50 Colleges Waiving SAT and ACT Scores for Incoming Freshman

More Colleges are Waiving SAT and ACT Scores for Incoming Freshman Many colleges are waiving SAT and ACT scores for incoming freshman because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many test dates had to be cancelled for health and safety reasons. So, students were left unsure of how to take these standardized tests. To solve this dilemma, many schools are letting students apply without test scores and testing requirements. In some cases, colleges waiving SAT scores for incoming freshman is temporary. Once testing can happen safely, some schools may ask for SAT and ACT […]

6 College Essay Topics to Avoid and What Not to Write About

By UnigoCollege essays can play a vital role in college admissions. Often times, it is the only way a student can get his or her voice heard. The application itself provides the biographical information: class rank, SAT scores, class choices, and community service. But the essay lets the student really speak to the admissions officials who will be deciding his or her fate at that college. Essays are getting more and more complicated too. Aside from […]


Applying for college is a major undertaking, with no guarantee of acceptance. It can truly be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you’re applying to one of the top 15 hardest colleges to get into. Colleges with Low Acceptance Rates It’s widely believed that schools that are more selective, i.e. have lower acceptance rates, will offer a better education and a more prestigious degree. However, that’s not necessarily true. Most schools have a limit on the […]