University of Central Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UCF stands for opportunity and it is phenomenal


UCF is the most diverse place I have ever been; my group of friends come from all places in the state, nation, and even world.


This school is wonderful. It is known for its engineering college, college of education, and its vibrant school spirit.


My school is creative and goal driven.


A weird place where learning sometimes occurs and letters are earned in pursuit of a very important piece of paper.


UCF, stands for opportunity, and it is the most beautiful school in the world.


University of Central Florida is a school that offers endless opportunities to their students and truly cares about helping accomplish their goals and dreams.


A unified learning center.


My school provides a lot of the necessary resources and opportunities for students to be well-rounded and successful.


UCF is a diverse university that, in an increasingly competitive market for careers, strives to continuously improve and add resources for students that are needed to succeed.


The University of Central Florida is an excellent school that offers it's students many different opportunities to be successful and to gain a rewarding education.


My school is the foundation and basis for the opportunities that we, as students, may be given throughout our lives.


As the second largest university in the nation, UCF offers a plethora of opportunities and diversity, which makes for a very enriching college experience.


My university has a diverse and inclusive feel to it that allows me to connect with people and develop relationships that will last for a long time.


UCF is a challenging, spririt filled place to go, it provides a great learning atmosphere not just for academics but for life and figuring out who you are, who you want to be and who you want to spend time with.


The University of Central Florida is a school that is always changing - hopefully, for the better of its students.


My school is pretty great. It's an awesome campus and there's always stuff going on.


Too many privileged white people with a dismal amount of diversity training.


My experience at the University of Central Florida was a positive one. If you do well in a bigger classroom atmosphere, its the school for you. The school itself has plenty of clubs to join a thriving student government and two amazing cafeterias. The dorm rooms are new and comfortable and great for meeting fellow students.


I feel at home at this school!




UCF is a greedy, selfish corporation that happens to sell education that is mostly taught by arrogant, overpaid professors.


It is a big university with a friendly staff


My school is big, diverse, and full of opportunities and people who are there to help you.


My school is very diverse, people have their own goals and interest and you can always find someone who shares these things in common with you.


Big and with a lot of students, with much competition and pressure.


My school is wonderfully diversified, and very student friendly.


In a word? Huge. UCF is definitely a big school, to the point that quite a few students take to using skateboards or bikes to navigate the campus faster. There's also always at least one section being expanded, built up, or rebuilt--there's a reason for the running joke that UCF stands for "Under Construction Forever." Whatever hasn't been reconstructed recently, such as the larger buildings like the Student Union and the Library, look pretty old on the outside, though usually the school tries to keep the interiors up to date in most cases. One more thing--there may be a lot of students who go to UCF, but because of how big it is and the large amount of off campus housing available nearby, it never gets too crowded. The exception to this is parking. Even with quite a few full parking garages and several other lots, it can still take a long time for any given student to find a space.


It's looks huge to other students


For a prospective student or for someone who has never seen the main campus, the campus is pretty big. It takes a good amount of time to learn where all the buildings are and how to get to everything. The campus is a very well land scaped and looks appealing to the eye. Another thing about the campus since I have been here, there has always been something under construction. But the construction does not normally take more than a year, and always adds value and betters the school.


The University of Central Florida is a diverse school that offers unlimited opportunities to its students.


UCF seems to be this huge campus, which it is! But, the central area of UCF is a circle and in the heart of campus is the student union. Classes are centered around the circle of the union and then a little in the back. The outer circle of campus has the gym, the welcoming center, and housing. Also, on the outskirts you'd find knights plaza and the research park. The campus simply grows and grows. It is confusing at first to find out where to go but you will be fine in a matter of a week or so. UCF is beautiful with all the palm trees spread around, the reflection pond with it's shooting of water all day, and the pretty buildings.


Its a great school overall. Alot of resources available, and very well known.


Friendly atmosphere, you make the most of your own college experience.


UCF is a place where a diverse group of people can come together and multiple programs are offered to fit everyone's needs.


A place that is full of life and a strong sense of community and friendship.


My school is the greatest school in America and no school can stand up to it.


UCF is a place to discover yourself while being pushed academically.


My school is a gigantic research university (emphasis on 'research') where it is both extremely easy to get involved and extremely easy to fade into the background; in order to succeed here, you have to make your own way, but it isn't difficult to find people who are willing to help you get there.


The University of Central Florida is building traditions and achieving excellence.


The University of Central Florida is an active, upcoming learning center that is rapidly establishing itself as a school that can compete with the high-ranking public universities of America,.


My school is very large and diverse, offering just about everything you can imagine to study and participate in.


The University of Central Florida is unsurpassed in it's opportunities for growth, learning, and diversity and you will truly have the experience of a lifetime here!


University of Central Florida is very great institution of higher learning.


Its the most multicultural, eventful learning experience out there that will guarantee your spot in line to make it to the next level!!!


The University of Central Florida should be the school of choice for any college student because of its vast amount of diverse on-campus organizations.


My university is very big but lacks some school spirit.


It is opportunity.


My school, University of Central Florida, has fantastic programs to offer for all types of students; administration, staff, and professors give all students an opportunity to succeed and I cannot wait to be one of thousands to graduate in 2012!


The University of Central Florida is a source of a scholastic wealth and knowledge leader that severs its community through academic excellence.