California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have been "moved" out of my comfort zone and experienced a higher level of thinking both inside and outside of the "box". I can reason a situation with more confidence and come to a more valuable conclusion. I tend to look at both sides of a discussion and implement my newly taught critical thinking. The educational experience propels me to a higher level of availability in the job market and brings me in contact with a different group of community and business people. I am able to converse with a larger group of people on topics that were previously unexplored by me. A whole new world of opportunities has opened to me and I am so excited to be a part of the educational system.


My previous college experience was helpful in preparing me to attend Sacramento State University. The instructors gave insight as to what to expect from professors at 4 year universities and what they expect from you. During orientation at Sacramento State the advisor let us know what his goal was for us and how he was going to help us get there. I can't wait to experience new classes, professors, and classmates that walk the same path and succeed together.


My college experience taught me the meaning of self-control, how to be persistent and most importantly, how to think critically. Additionally, it was at Sacramento State University that I discovered my passion for business and research. The knowledgeable faculty at Sac State helped me develop and fine-tune my knowledge, skills and abilities within the field of psychology. Attending Sacramento State was a beneficial experience because I was able to learn about and apply my knowledge in fields of study that I was most interested in.


The best thing I've gotten from my college experiene is the the chance to see and understand myself and the world through different eyes. College has enabled me to discover for myself both the beauty and struggle that is life. My college experience has taught me to look at a painting and understand it's meaning through the eyes of an artist, to think and analyze like a philosopher, to take charge and yet to serve people through the eyes of a good leader, and to read and act out Shakespeare through the eyes of a poet and a dreamer. Being able to attend college is a priceless gift and time in ones life to expand their knowledge and to gather as much information as possible, so that they may take what they've learned and use it in their journey ahead in life. Sir Francis Drake once said, "We have sailed too close to shore, having fallen in love with life, we have lost our thirst for the waters of life". College provides me with the blessed opportunity to sail farther from the shore, to purse the deepest waters of life but also the deepest depths of me.


My college experience, so far, has been an eperience that none other may rival. In a short amount of time, I've learned many things that have and will continue to be useful to me in both my personal life and my future career field. Knowledge is a skill that tends to be undervalued in today's society, but to me knowledge is everything. At TCC, I've learned about psychology, art history, marketing, design, typography, and many, many more skills that will benefit me in my future career, no matter what it is. I never want to be in a position where I am unable to learn, and that is why college is valuable. I not only am able to learn in my classes, but I am set up with the skills to continue learning outside the classroom.


What I have gotten so far out of my college experience is that you must take everything seriously, its not like high school where you get detention or suspesion if you mess up in school. In college you have to pay to be in school and you must go everyday in order to do well in school. It has been valuable to attend college because it teaches you a lesson you have to be more independent and not depend on others to help you, you have to help yourself.


As a re-entry student, I truly appreciate the opportunity to return to college and pursue my education... something I took for granted in my younger years. I find that my motivation and desire for learning runs deep and my participation with in the classroom is well respected by both faculty members and peers. I enjoy the environment on campus and the opportunities this campus offers regerding internships and career advancement. I am thoroughly enjoying this college experience and not only has returning to school been valuable academically, but also quite fulfilling socially. I definitely plan to take the education and experiences gained from college and utilize them to the fullest extent... for today and tomorrow.


Throughout my college experience I have matured tremendously. I work full time and am a full time student. I have learned how to responsibily manage my time. I feel that there is no experience that compares to how valuable college is for students. Beyond learning facts, information, and things that will help gain a career, I have learned critical thinking skills. I have learned how to analyze ideas and draw conclusions after educating myself on a topic. I have also learned communication skills that have helped me gain confidence that I can use now and in my career. I have made friends and had fun throughout my experience. I have been impressed and inspired by certain professors that have encouraged me to pursue my dreams. College students are the face of the future and it is us who must be optimistic and forthcoming about our careers. I have learned that with my college education I will prosper in whatever I do.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience as a whole. I have met amazing professors that have inspired me to go into the teaching field and my classes have opened my eyes to things I had never considered. College is an amazing place where I can always find something that interests me. One semester I may learn how hurricanes form in a natural disasters course and also how the brain works in psychology class. I have learned about women in the Middle East and parents in the United States, the founding fathers in my government class and the heroines of American history. But the people I have learned alongside are far superior. My classroom experiences have enabled me to meet people from all different backgrounds. I have met mothers earning their degrees now that their children are grown. I have met grandfathers who have come back to college simply to learn something new. I know young men and women who take classes at night and work full time jobs during the day and young full time students, like myself. Being surrounded by such a wide array of individuals enables me to learn more than I ever imagined.


