduates from the University of Arizona to have a step up on the competition in the current job market.


I feel as if at the University of Arizona everyone is kind of one big family. Everyone you meet is down -to-earth and you have something in common with them. Almost every person I have met so far can agree with me when I say that we do love our sports teams and that we will attend every game and cheer the teams on. I have learned that every person who attends UofA loves the school and really would not choose another school then here. Then, the most amazing part, is the surrounding community being all about UofA!


The location of this school is it's most unique characteristic. Tucson hosts over 300 sunny days a year and is located in the Sonoran Desert which contains a unique variety of wildlife, plants, and terrain. The culture here is also one of a kind. Tucson is predominantly of mexican architecture, and the main religion in the city and on campus is Catholic. Biking and longboarding is a major activity on campus compared to many other schools I considered. The athletic program is consistently ranked and competitive and host one of the largest student sections in the country.


The amount of number one professional colleges that makes up the university


My school has a sports program that makes the students feel proud to be a part of this school. The school has a good blend of education and social oppurtunities, which allows the students to not become burned out while attending and being a part of the school.


Most people in this campus are very friendly. There are many activities involving International students, from having dinners to going on a trip to another city. The International Student Admission recognize outstanding students and/or students who contribute to campus by giving them scholarships. Most professors know their students by name.


The University of Arizona is one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve seen. The university community is big, but it is not impersonal. The school spirit can be seen in every brick and every student. Even visitors can say that UofA pride is evident in the whole town. The University of Arizona is unique in many ways, but I personally love the school spirit everyone shares.


The University of Arizona is a very large and diverse University. I believe that the environment ona and around campus is what makes it unique compared to other schools. The environment is very academically focused and at the same time it is socially enhancing. There are always booths and vendors at the central student union to promote tutoring and post-graduation careers as well as clubs on campus and sororities and fraternities for students to become involved in to enhance their social lives as well as improve their academic involvement.


University of Arizona's school spirit is what makes U of A unique. Not only does the football stadium have the largest student section in the nation, but you can bet that the student section will be filled to capacity at every football game. As for the basketball games, a lottery system had to be implemented for the study body to receive a seat because so many students wanted to attend the games. It is very competitive to get into either game because our school spirit is so high and we all want to cheer on our fellow peers.


What unique about the University of Arizona is that it is in the top 50 schools in the nation for engineering and is a nationally recognized for its research done in the sciences. Specifically, UA has one of the only Optical Sciences programs in the country and is arguably the best school for optics. This means the University of Arizona can offer one of the best educations in optics in the country and provides access to labs and research to many that give students a new aspect on traditional college education.


The thing that was most unique about the U of A would have to be the available opportunities. I chose this school over the other colleges I applied to because of what it had to offer. I had no idea what major I wanted to do and Arizona offered tons of choices. Also I wanted to get out and meet a lot of fun people through greek life and the amount of students at this school.


The University of Arizona offers sense of community that I did not feel at other schools. The school colors and spirit make each student feel like they are a part of a family. The campus uses many ways, like Coffee Talks with professors, to stay connected to advisors and staff members. The University of Arizona also offers so many academic programs, like free tutoring, that give students every opportunity to boost their grades and learning experience. The University of Arizona welcomes each student and gives each personal attention to help students succeed.


The University of Arizona is, overall, an amazing school. Attending this university was a no-brainer for me, this is the place I want to be. Compared to other schools I can say that the U of A has some of the most spirited students anywhere, and that is what I love about here. With over 500 different clubs offered on campus anyone can find their place in this wildcat community. I do and will continue to recommend this school to anyone.


My school offers many academic programs to suit the needs and interests of any and everyone. The University of Arizona is also house to one of the top medical schools in the nation. For those that are from the Phoenix area, this school is far enough away from home to gain the college experience, yet close enough that you could be home not long after driving off from campus. There are also a wide range of diverse student that walk the U of A campus. People are friendly, and you're bound to meet people that will be lifelong friends.


