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Founded in 1909, Arkansas Tech University. is a Public college. Located in Arkansas, which is a city setting in Arkansas, the campus itself is Town. The campus is home to 11,053 full time undergraduate students, and 841 full time graduate students.

The Arkansas Tech University Academic calendar runs on a Semester basis. In the school year the student to faculty ratio was 19:1. There are 367 full time instructional teachers. Degrees awarded at Arkansas Tech University include: Bachelor's Degree, Masters Degree, Post-master's certificate, Doctor's degree.

Quick Facts

Acceptance Rate63%
Application Deadline
Application Fee0
SAT Range
ACT Range

Admissions at ATU are considered Selective, with ,49% of all applicants being admitted.

In the school year, of the students who applied to the school, only 36 of those who were admitted eventually ended up enrolling.

64% of incoming freshmen are in the top half of their high school class. 34% were in the top quarter, and 14% were in the top tenth. You can apply online.


We asked, and students answered these important questions about student life at Arkansas Tech University.

Arkansas Tech University REVIEWS

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  • How would you rate on-campus housing?

    118 Students rated on-campus housing 3.5 stars. 25 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate off-campus housing?

    81 Students rated off-campus housing 3.6 stars. 0 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate campus food?

    121 Students rated campus food 3.5 stars. 26 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate campus facilities?

    128 Students rated campus facilities 4.1 stars. 38 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate class size?

    129 Students rated class size 4.3 stars. 46 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate school activities?

    128 Students rated school activities 4 stars. 38 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate local services?

    127 Students rated local services 4 stars. 39 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate academics?

    129 Students rated academics 4.2 stars. 46 % gave the school a 5.0.

What's your overall opinion of Arkansas Tech University?

76 Students rated Arkansas Tech University

James - 05/17/2023

I believe the school is an amazing opportunity as my time there will show. From every college and university I toured as a high schooler back in 2019, I didn't find any colleges in my state that cared as much for the student than Arkansas Tech University. Due to this, I decided to attend and I do not regret making that decision. The campus itself is beautiful, but if you are expecting a garden like on other college campuses, you may be disappointed, but there are various plants found around the campus. I am not talking about weeds and the like, I mean actual plants that are taken care of. To be honest, the walk across campus is nice and refreshing with classes, or at least my classes, were maybe a five to seven minute walk if I was walking slow. If I was walking rather quickly, then it would be half the aforementioned time. Moving onto the food on campus, it can be said it is mediocre to very good. There are different places on the campus to receive food on, but the places are mainly grouped up in three places. The first place in question is the cafeteria, located in the building known as Chambers, and more specifically referred to as "Chambers Cafeteria." Inside this cafeteria you can find a full salad bar, a desert area, a breakfast bar (which is open all day), a sandwich maker, the main course area with regular food such as hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, and other miscellaneous items, and then finally two other miscellaneous places. The food is good, but if you're expecting food that will have a lot of seasoning, you may be a bit disappointed. It should be noted that the reason there is very little seasoning is because of the health issues some students may have and if the seasonings and ingredients are cooked en masse, then there would be problems for the students that do not know what is in it and are allergic, etc. The on-campus living consists of some fairly new dorms as well as some very old dorms. It is important to note that the older dorms outnumber the newer dorms, however, the older dorms are currently being outfitted and renovated for the following years, one dorm at a time. The newest dorm on the campus is M-Street, where newer students are encouraged to stay for the college year, however I do not believe they are required to do so. I have stayed in four dorms on campus in total. I first stayed in M-Street which has its laundry machines in the basement as well as their dryers. In the basement there is also a relaxing area which consists of some chairs and a table or two, but there is also a kitchen or something similar to a kitchen due to having a refrigerator and one other thing. To be honest, I haven't been in that building in about three years, so I am finding it difficult to remember everything. This building is, I believe, the only dorm on campus to house a basement. The rooms are standard with a bed that is raised and houses a desk and chair underneath it. In the room is a cupboard which can be used to store clothes as well as other miscellaneous clothing items such as a coat, hoodie, or other clothes that need to be hanged up. In the building itself, generally the bathrooms are across the hall, meaning everyone has access to them, but it is somewhat private due to how the door can be locked and you will find yourself in your own bathroom in a way. Keep in mind that everyone uses the bathrooms, but generally it is cleaned daily, so there should be no filth or anything disgusting from the prior day. The other dorms on campus have the bathrooms cleaned every day, so there should be no problems with filth or dirt being found anywhere. However, each dorm is not the same and can vary from Jack-and-Jill type suites to community style bathrooms. More about this can be found on the website for each dorm identified and can sometimes be viewed by a 360 degree view in order to show what you may be experiencing. All in all, there are some things I did not mention, but I believe that some things should be experienced by you the reader for you to make your own judgements.