I love school, I always have and Being in the Respiratory Care program at my School has been the best experience ever for me. Not only is this going to give me my Dream career but im learning a valuable skill and i love to help people. My college professors and teachers and staff are the greatest people anyone could ask for.


So far, my college experience has been a learning experience. I have become more dedicated, determined, organized, focused, alert, attentive, responsible, diligient, and knowledgeable from not only my professors, but from my peers, advisors and tutors. They have helped me to become a better person. I admit that when I first came to this school I slacked off a bit, but I then came to realize that i really wanted to become somebody, so I made some goals for myself and I have stuck to them ever since. Now I am on my way to become very successful. I could have not of done what I have done so far if it wasnt for the people and the structure of this school system. The people at this school is very nice and helpful so it really made me want to do my best because there are so many people here that support me and believe in me. I am so grateful for that and I am glad I came to this school. I can do anything that I put my mind to and that is what I am doing with the support and help of this university.


Attending Sacramento State University, i have gained so much that has possitively effected my life. For one, i have been givin the opportunity to expand my knowledge and prepare myself for a successful future. Having so many classes and majors to choose from, and a strong learning environment, makes for a future of endless possibilities. I have also gained a better understanding of myself. College is a time to grow, have fun, make mistakes, understand where you've been, and learn where you want to go. I have a better appreciation for my family and friends for all their support, guidance,wisdom, and love. I also have a better appreciation for myself. I am the first in my family to go to college and i couldn't be more proud that i am where i am after all my hard work. College has enabled me to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can be a difficult journey, but i know it will all be worth it in the long run. I wouldn't give away the opportunity for anything.


I have gained new insights to the world that I might never have graced if I didn’t set foot on the CSUS campus. There are works of art displayed in the library, and the view of the campus changes with each new class I attend. I have seen how, through knowledge, I do not have to be a low-income mother stereotype. These insights I hope to pass onto my son through exploration of events and exhibits held on campus and throughout the city. My son will take with him the memories of going to mommy’s school for football games, concerts, and other cultural events. These types of things make my life worth living, because I get to share my experience with my son and also fueled a fire in his dad to start his own college career. My two loves will share this experience as if it is their own, and for every family one college can start to feel like a home.


I have really learned to focus on school and do well. I have learned that when I don't do well, I am only hurting myself and my family. I realize that the teachers are there to help me along not hold me back.


I have been able to meet a lot of new people and experience something totally different. Im not from there, so it was nice to get away and be somewhere different. Especially a school because i can meet tons of new people. I got quite a few things out of my college years and i wlill try to take these things with me throught my life.


From my college experience, I acquired many great things. I acquired a great college life, college friends, environment, resources, help, and especially an idea towards my future. My life in college is fantastic because everyone that surrounds me appreciate my opinions. College friends are always there to help you focus on what is important, updates about what event is coming and just simply solving a mathematical problem. The environment gives you a spacious place where you want and can study. Resources that are provided results in a tremendous amount. Computers, printers, library, services, housing arrangements, and employment opportunities are all available. All theses resources can help a person to succeed. I questioned myself a lot about my furure, but there was no specific outcome of what it is. However, college life has given me a clear view on developing my future is. My college experience is very valuable and it definitely gives you an insight of what the world is really like. It will also develop an individual to become independent. College experience is preparing me for the real world and actuallt tell me that I can succeed.


College has changed me entirely. I have become a stronger and wiser individual. College has taught me to have my own dreams and to speak up. I am no longer a timid person. On the other hand, it has also taught me to be kind and compassionate for those in need. In CSUS, I learned of numerous volunteer opportunities I could aid in. I have helped in a weeklong camp, a race, and a dentist for 80 hours. I value my school greatly because without the faculty, staff and students, I would not be where I am today. When I moved out at 19 years-old, I was scared and lonely, but the campus helped me find a rewording job that I have kept for two years now. I am in financial need, and our wonderful financial aid website has led me to this remarkable survey.


