University of Central Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school exceeded my expectations by far. I have met numerous students that are dedicated to achieving an education. This school is extremly academically focused, and they provide you with the necessary insight to be in the workforce. The culture is amazing, and many people help to make you feel welcomed.


The University of Central Florida is a friendly, diverse community with a fast growing environment striving for success and greatness in a competitive atmosphere.


The University of Central Florida while being one of the largest universities in the country still manages to give students the one on one teacher to student relationship many of us strive for. There are so many things to do here that I think I've forgotten more of the activities than I can list. The professors are amazing and are compassionate about what they do and want to see you better yourself academically and in life as well.


The University of Central Florida promotes scholarship, leadership, research, and excellence.


My school is absolutely amazing, it has gone above and beyond what my expectations were.


I believe that UCF truly stands for oppurtunity. Before attending college, I envisioned waking up in the middle of the day to catch my afternoon lecture, making new friends, and tailgating at football games. As I transitioned into a second year student, I began to realize that I needed to define my career path . Fortunately, UCF offers experiential learning center and career services to assure that we are able to utilize every resourse to enhance our learning experience. Through those offices, I was able to land an internship this year and has been a wonderful experience thus far!


My school is a huge university with something always going on and many things to chose from to do!


UCF is a huge school! It is incredibly easy to get lost, however almost every student I encountered were generious enough to point me in the right direction. UCF has the biggest school spirit that I ever saw and it feel great to be apart of it.


Large; my campus happens to be one of six branch campuses and the second largest school in the United States.


The University of Central Florida offers more than just a degree to students; it offers a lifetime of experience needed to fill our future with success.


The school I attend, University of Central Florida, is a diversified community filled with opportunites to better oneself in many ways through education.


My school is very culturally diverse and student body is huge.


University of Central Florida is not just a school, but has become part of my family.


The University of Central Florida is a place to enjoy life in the present, move on from your past, and focus on the future.


The University of Central Florida is a school where students are not only involved in school activities, but in very different subjects that may not only impact the school, but also the world.


The University of Central Florida is diverse, well rounded, career and academically driven, school spirited, involved and overall the best school I have ever been to.


The University of Central Florida is by far one of the most diverse schools the U.S., academically and socially.




The University of Central Florida is a school of opportunity and excellence that reaches forward to all of its students.


A diverse learning community that offers something for everyone.


UCF is huge and brimming with students, but they try to make it seem as comfy and welcoming as possible with all sorts of different majors and clubs to look into.


It is a large campus with multiple ethnicities, cultures, and langauges; within the school lies great degrees for students of all majors.


The University of Central Florida is an ever-growing school for students who wish to academically excel as well as build character and show strengths outside the classroom.


The University of Central Florida is a sprawling city of a school filled with any nonhuman academic resource one could imagine; the school's accomodations are mall-like as everything in sight requires purchasing, if one is going to take full advantage of the school's available resources.


University of Central Florida is a large-size but laidback university that emphasizes research, environmental consciousness, and career opportunities after college.


My school is a great online school. I attend Colorado Technical University Online and will start February 13, 2011.Their customer service is great and financial aid helps you out as much as they can. Their layout of virtual classrooms has it so you are able to communication live with teachers and departments online.They are also accrdited and offer many different programs. They even offer online tutoring for students.


The school's big, but it's not so big that you get swallowed up in the crowd, either in class (unless it's one of the large gen ed's) or forgotten in the availability of activities. The teaching's great. The teacher's care about your education, and most are friendly and funny. Although academically focused, the curriculum won't kill you if you moderately keep on top of it. And the students are also pretty friendly.


UCF is the most inspirational, big, and helpful university known to man.


A place where engaging educators impart their knowledge and life experiences on the next generation of professionals.


There is something for everyone.




My school is a great place to get an education and make lifelong friendships.


UCF is a commited school striving for excellence in everyway, not only teaching students to become great, but giving them insight and courage as they go into the real world.


UCF is a great school filled with nice students and helpful faculty; everyone on campus is usually happy and friendly.


UCF is a large and diverse school that is constantly changing and expanding.


From my firsthand experiences here at UCF so far, I can without a doubt say that the campus is very lively with much enthusiam in its activities; it alleviates feelings of home-bound nostalgia as it's equipped with what seems to be its own surreal town, rather than the usual "what you see is what you get" theme; it provides many opportunites to the attending individuals whether it be on or off capmpus; then there is my personal favorite which is the well-balanced assortment of classes assigned to each major, dedicated to helping you excel quickly, but productively.


UCF- You Can Finish! Don't you love it? I can be UCF's spokesperson :)


Being in this university would be considered an honor because they emphasize a culture of strong academic ethics, strong relations between professors and students, and diverse options of recreation to express both personal and professional lives.


A huge amusement park of opportunity


Full of life, passion, school spirit, equality, culture, depth, personality, goal oriented, as well as diversified. Faculty and staff are helpful as well as are the students. Everyone receives an equal education opportunity to succeed in their academic path and choice of career. The University of Central Florida has given the availablity of resources that will be needed to succeed during college as well as after graduation.


University of Central Florida is a very Large school which provides lots of social ineraction and potential future career opportunities.


A beautiful campus, excellent and challenging academics, and fulfilling extracurriculars.


The university of central florida is a school where you can succeed and become great, you will learn so much from this school, about education, life, and friendships, you can never go wrong with coming here.


UCF is most like a giant mixing pot of people and professions all trying to make it through together.


A positive environment that is there with all the resources a student needs to use and grow.


An avid, vibrant body of driven young adults aiming to make a change in all aspects of the global community and professional world.


The University of Central Florida is very se and provides many different opportunitites, but it is a school where you have to be very independent and figure everything out on your own.


UCF is one of the largest schools in the country. Although there are so many people on campus at all times, everyone still seems to feel at home on this campus. All the teachers are respectful and kind to their students, and work hard to make sure that everyone will go forth from their class and succeed in life. I feel that UCF is a largely friendly environment full of interesting and entertaining people.


This campus is quite large, and for a while, it is quite easy to get lost; nevertheless, the faculty and fellow studenst are helpful enough to get you where you are going.


The University of Central Florida is an up and coming school with a strong academic community as well as one of the most diversified campuses in the nation.