Originally I am from Boston Massachusetts. I grew up a city girl surrounded by people, well, more like pushed around by people. I've always had unrealistic dreams like becoming an actress, traveling to help the world or becoming a translator for the government but being from such a big city I felt so small. Moving to Arizona was a complete change of environment and I finally feel like I’m a part of this process and moving up in life. This school is extremely welcoming and helpful with so many opportunities and options, I couldn’t be happier.


The cultural diversity at this school is staggering. It's exciting to know that every class I take will contain a vibrant group of students to interact with. This gives me a chance to learn not only academically but socially as well.


The great wildcat spirit! On game days in Tucson you will see a sea of red and happy fans yelling bear down. I would not trade the sports atmosphere and school spirit for anywhere else.


Comparatively, the U of A, even moreso than most universities, presents a diversity of population fostering compassion, acceptance, and tolerance. In the wake of atrocities such as Representative Gifford's attempted assassination, it remains now more than ever a potent lesson to remember to work towards compromise always, for violence of any degree results in nothing but heartbreak and pain, inducing more malice. And, this spreads like a wild fire. But at the university, instead, the entire student body aims to understand. With a population exceeding 30,000, all facets of the public are represented, and hence respected, as individuals.


Compared to other schools, my school is an extremely biker-friendly and community based campus. Students, staff, anyone and everyone bike around campus either to get to class, train for a race, or simply just to enjoy a bike ride. People also come to campus to lounge, eat, exercise, or to soak in the desert sun.


No other university I know of is able to afford the resources of a large university while still being able to offer students the small classes and individual attention that is offered at The University of Arizona.


The University of Arizona is located in the center of Tucson. It is a big campus, and there are many opportunities to join clubs, and groups to meet new people. The University also works with you to help you figure out what path you want to take. With so many options for majors it can be overwhelming, but they work to help you figure out what you want to do. With so many options, you are bound to find a major that interests you; if not they help you make your own degree program.


Allows for fully online degree programs.


The UA is undoubtedly a fun school, but it’s not solely because of the party scene. Tucson is a great city with tons of restaurants (24 hour Mexican food anyone?) and beautiful nature areas just outside the city. It’s a relaxed campus with TONS of extracurricular activities to get involved and meet people. The campus has such a good vibe; students are just happy to be there. The weather can be hot, but when you’re at the pool in the middle of December, the envy from your snowed-in friends makes it worth it.


What's unique about University of Arizona is that it is very good school that has very prominant degree programs that are ranked.


a lot of diversity because people come from all over


One of the best qualities of the University of Arizona is the rich and unique culture and atmosphere of the city of Tucson from the rich and diverse history and culture of the Southwestern United States. One of the coolest things about Tucson is the "All Souls Procession" held in November and the festivals held downtown. The climate is warm, sunny and the campus is just a really nice place to be. The UA is also home to some of the country's most outstanding programs in Dance and Entrepreneurship. The university also over 500 clubs, which is really cool.


The University of Arizona has been a home to be ever since I was a kid. My mom works here, and my sister studies here as well. This is what drew me to apply here. I can literally go around campus and do what I need to do yet I always have the option of seeing my mom or my sister during the day. This is great for those of us who want that support while pursuing tough degrees, especially during finals week. Not to mention the huge rallies the University holds before each football game. How fun!


My school is in a smaller town then the other schools I considered, which is why I liked it. I didn't want to be distracted by the big city around me during my studies.


The climate is very nice year round. This helps with social activities and makes it more comfortable in the winter then most other places.


The University of Arizona is unique in a plethora of ways. It not only provides a better education than many schools, but it also provides the blueprints for anyone to become a better person. Anyone who attends the U of A is immediately injected with the pride of being a Wild Cat.


The University of Arizona had more of a community feel to it than the rest of the schools I looked into. Being part of a school that truely feels like a community was a very important aspect to me and I believe that it helps new student adjust to being away from home.


It has a good engineering program.


The climate, the school high amount of school spirit, the upbeat-ness of the students


Compared to the other main universities in Arizona, this is unique. It has the warmer climate for those people that don't like the cold, but it also has a feel of separation from the city. The campus is so green and clean that it differentiates itself from ASU's campus in Tempe. There are so many places that encourage serenity and an active lifestyle that it's hard not to get involved.