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The University of Arizona is very focused on science majors and has many oppurtunities for people who want to do research even as an undergrad. It focuses specifically on good professors who do their own research and will do everything and anything to help you accomplish your goal. The U of A is student orienated and they help each and every student achieve their goals despite being a large public university.


The U of A was built before Arizona was even a state, in the middle of the desert. The entire city revolves around the school, and it creates a great feeling of pride everywhere you go. Tucson is just cool, you can discover new things around every corner, making it a fun place to discover yourself.


The University of Arizona, at first glance, may not appear to offer much. However, this large public school situated in the desert has managed to attract several thousand students from all across the United States and beyond; upon closer inspection, its many accolades can be gleaned. As a first semester Freshman, I have yet to experience everything the university offers, but what I do know astonishes me. Housing several hundred plant species non-native to this region, establishing new frontiers with unique labs, such as the Meditation and Brain lab, and over 400 clubs make this my proud home.


The population, the teachers, and the facilities, obviously because those three mentioned things can't be in two places at once. More importantly, it is the anbiance of the university that is unique. You feel relaxed, at home, and no pressure to be someone you are not.


We're the wildcats! We take pride in our school and support our team in any way we can.


I didn't consider going to any other college except for the University of Arizona. I am thinking about going to another school after graduation for medical school. I really like it here so far because there is so much things to do here. This school is very diverse. There are so many clubs i can join and be involved in.


It is in the middle of the downtown area.


U of A was perfect for me and it's unique because it has one of the best programs for my major which is Retailing!


The University of Arizona is unique in the low price of its tuition, the nicely organized campus, and the quality and equality of education, that is to say, the University is a good option for both the Liberal Arts major and the biochemistry major. The University of Arizona is also unique in its laid back, but not dull-witted students: There are finals and there are papers, but there are also plenty of social opportunities. Life at the University of Arizona is not just composed of parties and is not just composed of studying, either.


The diversity of people not only coming from across the entire United States, but also the world, which created friendships and connections around the world through accepting differences. The campus is compact, allowing for convience in all aspects; friendships, classes, extra-curricular, professor availability. It offers a huge amount of scholarships to worthy out-of-state students, and even more in-state financial help.


I feel it is unique becuase of the diversity, enviormental landscapes, and also the different scholarly colleges. My university has a special bond that is filled with many different types of backgrounds and cultures. Not only do we learn from the school we can learn from each other. Diversity also fills our campus grounds. Everywhere you stand is something new and special. A variety of plants from all over the world are found here. Here you can also find a number of ranked colleges that truly reflect the ultimate beauty of this university. I'm truly a proud WILDCAT!


It was the closest to where I live.


This school is very unique in the spirit everyone in the city shares with the school. Everyone in the city is a wildcat, I love the spirit and it made me much more certain that I would be in a very warm and familiar place. I like how its a big population of students, but at most times it does not feel that way, because there are many things available; teachers, advising and associations. The students get to network by attending events on and off campus, and that is a great professional development criteria.




It's location, you can find virtually anything (except a beach) nearby.


I love being in Tucson, the surrounding are beautiful people are nice and very helpful. Alot of opportunities here and research programs.


The atmosphere here at the University of Arizona is what drew me away from home. I was definitely going to stay in state, so my choices were NAU, ASU or U of A. Out of these three choices, I chose U of A mainly because of the staff and quality of education. It is no secret that U of A has stronger science background than either of the other two choices and U of A has a pre-pharmacy program along with a pharmacy school. Since my field of choice was pharmacy, it made sense to come here.


The University of Arizona contains a lot of diverse and accepting students. It is a safe environment to express your political and religious ideas. Students are very questioning of those ideas and may offfer up an occasional debate or contrasting belief, but these differences do not create rifts within the student body. We are a student body that has come to love our differences.


Its not that expencive it has great school spirit, and its a great learning environment.


The University of Arizona is very unique compared to other schools because everyone here is one big family, and the students and faculty work together to make sure not one student is left behind. The University has a "Think Tank" set up where students of all grades can go and tutor each other, or receive tutoring from professionals and earn higher grades in each of their classes.


University of Arizona is extremely old university, 1885. I have a sense of pride from this. Also, it is a great bargain for the quality education I have recieved thus far.


The University of Arizona is the best school out there. The most unique and enjoyed part about the school is Zona Zoo. Each game an entire side of the stadium is filled with students all in red - we are a sea of red. The games are ridiculously fun even if you do not enjoy football or sports.


This school allows a freshman to work on research projects that are nationally funded. Not only can a freshman work in these labs, but a freshman can work on their own project and have a large influence on the research project.