Spring 2010 semester I took a leave of absence from Sacramento State and returned home to help with my mother's medical condition. During that time back home I started contemplating my returning to Sacramento in fall 2010. Unenrolling was a huge decision that brought along the questions of, "who am I?" and "what is my purpose?" After seeking help from a counselor I discovered that the answers were within my college experience. The time I had spent at Sac had unknowingly helped me discover my path in life through the experiences that my school had provided. While attending school I was learning, living, and growing into my own person. My professors and the courses I had taken spiked my interest to persue a degree in environmental science, and a future career as a national park ranger. The activites and diverse social life on campus exposed me to beliefs and concepts that I would have never encountered if I contined to stay home. My college involvement helped me discover who I am and the importance of taking care of my needs. Through college I have learned to take care of myself because if I do not no one else will.


My college experience has been valuable to me for a couple reasons, the first and most obvious reason is that I know staying in school and eventually graduating will offer me a much greater future in all aspects of life. The second reason my college experience has been so valuable to me is that it has given a future life. In my first semester of college I was in a near fatal car accident that resulted in the amputation of my left arm. It was continuing to attend school the very next semester and every semester after, that has really helped push me through this tragic ordeal. Focusing on school helped me pull through a period of major depression, it has helped me live through not one but two suicide attempts. I can honestly say that without school I would not be here today to apply for this scholarship.


I have gotten a lot out of being in vocational school, one is the opportunity to learn and experience more about my future college plans. Attending William H. Turner technical arts high school as prepared me to enter the real world certified and trained in the field of television production. Although I am a certified high school graduate i still feel the need to accomplish more, my mother is a struggling single parent that struggled all my life to raise me. She always instilled in me to become a well-respected accomplished member of my community. I know in the near future the epitome of my life will be when i walk across the stage and be hooded by my professors, then i will know that i accomplished my and my mother’s dream. I am a protégé and life is my teacher.


I think the biggest lesson I have learned is that nothing is guaranteed. Start appreciating what you have, and quit focusing on what you don't have. Education is a privelage and a gift. Many of lifes failures are people who didn't realize how close they were to success when they gave up. I value my continued experience at Sacramento State for these reasons and many more. Attending college has not only changed my work ethic from good to great, but has fueled the already existing fire of never ending perserverance and intestinal fortitude. For this I am thankful


I have been able to communicate with many different people, whether they are different ethnicity, religion, or obtain beliefs I hadn't ever thought about. I have been able to engage with all walks of life, appreciating what I do have and who I am as a person. I have learned a lot more about people in general and have been able to break out of a shell from being in an all girls high school, to a large state university.


I have goten a valuable sense of knowlege out of my college experience. i has been so valuable to attend a higher education program because it is going to help me better my future which is so important in todays society. It has taught me that even if you are a less fortunate individual, obsticals that hender you are not an excuse not to get you education. In the end with all the hard work collected the outcome will be much more worthy then a persons starting point and what he/she has had to go through. It has been so valuable because it has given me knowlege that I would have never been able to obtain and has given me the courage to think highly of myself. It give you self preserverance and a sense of self respect. i has taught me that I can accomplish things I never thought I would accomplish in my life.


well being a high school graduate this year i have found it easier to attend and junior colleger or community college because its just like a bigger high school. its easier to adapt to coming from high school and u can live at home or be close to someone that you know. college for me starts in august so i havent really gotten the full affect of college life yet.


This year I will be attending a four year university. I will be in my thirties, and competting with lots of teens and twenties year old. I have never let my age defined who I was but as a "count-down number". My accomplishments, characters and strengths, and passion and will to seek knowledge has all defined who I am. It is the urge and hunger to want to continue to pursue happiness, and the success is what drives me to keep wanting something more than to setting for less. Since the reccession, my hours has been cut working at a retirement community. I have enjoy working and associating with an older age population that many Americans who forgotten or disengaged. In this economy, I am lucky to still have a job and go to school at the same time. Winning any type of scholarships or grants will help me to pursue my goal of becoming a biologist, and it will make to road to success taste even sweeter.


