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The campus is absolutely beautiful and it actually makes the student feel better about being at that school. The environment is amazing and it helps in making people feel at home and therefore allowing them to study better and get along with others better.


U of A has such a great atmosphere that far surpassed all of the other schools that I visited. There is so much diversity on our campus from the die hard sports fans to the artsy drama and dance students who put on different shows. There are so many different clubs to get involved in no matter what you enjoy doing and the great things is that if there isn't a club that you want to join you are free to make your own and that freedom is what I love about U of A.


Univeristy of Arizona offers me something that no other university or college can. While it has a beautiful campus and great degree programs, like many other schools, it feels like home to me. It is in the heart of downtown Tucson, where I have spent nearly all of my life. It is close enough to my parents that I can still see them often, yet far enough away that I am able to live on campus and feel independent. I know I made the right decision to attend University of Arizona in the city I love and belong in.


The sun shines here 365 days a year! Although sweatshirts and pants are a necessity, shorts and tank tops are the norm. Because of this there are lots of outside sports and physical activities, intramural sports and other ways to enjoy the outdoors such as hiking and gardening. The University of Arizona has an exceptional Astrononmy program and there are programs off campus to extend your knowledge and experience of nature.


the diversity of students, school spirit, very accesable library and a comfortable atmosphere. poeple in here are laid back and down to earh.


They have their own college for my major; optical sciences and engineering.


Compared to other schools it is the strictest. But with that said I have learned more in one semester at the u of a then the 2 years I attended Pima Community College.


The University of Arizona is well rounded and has a great campus community. Projects at the University of Arizona are worked on my all different majors and diversity is acknowledged and supported through thier programs. There really is a place for everyone to fit in and feel like they belong.


Something that is unique about my school compared to other schools I considered is that it is Arizona's first university.


Besides the in-state tuition, I really liked the school being in the city of Tucson. I love all the eaterys around the campus. Also, the campus is full of international students which makes learning more fun! I learned a lot about the world just by having friends from all over the places. Also the fact that there is no grade inflation, and that you do have to work really hard to get the grade you want is what is rare to see in state universities. University of Arizona has lots of scholars still teaching as professors.


The Greek life at the University of Arizona is a major part of the school. Around 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student population affiliate with either a sorority or fraternity. I think it is unique how so many individuals can be so involved in one particular activity. Greek life provides most of the social benefits of the campus and gives back to the community by participating in philanthropic events.


I chose this school for the outstanding business program that ranks in the top ten nationally. I grew up in Arizona, but lived in a small town in the mountains my entire life. The University of Arizona is located in the desert in the beautiful and diverse (and large!) city of Tucson. I made my decision based on the fact that I could stay in-state (thus reducing my expenses), and get an exceptional education with a bright future. U of A was the perfect choice.


It offers very generous financial aid; that's not to say the other colleges did not, but UA offered me $3,000 more than the next closest for my academic achievements.


University of Arizona has a lot of school spirit and we are one big support group. Everyone is friendly and there is always someone around who can lend a helping hand to you, whether it be on campus or in the surrounding community of Tucson. Plenty of job opportunities and connects in the city so I feel it is a great environment for college students coming into the real world.


Everything you need is right on campus.


Here there is always something going on, monday through sunday, so it's really easy to keep busy. It doesn't matter what your interests are, there is dozens of people here you can relate to. It's the big school feel but in a smaller unique city. Makes for a good combination.


A quick review of MTV's new show College Life. I have to admit, I had my doubts, but so far, the show is depicting a pretty accurate college experience.


1. You are here to learn, and this is the place to do it. 2. Accepting 3. Beautiful 4. Wear a condom


There are few things in life that are perfect, and college is one of them. Here, some UA students share what are some of the best and worst things about the UA.


It's doesn't suck like UCLA does. UA actually gave me some money to go here. It was cheaper to go here (which is out of state for me) than it was to go to UCLA (in state).


Smaller. More like a community. Very interactive and in touch with the students.


The University of Arizona is the number one school in the country and in the top ten in the world for my area of study. It has a strong sense of pride and you can wear shorts all year long. The Unviserity has a home like feeling for me and my family. I feel I am among the worlds greats minds here. Many of the professors are well known around the world and it is an honor to be taught by them.


My school has a lot of school spirit, which is really nice. It is easy to get carried away at football games because of how enthusiastic we are. I love that everyone is involved in these activities together because it unites all of us without even knowing it. Many schools are not as involved in their athletics or many not even have certain sport teams. I think we are fortunate to be so engrossed in all of our school's sports.


The University of Arizona is such a diverse and unique campus that it allowed me to find out where I fit. It is very culturally sound and has a lot of programs for minorities. This campus felt more like home and was welcoming to anyone. I believe that UA is different in their classes, their opportunities and overall the school spirit and love from the town.


The weather hear is very enjoyable. Every season is either not to cold or warm besides the summer but school is out by then. If you enjoy the sun then you would enjoy Tucson. The people of Tucson are also nice and friendly. Everyone smiles at each other and people are always willing to help.