The University of Arizona has very prestigious healthcare programs, including pharmacy, nursing, and medical school. I chose this school because I wanted to attend nursing school and I knew this school had resources that would help me get to my goal.


Great location and well know academic programs. Research 1 school with lost of opportunites.


University of Arizona is highly research based. Many science courses on the campus is known to be rather tough compared to the other universities in the state. Even though the school is in the middle of nowhere, it has great diversity mainly because its fairly low tuition rates have attracted numerous international students. In sports, the school is also in the PAC10.


The University of Arizona has an excellent group of professors for their Media Arts (soon to be Film, Television, and Theater studies) department. The school itself has a fantastic transportation system for those who need rides, there are plenty of locations for recreation and eating, there are multiple venues to express yourself and become involved in the community, and the campus is very well kept.


The University of Arizona is definately a unique school! We have one of the nation's strongest graduate student programs and also have a very well known astronomy department that has even been able to work with NASA on sending a craft to the surface of Mars. And one of the big reasons I personally chose U of A was because of our marching band, the Pride of Arizona. We are one of the nation's best ranked marching bands as well as the nation's first alternative music marching band!


The medical school and business schools were expanding. The campus is beautiful and very convenient for getting around without a vehicle. Greek life was very rewarding.


It's a university that is in a smaller town, the campus and university basically run the entire town.


School spirit.


The unique thing about University of Arizona is a lot of the hall ways are outdoors but there still sort of covered and air conditioned for those smoking hot days! Another thing is the brick buildings they have everywhere. Brick buildings comfort me and i like the vibe it gives me


I think the most unique aspect of our school is our community. I have never had such an easier time meeting people, and not only becoming aquaintances but great friends with them. I have never felt lonely or out of place for who I am. The only issue I have is that I am a minority because I am Jewish. With that in mind, people do not treat me any differently because I am Jewish. I just wish there was a stronger Jewish community since I eventually would like to marry someone of the same faith.


The other schools I considered were private schools. So i guess this one was unique being a public university.


University of Arizona is well known for its medical and scientific research.


What is unique about the University of Arizona is that it has a very campus feel to it. Although it is a larger campus it is easy to get around from one end of the campus to the other. Not all campuses have this ability. It is a great location and has amazing weather and diversity which makes it a great place to go to school.


We have a lot going on, something for many different tyoes of people. There is a big social/ party scene if that is what you are into, and there are different clubs that can fit anyone's needs. We are a great pac-10 school, and football and basketball games are a ton of fun to attend!


This school has several ties to NASA and the LHC which can lead to a productive internship and hopefully a great research related job.


It's always warm enough to wear shorts. We have great Mexican food!


Although many other schools have the program I wanted to pursue, I considered the program at the University of Arizona to be better than the others. Also, since it's an in state university, I did not have to pay as much. It is also near family so I do not have to spend as much money to get home.


The school places a much greater emphasis on research and related activities than other schools. We're one of the best research universities in the nation as rated by the National Science Foundation, and while that rating is largely based on stuff done by professors and graduate students, I think it extends to undergrad students as well. In a lot of different disciplines, you can see the connections between the two levels that really help the undergrads and that definitely comes from the importance that Arizona places on research.


One unique fact about the University of Arizona is the openess of the students and instructors.


At other schools I considered, there seemed to be a focus on the surrounding city and away from the academic experience. This is not the case at the University of Arizona, however. The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, a city that is proud of its university and shows its support and commitment in a variety of areas. Local and national companies offer interships to students and seek out graduates from my school and athletic programs at UA enjoy strong support from the community and student body alike.


I have really enjoyed attending University of Arizona South because of the online classes that are offered, local bookstore, and counselors who are always available to answer many of my questions. University of Arizona South has a clean, quiet and comfortable campus which makes it easier for me to navigate around and locate my classrooms.


Our school, overall, is a great school in the scientific field. We are the only school that NASA has given the consent to send an abject to outer space, which in this case is the ingenous spacecar, "The Phoenix Mars Lander". It is really scienifically and technologically advanced.


Science, Science, Science. The science is excellent which is why I am attending this university


I think that the most unique thing about our school is the SALT center, where people with learning disabilities can get tutoring and advising. I believe it is the best center of its kind in the nation and it is a very big plus for people who have disabilities. A student can have their own advisor in addition to their academic advisor for their major, which they meet with every week. The tutors there are also very good and helpful.




I would say that the thing unique about the University of Arizona is the campus, because the brick buildings and the maintained vegitation compliment eachother quite nicely. There are several places of pure beauty in which I take time out of my way to walk by. I absolutely love walking around campus and finding more abstract things to look at.


The University of Arizona has one of the lowest tuition rates across the country for both in-state and out-of-state students; thus many people around the nation attend the UA.