Jordan - 01/31/2023

ATU have granted me many opportunities to learn about myself and their various amount of classes and services. I am currently a senior and planned to graduate in Fall 2023 because '20 was a terrible year for me that took away my chances of hanging out with friends, acquaints and strangers alike. I would hate to play catch up again because I would much rather not be a ghost on campus.

Emily - 11/30/2022

I have toured many campuses in Arkansas and they have the cleanest facilities around. The students and staff are very friendly and helpful. The food is great and there are plenty of restauraunt and shopping locations located close by. The campus feels very safe and everything is located within a good walking distance.

bayle - 04/18/2022

It is okay, it has its' ups and downs. I have taken a total of seven classes so far, and to be honest I did not like a single one. I think that this is the place for some people, and a lot of people love it. But this is not the place for me. If you end up here I hope it is the place for you.

Arkansas Tech University FAQS

  1. What is the Acceptance Rate at Arkansas Tech University?

    The fall 2020 acceptance rate for Arkansas Tech University is 63%. That means, out of _____ applications received in 2020 , _____ students were offered admission. The number of males who applied was _____ vs the number of females which was _____.

  2. What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

    Resiliency. I came in as a desolate, hopeless, anxious individual. I will leave with a sense of accomplishment. I will exert force onto the world; a force that comes not from a destructive mindstate, but a force that screams passions. It has been valuable to attend because I came out with more knowledge, self-worth, passion, heart, happiness that you tend to lose in a high school. I became woman.

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  3. What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

    The financial aid. My sophomore year I earned at 4.0 and applied for numerous scholarships and received none.

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  4. What's unique about your campus?

    My school has a small, yet large enough campus. The people here are friendly and will help you out in any way needed. Most of the classes I have been in, have been rewarding and interesting. The professors are kind and helpful. I have made great friends who I can rely on and will stay in contact with for the rest of my life.

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  5. Here's your chance: Say anything about your college!

    just the right size and just far enough from home not too close and not too far

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  6. Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

    Good size with an open community.

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  7. Describe the students at your school.

    Oh, wow - what a hard sentence; however, my classmates have the following traits: trusting, caring, honest, kind, influential, open-minded, enthusiastic, friendly, willing to learn, and down-to-earth.

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  8. What kind of person should not attend this school?

    The kind of person who should attend this school should enjoy being in a liitle city, have a willing to learn, and want to succeed. People who attend this school should work hard and want to make a difference in their community.

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  9. What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

    Not getting answers as far as scholarships and financial aid is concerned.

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  10. What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

    I wish I had known how the student section at the football games acted. They need to be more energetic and interactive, like University of Central Arkansas.

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  11. What kind of person should attend this school?

    The kind of person who should attend this school would be those who are looking to further their education after high school and are wanting to stay close to home.

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  12. What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

    The school has an awsome library and friendly staff.

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  13. Describe your favorite campus traditions.

    Our school is best know for its agricultural department.