The key to success is education. In today?s economy and the ever increasing unemployment in America, most of us ?job-seekers? have been forced to change careers in order to find employment. The staggering numbers of unemployment make finding a job that much harder. The only way to increase the chances of finding employment is through education. Attending college has given me hope and increased my chances of finding employment that will help me support my four children. Being a single mother and unemployed has brought me challenges that are difficult for me to over come. Enrolling in college I?ve set a good example for my children and bettered myself as a person thru education. Being a dedicated mother, I strive to become the best student I can be, as I was elected class speaker and class valedictorian of my graduating class. Student life is difficult, but it has disciplined me and made me a valued member of my community. Setting goals and achieving them has been a great lesson for my children, as they learn through what they see, and seeing their mother graduate from college is a lesson they will never forget.


My college experience has been great. I went to community college first and transferred to CSUS and ever since my arrival on campus, I've had a very encouraging, fun experience here. The campus is so beautiful and the school is located right by the Arden Fair Mall and there is a river trail that runs right through school. The professors are all really nice and they are helpful. I have no had any negative experiences at CSUS and have had fun being here!!


My experience as a college student has been an exciting journey of growth, both academically and personally. I have learned valuable skills such as responsibility, perseverance, and sacrifice, and I am willing to work hard to do a quality job. My goal for going to school is to obtain a better future for myself and my community. A college degree opens the door to an array of possibilities that would otherwise be unavailable. I know that my college experience will not only equip me with the technical skills I will need after college, but it will also allow me to become a more productive member of society. Career opportunities from my major, dietetics, would allow me to educate and motivate others about good nutrition and to make a positive difference in people?s lives. I believe that by helping others to improve their health, I will also help them to enhance their quality of life, both personally and professionally. Colleges and universities are institutions where new ideas are formed, friendships are made, and lives are changed, and I am privileged to be a part of this learning environment.


Coming from parents who did not have the oppotunity to finish elementary school much less receive higher education, I have always been motivated to attain a high education not only for myself but for them. Everything I have learned in school, I have gone home and taught my parents because I want them to experience the great feeling of understanding and being able to apply new information in the real world in order to better themselves just as much as they want me to have a better life. I have learned so much while attending college I feel that I have been enlightened. I feel that knowledge is the most valuable thing anyone can have. With an education, with knowledge there is nothing one can not do.


I think every high school student during their senior year in high school thinks about going to a big four year college and living in the dorms and experiencing the college life. Everyone has heard stories about what happens while in college and they decide to experience it for themselves. I'll admit I thought about it too, but four year colleges are a lot more expensive than going to a two year community college. I enjoy going to a two year community college. It's cheaper usually because a community colle doesn't offer dorm living, and they offer the same classes you'd have to take at a four year college. Granted your only getting an associates degree, but you can decide to go further with your education and get your bachelor's degree or even your master's degree if you'd like. The classes are smaller so you get to know your classmates and instructors very well. A community college sort of reminds me of high school without all the immaturity and drama that comes with high school. You see a diverse bunch of students at a community college, which is something I like.


My college experience overall has been a rewarding one. At the begining of my school career it was very hard to catch up since I hadn't been in school since the 6th grade. I took my GED exam and entered college. I believe it has been even more rewarding for me because of the fact that I previously had little education, and being in college has made my life that much richer. I now am a psychology major and have accomplished so much! I am now in my junior year and I plan on continuing my education until I reach my goal of becoming a Clinical Psychologist.


Attending college has been, and continues to be., one of the most significant experiences of my life. On a practical level, it allowed me to progress in my career and improve my financial stability. Upon graduating with a Bachelor's degree, I became eligible for hire by a prominent company, and upon being hired my income increased by $10,000 per year. This company also had significant opportunites for growth, which had been lacking in my previous jobs. I was promoted several times and became more financially secure as a result. Less tangiable, but even more significant, are the personal rewards afforded as a result of attending college. As a single mother, I have been able to set a good example and high standards for my son, who is now also attending college in pursuit of a four-year degree. I have gained incredible self-confidence, self-esteem, and a greater understanding of the world and my place within. I have learned to value differences among people and countless individual ways of life. I have become more involved in my community, volunteering my time and giving to those in need. I have grown in ways inumerable and immeasurable.


So far in my college experience, I think I learned many new things I didn't knew before. When I was entering college, I had no idea what it's like to be in college. I'm the first to attend college in my family so, I had no one to look up to and ask questions. I learned how to be more independent and after the first semester, I learned how to be a better student. I learned many new strategies to study and one important one is learning how to speak to people. I'm a very shy person, and taking my communications class has helped me. Not only that, the program EOP that I'm in, is really great. I've met a lot of new people and I know I will work harder now knowing that it's going to be very challenging throughout college.