It is a massive campus, filled with students of all different backgrounds and personalities. It has an outstanding greek life, business school (Eller), and planetary sciences' department (Mars Lander). The weather is great and the students and faculty are unique and diverse. Lots of school pride and, of course, PAC-10 Sports!!


The weather is a unique factor at this school. Because of it, many northerners want to study here. The school is well recognized as one of the best learning institutions in the country and is well rounded and balanced as far as social versus learning goes. The athletic teams are always competitive and have won many conference and national championships, certainly something to be proud of. So far, most of my instructors have been very helpful, which makes for an easy learning environment. If that is not unique, at least it is certainly a plus.


The University of Arizona left an imprint on me from the first time I visited it for a school field trip when I was 12. The centrally located campus is more than great to look at while inhibiting so many convenient amenities within short walking distance of each other. As I grow in my education this school just seems to further complement my decision by showing me so many wonderful qualified teachers, educationally challenging programs, an interactive and spirited campus of athletics as well as the diversity of the many extra-curricular activities offered to anyone interested.


The University of Arizona is the center of Tucson. The relationship between the city at the university if unique because of the city's dependancy on the University. Everyone in Tucson loves the UofA, and students are treated with respect from other Tucsonans that I didn't see in other places.


This school has a lot of majors to choose from and they are all very good at the University of Arizona. There is a wide variety of majors, something for everyone. This school has alot of school spirit and a lot of extra curriculars. This school was very well known and has a very good reputation. I only heard good things about this school.


My fellow peers and students are all unique and genuine people that I have grown to really admire as the years have passed.


Strong Campus Identity,.


The environment and its places geographically. There is so much to do and being from the north, it feels like a vacation.


The University of Arizona is a school that is for someone that is looking for the whole college experience. The academics are amazing and challenging. The social life is whatever you make it to be, if you like to party, there are parties however, if that isn't your scene, there is tons of other things to do. The athletics are phenominal and with that comes amazing school spirit. I would never take back my decision to come to the University of Arizona.


University of Arizona offers extensive research opportunities and experiences, while also allowing an extremely affordable education for high-achieving students by providing full scholarships and merit awards.


The large environment, as well as the very diverse campus. School spirit is very high, and makes the campus feel more like a community.


It's close to my family :), but also it provides a tremendous amount of support to students who are in need. It makes those who uncomfortable about asking, comfortable. It gives you the opportunity to have culture in your life without having to look for it. You are presented with amazing teachers who really want to see you succeed; they remember you and even look for you in their other classes! There is a great support system, and it doesn't matter what time of day it is, or where I am on campus I always feel safe.


It has a beautiful campus and is sunny almost the entire year.


close proximity of all buildings for such a large campus


The weather at the University of Arizona is very unique compared to all the other schools I considered. I mainly applied to schools on the east coast, so being able to go outside in December wearing shorts is definitely something you can't do at most schools.


The university is gaining much respect from bigger ivy league schools. We recently were called mission control for the Mars Lander space mission which is probably the universities greatest achievement yet. It is a university that is continuing to grow and make an impact in the lives of students.


I think the most unique thing about the campus at the University of Arizona is the acceptance the students have for all individuals. Every one is evaluated on his or her character, not appearance, race, financial status or other discriminatory trait.


The school I considered is close to my house.


There are numerous cultural opportunities on campus in the College of Fine Arts. The School of Theatre Arts puts on 10 productions year in its 2 performance spaces, while the School of Music has numerous concerts, recitals, symphonies and operas every year in their 2 performance spaces. The School of Dance puts on a number of dance shows, plus the theatre plays host to other local dance companies that rent the space. The School of Art also has its galleries and various shows throughout the year. The University art scene is tremendous and fits nicely with the Tucson art community.


It was much cheaper and there was a greater chance I would get in on research sooner than other schools.


The University of Arizona has many amazing science programs. We are nationally ranked for many of the undergraduate programs which really got my attention.


At the University of Arizona, specifically the School of Architecture that I attend, there is a unique culture that the students and faculty belong to. It feels like a family because both students and faculty are literally at the school's building between 12-16 hours a day, every day. The studio culture creates a different learning experience unique to everything else at the University of Arizona. I spend mostly every waking hour of each day thinking about or working on a number of complex architectural projects. It is stressful and demanding, but very rewarding.


It offers a well-rounded colleged experience. Not only does it have one of the top business schools in the nation but it also has a beautiful campus. I also go to school where there are great college sports to watch and obvious school spirit. Finally, greek life is huge on campus and it is great to have the opportunity to a part of that.


The university of arizona is like a city within the city of Tucson. The campus and the surronding area can stand on its own, with its students never leaving. However, if students choose to go outside the boundaries of the campus, there is amazing hiking around the Tucson area


It's relatively close to my home in Phoenix, an hour and a half away. I loved how it was SO big but that it was like a community- I didn't even go to I already bumped into 10 people that had gone to my high school when I was visiting the campus in one day! It's crazy that there can be 48,000 students. I wasn't ready for another small school- I liked the idea of not being another face in the crowd. Sports, campus cleanness, food seemed to rock!