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  14. What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

    The stereotype of Arkansas Tech students is being diverse and laid back. We have many different organizations and for the most part we like to learn and enjoy our time at ATU

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  15. What is your overall opinion of this school?

    The best thing about ATU is the great faculty. It is widely known that our staff of teachers will go the extra mile to help a student. I really compare them close to high school teachers which is a good thing. They build relationships with students and want us to succeed. Also, ATU is continuously working to improve the school. They just built a brand new food court center. One thing I really enjoy is the size of ATU. It is big enough to where you feel that "college" atmosphere, yet you aren't overwhelmed by the size. It is hard to find a major complaint by the students, but the biggest one is the parking lots. More and more students are choosing Arkansas Tech and there is only so much parking available.

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  16. What are the academics like at your school?

    The academics here are overall very good. The professors here are generally very open and very helpful if you need anything. They try very hard to learn everyone's name, even for the general education courses where there can be 70-100 students in one class. After the gen eds the student-teacher ratio is very nice. Most professors will really make an effort to have educational discussions with the class rather than just lecturing at a sleeping audience. I feel like you learn a lot more this way because people ask questions that you may not have even thought of and it leads to gaining many more perspectives, also it helps you be more alert in class. I am majoring in Speech Communications, and I have loved every class and professor in this field so far. It really helps you open up as a person and a leader. These are skills that will help you no matter what career path you take. I also love that there are a ton of elective credit hours required which would make it ideal for double majors or for multiple minors. I am paring my Communications major with minors in Psychology, Sociology, and Religious studies, all of which fit right into the electives I need to graduate. These departments are also very intriguing. I am particularly fond of the Sociology classes I have taken thus far. They just teach me so much about life. Every day I go to class I really feel like I've learned something and that I can apply it to not only my future, but my day-to-day life. It is usually very easy to get ahold of professors, which is great if an emergency comes up before a test or presentation, or if you just need a little one-on-one time to better understand the material. Many upperclassmen are almost friends with the professors in their majors, which makes learning more fun and helps you to retain your knowledge. My favorite class so far would have to be Oral Interpretation with Dr. Eshelman. In this class you recite different types of literature as a performance and you get to be creative with it so your audience will better understand the piece as you interpret it. The reason I loved this class is because it was so interactive, and it really helped me to get comfortable talking in front of people. It got me out of my comfort zone and let me present things to my class that were really important to me. It was also always great for a good laugh; I would always leave class in a higher spirit than when I came in.

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  17. What are your classes like?

    I am in a lot of business classes since I am a marketing and management major. I really enjoy them for the most part this semester. My favorite class is statistics and we just finished a fun group project. Also, I am in a business law class which is interesting to learn about.

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  18. What are the most popular student activities/groups?

    The activities are so diverse which helps make each student feel wanted. One group I am in is a Dean's Leadership group, and it is a business organization that intertwines business thinking with making the society better. Some of the best ways to meet friends is going to gatherings in the summer before your freshman year, and just understanding that everybody is new and wanting to make friends. You aren't the only one!

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Student Organizations







On-Campus Housing


of students living on campus

Student Diversity

% American Indian/Alaskan Native
% Asian/Pacific Islander
% Black or African-American
% Hispanic/Latino
% White or Caucasian


All students must apply yearly for financial aid. This process starts with the FAFSA. Though financial aid deadlines vary by school, it is a good idea to apply as soon as possible. For the upcoming school year, you can apply as early as October 1 for the FAFSA. Additional school aid will be dependent on the FAFSA results.

95% of students attending Arkansas Tech University receive some sort of financial aid. 55% were awarded federal grants. While 57% received federal loans. Many students do also need to apply for additional private student loans.

Cost Out of State


Tuition and fees(Out of state)


Books and Supplies


Room and Board


Total On Campus

Actual Cost By Income Level(W/Financial Aid)

Family Income
$0 - $30K
$30 - $48K
$48 - $75K
$75 - $110K
$110K & UP

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