First i recieved a normal education and that is all anyone could ask for from college. the school even though a commuter school gives many options about studying on campus especially during finals. This school is valuable to me because even though not everyones first choice for school it is a beacon of education in this city.


I have not gotten much out of my college experience, and that is precisely why I wish to return to school. I left college five years ago believing that it just wasn't for me, but I am a few years older and a few years wiser. I am married now and I have a great job, but I find myself regretting my decision to not finish college. I am ready to reclaim my future and get the degree I know I am capable of obtaining. I want to go back and get 100 percent out my college experience. I want to sharpen my mind and my professional skills for myself and my family. We do not always get second chances in life, so I feel particularly blessed to have this opportunity to get back in the classroom and excel in all the ways I know I am capable of. I cannot wait to get started. The value of a college education lies in seizing your future and demanding the best of yourself; that's what I plan on getting this time around. Thank you for your consideration.


Identity. That's a word that sums up the majority of what I've been obtaining in my years at the community college level. For the longest time, especially in high school, I could remember that all I wanted to be was a famous musican. I was told that I had the skill, and I did, but down the road of studying and handling music, of really knowing how and why things are done at the professional level, I discovered that it wasn't what I wanted. I felt that my core had been shaken, but thanks to my enrollment in a community college, I felt a relief in knowing that I wasn't going to be stuck in the same path due to high costs, such as those usually associated at the university level. After three years of taking a variety of required general education courses, I found an interest in the area of science, especially in aerospace and engineering. Now I am happily in the pursuit of obtaining my private pilot's license from the certificate program offered at my school and at the same time conclude my transfer requirements with honors. Universities of California here I come!


My college experience has been exceptional. I feel college has given me the freedom to explore new avenues, meet people from diverse backgrounds and other countries. I have enjoyed the many varied backgrounds of my professors and their viewpoints which broaden my perspective on issues. I have become active in various clubs and outreach programs and offered tutoring to students who are struggling. I like the autonomy of selecting my class times and schedules so that I can still work a maximum amount of hours at my internship. The colleges has so much to offer during and after school, I am trying to take advantage of as many opportunities as I can. I feel it is my responsibility to get the most out of this experience by getting involved and helping assist others whenever possible. I wanted to utilize this time in my life to expand my horizons beyond the confines of student government, academic teams and music that I was involved in during high school. I believe a college education is essential in this fast paced and changing world. A college education is so much more than academics; it rounds me pout socially, culturally and personally.


I have learned that through our budget crisis, nothing is really guaranteed. It is getting more and more difficult for us students to complete our programs and graduate. This being said, the job field isn't doing too well either. While this doesn't seem too promising to our graduating class, I worry about our younger kids who are in high school right now that will have less and less opportunities. I have my sister, whom I know is motivated to go onto college, but can only hope that the budget situation is fixed for everyone to have more of an equal opportunity to attend. I am also glad and proud that I have made it this far in my educational goals. I'm a role model for many of my younger relatives and hopefully my influence on them can push them enough to go and do whatever they want, whether it involves continuing in school or not.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior there are a few things I would tell myself. The first and most important thing I would remind myself is to take full advantage of the college experience and get involved in as many after-school activities as possible. College can be so much fun if you allow yourself to get involved. The other thing I would tell myself is do not procrastinate on your school work because deadlines will sneak up on you and cramming is not an effective way of studying for important tests and assignments. The final thing I would tell myself is to not worry so much about the minor details and just relax, everything will work out the way it is supposed to. I would remind me to have faith in myself and be confident in the work I do.


I would tell myself that college is not a different from High School as everyone makes it sound so don't worry about being scared on your first day most of the people you will see are freshmen as well so just focus on your school work and study hard. Always put homwork first!


If i had the chance to go back in time as a high school senior i would make a lot of changes. first I would take school a lot more serious. In high school I was an under achiever. I would only do what i needed to do to get by. I very rarely recieved and A in a class and for some reason that was ok with me. If i could go back I would tell myself that my mother works too hard for me to be a slacker. I would look at my mother's financial situation and see our struugles that we have, and use that as motivation to take education more serious so I will never be in her position. My mother always told me to learn from her mistakes and graduate college unlike her so that I wont struggle like we do. I did not take pride in my school work until Igot to college. I would actually go back to freshman year of high school and make straight A's and make it into a better school academically than the one that I am in now.


I would probably tell myself to be a little more outgoing. The only true friend I have at Sacramento State is my boyfriend and we both live in the dorms. I do not have a roomate, but he does. I would have told myself to try to make friends. Be friendlier and show those people that I am interested in being a possible friend. I do know a few people, but they do not live on campus. I would tell myself to do not take any of your classes for grantid because if you do, you'll fail. Strive to be successful and make everyone proud of you. No matter how hard it seems to get, don't give up. Always look on the bright side of life.


If I could go back I would tell myself to get to know your teachers. Don't just ask them for help with homework and don't just ask them questions about material that you don't understand. But also let them see that you are intelligent and capable person.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would have advised myself to continue on while I was younger. While I feel I can appreciate an education more now as an adult. I believe if I had continued on after my Associates degree when I was younger I think I would have had more opportunities at this point in my life. I would have advised myself that going out with friends and staying out late would all still be possible AFTER college. Leaving work until last minute and "cramming" is definitely not the way to go about learning. I would also have told them just how hard it would be if they wait like I did and not finish school until you are already working full time in the real world. And that the real world is a rude awakening for someone without a good education.


The advise I would give myself is to do more research on what i want to major in. Also, I would tell myself to not slack off and make sure I study for all my tests.


It has been many years since I was a high school senior. As a high school student, I had a very vague idea of what I wanted to do. I was mainly concerned with personal gratification and making a living. After having a career in the newspaper business for 16 years and then going back to school, I have an entirely different perspective. The reason I want to go back and be successful isn't so much just about me, it's about trying to make the world a better place to live. Since starting school again I have maintained a 4.0 average, a far cry from my 2.? I had during my first college career. So my advice to you is, do your fact finding well. Why is it that you want to go to school? If you have no idea, go work for a while, travel, volunteer. I guarantee that once you can answer the question "why go to school", you will get so much more out of it.


Are you stupid?! You should not have wasted your high school years on that stupid guy Kevin. All he did was cause you emotional pain . Also, you should've stopped wasting your energy on having drama with your friends, otherwise you might have been able to keep them. Also, you should've listened to your parents; concentrate on your studies and develop good study habits and time management because cramming will actually not help you succeed in your classes. I also see that you are really enjoying being on The ROAR (my high school newspaper) as a writer, editor, and designer. I think you should pursue graphic design because you have very creative concepts and you know how to take something plain and make it look visually appealing but functional to the reader at the same time. You are transitioning to another chapter in your life, embrace it! May you be blessed with more wisdom, knowledge, and passion along your academic journey, and just overall your journey in life! Oh, and try not to take constructive criticism personally. People who care about you only give it to push you to be the best you can be.


When I was in high school, I was a troubled student. I was so busy with friends that I didn't bother to study or do homework. I believed that school wasn't for me which my mother was not too fond of. No one believed in me so I gave up on myself. I practically didn't graduate high school but my teachers passed me just so I can walk on that stage. My relationship with my family worsen to the point that I moved out during my senior year. I lived in my car and ate at my friends house. I hit the bottom and felt like I was a failure. A friend encouraged me to continue my education in college and to do it for me. He had told me that this shouldnt stop me from becoming successful. I listened and worked my way to Sac State, living in my own apartment and receiving A's on my work. I would tell myself to never give up on myself. That it is not too late to work hard and succeed. That I can make something out of myself and to not believe that I am a failure.


i would of stayed in a dorm my first year living at home kind of limits your college experience and i would look into a soroity.


My day today at college would be different if I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior. I would go and make myself sit down. Relax. And take a deep breath. Talk. College is not high school. College is not for fooling around. College is the start of my career. It is where I decide to make the rest of my life. To be able to do that I should be able to slowly transition from a dependent student to an independent student. Make sure that I have all materials I need and make sure I am prepared. I should start opening myself to new ideas and new people. Make new friends where ever I may be. College is difficult. In order to succeed I have to study and work hard. Procrastination is not an option. When I need help, I can find it easily. College is a new life and a new start. College is not a requirement. It is a life decision.